The Mini-events are located in the Fables tab

Fables also known as Mini-events are shorter Events, lasting 6 to 36 hours, granting different benefits for a limited time. It is random what mini-events and how many each person gets per time, but it is often 2-4 Mini-events.

There are several types of Fables:

Bonus stat Mini-events Edit

These Fables are giving a small increase in heroes stats or new skills in the same manner as Guild bonuses, accompanied by an explanation what caused it. The player has to be active in the current day to get the bonus stats applied during the duration of the Fables. Note that these bonuses are applied to the cards directly, and will thus not have any effect on summoned units.

Boosts Mini-events Edit

These are Fables are reducing the cost of boosting heroes.

Double Summon Mini-events Edit

These Fables double card gain when obtaining the cards in chests, Journey and Shop summon.

Evolve Mini-events Edit

These Fables double the number of cards received when the card is evolved. Low tier players receive a double evolve bonus for Rare Rare Cards to Epic Epic Cards. Top players receive an evolve bonus for evolving Epic Epic Cards to Legendary LegendaryCards. It is possible to get the mini event even if you have not yet discovered the card it evolves into.

Reborn Mini-events Edit

These Fables provide benefits towards Rebirth a hero by returning a percentage of the cards required to level them up to the reborn level.

Weekend Mini-events Edit

These are three Fables three days long that are running bi-weekly (When no major Event is running):

Hot GiftsEdit

  • First click accepts the gift of 50 Gem Gems and starts a 24-hour countdown.
  • When the timer reaches 0, the next gift of 100 Gem Gems will be available for pickup. Accepting those will start another 24 hour countdown.
  • The final gift of 150 Gem Gems will be available until the event is over.

High GrowthEdit

Players are rewarded with a large number of gems for doing a large number of level-ups.

Desired WealthEdit

Players are rewarded with a large number of souls for spending a large number Gem Gems.

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