Global Events occur regularly every 2 weeks, happen at the same time for everyone, and usually last 5 days starting on a Friday. There is also 24 hours after the event ends when the Event Resources can still be bought and spent although you can no longer do the quests associated with the Event. After this, everyone who participated in the Event gains a prize based on how many Event Resources the player gained during the event, either earned or bought. The event prize chests contain only heroes from the event. Additionally, many event heroes can now only be gained through the events or the various shops. Unless otherwise noted the event heroes will not be in the general card pool for chests except during the event.

List of Events

Bonus Chest Spark List Edit

Upon spending a certain amount of Sparks Sparks in the Event Shop, a bonus legendary prize chest unlocks, and you can get a chance at getting the legendary heroes for the Event. Spending more Sparks Sparks unlocks further bonus chests, though each extra bonus chest takes more Sparks Sparks to unlock than the last:

Bonus chestSparks for ChestTotal
111250Sparks Sparks11250Sparks Sparks
215000Sparks Sparks26250Sparks Sparks
318750Sparks Sparks45000Sparks Sparks
422500Sparks Sparks67500Sparks Sparks
526250Sparks Sparks93750Sparks Sparks
630000Sparks Sparks123750Sparks Sparks
733750Sparks Sparks157500Sparks Sparks
837500Sparks Sparks195000Sparks Sparks
941250Sparks Sparks236250Sparks Sparks
1045000Sparks Sparks281250Sparks Sparks
1148750Sparks Sparks330000Sparks Sparks
1252500Sparks Sparks382500Sparks Sparks
1356250Sparks Sparks438750Sparks Sparks
1460000Sparks Sparks498750Sparks Sparks
1563750Sparks Sparks562500Sparks Sparks
1667500Sparks Sparks630000Sparks Sparks
1771250Sparks Sparks701250Sparks Sparks
1875000Sparks Sparks776250Sparks Sparks
1978750Sparks Sparks855000Sparks Sparks
2082500Sparks Sparks937500Sparks Sparks

Event Path Change Log (26.04.2019) Edit

  • Ch.1
  • Evolve 10 times - Changed to Kill 5 Heroes
  • Lvl up 3 Heroes - Increased to x5
  • Daily Quest Step Removed - Changed to Summon Demigod/Gods 2 times
  • Find 1300 Common Cards - Reduced to 1100
  • Ch.2
  • Speed up Chests x5 - Reduced to x4
  • Get 750 Rares - Increased to 800
  • Reborns made 3 times - Increased to 4
  • Dark tower wins 20 - Reduced to 15
  • Ch.3
  • No changes

Event Preparations Edit

Get a step ahead in events by planning before hand

  1. Full Big Rare/Epic chests,
  2. Divine Arena undone,
  3. Full Journey Attempts,
  4. Be about 100 EXP away from a Rank up,
  5. Both free summons ready,
  6. Cards requested ready to be Claimed,
  7. Ready to request next set of cards,
  8. Dark Tower ready with 2 runs,
  9. Unclaimed Rares/Epics from friend gifts,
  10. Dark Tower/Journey/Pit Coins saved up,
  11. Raid rewards ready to be claimed,
  12. Pit boss of your choice with ~20 HP,
  13. Full Pit Power Sigils.

Chapter 1 - Tips and Tricks. Edit

  • Summon Rookies for 10x Diffrent Rare Card Step.
  • Boost the lowest Level Heroes and Rarity. (and if you have a special mini event for boosting) for cheapest Cost.
  • Win in Pvp 3 times. (Pick a Low league player from World chat, or a friend who you can beat quickly)
  • 450 Event rares, sometimes you can Evolve into them. (Keep your Rare Chests ahead of Event time from Several game sources)
  • 1100 common cards. (Buy them from the Shops or Rookie Summons.
    Event ch1 1
    Event ch1 2

Chapter 2 - Tips and Tricks. Edit

  • Speed up chests (wait for the timer of a chest to be almost done, to save Gems) Or just Open it.
  • Win Divine Arena 4 times. (Ask friends /Ingame chat wich side is the stronger one, and use that side 4 times)
  • 800 Rare Souls. (Saved Rare Chests Ready to Open for this step, Shops, Event Shop, Rookie summon, Demigods)
  • Finding 600 Event Epics. (Evolve the Event Rares, Spin the Roulette for Epic Chests, Saved Epic Chests Ready to Open)
    Event ch2 1
    Event ch2 2

Chapter 3 - Tips and Tricks. Edit

  • Find 600 Event Souls - Evolve Rare -> Epic -> Legendary (Spin Roulette, Demigod summons)
  • Get 900 Legendary cards (Draw Demigods or Gods of War 1-2 x Summons - Vip7)
  • This Entire Chapter is pretty Costly right now, not easy for smaller Players to Do.
    Event ch3 1
    Event ch3 2
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