Heroes are deployed in squads of 8 heroes by a Warlord to battle against other Warlords. There are over 400 unique heroes, each which have various traits and Skills. Hero traits can generally be described by the following terms: Alignment, Type, Gender, Rarity, and finally availability of their Souls.

A list of all heroes can be found here.

Alignment[edit | edit source]

Heroes have an alignment, each of which have certain themes it will generally follow regarding the heroes' stats and skills. The current alignments are:

  • Order Order - Balanced stats, support skills
  • Nature Nature - High health, defensive skills
  • Chaos Chaos - High attack, offensive skills

Type[edit | edit source]

Hero types determine the restrictions imposed on where they can be placed on the field or what actions can be performed. The current types are:

  • Melee Melee - restricted to the front two columns, cannot attack if a friendly hero is in front of them
  • Ranged Ranged - restricted to the back two columns, can attack through friendly heroes in front of them
  • Building Building - can be placed anywhere, but does not attack

Gender[edit | edit source]

Hero gender has an affect on certain skills which will affect only that gender. Current genders are:

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Hero rarity affects the stats, skills, difficulty in obtaining the hero, and improvements available to the hero. Current rarities are:

Soul Availability[edit | edit source]

A Hero must first be unlocked before additional Souls can be obtained. Excluding special methods such as Shops, Heroes are generally unlocked in one of two ways:

Once a hero has been unlocked, additional souls are always available as a possible drop from Chests or through evolution. Some Heroes can also appear in Global Events which reward a large amount of souls:

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