The different fight modes the game has:

  • Battle Chamber, the main fight mode in the game, that let you improve your best league.
  • Brawl, to fight against similar squads for small rewards.
  • Dark tower, using your whole deck against the whole deck of players being in your current league.
  • Divine arena, with special combats with predefined squads every three days.
  • Journey, with increasing challenges using your squad against predefined squads.
  • Gold Mine, smash the golden statues to gain Gold Gold.
  • Raids, ten players will send their armies to enemies’ castles for robbery and protect their own ones. You have a unique opportunity to fight against each other, steal whatever you want from the enemy and prove that you’re the best warrior!
  • The Pit, with increasingly tough bosses with a predefined squad and special abilities, in which you use your entire collection of cards.
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