Rarity Name Image Skills Min-Max Atk Min-Max HP Avail.
Epic Free-Folk LeaderFree-Folk Leader

Miss End of Turn: Gives of Miss on 1 random enemy for 1 turn

Block Receives Block (X) for every ally in a column

8-1018-104 Event
Epic Winged ProtectorWinged Protector

Buff ATK Ally's Block Block triggered: Gives +(X)Atk to allies in line (including himself}

Mental Shield Mental Shield

Flight Flight

11-12- Event
Epic Champion Of The ArenaChampion Of The Arena

Block Gets Block (X) for each hero in line

Multi-Attack Kill: gets Double attack to herself

10-11- Event
Epic Drunk MasterDrunk Master

Block Order ally attacked: gives Block 3 to allies around himself

Mental Shield Mental Shield

5-15- Event
Epic KnightKnight

Buff ATK End of turn: gives +(X)Atk to Male Male allies

Block Block (X)

5-14- Event
Epic Winged KnightWinged Knight

Damage Deals (X)Damage to Chaos Chaos enemies

Block Block (X)

Flight Flight

6-6921-161 Event
Epic Defender of TribeDefender of Tribe

Buff ATK Ally's Pierce Pierce triggered: Give +(X)Atk to allies around herself

Buff HP Ally's Block Block triggered: Give +(X)HP to herself

5-6813-141 Event
Epic Crazy HarlequinCrazy Harlequin

Buff HP Ally Warlord attacked: Swap stats of a random Ranged Filter Ranged enemy

Block Block (X)

10-936-111 Event
Epic Lady CurlLady Curl

Mental Shield Gives Mental Shield Mental Shield to ally with Pierce Pierce that appears on the battlefield

Buff ATK Death enemy Male: +(X)Atk to herself

9-927-112 Event
Epic Ice ClodIce Clod

Freeze Start of Turn: Freeze Freeze random enemy for 1 turn

Buff HP +(X)HP himself for each Hero in line

5-6822-152 Event
Epic Cruel GladiatorCruel Gladiator

Damage (X)Damage a random enemy

Buff ATK Order Order ally attacks: +(X)Atk to himself

7-7113-156 Event
Epic Scarlet WarriorScarlet warrior

Summon Summons two Bowmasters X/X behind herself

Regeneration Before enemy Ranged Filter Ranged attack: Heals herself +(X)HP

5-6813-141 League 21
Epic RoninRonin

Buff HP +(X)HP for each Order Order ally

Buff ATK +(X)Atk for each Order Order ally

8-8610-134 League 5
Epic EngineerIngineer

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to himself for each Ranged Filter Ranged ally

Regeneration End of Turn: Heals all allies for +(X)HP

5-5218-170 League 7
Epic Lady ClairLady Clair

Buff ATK +(X)Atk for each adjacent ally

Mental Shield Mental Shield

8-9011-130 League 13
Epic SwordmasterSwordmaster

Damage (X)Damage to all enemies for each ally with Block Block

Block Block (X)

5-6314-207 League 29
Epic Evil SlayerEvil Slayer

Summon End of Turn: Destroy all runes and pentagrams on ally's side

Buff ATK End of Turn: Gets +(X)Atk for each empty cell on ally's side

4-9- Event
Epic Lady SnowLady Snow

Freeze Start of turn: freezes enemies with full health

Damage End of turn: deals (X)Damage to frozen enemies

11-7- Event
Epic Battle AngelBattle Angel

Buff HP Ally appears: Gets +(X)HP to herself

Mental Shield Allied death: Gives Mental Shield Mental Shield to a random ally

9-1017-80 Event
Epic Keeper of StormKeeper of Storm

Damage Deals (X)Damage to enemies in line for each Order Order ally on the battlefield

Mental Shield Attacked: Gives Mental Shield Mental Shield to a random ally

7-8612-78 Event
Epic Flame JugglerFlame Juggler

Damage Ally's Splash Splash triggered: (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

Buff ATK Any unit's death: +(X)Atk to himself

6-8910-121 Event
Epic Dark HuntressDark Huntress

Damage Ally's Block Block triggered: (X)Damage to random enemy

Block Give Block Block (X) to random ally

10-1057-63 Event
Epic Evil's HelperEvil's Helper

Summon Transform random enemy into Reward box X/X

Buff ATK Ally's Heal triggered: +(X)Atk himself

8-8711-77 Event
Epic AdherentAdherent

Buff ATK Ally's Pierce Pierce triggered: +(X)Atk to adjacent allies

Buff ATK Start of Turn: +(X)Atk herself

9-1013-86 Event
Epic Lucky RabbitLucky rabbit

Pierce Pierce (X)

Freeze Freezes random enemy for 1 turn

8-896-122 League 12
Epic Love GoddessLove goddess

Buff HP Ally's Block Block triggered: +(X)HP to Melee filter Melee allies

Summon [[Game_Mechanics#Main_Skills|]] (n) pentagram(s) of +(X)Atk

8-905-54 League 6
Epic Ayfe the ArrowAyfe the arrow

Buff ATK Ally's Block Block triggered: +(X)Atk herself

Buff HP End of turn: Gives +(X)HP to allies with Block Block

7-748-103 League 27
Epic BardBard

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to Order Order allies

Buff HP +(X)HP to Order Order allies

8-856-100 League 30
Epic Tent of LifeTent of life

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals random Order Order ally to fullHP

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals all Order Order allies for +(s1)HP

- 24-239 League 8
Epic Caesar's HeadCaesar's head

Damage Death of ally: (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

- 26-253 League 2
Epic Tesla TowerTesla Tower

Damage (X)Damage to enemy entering the battlefield

Damage Start of Turn: (X)Damage to enemies in line

- 25-243 League 4
Epic Gnoll, the Blade MasterGnoll, the Blade Master

Buff ATK Before ally attack: Gets +(X)Atk to himself;

Spikes Spikes (X)Damage ;

6-11- Event
Epic Bamboo MasterBamboo Master

Buff ATK Enemy death:Gets +(X)Atk ;

Spikes Gets Spikes (X) for each hero around himself;

4-16- Event
Epic The Killer SerpentThe Killer Serpent

Steal Attack End of turn: steals (X)Atk from Ranged Filter Ranged enemies;

Debuff ATK Melee filter Melee enemy appears: gives -(X)Atk to him;

9-8- Event
Epic Keeper of the GroveKeeper of the Grove

Summon Summons Totem X/X behind himself

Spikes End of turn: Gives Spikes Spikes (X) to allies around himself

8-8510-126 Event
Epic Trident MasterTrident Master

Regeneration Removes negative impact from allies around himself (except Silence)

Buff ATK End of turn: Gives +(X)Atk to Nature Nature allies for each frozen enemy

3-3225-244 Event
Epic Sharp FinSharp Fin

Buff ATK Gets +(X)Atk for each hero around himself

Block Block (X)

7-6219-181 Event
Epic Stone GuardianStone Guardian

Poison Start of Turn: Give Poison Poison (X) to ranged ally

Poison Attacked: Poison Poison (X) enemy

5-6822-152 Event
Epic Lolli PopLolli Pop

Regeneration Ally appears: heals Warlord for +(X)HP

Regeneration Attacked: Gives Regeneration Regeneration (X) to adjacent allies

3-4723-228 Event
Epic SporelokSporelok

Buff ATK Gives allies in line: Start of Turn: +(X)Atk himself

Debuff ATK Gives enemies in line: Start of Turn: -(X)Atk himself

4-3724-234 Event
Epic TreebeardTreebeard

Buff ATK Attacked: +(X)Atk to himself

Regeneration Regeneration (X)

3-3127-250 Event
Epic Wind WarriorWind Warrior

Buff ATK When friend Warlord is attacked: +(X)Atk to herself

Flight Flight

12-11810-118 League 10
Epic Emerald DragonEmerald Dragon

Spikes Give Spikes Spikes (X) to all allies

Splash Splash (X)

Flight Flight

8-7320-148 League 14
Epic High NagaHigh Naga

Poison Attack: Poison Poison (X) enemies in line

Buff ATK +(X)Atk herself for each Poison Poison triggering

8-8912-135 League 17
Epic MinotaurMinotaur

Buff ATK Ally Death: +(X)Atk to himself

Buff ATK Ally Attacked: +(X)Atk to attacked

4-5823-209 League 5
Epic El CactusEl Cactus

Splash Ally Spikes Spikes triggered: (X)Damage to enemies around himself in radius 2 cells

Regeneration Regeneration (X)

5-6820-207 Event
Epic PredatorPredator

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to Nature Nature allies

Regeneration Attack: Heals your Warlord for +(X)HP

7-8814-140 League 9
Epic ArgiosArgios

Regeneration Enemy got Poison Poison: heals ally Warlord for +(X)HP

Poison Gives adjacent allies Poison Poison (X)

4-4921-226 League 8
Epic Olaf the RedOlaf the Red

Buff ATK Get +(X)Atk for each hero around

Damage Death: Kill random enemy Female hero

4-4922-227 League 18
Epic Lord ToadLord Toad

Spikes Spikes (X)

Spikes Death: Give Spikes Spikes (X) to all allies

3-3622-227 League 20
Epic Turtle Teacherauto Buff ATK Ally attacks: gives him Spikes (X)Damage

Regeneration Allly's Spikes triggered: Heals Ally Warlord for +(X)HP

Flight Flight

8-22- Event
Epic Song of ForestSong of Forest

Buff ATK End of turn: gives +(X)Atk to Nature Nature allies

Buff HP Start of turn: gives +(X)HP to allies around himself

7-12- Event
Epic Ogre PlantOgre Plant

Summon Gives to random Melee filter Melee ally ability to summon (X) Echinops in random Ranged Filter Ranged cells after death

Buff HP +(X)HP to allies around himself for each Poison Poison triggering

10-8- Event
Epic Lake PixyLake Pixy

Buff HP Gets +(X)HP to herself for each Melee filter Melee ally

Freeze End of turn: Freezes a random enemy

10-1234-86 Event
Epic Cursed ShamanCursed Shaman

Summon Summons Totem X/X on forward

Buff ATK Ally's Heal triggered: +(X)Atk to himself

8-8711-77 Event
Epic WindsongWindsong

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to Ranged Filter Ranged allies

Buff HP Warlord attacked: Swap stats of random Melee filter Melee ally

10-1057-63 Event
Epic WyvernWyvern

Buff HP +(X)HP to Melee filter Melee allies

Poison Attack: Poison Poison (X) enemy

Flight Flight

12-1258-94 League 11
Epic Wise OwlWise Owl

Buff ATK +(x)Atk to Nature Nature allies

Debuff ATK End of Turn: -(X)Atk to random enemy

9-878-97 League 24
Epic Lady WildeLady Wilde

Regeneration Ally's Spikes Spikes triggered: Heals adjacent allies for +(X)HP

Poison End of Turn: Give Poison Poison (X) to random ally

7-878-98 League 22
Epic Wild TamerWild Tamer

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to herself for each ally

Spikes Start of Turn: Gives Spikes Spikes (X) to random ally

6-669-98 Event
Epic KarasKaras

Buff HP +(X)HP to Nature Nature allies

Regeneration Give Regeneration Regeneration (X) to all allies

Epic Luck IdolLuck Idol

Summon Summons Leaf Child X/X (with Heal)

Damage Ally's Heal triggered: (X)Damage enemy Warlord

- 26-264 League 15
Epic BeholderBeholder

Damage Enemy Death: Summons Pentagramm of (X)Damage on a random enemy cell

Splash End of Turn: Summons Splash Rune (X)Damage on a random ally cell

Flight Flight

9-8022-174 Event
Epic One-Eyed OgreOne-eyed Ogre

Debuff ATK -(X)Atk to enemies in line

Damage Ally Warlord heals: Deals (X)Damage to two random enemies

2-3225-240 Event
Epic Demon The RipperDemon The Ripper

Set HP Death: sets 2 random enemies health to 1HP

Buff ATK End of turn: gets +(X)Atk for each wounded

5-15- Event
Epic Bone DragonBone Dragon

RebornSkill Gives RebornSkill Reborn to random Chaos Chaos ally

Splash Splash (X)

Flight Flight

7-7221-149 Event
Epic Chieftain OrcChieftain Orc

Buff HP Gets +(X)HP for each hero around himself

Multi-Attack Attacked: Gives Multi-Attack Multi-Attack to a random ally

11-12813-105 League 24
Epic Terror from BelowTerror from Below

Freeze Freezes Non-Chaos Hero that appears on the battlefield

Buff HP Ally's Vampiric Vampiric triggered: +(X)HP to all allies

8-10223-150 Event
Epic Old God's ServantOld God's Servant

Regeneration Attacked: Heals for +(X)HP himself

Damage Death: Kill a random wounded enemy

4-4420-221 Event
Epic Bone WarriorBone Warrior

Steal Attack Attack: steals +(X)Atk from enemies in line

Vampiric Attack: Vampiric Vampiric +(X)HP

8-9612-113 Event
Epic Dark KnightDark Knight

Mental Shield Gives Mental Shield Mental Shield to your Warlord

Regeneration Attacked: Heals friendly Warlord for +(X)HP

4-6120-188 Event
Epic Living DeadLiving Dead

Vampiric Gives Vampiric Vampiric (X) to all Chaos Chaos allies

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to allies Zombies

10-14511-123 League 11
Epic GartantosGartantos

Buff ATK Ally with Vampiric Vampiric appearing on the battlefield gets +(X)Atk

Steal Attack Attacked: Steals +(X)Atk from enemies in line

4-5020-213 League 23
Epic Annoying DemonAnnoying Demon

Spikes Spikes (X)

Spikes Gives Spikes Spikes (X) to Chaos Chaos allies

6-6618-203 League 25
Epic Blood LordBlood Lord

Buff ATK +(x)Atk to all allies with Vampiric Vampiric

Vampiric Attack: Vampiric Vampiric +(X)HP

4-5618-190 League 26
Epic Soul HunterSoul Hunter

Silence Attack: Silence Silence enemy

Buff HP Kill: Get +(x)HP to himself

11-1438-110 League 21
Epic Flamy HellyFlamy Helly

Summon Summons 2 Flamy Helly's Crystals 0/(X) with ability: End of Turn: Gives Mental Shield to Flamy Helly

Splash Splash (X)Damage

10-1174-59 Event
Epic Lord of the UndeadLord of the Undead

RebornSkill Death: Gives RebornSkill Reborn to Chaos Chaos allies

Buff ATK Ally death: Gives +(X)Atk to allies around himself

9-1098-93 Event
Epic Insidious GorgonInsidious Gorgon

Buff ATK Chaos ally appears: gives +3 HP and +3 ATK to himself

Vampiric VampiricAttack: Vampire (X)HP

17-5- Event
Epic Moody GhostMoody Ghost

Flight Flight

Buff ATK Gives +(X)Atk to adjacent allies for each frozen enemy

Freeze Death: freezes enemies in line

10-1175-53 Event
Epic Dead BowmanDead Bowman

Buff ATK Kill: +(X)Atk to allies in the line

Vampiric Vampiric (X)

11-956-69 Event
Epic Mr. BoomMr. Boom

Buff ATK Start of Turn: +(X)Atk to himself for each wounded enemy

Damage Attack: (X)Damage to a random enemy

11-956-69 Event
Epic Harbinger of DeathHarbinger of Death

Flight Flight

Buff ATK Death: +(X)Atk to Chaos Chaos allies

Damage Enemy Male death: (X)Damage to all enemies

9-1165-53 Event
Epic Embalmed PriestEmbalmed Priest

Poison Death: Poison Poison (X) all enemies

Poison Start of Turn: Give Poison Poison (X) to random ally

8-995-94 Event
Epic Dark MageDark Mage

Buff HP Start of Turn: +(X)HP to Chaos Chaos allies

Buff ATK Start of Turn: +(X)Atk to ally Zombies

8-1115-55 League 16
Epic ArchwitchArchwitch

Buff ATK +(X)Atk for each Vampiric Vampiric hit

Vampiric Start of Turn: Give Vampiric Vampiric (X) to random ally

7-857-88 League 25
Epic Void JugglerVoid Juggler

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to Chaos Chaos allies

Multi-Attack Give Multi-Attack Multi-Attack to random ally

9-1123-53 League 20
Epic Hell GateHell Gate

Summon Start of Turn: Summon Summon Zombie X/X in front of self

Summon Attacked: Summon Summon Witch X/X in line

- 33-196 League 7
Epic Void RockVoid Rock

Damage Ally's Spikes Spikes triggered: (X)Damage to random enemy

- 24-243 League 6
Epic Cursed OakCursed Oak

Debuff ATK -(X)Atk to ALL units

Buff ATK +(x)Atk to all allies

- 23-222 League 9
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