What is it? Edit


Journey is like a story mode in Mighty Party.

In Journey mode you fight against predefined squads and when you beat a boss, the next one will be unlocked. At the moment, there are 21 chapters with 5 bosses each with a total of 105 enemies to defeat. Obviously, the difficult of every boss is increasing.

You can acces Journey directly in the main screen of your Kingdom.

How does it work? Edit

One you have defeated a boss, you wont be able to fight against him again until gameday reset (unless you pay several Gem Gems to refresh him), and you unlock the next one if the defeated boss is the last boss you have discovered for the moment.

As said, every day all the bosses you have defeated appear again, so you can fight them daily to get the rewards they give.

When you defeat 5 times a certain boss, it will "level-up", becoming stronger and giving better rewards.

Journey Keys Edit

You need Journey Key Journey Keys to fight here. There are several important facts to take into account about Journey Key Journey Keys:

  • You can have a maximum of 5 Journey Key Journey Keys (7 for VIP VIP)
  • You get one of them for free every 6 hours, or you can buy one for 40 Gem Gems.
  • Another option to obtain Journey Key Journey Keys is Brawl fights with a bit of luck.
  • When you level up, you always get your Journey Key Journey Keys filled too.

Bosses list Edit

The current bosses in Journey mode are listed below:

1 Red Orc --> Driada --> Battle Mage --> Warrioress --> Prophet
2 Defender --> Archer --> Viking --> Shinobi --> Wood Spirit
3 Fire Mage --> Warrior --> Raven --> Vampire --> Bowmaster
4 Witch --> Lumberjack --> Dark Tree --> Priestess --> Bone Hunter
5 Idol --> Big Toad --> Shaman --> Tree --> Mr. Toad
6 Cat Lady --> Satyr --> Soulblade --> Gnome --> Menestrel
7 Red Orc --> Driada --> Pharaon --> Warrioress --> Crafter
8 Defender --> Archer --> Karas --> Shinobi --> Beholder
9 Fire Mage --> Warrior --> Raven --> Vampire --> Leaf Child
10 Witch --> Lumberjack --> Undead --> Priestess --> Gargoyle
11 Idol --> Big Toad --> Shaman --> Tree --> Orc Master
12 Cat Lady --> Satyr --> Totem --> Gnome --> Dark Witch
13 Love Lady --> Apprentice --> Bunny --> Summoner --> Bard
14 Untouchable --> Love Mage --> Battle Mage --> Prophet --> Forest Mage
15 Viking --> Wood Spirit --> Bowmaster --> Dark Tree --> Void Juggler
16 Chiropteran --> First Aid --> Bully --> Void Stone --> Wild Tamer
17 Knight --> Bone Hunter --> Mr. Toad --> Soulblade --> Engineer
18 Menestrel --> Pharaon --> Crafter --> Karas --> Soul Hunter
19 Beholder --> Leaf child --> Undead --> Gargoyle --> Lady Clair
20 Orc Master --> Totem --> Dark Witch --> Bunny --> Blood Lord

Skeleton --> Vampire --> Mummy --> Gargoyle --> Dark Knight

Rewards Edit

When you defeat any boss, you will get two different rewards:

  • Ancient Coin Ancient Coins to use in the Journey Shop. The Ancient Coin Ancient Coins amount don´t increase when bosses difficulty increase, but they are increasing for every new boss you unlock.
  • Common Common, Rare Rare or Epic Epic cards depending on your rival. The amount of cards increase as you defeat the same boss more times.
  • First Rare Rare card appears on the third enemy (Battle Mage).
  • First Epic Epic card appears on the 5th enemy on chapter 13.
  • From chapter 14 to the end, all the cards ar Rare Rare or better.
  • Every time you defeat a new Boss for the first time, you are rewarded with a certain amount of Gold Gold or Gem Gems in high chapters as a Daily quest reward.
  • You can have a maximum of 50k Ancient Coin Ancient Coins

Tips Edit

Journey Key Journey Keys is a very valuable resource in Mighty Party, so here you have several tips to manage them:

  • In early player levels, try to use all the Journey Key Journey Keys before leveling up. You will get good rewards in terms of cards and Ancient Coin Ancient Coins. This is something you have to take into account on higher player levels as well.
  • Its common to defeat certain bosses you use in your Squad, even if they dont reward you with a lot of Ancient Coin Ancient Coins, because you can use the cards to evolve that hero and use it to level up your hero in your Squad.
  • Although you can see how difficult your Journey fight can be, a good strategy can let you win even the difficulty is extremly high, for example:
    • Using a Flying-based Squad against a melee-based one.
    • Using high leveled common cards against a boss with silence every turn.
    • ...
  • When there is an Event , its wise to control the amount of Journey Key Journey Keys you will have at the start, as you will need a good amount of daily Journey Key Journey Keys to maximize your profit playing the Event.
  • As said, playing Brawl will be probably necessary in an Event too, to defeat all the Event bosses you unlock daily.
  • Moreover, Journey is a good way to achieve several Event quests, like "get xx Rare Rare cards", as you can select what hero want to defeat.
  • Use mini-events or guild bonuses to unlock new bosses that you can´t beat normally.
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