There are several different types of events that periodically occur. Global Events are regular occurrences which provide the player with an alternative set of quests focused around a particular set of heroes. There are also Mini-events that may temporarily provide a buff to specific classes of heroes or allow the player to earn a specific reward based on achieving a goal such as spending gems or soulbinding heroes. Finally, there are Promotions which are either a discount on a particular item in the Bank or special hero packs that are not normally available. The Global Events will also have various bundle promotions that go along with it where you can get the heroes associated with the event along with a number of Gem Gems and Sparks Sparks.

Global Events Edit

Global Events include a number of quests, a new journey area related to the storyline of the Event which all provide ways to earn Event Resources and Event Shop where you can spend them.

Promotions Edit

Promotions include various sales that occur such as gem purchases being doubled or gold purchases giving extra gold. It also includes special packs which include only specific classes of heroes such as all Order or all Melee. These Promotions are specific to the individual player and usually only last 24 hours to take advantage of them while you can.

Fables Edit


The Mini-events are located in the Fables tab

Fables also known as Mini-events are temporary events that may buff a particular class of heroes such as giving extra attack or health to all or your melee heroes, or it can be a specific task that if completed within the time frame gives a specific reward such as spend 1000 gems and get a legendary chest. These events are specific to the individual player and usually only last 6 to 36 hours so make sure to take advantage of them while you can.

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