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Vanguard with initially unlocked (common) champions

Champions are entities that are sent as troops in turf war. Every champion has a power that depends on their level and rarity. That power determines their troop strength when sent on a tile.

List of champions[]

Currently, there are 15 champions:

Name Rarity Faction Type Looks like
Celeste Common Common Order Order Melee Melee Winged Knight
Bonny Common Common Order Order Ranged Ranged Grace of Rockfleet
Evelynn Common Common Chaos Chaos Ranged Ranged Arachne
Zuul Common Common Chaos Chaos Melee Melee Ogrok, the Leader
Genbu Common Common Nature Nature Ranged Ranged Tortulus, the Wise One
Surus Common Common Nature Nature Melee Melee Airavata Heaven's Fury
Felicia Rare Rare Order Order Melee Melee Griffius, the Celestial
Caleb Rare Rare Chaos Chaos Melee Melee Chernomor
Venomeus Rare Rare Nature Nature Ranged Ranged Poison Flos
Richard Epic Epic Order Order Melee Melee Arthur Frost Blade
Salma Epic Epic Chaos Chaos Ranged Ranged Madam Lo'Trix
Empyrion Epic Epic Nature Nature Melee Melee Bastet
Magnus Legendary Legendary Order Order Ranged Ranged Thunder
Kilgarrah Legendary Legendary Chaos Chaos Melee Melee Apep, Aspect of Chaos
Scryre Legendary Legendary Nature Nature Melee Melee Scrap, the King of Garbage

Common champions are unlocked by default. Rare champions can be unlocked for 500 Seals of Valor each, in the Vanguard menu in the guild screen. Epic champions can be unlocked for 1000 Seals of Valor, Legendary ones for 2000.

It is speculated that the names Empyrion and Felicia got mixed up.

Leveling champions and power[]

Champions can be leveled in the vanguard menu by using their respective faction jewels (Order Jewels Order Jewels, Chaos Jewels Chaos Jewels, Nature Jewels Nature Jewels). At multiples of 10, Power Essence Power Essence is also needed to get to the next level. These resources (order/chaos/nature jewels and power essence) can be obtained from the war spoils wheel (which needs seals of valor to activate) or by buying them in the deals section (in-game purchases or daily deals for 100 Gems Gems).

The amount of jewels needed at a given level below 1000 is

Starting at level 1000, the cost stays fixed at 65,000 jewels.

The Power Essence Power Essence needed at levels that are multiples of 10 doesn't follow a closed formula but can be found in the Champion Level Table. From level 1000, the power essence cost also is the same at every multiple of 10.

The power of a champion below level 1000 is determined by their rarity and level and is given by

The parameters are given by the following table:

Rarity rarityFactor rarityConstant
Common 2 98
Rare 3 147
Epic 4 196
Legendary 5 245

After level 1000, the power scales linearly with level.

For values of power and costs at all levels, see Champion Level Table.

Efficient Leveling[]

When you obtained jewels of some faction, you have to decide which champion to level with those jewels. If you aim for highest total troops, it is advised to level the commons of each faction evenly and keep the ratio of common:rare:epic:legendary levels close to 2:3:4:5 within each faction.

Example: You unlocked the rare nature and the epic order champions. A possible situation following the above rule would be to have both common nature champions at level 20 and the rare nature champion at level 30, while having the two common order champions at level 50 and the epic order champion at level 100 (in this scenario, you had siginificantly more order jewels than nature jewels).

Alternatively, you can use the War Spoils Simulator with seals=0 and N=1 to see the ideal target levels.


For the interested reader: Within each faction, the aim is to always do the level-up that has the best ratio of "power gained per jewels used". This ratio can be found in Champion Level Table - but it is tiresome to look it up and compare before each level.

First, notice that the ratio goes down with higher level for each faction - with a few excptions due to rounding errors. This is the reason to level both commons evenly instead of focusing on one of them.

Second, to derive the 2:3:4:5 ratio, use the above formula showing that the power of a hero behaves like up to a constant, where rf is the rarity factor. This means, the increase in power behaves like

while the level-up cost still is . Comparing the ratios for two different rarities therefore gives
which when neglecting the +8 simplifies to In words, this means that the levels of the two heroes should be in the same ratio as their rarity factors for the respective ratios to be the same (and not one being preferred over the other).