This article will explain the basic mechanics of the game.

Squad Edit

Your Squad is your deck. Each Squad consists of a Warlord and 8 Cards that you can switch in an out of your Inventory. Only one Squad can fight at a time, but you can save up to 4 Squads, one under each of 4 unlockable Warlords. You can use the same Card for multiple Warlords.

You can also maintain your heroes by leveling them up, evolving, boosting, soulbinding and reborning here.

To get there you click on:Squad

It should look something like this:

Squad scr

There are a lot of Heroes in the game. They have different races, types, sex, rarity and skills.

In the Squad screen, you can filter your Heroes by those characteristics and Skills.

Collection Edit

Your collection of cards is the total amount of heroes you have. You can see your entire collection below your squad.

The amount of different cards and their level is used to calculate your troop power (used in turf wars mainly) and useful too for soulbinding and for some fight modes.

Fight Edit


Fight Button

When you enter "Fight" you will see this screen:

Fight Screen

"Fight" Screen

Although it probably will look a bit different.

You can see your rating points, and how many more you need to get to another League at the top

You start at League 30, and for obtaining higher Leagues for the first time, you unlock heroes you can obtain from chests and summons. At League 24, you start to lose rating points from loses. You can also click on your current League, so you can see what heroes you unlock for obtaining that League.

By default, you get 4 chest slots, and there are offers to unlock another chest slots. On the far left, you can open a chest with common/rare cards after you get 3 wins, you can open this chest 3 times and then it goes on 8 hours cooldown.

Every 14 days, you get chests depending on what was your highest League, as a season reward.

When you click "Fight" you will get a PvP-fight encounter, where you get to fight against an AI-controlled Warlord that is another player's Squad..

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