Black Market is a common shop for The Pit, Raids, and Dark Tower and you can reach the shop whichever fight mode is on (Picture 1).
  • Black Market from the Pit.png
    Picture 1-a: Black Market from the Pit
  • Black Market from Raids.png
    Picture 1-b: Black Market from Raids
  • Black Market from Dark Tower.png
    Picture 1-c: Black Market from Dark Tower

Picture 1: Black Market in different fight modes

The currencies of Black Market are Copper Coins Copper Coins, which you earn defeating your opponents like in The Pit and Dark Tower, or attacking/defending like in Raids, and Gems Gems.
The shop comes with many variety of items and currently you can buy with Copper Coins Copper Coins (Picture 2):
With Gems Gems (Picture 2):
  • 2 type of Epic Epic

Black Market.png
Picture 2: Black Market

The higher the League you reach, the higher the amount of rewards you can buy with your Copper Coins Copper Coins.
Black Market items refresh for free every day at 18:00 (UTC) but if you are a VIP VIP player, you will have the benefit to refresh items listed in the shop a certain amount of times, depending on your VIP VIP level (Table 1):

Table 1: Free refresh in the Black Market depending on VIP
VIP VIP Level Daily Refreshes
2 - 4 1
5 - 6 2
7 - 9 3
10 -11 4
12-14 5
15-17 6
18-19 7
20 8
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