There are 4 rarity types of cards, by increasing power:

  1. Common Common cards (no border)
  2. Rare Rare cards (blue border)
  3. Epic Epic cards (purple border)
  4. Legendary Legendary cards (orange border)

These 4 types have leveling costs. If you want to get specific cards, or improve cards, you have to check the Card gathering strategy.

The cards can be of 3 races :

  • Chaos Chaos (red background): high DPS, vampire, death and silence are often seen there.
  • Order Order (yellow background): medium DPS, block, mental shield, pierce, and freeze are seen there more often.
  • Nature Nature (green background): lots of spikes and heals/buffs/debuffs.

The cards can also be divided in type of attack, which is presented in a symbol in the upper left corner of the cards:

  • Melee: can be placed in the first two rows, doesn't attack if there's an ally in front of it. Sword symbol.
  • Ranged: can be placed in the 2 back rows, attacks even if there are allies in front of it. Bow and arrow symbol.
  • Building: doesn't attack. Tower symbol. (note that a card with 0 attack won't attack either, but it doesn't become a building because of that)

The cards can also be male, female or undefined, which is used in some Card Effects (e.g. "kills a female enemy").

All cards can have Card Effects.

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