What is it?[edit | edit source]

Hall of Fame is the main game mode of the Kingdom in Mighty Party which you battle with the Squad that you chose against the other players controlled by AI. The battles of Hall of Fame have great importance because this is the only place where you can move to higher leagues or drop to lower leagues depending on the battles that are won or lost. Moreover, based on your league, you have a chance to unlock new heroes and many more features of the game.
You can enter the Hall of Fame by clicking to its icon (see the icon on the right) in the Kingdom or the fight button on the right-bottom of the main screen.

How does it work?[edit | edit source]

As you will notice, the main look of Hall of Fame contains a lot of Informations (Picture 1). Even though it looks complicated and too crowded, it is very simple to follow your progress in the game. The following section will be explained with the picture given below.
Battle Chamber Window.png
Picture 1: Main Look of Hall of Fame

Squad[edit | edit source]

Squad is made of the 8 heroes that is chosen from your deck, your chosen Warlord and its pet next to it (if you have any). You will see the Warlord and its Pet on the left side of the Picture 1. Underneath, the might of your current Squad and the Squad button take place. You can easily reach your squad by clicking the button and rearrange your deck as you wish. For more information about Squad, click here.

Fame Fame and Recommended Might[edit | edit source]

Fame Fame and Recommended Might take place on the top of the screen. Every win in the Hall of Fame brings you fame points and this amount is added to bar. When the bar is fulfilled, you move to higher league. However every loss, on the other hand, deducts some points from your fame. If you loose enough and the bar drops below zero, then you drop to lower league. To read more about League, click here.
Recommended might chances according to current leagues and shows the might of opponents that you will face on that league.

League[edit | edit source]

Your current League is shown in the middle of the screen. By clicking on it, the heroes that can be obtained from now on and the new features of the game that is available can be seen. In addition, it is also possible to check higher leagues and take a glimpse of what they will bring. As it is mentioned before, the battles done here is the only way to advance your league.
For more information about League, click here.

Season Reward[edit | edit source]

The chest on the right side of the screen represents the Season Reward. Season refers to a period of time to obtain a reward according to maximum League/Fame Fame achieved in Hall of Fame. Each season lasts two weeks (14 days) and at the end of which you get the predetermined reward.
For more information about Season Reward, click here.

Chests[edit | edit source]

Chests locates at the bottom of the screen. You will find 3 different kind of chests here.
  • Wins Chest locates in the beginning. You have to win three battles in Hall of Fame to claim it. Wins Chest can be earned 3 times in a row and then 8 hours cooling time starts.
  • Chest Slots are for the chests earned at Hall of Fame. You will be given 4 chest slots at the beginning of the game. You can earn Common Chest Common Chest, Rare Chest Rare Chest, Big Rare Chest Big Rare Chest, Epic Chest Epic Chest, and Legendary Chest Legendary Chest. If you decide not to open instantly, the chest that you earned takes its place on one of the empty slots. When all the Chest Slots are taken, you have to either wait one to be available or speed up any of it by spending Gems Gems.
  • Extra Slot, under the name of Offer, gives you the chance to expand your Chest Slots. As you are already given 4 chest slots, Mighty Party offers 4 extra chest slots if you wish to purchase. For more information about Extra Slots, please click here.
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