What is it?Edit


Brawl is your basic grind battle. There's no limit to how much you can Brawl, only how much time you have to play. Opponent matchmaking is the most balanced in Brawl so your opponents won´t depend on your actual league, but on your maximum reached league and your might. 

You will receive a small reward for each Brawl win. With the exception of Journey Key Journey Attempts, the reward amount increases slightly with Player League.


There are 7 different rewards possible, chosen somewhat randomly for each win.

Tips Edit

  • Although rewards aren´t big at all, if you are a VIP player, you can autofight Brawl Battles 
  • Brawl fights are especially useful when you are in an Event, as you can get more Journey Key Journey attempts in the same day.
Brawl Fight
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