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Fempire is a Global Event released on November 6, 2020 and originally released as Girls's Night Out on August 30, 2019.


  • Released: August 30, 2019 as Girls' Night Out
  • Released: November 6, 2020
  • Rerun: July 16, 2021
  • Rerun: January 14, 2022

Flavor Text

January 14, 2022 Rerun

A series of mysterious deaths shook Pangea. Rulers of several provinces have been poisoned with an unknown venom. Over the past few days, assassins have reached the Lord Protector's inner circle as well. Apparently, this is part of someone's insidious plan to gradually seize power...

July 16, 2021 Rerun

"A series of mysterious deaths has shocked Pangea. The rulers of several provinces were poisoned by an unknown substance. Over the past few days, the killers have also got to your inner circle. Obviously, this is part of someone's insidious plan to gradually seize power..."

November 6, 2020 Release

"A series of mysterious deaths shocked Pangea. The rulers of several provinces were poisoned by an unknown substance. Over the past few days, the killers have also got to your inner circle. Obviously, this is part of someone's insidious plan to gradually seize power..."

August 30, 2019 Release

"Okay, ladies. Here's what we gonna do. It's time to show the world what we three are capable of! First, we hit some bars, meet up with our comrades... And then we paint Pangea red. Red is for blood if you catch my meaning."

Featured Heroes

Chapter Requirements

January 14, 2022 Rerun

Chapter 3

July 16, 2021 Rerun

Chapter 3

Event Dialogue

November 6, 2020 Release

Chapter 1


Lord Protector: Aphrodite, I'm sorry, but this is not a good time. If this is about a Valentine's day party, we'll discuss it later.
Goddess: Do you think that the goddess of love can only care about parties? Lords Protectors are so arrogant!
Goddess: Perhaps when Lady Protector comes into power, she will be more willing to discuss matters with me. I could tell you something about these deaths...
Lord Protector: What Lady Protector? Do you know who's behind this?

Goddess: I do, but now you'll have to find it out yourself!


Messenger: Lord Protector, enjoying your last days on the throne?
Lord Protector: Why would think that?
Messenger: Well, every day, one of your supporters dies from an unknown poison. You might not wake up tomorrow either.
Lord Protector: Your gloomy predictions are ruining my mood. And I still need to deal with the conspirators. Get out of the way!
Messenger: No need to rush, Serket will meet you soon.

Lord Protector: Serket? I should have known better. Poison is her favorite weapon.


Lord Protector: I remember your failed attempt to seize power. What makes you think you succeed this time?
Conspirator: When a direct invasion fails, cunning comes to the rescue.
Lord Protector: And what is your evil plan?
Conspirator: Haven't you guessed yet? I will poison your vassals, and gradually take control over Pangea.
Conspirator: I've already taken care of successors loyal to me. And then we'll, ahem, reelect Lord Protector.

Lord Protector: Difficult, unlikely to succeed, but interesting. I even feel sorry it's not going to happen.


Lord Protector: Aphrodite, what did you want to tell me? I need to learn more about Serket's plans.
Traitor: I accidentally found out about the plot and wanted to warn you.
Lord Protector: So do warn me!
Traitor: But when I found out that Serket wants to build an empire where women will be in charge, I changed my mind.
Traitor: This is what we've all been waiting for for thousands of years!

Lord Protector: I hope you'll wait a little longer. I have many plans for Pangea development, and giving up the throne is not on the list.

Red Priestess

Red Priestess: Soon a crimson fog will cover Pangea, and when it clears...
Lord Protector: When it clears, you'll understand that such strong incense in temples can cloud your judgement.
Red Priestess: I'm never wrong in my visions. I saw a female figure on the throne.

Lord Protector: I prefer to rely on more real things. For example, my army.

Chapter 2


Lord Protector: Why didn't you just poison me? So much extra effort.
Pretender: If I just poisoned you, there would be other contenders for the throne, and I would have to fight for power again.
Pretender: The throne will be brought to me on a silver platter. You'll lose all supporters and you'll have to leave.

Lord Protector: So presumptuous. Trust me, I'll find a way to stop you.


Mocker: You can speed up the process and save the lives of innocent people.
Mocker: Abdicate the throne and no one else will get hurt. It's your mission to protect the people of Pangea.

Lord Protector: Says the love goddess after colluding with a cold-blooded killer? What about your mission? You're supposed to sow love, not death!


Lord Protector: Tell me more about your vision.
Seeress: A dark female figur majestically ascending the throne.
Lord Protector: Is that all? You want to stage a coup and destroy hundreds of lives because of this?
Seeress: Have you forgotten that I worship the bloody goddess Ka'Thory? Bloody sacrifices and bringing chaos is what I do.
Lord Protector: These religious fanatics have gone completely crazy.

Lord Protector: I will definitely disband all cults after I deal with your plot.

The Arrogant

Lord Protector: Your plan is not perfect, Serket. So many deaths will inevitably arouse suspicion, and there will be no peaceful transfer of power.
Lord Protector: You will have to fight my army, and you know you will lose.
The Arrogant: I'm not the only one increasing my influence, Lord Protector.
The Arrogant: The religion of the bloody goddess will soon spread all over Pangea. The Red Priestess will convince everyone that I was the one in that vision.
The Arrogant: See, I've got everything covered.

Lord Protector: I've dealt with worse situations.


Lord Protector: Are you even privy to the details of the plan to build a Fempire? What's in it for you?
Aphrodite: I think we will divide the power later.
Aphrodite: I am tired of my divine duties. I'll deal with earthly matters for a change.
Lord Protector: So this is just a game for you?
Aphrodite: Of course it is. I must admit, the idea of a female empire immensely amuses me.

Lord Protector: I will not allow you to play with the lives of the people of Pangea!

Chapter 3


Lord Protector: Another life was sacrificed to the goddess Ka'Thori.
Intrigante: You can't stop these deaths. All victims have already been selected and will be poisoned, even if you kill Serket.
Lord Protector: Another life was sacrificed to the goddess Ka'Thory.

Intrigante: How perceptive you are. Maybe I'll keep you as my advisor.


Silly: For the last time, I suggest you step back and save the remains of your reputation.
Silly: Pangea is slipping through your fingers, and you do nothing. Do you really want to be remembered like this?
Lord Protector: Actually, that's you who seem to be losing control. Do you even trust your allies?

Silly: Give up these pathetic attempts. My plan is perfect.


Lord Protector: Ka'Thory and you will be friends soon? She is going to be the main goddess of Pangea after all.
Player: What? This lunatic who's obsessed with bloody sacrifices?
Lord Protector: They didn't tell you the details... It seems that the Fempire will be a tyranny of fanatics, and you want to contribute to this.
Lord Protector: You're not the only one playing games. The Red Priestess beat you both.

Player: I'm not going to be part of this madness any longer!


Lord Protector: Did you originally plan to take over the throne yourself?
Tyrant: Sure. Serket will make a coup, die like a heroine, and I will rule.
Lord Protector: Did you also make up a vision to instill megalomania in her?
Tyrant: No, the vision is real. I didn't see the face, but I think it was me.
Lord Protector: How about a heroic death for you?
Lord Protector: It's time to stop the religious expansion. Without a leader, your cult will come to an end.

Lord Protector: I'll make sure everyone knows the truth about your plot.


Serket: There you are, Lord Protector. Wanted to escape?
Lord Protector: No, I was busy dealing with your assistants. Now you're on your own.
Serket: It won't help you! Half of Pangea is already mine.
Lord Protector: But you leave me no choice... I think I'm going to have to kill you after all.
Lord Protector: You'd make a bad ruler. You can't even control your allies.
Lord Protector: All your new "supporters" actually supported the Red Priestess. She originally wanted to seize power at your expense.
Serket: This can't be true! In her vision...
Lord Protector: There was a vague female figure. And she convinced you that you were destined to take throne. What kind of people believe in all these prophecies?
Lord Protector: My advice to you - the next time you're going to seize power at least get yourself a proper army.

Lord Protector: But this is for your next life. After all, you will spend the rest of this life in prison, paying for the deaths of my vassals.

August 30, 2019 Release

Chapter 1

Battle Girl

Battle Girl: Run, cowards! There's nothing that can stop us!
Lord Protector: I bet I can.
Battle Girl: Huh. You're early.

Lord Protector: Just for once I'd love to stay out of all this. But no, someone always wants to destroy my home!


Lord Protector: Why are you doing this?
Vamp: I spent years without drinking any blood.

Vamp: I missed it so much.


Lord Protector: Lady, you're far away from home.
Unknown: No. I'm right where I'm supposed to be, Lord Protector.
Lord Protector: Do we know each other? I'm not good with faces.
Unknown: No, you don't know me. I'm new here.
Lord Protector: That's a relief.
Lord Protector: So, why do you want to kill my people?

Unknown: I have my reasons. You'll see.

Order Maiden

Order Maiden: Ha ha ha! Never thought it'd be so much fun!
Lord Protector: Fun? You're The Order. You are supposed to protect these people!

Order Maiden: Why should I? It's so boring! I'd rather watch them all burn!


Lord Protector: You want blood? Take mine. Don't kill anyone.
Mage: Look at you. Always a knight in shining armor. I tasted your blood, by the way.
Mage: It's so pure it makes me puke. I need a different kind of blood. Blood forged in sins.
Mage: Blood forged in despair.
Mage: You think I go down that easy? That's where you're wrong, Lord Protector.

Mage: The Red Queen never gives up!

Chapter 2


Arthropod: I may have not expressed this to you in our last battle...
Arthropod: But you did put up quite a fight, Lord Protector.
Arthropod: Such a pity your presence here spoils my plans. I'd love to see you in Scorpia Society.
Lord Protector: What do you want? Just killing civilians?

Arthropod: You think so low of me. Why would I just kill people if I can be their ruler?


Ripper: I already killed 11 people. That's a start.
Lord Protector: I know you. You would never agree on this. Maybe you were brain-washed.
Ripper: So what if I am? You do this all the time! Making us think that you are the one king we deserve.
Lord Protector: I'm not a king. And you most certainly need to stop.
Lord Protector: Yes. I see a mark behind your ear. You were injected with something.

Lord Protector: I'll take a sample of your blood. Will try to make an antidote.


Warlock: You again. And here I thought you'd just leave me alone.
Lord Protector: You both were injected with some serum that drives you mad.
Lord Protector: Blood has always been your secret desire. But you're better than that. Trust me.

Warlock: I smell fear in you, Lord Protector. Maybe your blood will do just fine after all.


Lord Protector: Your plan is flawed, Scorpia.
Scorpion: How so?
Lord Protector: You want to rule the world. But instead you drive people crazy. Do you know how many of them were killed recently?
Scorpion': 'No. Should I?
Lord Protector: Look, if it's revenge you're looking for, it's not too late to call this off. Just give me the cure.
Lord Protector: I'll save my friends. Then we'll try to solve your problem... Whatever it is.
Scorpion: If you're so smart, make this cure on your own. As for revenge... You actually gave me an idea.

Lord Protector: You better not be messing around with me, Scorpia.


Cursed: I'm so tired I can barely stand. But we must keep on killin'!
Lord Protector: You won't kill anyone again. I got a cure.
Cursed: No, thank you! Guys, rip his head off!
Cursed: Wh... What happened? Lord Protector? Why is everything is so... Blurry?
Lord Protector: You were poisoned, I'm afraid. Do you remember anything at all?
Cursed: No, I... Don't. Except... That scorpion lady... She said she was a scientist or a wizard...
Cursed: She told me she had a back-up plan if her first one doesn't work out.

Lord Protector: Tell me more.

Chapter 3

Red Queen

Red Queen: Feel desperate yet?
Lord Protector: On the contrary. I have a cure and you're going to help me stop Scorpia.
Red Queen: Ha. Pathetic fool! You really think I'm under someone's influence?
Red Queen: You are wrong. Look at me. I'm the Red Queen. I live for blood.

Red Queen: And I still have a lot of things to do.


Ankhesenamun: Why should I be a wizard when I can be a scientist?
Ankhesenamun: Hey, did you know that electricity can be made from literally anything?
Ankhesenamun: I know that electricity always tries to find the easiest path to the ground.
Ankhesenamun: Don't let it drag you down.
Lord Protector: You feel bad. Happens to all of us. But you don't need to kill everyone.
Lord Protector: Focus on what you could become. You can be my personal scientist. The Old Gods will be proud of you.
Ankhesenamun: Oh, please. Spare me this boring pep talk. I'm gonna be in history books!

Lord Protector: Assuming there will be anyone left to read them.


Persephone: She made me kill all those poor people! She made me! She has to pay, Lord Protector!
Lord Protector: And she will, I promise.
Persephone: This is personal! I'm going to kill her myself! And you can't stop me!
Lord Protector: Calm down, okay?
Persephone: When she gets here... And she will because she needs an amp...
Lord Protector: ...I'll need you here with me. Do you understand?
Persephone: Yes, Lord Protector. I'm sorry, me and my guys, we are... We are just angry, I guess.

Lord Protector: Come on. It's time to get ready.


: Missed me?
Lord Protector: No. Where is Scorpia?
: Who's Scorpia?
Lord Protector: So you tell me you don't know who that is? That's... Funny.
Lord Protector: I'm gonna send you to the dungeons. Got any problem with that?
: No, please. I'll die there without blood.

Lord Protector: No, you won't. You spent years without it, remember?


Scorpia: There you are, Lord Protector.
Lord Protector: You need my Battle Chamber to kill everyone on Pangea. If you want it, gotta earn it.
Scorpia: Earn it? What am I to you? Ah, forget it.
Scorpia: Are you ready to meet your maker? Assuming there is one...
Lord Protector: Do what you must do. Let's end this.
Scorpia: Damn it. I've lost...haven't I?
Lord Protector: Yes. As a matter of fact, you have. But you lost this battle a long time ago.
Scorpia: Elaborate.
Lord Protector: I'm always prepared for everything. That's my job. To keep Pangea safe.
Lord Protector: Pangea is protected by the enchanted glass. It's invisible and nobody can sense it until they try to break the spell.
Lord Protector: Glass is a good dielectric. As for air, usually electric current doesn't run in it.
Lord Protector: You see? You were defeated by both magic and science.
Scorpia: So you... Made a fool of me?

Lord Protector: Guess so. Now get up, I need to transport you back to the Lower Worlds...