Global Events occur regularly every 2 weeks, happen at the same time for everyone, and usually last 5 days starting on a Friday. There is also 24 hours after the event ends when the Event Resources can still be bought and spent although you can no longer do the quests associated with the Event. After this, everyone who participated in the Event gains a prize based on how many Event Resources the player gained during the event, either earned or bought. The event prize chests contain only heroes from the event. Additionally, many event heroes can now only be gained through the events or the various shops. Unless otherwise noted the event heroes will not be in the general card pool for chests except during the event. List of Events

Bonus Chest Spark List[edit | edit source]

Upon spending a certain amount of Sparks.png Sparks in the Event Shop, a bonus legendary prize chest unlocks, and you can get a chance at getting the legendary heroes for the Event. Spending more Sparks.png Sparks unlocks further bonus chests, though each extra bonus chest takes more Sparks.png Sparks to unlock than the last:

Bonus chest Sparks for Chest Total
1 11250Sparks.png Sparks 11250Sparks.png Sparks
2 15000Sparks.png Sparks 26250Sparks.png Sparks
3 18750Sparks.png Sparks 45000Sparks.png Sparks
4 22500Sparks.png Sparks 67500Sparks.png Sparks
5 26250Sparks.png Sparks 93750Sparks.png Sparks
6 30000Sparks.png Sparks 123750Sparks.png Sparks
7 33750Sparks.png Sparks 157500Sparks.png Sparks
8 37500Sparks.png Sparks 195000Sparks.png Sparks
9 41250Sparks.png Sparks 236250Sparks.png Sparks
10 45000Sparks.png Sparks 281250Sparks.png Sparks
11 48750Sparks.png Sparks 330000Sparks.png Sparks
12 52500Sparks.png Sparks 382500Sparks.png Sparks
13 56250Sparks.png Sparks 438750Sparks.png Sparks
14 60000Sparks.png Sparks 498750Sparks.png Sparks
15 63750Sparks.png Sparks 562500Sparks.png Sparks
16 67500Sparks.png Sparks 630000Sparks.png Sparks
17 71250Sparks.png Sparks 701250Sparks.png Sparks
18 75000Sparks.png Sparks 776250Sparks.png Sparks
19 78750Sparks.png Sparks 855000Sparks.png Sparks
20 82500Sparks.png Sparks 937500Sparks.png Sparks

Event Path[edit | edit source]

The event path is made of 3 chapters and in this section, you will find the up-to-date event path for each chapter. You should know that the difficulty of the tasks increases in every step as well as the amount of Sparks.png Sparks that you get for completing the task. However, the amount of souls from the event chests increases only when the chapter is completed!

In the tasks of each chapter, you will see the term of:

  • The required hero/boss, which means you will find out when the event is revealed,
  • X, which stands for the number depending on your current League.

When it comes to events, there are 5 different groups and jumping to another group might affect the amount of X. Current groups are:

  • Group 1: League 30 to 15
  • Group 2: League 14 to 10
  • Group 3: League 9 to 5
  • Group 4: League 4 to 2
  • Group 5: League 1 to GM

1.1 Defeat the required boss
1.2 Kill 5 enemy heroes in battle against other players
1.3 (Top) Find X souls of heroes
1.4 (Top) Play Order/Nature/Chaos heroes 20 times agains other players
1.5 (Bottom) Find 6 Rare heroes in Rare Chest.png Rare Chest or in Summon
1.6 Defeat the required boss
1.7 Level-up Order/Nature/Chaos heroes 2 times
1.8 Defeat the required boss
1.9 Defeat other players 3 times
1.10 (Top) Find X heroes in chest or in Summon
1.11 (Top) Kill X enemy in battle against other players
1.12 (Bottom) Find X souls of the required Rare heroes
1.13 Open Rare chest in event shop 2 times
1.14 Defeat the required boss
1.15 (Top) Speed up 4 chests
1.16 (Top) Find X souls of Common heroes
1.17 (Bottom) Level-up to Level X: The required Rare heroes
1.18 Summon 2 times
1.19 Defeat the required boss

2.1 Defeat the required boss
2.2 Open Epic chest in event shop 3 times
2.3 (Top) Activate guild bonus X times
2.4 (Top) Find X souls of Rare.png Rare heroes
2.5 (Bottom) Summon Demigods or Gods 10 times
2.6 Defeat the required boss
2.7 (Top) Soulbind required Rare heroes X times
2.8 (Top) Boost Legendary heroes X times
2.9 (Bottom) Find X souls of required Epic heroes
2.10 Defeat the required boss
2.11 (Top) Spend 1300 copper coins
2.12 (Top) Soulbind the required Epic heroes X times
2.13 (Bottom) Spend 15000 Sparks.png Sparks
2.14 Defeat the required boss
2.15 (Top) Spend 1000 Gem.png Gems
2.16 (Top) Reborn the required Epic heroes X times
2.17 (Bottom) Level-up to Level X: The required Epic heroes
2.18 Find X Legendary heroes in Legendary chests for victory in game modes pr through Summon
2.19 Defeat the required boss

3.1 Defeat the required boss
3.2 Open Legendary chest in event shop X times
3.3 (Top) Defeat other players with the required skin 2 times
3.4 (Top) Boost the required heroes 9 times
3.5 (Bottom) Get X souls of Legendary heroes in chests or in Summon
3.6 Defeat the required boss
3.7 (Top) Summon Demigods or Gods 20 times
3.8 (Top) Soulbind the required heroes X times
3.9 (Bottom) Spend 40000 Sparks.png Sparks
3.10 Defeat the required boss
3.11 Level up to Level X: The required Legendary heroes
3.12 Defeat the required boss
3.13 (Top) Summon Gods 3 times
3.14 (Top) Reborn the required heroes X times
3.15 (Bottom) Level up the required hero to Level X
3.16 Open Bonus Chest in event shop 3 times
3.17 Defeat the required boss

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

In this section, you will see some useful tip & tricks for your game. As you continue to read, you will find more than one option to complete some of the tasks so you should consider the upcoming tasks, even the next chapter and decide what is suitable for you and your game.

Chapter 1

  • Killing enemies/Playing the required race heroes can be done easily in Battle Chamber or Brawl (1.2, 1.4, 1.11)
  • Finding X souls in general or in certain rarity can be done by: (1.3, 1.5, 1.10, 1.16)
    • Summoning,
    • Claiming cards requested from friends,
    • Claiming your chest in different fight modes,
    • Claiming Daily Deals and
    • Daily & Weekly Quests
    • Buying souls with your coins
  • (1.9) can be done in Brawl as well.
  • Since (1.12) required a specific card, you can find it by opening chests or summoning if you are lucky. You can also Evolve the Common.png Common version of the hero if it exists.

Chapter 2

  • Finding X souls in general or in certain rarity can be done by: (2.4, 2.9)
    • Summoning,
    • Claiming cards requested from friends,
    • Claiming your chest in different fight modes,
    • Claiming Daily Deals and
    • Daily & Weekly Quests
    • Buying souls with your coins
  • Since (2.9) requires to find specific card, you can always try the solutions listed above and you can complete the task if you are lucky or you can always Evolve the rare version of the card.
  • To do soulbind, you have to have the event heroes or you can open some more event chest to get them. Depending on your group therefore your League, the required soulbind can be from 3 to 5. (2.7, 2,12)
  • (2.18) You can claim the Legendary Chest.png Legendary Chest from
    • Important: Opening legendary chest from Event Shop doesn't count.
  • (2.15) You might want to spend your gems (if you have enough) to buy the required skin for chapter 3 (3.3).

Chapter 3

  • (3.4) If you don't have enough Soul Dust.png Soul Dust, you can boost 2 times each hero and wait for 2 days to reset (beware the time left for the event) and then boost again.

Event Preparations[edit | edit source]

Get a step ahead in events by planning before hand

  • Leave your Divine Arena undone
  • Full Journey Key.png Journey Keys
  • Save up your chest from Daily Quests and Weekly Quests
  • Be about 100 EXP away from a Rank up
  • Both free summons ready
  • Cards requested from your friends ready to be claimed so don't forget to request every 12 hours until the event.
  • Ready to request next set of cards,
  • Save up your Ancient Coin.png Ancient Coins, Copper Coins, Friend Coin.png Friend Coins
  • If the Raids is an active fight mode for the event, then keep your chest to be claimed.
  • For any fight mode, try to get close to the Legendary Chest.png Legendary Chest as much as possible so that you don't have to spend to much time to claim (2.18)
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