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The High Growth Fable is a mini-event which happens once a month and starts at Friday 10:00 (UTC). It is one of the best mini-events in Mighty Party, which you are rewarded with a large amount of Gems Gems for doing a large number of level-ups. You can improve your collection and claim your Gems Gems right away. The more levels you raise, the more gems you will get (Picture 1).

The duration of High Growth (HG) lasts for 3 days.

The next High Growth is scheduled for:

Start: Friday 10AM UTC, 20 August
End: Monday 10AM UTC, 23 August
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Picture 1: Example of High Growth steps

The total High Growth includes 15 steps, which is shown at the table below.

Table 1: High Growth Tiers
Quest Tier Level Ups Reward Ratio Total
Level Ups
Ratio of
the Total
1 10 50Gems 5 10 50Gems 5
2 15 100Gems 6.6667 25 150Gems 6
3 25 200Gems 8 50 350Gems 7
4 40 350Gems 8.75 90 700Gems 7.7778
5 70 650Gems 9.285 160 1350Gems 8.4375
6 115 1100Gems 9.565 275 2450Gems 8.9091
7 175 1800Gems 10.2857 450 4250Gems 9.4444
8 250 3000Gems 12 700 7250Gems 10.3571
9 350 4500Gems 12.8571 1050 11750Gems 11.1905
10 500 7500Gems 15 1550 19250Gems 12.4194
11 800 12000Gems 15 2350 31250Gems 13.2979
12 1300 19500Gems 15 3650 50750Gems 13.9041
13 2000 30000Gems 15 5650 80750Gems 14.2920
14 3000 45000Gems 15 8650 125750Gems 14.5376
15 4500 67500Gems 15 13150 193250Gems 14.6958

Tip and tricks[]

It is always good to know the tips and tricks. There are some before starting the mini-event that can save you gold.

  • Activate your Guild bonus “CHEAP UPGRADES”. Depending on the level of your guild, it can save you up to 20% gold. This can be found in the bonuses tab of your guild.
  • Each reward tier is for a specific number of level-ups (Table 1). Exceeding this number does not carry over to the next reward tier. So, please be sure to collect each reward as you qualify for it in order not to waste any level-ups which will not apply toward a reward.
  • You may also consider to reborn your heroes to reset them to level 1. You may want to read up on more info about reborn before doing so.
  • Start with the heroes that you use in your Squad. Then, with your low level heroes as they require less gold.
  • Levelling up your skins and pets (which is free) also count in this mini-event.
  • Since the event lasts for 3 days, you may want to wait for the Crisis Fable, which also decreases the level-up costs by 18%. However, keep in mind that having Crisis and High Growth is very rare occasion in Might Party, especially while High Growth is once a month.

Estimation of Level-Ups and Gold[]

Estimation of The Number of Available Level-ups
Panoramic have implemented the MightyBot utility developed by player Jimboblion of Guild Doh which players can use to obtain a wealth of information about the status of their account with regards to the High Growth (HG) Fable. You should register your account to the bot by issuing the '!register <account ID>' command on the bot-requests channel, Mighty Party Discord. Once registration is done, you can then issue the command '!hg', which will return the following table:
MightyBot High Growth results
Picture 2: High Growth information display in the discord of Mighty Party
  • Available Level Ups: How many times the account is able to level-up one of their heroes
  • Estimated Cost: The cost in Gold to perform all of the available level-ups
  • Additional Troops: How many troops the account will gain for completing all of the level-ups
  • Reward Gems: The number of gems which can be earned by collecting them from the HG Fable each time a new reward tier is achieved
  • Spare Level Ups: How many level-ups will remain after the final HG reward tier is collected
  • Next Tier: How many more level-ups would be required to reach the nest HG reward tier

Estimation with app Cards Level Up Calculator for Mighty Party[]

One more good tool for calculating the number of level-ups for your cards. Convenient and with pictures. There is a possibility of fine-tuning. Developed by the players Elwood and Jimboblion. The application is absolutely free and without ads. The usage guide is located inside the application. Available in the Play Market: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BadGraphic.CardsLevelUpCalculatorforMightyParty and for Windows: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11ZL4hAMZ5wZpU1m-72CPRn8WWZkp_Tqu/view?usp=sharing
Legendary Cards in CLUCforMP
Picture 3: Example of displaying legendary cards in CLUCforMP
Result of Calculation.jpg
Picture 4: Example of displaying results of calculations in CLUCforMP

Estimation of The Required Amount of Gold
It is not nice to end up in a situation, where you have done something like 45 upgrades for a 80 upgrades milestone, but have no resources left to actually finish it. That's why after completing each milestone, it's a good idea to estimate how many upgrades you can still do. And a script exists to automate this process. Usage instructions:
  • Open the "squad" view page in the game. Activate the filter, which shows only upgradable cards.
  • Go through each rarity and prepare the list of your heroes. Each line should include three parts: rarity, the number of cards and the current hero level. For example, "r 356 5" means "rare hero with 356 cards and level 5".
  • Open https://play.crystal-lang.org/#/r/6jr9/edit in your browser and edit the parameters for the plan_levelups function at the bottom, replacing the provided example with your actual data.
  • Press "Compile & run code" button to receive the result.
Currently the following example:
  guild_discount:     16,  # guild bonus for levelup cost decrease
  fable_discount:     18,  # optional fable bonus for levelup cost decrease
  number_of_levelups: 55,  # the number of desired level-ups
  upgradable_cards: "      # the list of upgradable cards: rarity quantity level

  c 2000 1                 # a 'common' hero with 2000 cards and level 1
  r 982 7                  # a 'rare' hero with 982 cards and level 7
  l 45 1                   # a 'legendary' hero with 45 cards and level 1
  e 155 6                  # an 'epic' hero with 155 cards and level 6
  r 356 5
  r 120 7
  r 639 11

produces the following output:
Trying to plan for up to 55 level-ups (level-up cost discounts: 16%, 18%).
With your cards you can do level-ups in this order:

     common 2000/25 Lv1  ->     common 1975/50 Lv2  (34 gold)
     common 1975/50 Lv2  ->     common 1925/75 Lv3  (55 gold)
     common 1925/75 Lv3  ->     common 1850/100 Lv4 (82 gold)
     common 1850/100 Lv4 ->     common 1750/150 Lv5 (137 gold)
     common 1750/150 Lv5 ->     common 1600/200 Lv6 (206 gold)
     common 1600/200 Lv6 ->     common 1400/250 Lv7 (344 gold)
  legendary 45/5 Lv1     ->  legendary 40/10 Lv2    (413 gold)
  legendary 40/10 Lv2    ->  legendary 30/15 Lv3    (619 gold)
     common 1400/250 Lv7 ->     common 1150/300 Lv8 (688 gold)
  legendary 30/15 Lv3    ->  legendary 15/20 Lv4    (964 gold)
       rare 356/130 Lv5  ->       rare 226/160 Lv6  (964 gold)
     common 1150/300 Lv8 ->     common 850/350 Lv9  (1033 gold)
     common 850/350 Lv9  ->     common 500/450 Lv10 (1377 gold)
       rare 226/160 Lv6  ->       rare 66/190 Lv7   (1377 gold)
       epic 155/100 Lv6  ->       epic 55/120 Lv7   (1722 gold)
     common 500/450 Lv10 ->     common 50/600 Lv11  (2066 gold)
       rare 982/190 Lv7  ->       rare 792/220 Lv8  (2410 gold)
       rare 792/220 Lv8  ->       rare 572/250 Lv9  (2755 gold)
       rare 572/250 Lv9  ->       rare 322/330 Lv10 (3444 gold)
       rare 639/420 Lv11 ->       rare 219/500 Lv12 (5510 gold)

Summary: you can do 20 level-ups and need 26200 gold.