Rarity Name Image Skills Min-Max Atk Min-Max HP Avail.
Common ServantDefender

Block Block (X)

Block Give Block Block (X) allies in column

2-239-98 League 30
Common GnomeGnome

Regeneration When enemy Warlord is attacked: Heals ally Warlord for +(X)HP

Regeneration Heals ally Buildings Buildings for +(X)HP

4-2710-95 League 25
Common PilgrimPilgrim

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to Order Order allies for 1 turn

Buff HP +(X)HP to Order Order allies

4-717-97 League 27
Common ShinobiShinobi

Mental Shield Mental Shield

5-752-42 League 30
Common WarriorWarrior

Block Block (X)

Buff ATK +(X)Atk for each Order Order ally

3-4110-75 League 28
Common WarrioressWarrioress

Summon Summons Archer X/X behind herself

Regeneration Start of turn: Heals allies in line for +(X)HP

2-325-87 League 30
Common ApprenticeApprentice

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to random ally

Buff HP Start of Turn: Buff +(X)HP allies in line

5-632-43 League 23
Common ArcherArcher

Pierce Pierce (X)

Buff ATK Start of Turn: +(X)Atk herself

4-631-36 League 30
Common Love LadyLove Lady

Summon Places (n) rune +(X)HP

Buff ATK Death: +(X)Atk to all allies

5-692-35 League 15
Common SingerSinger

Buff HP +(X)HP to random ally

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to Order Order allies

4-673-44 League 26
Common IdolIdol

Buff ATK Start of turn: +(X)Atk to random ally

- 17-153 League 24
Common LumberjackLumberjack

Buff ATK Nature Nature ally appears: +(X)Atk to himself

2-3111-115 League 26
Common Big ToadBig Toad

Spikes Spikes (X)

2-1515-120 League 24
Common Cat LadyCat Lady

Regeneration Heals your Warlord for +(X)HP

Regeneration Start of Turn: heals your Warlord for +(X)HP

4-665-74 League 23
Common RavenRaven

Regeneration Give Regeneration Regeneration (X) to random ally

4-633-46 League 27
Common ShamanShaman

Spikes Give Spikes Spikes (X) to random ally

4-633-56 League 25
Common DriadaDriada

Buff HP +(X)HP to Melee filter Melee allies

Buff HP +(X)HP to Nature Nature allies

5-532-65 League 29
Common VampireVampire

Vampiric Attack: Vampiric Vampiric +(X)HP

2-219-132 League 26
Common Red OrcRed Orс

Multi-Attack Multi-Attack

3-264-104 League 30
Common WitchWitch

Summon Summons Zombie X/X in front of self

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to random ally

4-643-46 League 25
Common Fire MageFire Mage

Splash Splash (X)

4-631-34 League 30
Common TreeTree

Debuff ATK -(X)Atk to all enemies

- 16-145 League 21
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