Card effects Edit

  • +/-ATK: your card adds attack to one or more allies, or removes attack from one or more enemies. Example: Bard
  • +/-HP: your card heals your allies or your enemies. Example: Bard
  • +Skill: Skill value raises every turn depending on the skill.
  • 2x Attack: Adds +1 attack to your card. If it attacked once, it can attack twice. If it attacked twice, it can now attack 3 times.
  • Block: Each card with block looses the amount of block lesser damage. For instance someone with 5 ATK attacks you but you got 3 block, your damage will only be 2 ATK. So to calculate it you just take the ATK of the enemy subtract it from the block of your ally and the result is the damage you take.
  • Damage: When your ally is summoned or killed it deals damage depending on its effect.
  • Freeze: Enemies which are hit by a card with Freeze cannot move for 1 turn. Example: Miss Lapin.
  • Heal: The card heals itself or other allies. Example: Tent of life.
  • Mental shield: shields your creature 1 time from the first damage taken. Example: Prophet.
  • Pierce: pierce damage to all enemies in the lane you attack.
  • Poison: Poisons your enemy which looses HP at the end of its turn.
  • Silence: All effects on the target are deleted. So for instance a card with the effect "Block" will loose its effect and be a normal card after being hit by a unit with silence.
  • Spikes: Spikes mean that the card which attacks your card will lose health. For instance you have "Spike 5" and an enemy attacks you, he looses 5 HP.
  • Splash: Splash is an effect which allows you to deal dmg to every enemy next to the one you attacked.
  • Steal: When you attack you steal the ATK of someone and add it to yourself. For example you have got 4 ATK with the effect "Steal: 2 ATK", so when you attack an enemy with 6 ATK, he looses 2 ATK and you get them after the attack.
  • Summon: The card summons other cards when it dies, kills someone or is alive at each turn.
  • Vampire: Your card heals itself when it attacks.

Targets for card effects Edit

  • a random target (ally or enemy)
  • all allies
  • all enemies

Triggers for card effects Edit

  • Ally's spike triggered: if an ally with spikes is hit by an attack, the effect is applied. Example: Lady Wilde.
  • Attack: triggers when your unit attacks. Can trigger multiple times in case of multiple attacks. Example: Bully.
  • Attacked: When your card gets attacked something happens. Example: Places 1 Splash rune on Aphrodite.
  • Death: the effect listed after is applied on death. Example: +4ATK to melee Alllies on Aphrodite.
  • Start/end turn: The effect listed after is applied at the start or end of each turn played by the owner of the card. Example: heal order allies on Tent of life.
  • NOTHING MENTIONED: it happens when you put the card on the board. Example: Bard.
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