Once you reach Rank 5, the Friends feature becomes available for you. You will notice a Friends Tab on the bottom menu and will be able to access your Friend List by clicking the icon from now on (Picture 1).

Friend tab.jpg
Picture 1: Rank 5! Welcome to Friends Feature

By clicking Friends icon and opening the friends window in the game, you will see three option:

Friends and Souls Requests are connected to each other, while Disciples has its own mechanics in it. In the following sections, you will find more detailed informations about these features.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Friends or Friendship system, the first window you will see when you click the friends icon (Picture 2), plays a crucial part for the players in Mighty Party, especially after the update introduced at November 14th, 2019. And now, your friends are displayed in a new, more compact format.

Friends screen.png
Picture 2: Friends window
How can I have friends?
As it is mentioned before, when you reach Rank 5, you will be able to "Invite Friends" and also receive "Invites" from other players to become friends. There are many ways you can invite other players to become your friends. Either you can ask other players to invite you by giving them your In-game ID, which is a 6 character code (ID: XXXXXX) you can find either in your Profile Info by clicking Warlord picture on the top-left of the main menu or you can invite other people by yourself by using one of these options:
  • In chat rooms: You can click on the players and then you can click the invite option (Picture 3). If the player is already invited, then the invite option will not appear.
  • Find Button: You will see Find button on the top your friends list if you have room for friends (Picture 2). By clicking on it, you’ll see a list of your possible friends, those recommended to you (Picture 4).
  • By using ID: If you wanna add certain people as a friend, you can search by using in-game ID and add. After clicking Find button (Picture 4), you will see an option, Add Friend by ID. All you need to do is to enter your friend's in-game ID into the input fiend (Picture 5).
  • Invite button on player's profile: If you click a person profile, you will find a invite option (Picture 6). However, if the player has a full friend list, the button won't appear
  • Invitation by chat.png
    Picture 3: Invitation by chat
  • Recommended friends.png
    Picture 4: Invitation with find button
  • Add friends by ID.png
    Picture 5: Add friends by ID
  • Invite02.jpg
    Picture 6: Invite by profile

You will find the invitation sent to you on the top of the friends list of the main friends window. All you need to do is to except the invitation in order to become a friend and if your invitations are accepted, those players will be automatically shown on your friends list.
You will notice that there is a limit on friends list. If you want to open some space for your new friends in the game, or notice that some of the people in your friends list are not active anymore, you can easily remove by just clicking the X button next to them.

What is the limit for friends list?
This section will be filled later.

What is the benefit of having friends?
Aside from having chat and fun with your friends, you can also materially benefit from each other's gameplay. Friends are now the only source for the Friendship Tokens Friendship Tokens, which can be used to summon Mercenaries in the Shop. Friendship Tokens Friendship Tokens can be earned from the each gift sent to you by your friends, which is x10 Friendship Tokens per gift. That means more gifts you send, more gifts you receive. With one single click, you can send gifts to all of your friends and collect all gifts sent to you. Friendship Tokens Friendship Tokens are visible for a couple of seconds while collecting your gifts (Picture 7), however you can always check how much tokens you have at the Shop screen.
Friendship tokens.png
Picture 7: Friendship Tokens

The second benefit of having friends is the souls requests, which will be explained in the following section.

Souls Requests[edit | edit source]

Souls Requests is one of the most useful feature in Mighty Party. This feature turns Mighty Party into a true card-trading game where you actually trade cards with your friends!

How can I send cards?
When you click Souls Requests tab, you will find the requests of Common Common and Rare Rare cards sent to you by your friends and the amount that you can send (Picture 8). You can fulfil either some or all of their requests, depending on how much you have spare cards of their requested hero. You will receive both XP and Gold Gold for each card you send in turn (Table 1).
Souls Requests.png
Picture 8: Friendship Tokens

Table 1: Amount of XP and Gold for each card sent to the friends.

Sending Experience Gain Gold Gold Gain
Rare Rare heroes 3 XP 60 Gold
Common Common heroes 1 XP 20 Gold

How can I request cards?
As you send cards to your friends, you can also request from them. Once you reach Rank 6, every Common Common and Rare Rare card in your collection will have a feature of Request Tab (Picture 9). By clicking on it, you will be able to send a request on the selected card to all players in your friend list and they will be able to send you that card if they want and have spares of it. Once requested, on opening the request tab in any card you will see a countdown stating how long you have yet to wait for your next request. The requested card will be stored in your Inbox.png Inbox for 30day (Picture 10) and you can whenever you want within 30 days.
  • Request tab.jpg
    Picture 9: Request tab at Rank 6
  • Requested cards.png
    Picture 10: Requested Cards

You can request cards once every 12 hours, therefor plan carefully what you need most! There is a maximum amount of cards you can request/send per friend every 12 hours, and this maximum depends on your maximum league attained (Table 2). If one of your friends has too many friends, it is possible that his full request might be completed by the rest of his friends before you get to check in-game, so don't panic if you don't receive requests too often either, it all depends on how regular or casual your play-style is. In any case, the more friends you have, the better chances of your answering their card requests.
Table 2: Maximum amount of cards you can send and request (every 12 hours)




SEND Common Common

(per friend)

SEND Rare Rare

(per friend)

24 20 8
23 9
22 26 10
21 11
20 12
19 35 13
18 14
17 42 15
16 16
15 17
14 55 18 5
13 19 5
12 20 5
11 70 21 21 5
10 22 5
9 23 23 6
8 92 24 6
7 25 6
6 105 26 6
5 110 27 6
4 120 28 7
3 130 29 7
2 140 30 7
1 150 31 35 7
As you see, the maximum the league and friends you have, the better rewards you get!

Disciples[edit | edit source]

According to disciple system in Mighty Party, the players who reached League 28 are considered as a Disciple, and the players whose league is 15 or lower are considered as a Teacher. This system work automatically and assigns disciples to his/her teacher. Each teacher can have maximum 15 disciples. If the player who become a teacher and have disciples assigned, somehow, goes above League 15, the Disciple systems becomes unable but all of your disciples will remain intact until the player reaches League 15 again.

How does it works?
Since it works automatically, when you start playing Might Party as a player whose league is above 15, you are considered as a Disciple and assigned to another player whose league is 15 or lower, which is your Teacher. Once the matching is done, an automated message is sent to the both party in order to let them know (Picture 11) and teacher can see his/her disciple in the Disciples section (Picture 12). Teachers can follow the progress of their disciples in the game. Once the disciple reach League 15, (s)he becomes Graduate and Teacher himself/herself.
Disciple - Automated message.png
Picture 11: Disciple  - Automated message

Disciple list.png
Picture 12: Disciple list

As a teacher, it is in your decision to activate disciple search.
  • In order to activate disciple system: Disciple - Benefits - Search Enable (Picture 13-a).
  • In order to deactivate disciple system: Disciple - Benefits - Search Disable(Picture 13-b).
  • Disciple Search Enable.png
    Picture 13-a: Disciple Search Enable
  • Disciple Search Disable.png
    Picture 13-b: Disciple Search Disable
What is it the benefits of Disciple System?
As a Disciple;
Since Mighty Party has many different mechanics within, it might take some time to learn and understand. Disciple system offers a great opportunity of have a teacher for new players, which they can ask all your questions about Mighty Party such as how you can create your best deck with the cards you own, what kind of strategies you can follow on Raids, what is the most efficient way to use your resources, or what is the best way to prepare yourself to the events... etc. When it comes to your teacher, (s)he should guide you through the game. Otherwise, you can always change your teacher if you are not happy or getting any respond back.
As a Teacher;
Disciples give a chance to earn Legendary Chest Legendary Chest when they reach League 15 and become Graduate (Picture 12). Legendary Chest Legendary Chest can be claimed anytime as long as the disciple is at League 15 or higher. However, the teacher should wait until his/her disciple become League 15 again if the disciple drops lower leagues before the chest is claimed.
Another benefit of having disciple is that teachers receive 5 Gems Gems for each dollar of their disciples/graduates spent on the in-game offers, which it is stored in Inbox.png Inbox.
Disciple recharged gems.png
Picture 14: Disciple recharged Gems Gems
It should be noted that teacher can also delete disciples if they are inactive.

Friend Shop[edit | edit source]

This article or section contains information on content that has been removed from the game.
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  • Reason: November 14, 2019 Game Update

The request system is not the only feature that allows you to help your friends and benefit from their friendship. You also have the Friend Shop.

This feature allows you to send ONE gift to all your friends every reset. In return, you can receive one gift per reset from each and everyone of your friends. The more friends, the more gifts!

The shop is located inside the Send Gift Tab in your Friends screen.

To be able to buy gifts in the shop, you must gather Friend Coins Friend Coins, these you can collect from several sources, including PvP, Divine Arena and Dark Tower reward chests, Brawl rewards and Daily Quests completion.

The shop refreshes its offers every reset, You will notice a countdown on the upper right corner that will show how long you have still for next reset. This is useful as some times you may be short of coin for the precise gift you want to send and with this you will be able to figure on if you still have time enough to gather missing coins!

As you advance up in leagues, you will be able to send better gifts and you will eventually be able to choose among a total of 8 gifts. Their prices will increase as you advance in leagues too and they vary depending on the quality of the gift itself (better gifts are more expensive) so you can choose how better to invest those precious coins.

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