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The Hall of Fame is a game mode where battles are fought against the Squads of other players controlled by an AI. Battles in the Hall of Fame determine ones League, which is tied to various unlocks and determines the value of rewards from most game modes. The Hall of Fame can be accessed by clicking the fight button on the bottom-right corner of the main screen.


A Squad is composed 8 Heroes, a Warlord and an optional Pet. The Hall of Fame UI provides a quick overview of current squad Might, Warlord, and Pet currently in use as well as quick access to the Squad management page.

Fame Fame[]

Fame Fame is the rating system used to determine League. Each win and loss within the Hall of Fame adds or subtracts a certain amount of Fame Fame, which can be increased by Win Streaks and a Fame Boost. Fame is a cumulative value that can be found on the Stats tab of the Player Profile The Hall of Fame UI displays the required fame for the current league as a progress bar starting from 0 - if a player fills the bar, they will be promoted a league and if the player drops below 0, they will be demoted to the previous League.

Recommended Might[]

With the exception of Leagues 1 and GM, opponent selection in the Hall of Fame are based on tiers of Recommended Might. Opponents are selected based on the Recommended Might of the current League, displayed at the top of the Hall of Fame UI. As a player approaches the Fame Fame threshold for the next League or accumulates a Win Streak, more difficult opponents will be selected.

Leagues 1 and GM matchmaking is based on Fame Fame instead of Recommended Might. Opponents in League 1 and GM are selected within a range of the player's current Fame Fame.


A player's current League is shown in the middle of the Hall of Fame UI. Leagues are based on the total Fame Fame a player has earned in the Hall of Fame.


A Hall of Fame Season constitutes 2 weeks, starting and ending on Tuesday 12AM UTC. Season Rewards are distributed at the end of each season based on the maximum League reached during that season. At least one battle must have been fought during a season to claim the rewards.


Chests from victories in the Hall of Fame are located at the bottom of the Hall of Fame UI. A player initially has access to 4 Chest Slots, with the option to purchase an additional 4 for a maximum total of 8 chest slots.

  • The Wins Chest, located at the bottom-left of the UI, is earned for every three Hall of Fame victories. The Wins Chest can be opened up to 3 times every 8 hours, with the timer starting with the first chest opened.
  • Hall of Fame Chests earned for every victory in the Hall of Fame are shown on the bottom of the UI. Chest drops range from Common Chest Common Chests to Legendary Chest Legendary Chests with contents based on the League the chest was earned in. Chests have timers that must expire before they can be opened - Chests earned on PC platforms have their timers started automatically, while chests earned on Mobile platforms have timers that must be started manually and cannot be started while another chest timer is active.
  • Chests earned while all chest slots are full will be discarded unless opened immediately using Gems Gems.

Win Streak[]

A Win Streak in the Hall of Fame increases the amount of Gold Gold (10%, up to 100% at a 10 win streak) for each victory, but will also cause matchmaking to select more difficult opponents.