Player Versus Player (PvP) is the main Fight mode in Mighty Party. You have to overcome other players with a similar level (or might) than yours.

You enter in PvP mode by clicking the down-right Fight button in your main screen.

PvP Main Screen Edit

When you win your rivals. you will be gaining fame, achieving better leagues and getting some rewards, but if you lose a fight your fame will drop. The PvP screen has a lot of information, so here you can see all the detailed info:


Leagues Edit

Once you achieve a certain fame, you will change the league you are, with harder opponents and better rewards. You also will unlock new heroes (from what is called the "General Card Pool"), so they will be able to appear in any future chest you open or any pack you buy. The rest of the heroes of the game are Event heroes (they only can be unlocked in certain Events). Next, you can see the fame required and the recommended might in every league, and the unlocks every league offer. You can check the unlocks you get depending on your highest achieved league in this table.

General Card PoolEdit

When you improve your highest achieved league, you open as well several new cards you can obtain in your PvP chests. These cards are the "General Pool" ones. The rest of the cards can only be unlocked in a special event or buying them with special offers.

Seasons Edit

Season rewardEdit

See main article: Season Reward

Rewards Edit

You have several rewards when you fight in PvP mode: a small amount of gold (with better earnings if you achieve consecutive victories), a chest that will occupy a chest slot, a star for your wins chest and improve your league with a better season rewards.

Wins Chest Edit

There is a Wins Chest at the low left corner. You can open it after 3 wins. You can get 3 wins chest. After that 8 hours timer starts before a new Wins Chest became available.

Chests Edit

You have 4 slots for chests. You get one after winning a fight. The chest could be one of 6 rarities. The rarity and the exact amount of cards of every chest depend on the league, you get it. Each chest has a timer after which you can open it for free. If you don't want to wait or you don't have empty slots, you can open it using Gem Gems.

Offer chest Edit

On the screen, you can also see the Offer chest which allows you to buy an additional chests slot. Each next slot costs more.



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