Some guides from our players:

Get a step ahead in events by planning before hand

1) Full Big Rare/Epic chests,

2) Divine Arena undone,

3) 3 Quests ready to be claimed,

4) Full Journey Attempts,

5) Be about 100 EXP away from a Rank up,

6) Both free summons ready,

7) Cards requested ready to be Claimed,

8) Ready to request next set of cards,

9) Dark Tower ready with 2 runs,

10) Unclaimed Rares/Epics from friend gifts,

11) Dark Tower/Journey/Pit Coins saved up,

12) Raid rewards ready to be claimed,

13) Pit boss of your choice with ~20 HP,

14) Full Pit Power Sigils.

All Chapter 1 steps, (02/15/2019 event)

Chapter 1

All Chapter 2 steps, (02/15/2019 event)

Chapter 2

All Chapter 3 steps, (02/15/2019 event)
Chapter 3
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