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Journey Full Map

What is it?[]

Journey is a story mode in Mighty Party created for you, Lord Protector, to protect peaceful Pangea and the ones lived in it from those who want to destroy it. The path to the victory is not easy and you will face with many difficulties along the road. Therefore you should be ready and strong more than ever this time.
Journey is designed as one time content and released as 3 main islands divided into 9 sectors (3 sectors for each islands) in total as a start (Update: 11.09.2020) leaving the possibility to add more new locations to the map in future.
In this mode, starting from the first sector, you will fight against different rivals with their predefined squads, which is at least 30 rivals for each sector, and every fifth rival will be the boss that is essential to the story on your way. Every win over a boss will reward you with Gold Gold and souls. As you progress to higher levels, you will get higher amount of Gold Gold and better souls in terms of rarity, from Common Common to Epic Epic.
You can access Journey directly by clicking the icon, Journey, in the main screen of your Kingdom (Picture 1).

Picture 1: Journey icon in the Kingdom

How does it work?[]

Once the Journey icon is clicked, you will enter the story mode of Journey and first sector of the first island will appear unlocked (Picture 2). You will see the all path of the sector and how many levels that sector has. As is it mentioned before, each sector has at least 30 levels. The purple flags are placed every 5th level on the map, which indicates the levels of the bosses of the sector. You will start facing the first rival of the sector once you clicked the Battle button on the screen (Picture 3).
Journey First Sector

Picture 2: First Sector of Journey
Journey Battle Button

Picture 3: Start Battle in Journey

Before entering the battle, you will be able to see the enemy, and 5 heroes of its squad you are against with and the power, as known as Might, of the enemy (Picture 4). Knowing your enemy and its squad gives you a great advantage to observe and understand the strength and the weaknesses of your rival so that you can come up with the best strategy and your best counter-attack team before even starting the battle. It should be reminded that the enemy's squad that you see is not its full squad. As you have 8 heroes on your team, so the enemy has extra unrevealed heroes on his squad, which you will find out during the battle. When it comes to enemy's might, it is just a reference to enemy's strength and the power of its cards, and it is very possible to beat those who has higher might than yours with the right combination of squad.
In addition, you will also see the rewards that you will get once you defeat the enemy, which are Gold Gold and the random hero cards. As you reach higher levels, of course, the amount of Gold Gold will increase, so as the amount of cards and at some point, even the rarity of the cards will be advanced, you will start to get Rare Rare and Epic Epic cards.
Journey Enemy Info

Picture 4: Enemy information in Journey
Journey, unlike other Fight Modes, does not require attempts, which means you can try to complete the levels an unlimited number of times. However, as it is mentioned before, Journey is designed as one time content. Therefore, once you complete the level, you will not be able to replay the level.

Journey Islands and Bosses[]

Currently, Journey is made of three islands, Pastoral, Dactyl, and Rondo. Each island has 3 sectors, 9 in total, and each sector has levels changing 30 to 40, 335 in total. Below, you will find the boss names for each level of sectors.

Pastoral Island[]

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Level Sector 1
Goldenwood Village
Sector 2
Wilhelm's Deep
Sector 3
Valley of Faith
1 Prickly Gideon Derek the Patient Mushroom Rory
2 Duncan of Goldenwood Art the Merciless Donglang the Oak Sprout
3 Brother Gustav Captain Jacqueline De Dumas Weasel Pittie
4 Aife Sharpshooter Duncan McMorn Hortense Philippe
5 Nameless Minstrel Archie Gardatte Nameless
6 Elsa the Red Joanne Heartwell Gloria Flabry
7 Lans Dorn Lana the Three Knives Judy Halls
8 Adalind Foure Genji Following the Path Tara Goldilocks
9 Helsie Van Abrahams Villanielle Claude the Twinkling Eyes
10 Arthur Gore Bloody Maximus Maria
11 Saint Celestine Chi Ji the Drunk Fist Stibbons The Wicked
12 Darion Blade Njana the Rock Crusher Valerie Granger
13 Dara the Thunder Hand Dean Flamberg Erica the Night Traveler
14 Hugo the Smith's Forge Brother Conrad Moody Molly
15 Otto the Miller Summer Dusk Bridget Charley
16 Angie Knife Frederica the Pure Cronan The Barbarian
17 Buffy Hatter Field Hospital Sayuki the Graceful
18 Lindsey Lock Diana La Fleur Jeanne Moret
19 Jerry the Madman Angelica the Light-Faced Isabella The Fair
20 Jack the Woodsman Ronwid of the Big Morass Moira The All-Seeing
21 Augustus the Silverwing Akeno Kenoni Rimi the Firestorm
22 Freddy the Scarecrow Beatrice Rassoni Myriad the Silver Tongue
23 Gara the Spirit Whisperer Lady Marybett McGarricle Regardus Diplius
24 Lanariel Saya the Dancer Elverind The Wrath Of Darkness
25 Moon Dew Jane Archer Maria the Enlightened
26 Dognobar the Curved Roots Thai Tzu the Wine Addict Groock
27 Predatory Petal Alatriel the Outcast Helena Dornan-Cartar
28 Smiley Arnie Alexandra the Repented Orphus
29 Brother Gilbert Drago McRound Narrius Cleaving The Mist
30 Eric the Gray Lara Hrist Noxy the Dark
31 - Ida Wagner Zash the Grave Lord
32 - Lady Night Moaning Banshee
33 - Nicholas the Insidious Diri Scalding
34 - Malevolent Hermie Illida The Persuasive
35 - Arthur Gore Morganna The Harbinger
36 - Genevieve De La Rouge Minerva the Snake Tongue
37 - Calanthe The Whisperer Sophia The Patient
38 - Amelie Chanel Turgot Ngash the Lord of the Crypts
39 - Yami Flameheart Droock the Madam's Whip
40 - Wilhelm Dell Betta Bathary

Dactyl Island[]

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Level Sector 4
Sector 5
Old York
Sector 6
Last Egos
1 Wise Nala Dobby Mushroom Aksa Sand-Lover
2 Wicked Weed Flaming Elastariasa Creaking Tree
3 Sleepyhead Ackee Stinky Gnoll Unfreezing Gur
4 Jory Mushroom Eagle-Owl Snorri Skrack the Garbage King
5 Saul Sharp Claws Kelano Wind Wings The Clandestine Catcher
6 Maneh Maple Leaf Prickly Jimbo Rajah Ferocious Grin
7 Dreaming Aragramena Master Cho Merry Satyr
8 Karas Sharp Beak Harmful Nalri Fragrant Bud
9 Drudi the Innocent Trickster Don Chong Orion Strong-Horn
10 Russell Yellow Tooth Asterion the Bully Wind Song
11 Fluffy Shaya Corrie Mushroom Dokko the Strong
12 Cold Stream Soaring Svala Liliana Windwing
13 Big Chookie Hugen Hoarse Cry Taniel Leaf Whisper
14 Dogro the Bull Roig Asleep-In-The-Hollow Master Fu
15 Carnivore Khan Lost Name Sleepy Orochi
16 Sinara Sharp Feathers Merry Miya Serki Scorpion Queen
17 All-Knowing Landra Drop of Rain Gryz Garbage Baron
18 Poison Petal Halla the Ancient Ironclad Ankh
19 Steadfast Blade Master Chen Little Stone
20 Rokko the Buck Asterion the Bully Green Guardian
21 Brudi the Bitten Colby Amigo Grush Snowball
22 Sherkh Plays-With-His-Prey Howling Gnoll Rav Onyx Feather
23 Binman Bugie Fall Breeze Forest Haze
24 Ayano the Red Shani the Clean Guchi Crusher
25 Trigold the Lazy Poison Nagini Ilva Mother of the Pack
26 Kern the Thug Taurus the Wild Greedy Gnoll
27 Thundering Asteriada Elistrielle the Quiet All-Knowing Guardian
28 Mugen Black Eye Quarrelsome Enly Kharsh Ferocious Gaze
29 Milano Howling Wind Sharkh Fearsome Roar Hapet Sharp Sting
30 Cackling Gnoll Lamis Long-Horn Gwyllum Blackwing
31 Fighting Pardee Master Kung Kursh Burrow Guard
32 Night Flower San Kwang Jinn Green Stalk
33 Rush the Wretched Gugo El Mariachi Daggers Diego
34 Curious Akiko Mimi the Rogue Badi the Invisible
35 Bastet the Untouchable Fast Kali Meliya Mother of the Woods
36 - Resentful Una -
37 - Tren Ancient Roots -
38 - Bone-Chewer Gnoll -
39 - Ferty Poison Sting -
40 - Rattling Antanta -

Rondo Island[]

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Level Sector 7
Fort of Quiet Waves
Sector 8
Heart of the Sea
Sector 9
Pearl of the Sea
1 Beast of the Abyss Melis Snake Hiss Marko the Hunter
2 Ludwig Quack Assassin Shass Discontented Troglodyte
3 Theodore the Vigilant Moto Sharp Fin Forgetful Em
4 Mofo the Secretive Varas Trident Master Gogo Two Fangs
5 Cutthroat Sobek Doleful Troglodyte Aitvaras the Sorrowful
6 Helvissa Wave Whisper Butch Always-Hungry Ancient Awe
7 Guro the Rebel Sarm the Sacrificial Nula the Absentminded
8 Traveler Ef Teacher Leo Warder Daryl
9 Nightmare Incarnate George Many-Teeth Fula Head-Chopper
10 Captain Shark Cthulhu the Risen Forgetful Raf
11 Watchman Rolo Gruff the Merchant Amanda Aipree
12 Dugo Crooked Fin Lara the Eternal Ash Tough-Hide
13 Spring-Heeled José Waking Nightmare Whisper of the Depths
14 Margo Song of Swords Bloody Adam's Gates Faceless Lass
15 Cassius Croc Big-Eyed Bronte Loving Stheno
16 Foro the Foolish Fearsome Servant Gu Dream-Lover
17 Fo the Many-Wise Sarass the Wanderer Harmful Troglodyte
18 Toto Toothy Baron Kavak Zazy Long-Tongue
19 Dil the Glutton Ancient Ko Sturdy Morry
20 Cthulhu the Risen Bellicose Troglodyte Prince Orion
21 Chloe Garkle Incarnation of Gloom Handsome Dan
22 Kull the Frightening Lance the Vigilant Senior Sergeant Lasville
23 Crazy Troglodyte Lufu Priestess of the Abyss Insidious Ella
24 Warder Saffo Gloomy Troglodyte Tafna Brightscale
25 Ao Cracked Shell Myrtha Tyrell Dita the Traitor
26 Cold-Blooded Koro Furu the Beggar Unsightly Severus
27 Valerie the Archer Stinking Troglodyte Forgotten God
28 Yin Old Shell Sandra Mistress of Serpents Giggling Troglodyte
29 Sleepy Troglodyte Lurg the Green Patrick the Famous
30 Sharp-Shooting Stheno Cthulhu the Risen Hippocampus the Fast
31 Wrath of the Sea Thick Mick Lady Vanessa
32 Tug Bottomless Gullet Fish-Eating Andy Gruff the Callous
33 Hot-Headed Troglodyte Doh the Eternal Slippery Esh
34 Honor Guard Gardat Schwass Eye-Ripper Heavy-Handed Bolo
35 Captain Shark Azrael the Watcher King Triton
36 - Dumb Henry Narga the Skilled
37 - Reanimated Shadow Master of Ceremonies Lau
38 - Uno the Fencer Faithful Guard Marvin
39 - Taissiya the Inconsolable Savior's Favorite
40 - Azrael the Watcher Talia the Savior


There are 4 different ways that you can earn rewards in Journey.
  • Rewards that can be earned for defeating the enemy
  • The Reward Chest
  • Trophy Rewards
  • Gem Fund
You will receive rewards for each enemy you defeat along the path in Journey. When the Battle icon is clicked, the rewards for defeating the boss can be seen on the screen, which are Gold Gold and the cards that changes from Common Common to Epic Epic depending on the level (Picture 4, above). As you might guess, the amount of Gold Gold and the amount and rarity of the cards you will receive will increase each level passed along the path.
Journey Reward Chest
A reward chest, on the right-bottom of the Journey screen, is a chest that fills up gradually with variety of special rewards, such as Gold Gold, Elixir Elixir, Soul Dust Soul Dust, Common Common cards, Rare Rare cards, Epic Epic cards, and XP XP (Picture 5). The rewards of the chest increase after completion of every 5 levels.
Reward Chest

Picture 5: Reward Chest
Reward Chest will fill up to its maximum in 12 hours. You can click and claim whenever you want and every time it is clicked, the timer will restart. It should be noted that the rewards will be claimed automatically when it is clicked. In addition, there is an option to double the rewards, which costs 30 Gem Gem.

Additionally, each chapter increases the level of the Gold Mine when completed.


Journey Trophy icon
Each sector will offer additional rewards in the form of Trophies (Picture 6). Every 5th level grants you different reward.
Journey Trophies

Picture 6: Journey Trophies
Another important thing is that when one sector is completed and the new sector start, the new trophy path will be available for you, which means you won't be able to claim the rewards of previous sector (including Premium trophies). Therefore, again, it is important to claim all the rewards before starting to new sector. With the new sector, you will be given a new trophy path with the new timer.
As you might guess, as the sectors get harder and harder, the given time to complete the Trophies will increase, and besides, the number of trophies will also increase with each subsequent sector.
Trophies also offers Premium Trophies and Free Trophies as in Mighty Pass. You can claim the resources of Free Trophies any time you want before starting a new sector when the required levels are reached, while the Premium Trophies requires a payment to claim its resources. It should be noted that Premium Trophies should be activated and claimed before starting the new sector. Because, as you start the new sector, the path of Trophies will be renewed, and you will not be able to receive Trophies from the previous one.

Gem Fund[]

Gem Fund Icon
Gem Fund is the one time offer that appears when you first enter the adventure of Journey and it lasts 14 days (Picture 7). Once the purchase is done, the offer will stay with you forever, otherwise you will not get a chance to receive this offer again. The Gem fund currently costs 19,99$.
Gem Fund
Picture 7: Gem Fund
Gem Fund rewards you with Gem Gem for completing each level and once you complete the sector, you can claim the Gem Gem at once. Considering that Journey currently has 9 sectors, the amount of gems for each sector is 1300, 1300, 1300, 2000, 2000, 2000, 2600, 2600, and 2600, respectively, which makes 19000Gem in total.