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The Gold Mine is a Game Mode unlocked at League 28. The player is given 7 turns to fight with the boss, Philosopher's Stone, to collect Gold Gold as it is the aim of this game mode. Each direct attack done to boss by your heroes make the boss spawn golden statues that give gold when destroyed.The amount of golden statues spawned per turn is limited to a maximum of 12 .

Players with an active VIP of level 2 or higher have the option to claim their highest gold score instead of fighting normally.

The Gold Mine is available 3 times per day at 8PM UTC, 2AM UTC, and 8AM UTC.


The Gold Mine starts with 3 golden statues placed initially. A chosen Warlord and Squad are deployed against the Philosopher' Stone and it spawns one golden statue per attack that hits itself directly. The placement of golden statues are randomized each run while the alignment of them and the percentage of alignments are determined by the level of mine. For example, the alignment can be mixed of two, nature and order, and the percentage can be 30 and 70 respectively.

Gold Mine Levels[]

Gold Mine levels are connected to progress on Journey. The level of mine increases as the sectors of Journey are completed, which means the player does not get the gold bonus of the current sector but the one that is completed. For example, if the player completed the sector 7, Fort of Quiet Waves and is currently in Heart of the Sea, the gold mine level will be 8 with 7% bonus.

Gold Mine Level Journey Sectors Completed Gold Gold Bonus Initial Statues Spawned Statues
Gold Gold HP HP Gold Gold HP HP
1 N/A 0% 41 ±19 2 65 ±10 5 ±3
2 Goldenwood Village 0% 128 ±19 13 ±3 65 ±10 6 ±2
3 Wilhelm's Deep 0% 131 ±19 15 ±3 65 ±10 6 ±2
4 Valley of Faith 0% 179 ±19 47 ±4 65 ±12 10±3
5 Periphery 3% 197 ±19 59 ±5 67 ±12 12 ±4
6 Old York 3% 200 ±19 61 ±5 67 ±12 12 ±4
7 Last Egos 3% 242 ±19 89 ±7 67 ±14 18 ±6
8 Fort of Quiet Waves 7% 338 ±19 150 ±15 70 ±17 40 ±15
9 Heart of the Sea 23% 424 ±20 213 ±38 80 ±20 85 ±38
10 Pearl of the Sea 23% 424 ±20 213 ±38 80 ±20 85 ±38

Tips and Notes[]

  • All statues are considered buildings, meaning skills excluding buildings will not trigger. some card effects are useless for this mode. Other effects, such as additional damage dealt to an enemy warlord, also will not trigger on the Philosopher's Stone.
  • The Philosopher's Stone can not get any damage, meaning skills with damage to enemy Warlord will not trigger. Hence, the amount of damage dealt to the Philosopher's Stone is irrelevant.
  • Spawned statues can be attacked immediately if they appear on the lower lanes for the upcoming heroes, or if they appear in front of the hero with multiple attack or with specific effects like Splash 2.
  • Since the aim is to get as much as gold as possible, it is important to build a proper deck for it. See the Gold Mine section of the New Player Guide for more information.