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What is it?[]

Hall of Fame is the main game mode of the Kingdom in Mighty Party which you battle with the Squad that you chose against the other players controlled by AI. The battles of Hall of Fame have great importance because this is the only place where you can move to higher leagues or drop to lower leagues depending on the battles that are won or lost. Moreover, based on your league, you have a chance to unlock new heroes and many more features of the game.
You can enter the Hall of Fame by clicking to its icon (see the icon on the right) in the Kingdom or the fight button on the right-bottom of the main screen.

How does it work?[]

As you will notice, the main look of Hall of Fame contains a lot of Informations (Picture 1). Even though it looks complicated and too crowded, it is very simple to follow your progress in the game. The following section will be explained with the picture given below.
Battle Chamber Window.png
Picture 1: Main Look of Hall of Fame


Your Squad is made of the 8 Heroes that are chosen from your deck, your chosen Warlord, and your chosen Pet if you have one. The left side of the Hall of Fame screen will tell you at a glance which warlord and pet you have equipped, as well as the Might of your current squad. The squad button gives quick access for making changes in your squad.
For more detailed informations about Squad, please click here.

Fame Fame[]

Fame Fame take place on the top of the screen. Every win in the Hall of Fame brings you fame points and this amount is added to bar. When the bar is full, you move on to the next league. Every loss, however, deducts some points from your fame. If you lose enough that the bar drops below zero, then you drop back down one league.

Recommended Might[]

With each league you advance, the opponents you face will become significantly tougher. While you fight your battles against an algorithm, not an actual player, the warlord, pet, and squad you face usually are an actual player's. The selection of your opponent squad is based on the recommended might of your current league, not what league the other player is in. Because most players are better at combat than the algorithm, it is normal to face opponents with significantly stronger cards.


Your current League is shown in the middle of the screen. Each league you advance unlocks new cards, meaning that they can now be found in Chests and Summons. Some leagues also unlock new game modes and other features. Clicking the league icon in the center of the Hall of Fame screen will prompt a display of what unlocks in that league, and scrolling in that display can show what unlocks in other leagues. Advancing leagues generally increases rewards throughout the game. In particular, the rewards from Global Events are based on your maximum league, i.e. the highest league you've ever reached.
For more detailed informations about League, please click here.

Season Reward[]

Every two weeks constitutes a season in Mighty Party, and each player receives a Season Reward at the end of each season. The reward is based on the maximum league you have fought in during that season, and the Hall of Fame screen displays the season reward you've earned so far.
For more detailed informations about Season Rewards, please click here.


Three different types of Chests are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Wins Chest, shown in the lower left, is earned for each three Hall of Fame victories. The Wins Chest can be earned 3 times in a row, and then an 8 hour cooling time starts before the it becomes available again.
  • Chest Slots are for the chests earned for each victory in the Hall of Fame. Each player has 4 chest slots at the beginning of the game. A victory can earn you a Rare Chest Rare Chest, Big Rare Chest Big Rare Chest, Epic Chest Epic Chest, or, starting in League 19, a Legendary Chest Legendary Chest. These chests can be opened after a certain amount of time has passed, with higher rarity chests taking longer to open. You can also choose to spend Gems Gems to open a chest early, which costs more Gems Gems for higher rarity and decreases in proportion to the time left on the timer. If you win a battle while you have no open chest slots, you will be given the option to open the chest immediately for the full price in Gems Gems; otherwise, the chest is forfeited.
  • The chest on the lower right, labelled "Offer", gives you the option to purchase additional Chest Slots for money. These also come with Souls and other resources.