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Before starting the guide, a special thanks from Mighty Party community to Lonewolf (ID: ULSEUM) and Lepercan (ID: HGSVYW) for preparing this guide, which we hope it will be very helpful for those who stuck on certain Journey Boss and look for some ideas and strategies about how to improve their squad and game play. Some informations will be given briefly but it is recommended to check what the Journey is about before going further so that this guide serves its purpose better. To read about Journey, click here.

A work in progress supplement to this guide for Dita the Traitor (Island 9 Boss 25) and beyond can be found on Google Docs.


If you start the Journey mode, you will notice that it is a one time content and there is no way to repeat the same boss once it is beaten. You will always play versus an A.I. as in other game modes but this time A.I controls the enemy with predefined deck.

The Journey is very linear and simple in set-up: It is divided to 3 islands and each has 3 sectors, 9 sectors in total. Each sector also has their own set of bosses in the rage of 30 to 40, 335 in total. Starting from the first encounter, you try to beat every each of them one by one.

Why is the Journey important?

The most beneficial part of the Journey is the huge amount of resources, especially Gold Gold. So, it is the single biggest reason to try and beat the journey. The rewards comes from:

  • Defeating Bosses
  • Reward Chest
  • Trophies
  • Gem Fund

To read and know about these rewards, please click here. For every boss you beat, the Gold Gold and experience earned per minute earned in the reward chest will increase, permanently. You start off with a very low amount of gold per minute. Midway sector 9, you will earn 9.4 Gold Gold per minute. Given that you will be claiming this chest twice per day minimum if you are active, this gives you an insane amount of extra resources. Considering the amount of gold you will need and the time it takes to level-up and unlock cards, having more free gold permanently is a major bonus.

Battle Field

The game is using a 12-cells grid to place your heroes. As you go higher levels, the placement of your cards becomes quite vital more and more. Moreover, for some encounters, it is extremely important to start with certain cards in a certain location. Therefore, it will be referred the best cells to put heroes on time to time. The grid is made of 4 rows (A, B, C, D) and 3 columns or lines (1, 2, 3), which can be seen below:

An example of battle field
Player Field
A1 A2 A3
B1 B2 B3
C1 C2 C3
D1 D2 D3

For instance, if D1 is recommended, it means bottom left corner.

Finally, it might be referred to lines instead of columns. Middle line, therefore, means A2, B2, C2, and D2. Front line is column 3 as that is where melee heroes are mostly placed and backline is left column where ranged heroes are placed.


As mentioned before, the fights in Journey are against the AI controlled deck. Therefore, it is useful to understand the general behaviour of AI even though it doesn't behave the way it is expected.

  • If the AI is winning (their Warlord has more HP HP than yours), it will aim to attack your warlord.
  • If the AI is losing (your Warlord has more HP HP than theirs), it will attack your most dangerous card, which is usually the one with the highest attack.

If your card can not be killed by the the card of AI, it will attempt to minimize damage to its Warlord and waste cards that might potentially better than others. Sometimes, it can also just go for your Warlord.

Moreover, it is also noticeable that most of the times, the abilities of the cards hits exactly the most valuable card of yours in the field. But, don't let this discourage you from trying.

General Notes

  • You have unlimited attempts that cost nothing but time in Journey. It is normal to take more than 1 try, 100 try or 50+ turns. So don't let your guard down if things are not going your way.
  • If you have a terrible starting hand or AI has a great one, it is often better to just surrender and try again rather than

dragging out the fight.

  • On the other hand, if you have a fight going reasonably well but you made it past 8 turns and the AI is about to kill you, do not surrender!!! As it is mentioned in the AI section, there is a small chance it will do something really stupid such as not killing your Warlord. It doesn’t happen often but in this situation it is better to just play it out and pray the AI messes up.
  • Not all the bosses will be covered in detail as some of them are just too easy or too similar to others.
  • It is guaranteed that there will be a point where you hit a boss that simply cannot be beaten after some time, unless you have level 26 heroes. When that time comes, the only advice is to wait until you have better or more cards.
  • Having the right heroes matters way more than having high levels. Of course, a team of level 1 cards will not beat the Journey but often you just need to swap to cards with lower levels but proper skills. It is pretty possible to reach sector 9 without spending money and using 10K might team of mostly level 11 heroes without reborn, which the recommended might for bosses by then is over 30K+. So, do not worry about it too much. It doesn’t matter with the right heroes.
  • Most importantly, everything given here is just personal opinions. It is perfectly fine to disagree or if the strategies are not optimal considering there amount of cards in the game and their possible levels (26 levels, 5 reborns) and 8 cards in the deck. It is simply impossible to come up with all possible strategies, especially on the earlier bosses where multiple strategies will work. Feel free to send your feedbacks or alternate/better strategies to Lonewolf (ID: ULSEUM) or wiki-team in the discord server.

Best Heroes

As told before, there are 300+ cards. Therefore, breaking down each one is just too much. Instead, the units found to be very effective against a lot of bosses will be listed. Legendary heroes have the best abilities and stats (but are harder to level) so those will be listed since they are the ones mostly needed for the later bosses. Certain legendaries are rather useless on most bosses but very good on 1 or 2 specific bosses. In this case, it will be mentioned them at the appropriate boss rather than here.


Madam Lo'Trix.png
Madam Lo'Trix is the absolute queen and goddess of journey. She summons 2 puppets per turn which block the enemy, cleanses negative effects and gains power along the way. The puppets have reflect and will return damage to the attacker. As it is based on a percentage, this effect just gets better the more attack the enemy has. You can use her on more than 90% of the bosses and she will never disappoint. Hands down the best journey card to have.

Justia, Law Goddess.png
Justia, Law Goddess is really good (despite her nerf) because of one ability, Miss Miss. She gives Miss to a random enemy each time an enemy enters play including Summoned units. Miss prevents any unit with miss and without accuracy from attacking, this includes any attack triggered skills. This makes her extremely good at protecting your cards from damage. She is useful on pretty much all bosses but her lack of protecting herself makes her weaker than Madam Lo'Trix.

Shadow Shaa-Moona.png
Shadow Shaa-Moona or just ‘Shaa’ is an incredibly tanky card as she can place crystals which renew her Mental Shield (absorbs 1 hit no matter the attack power) like crazy. Place her on A3 or B3 whenever you can as that means she will spawn her crystals below herself. That way, the enemy can’t take out the crystal in the same turn and makes her much more survivable.
A3 for more survivability, B3 for more splash damage. In early bosses, you will want to place B3 more whereas later on you’ll favour A3.
The reason to use Shaa is that she can take a lot of hits when used properly and therefore protect everything behind herself and her crystals. Most early bosses can’t even touch her so she is great throughout most of the journey.

Ysh'Tmala, The Old God.png
Ysh'Tmala, The Old God has Immunity Immunity which is always great to have as it makes him immune to most enemy effects as well as allied effects. His real power is that he can freeze all enemy ranged heroes when he is attacked. Quite a few bosses are packing 5-6 ranged heroes and being able to freeze most of their board is an extremely valuable skill. The cool thing is that it works at level 1 so if you just need to stall some more, he’s got you covered.

TNT, Crazy Demolitionist.png
TNT, Crazy Demolitionist has 1 requirement if you want to use him. Get him to level 11!
At level 11, he gains a second instant death rune he can place and that is the key to the later bosses (see Recommended Decks below). Below level 11, he is rather bad.
Note that if you have him level 8-10 somewhere you can use boost to get him to level 11 temporarily. A level 11, TNT is the key to a lot of sector 9 bosses, before that you don’t really need him.

All, Prince of Sands.png
All, Prince of Sands gives Miss Miss to two enemy cards when he attacks. On his own he isn’t that great but coupled with Justia's Miss, you can hand out 3 Miss’ per turn, minimum. That is an amazing way to keep control of the fight.

Charon, Soul Catcher.png
Charon, Soul Catcher is a utility hero and a force multiplier. His key ability is to provide a Mental Shield Mental Shield to a random ally before each enemy attack. Again, Mental Shield absorbs 1 hit no matter how big the hit was so that’s extremely useful. Keeping your cards shielded is a great way to survive against 200+ attack cards. His other abilities are also useful as he can transform into a Tombstone (great to remove negative effects like freeze or poison), spawn double attack runes and deal Damage Damage to chaos enemies.

Apollo, much like Charon, provides Mental Shield Mental Shield but this time on attack. He synergizes well with Shadow Shaa-Moona for some attack buffs but mostly you will want him to double up on Shields together with Charon, Soul Catcher. Two cards handing out shields helps keep your cards safe.

Vixen, The Storm Lord.png
Vixen, The Storm Lord freezes 1 random enemy each time you hit the enemy warlord with a direct attack (ability damage doesn’t count). With multi-attackers or on open lanes you can freeze units quickly and also damage the enemy warlord with Vixen.

Frost, the Snow Queen.png
Frost, the Snow Queen freezes 1 random card when played and more whenever an allied order hero enters the field. At the end of the turn, she also reduces a random frozen enemy’s HP HP to 1. That is a nice little package for earlier bosses. On later bosses, she’s decent but her ability to heal your warlord for every enemy unit means you can keep your warlord going for much longer than normal or don’t need to worry about taking damage too much.

Eostre the Dawn Glow.png
Eostre the Dawn Glow is the newest hero and she can silence all males and buff your team for each female. She also has fly so makes her hard to hit. A neat little support card for close fights.

Apep, Aspect of Chaos.png
Apep, Aspect of Chaos grants reborn (upon death, spawn again in the same spot) to one random ally whenever he attacks. He also has fly and fairly high HP HP. Many journey bosses don’t have silence so reborn is a great skill if heroes get taken out by attacks or abilities. With fly and melee, he can also stop enemy nasty melees like Scrap, the King of Garbage, Legion, God of War or Dominus, the Swarm King from killing you. He’s an extremely useful hero when paired with most of the above cards.

Heroes with silence (Groot, Silent Guardian, Alexandria, Myrddin Caer): There are more heroes with Silence but these 3 are the most useful ones not mentioned yet. Groot can silence a whole lane and tank damage so he’s great later on. Alex is useful on most bosses as she can provide some instant warlord heals and protects herself using her summon. She also has Cleanse, an extremely useful skill. Myrddin is useful sometimes, but he’s situational as it really depends on the boss.

Groot, Silent Guardian.png Alexandria.png Myrddin Caer.png
Silent Guardian
Alexandria Myrddin Caer

Heroes with Immunity (Mr. Flap, D'Arc, Iron Maiden, Shao Lin). Ysh'Tmala, The Old God is by far the most useful Immunity hero but these 3 are great as well. Mr. Flap can set HP HP to 1 allowing for an easy finisher and he buffs your team with more HP HP (great for bosses who deal damage to your cards). D’Arc is all about hp buffs and needs at least 2 hits to kill, which can be amazing on some bosses. Shao Lin grants immunity to Order heroes against silence. A number of bosses pack the ability to silence, often every turn so making your Justia or other order heroes immune against the heroes with silence can make you win a fight.
Mr. Flap.png D'Arc, Iron Maiden.png Shao Lin.png
Mr. Flap D'Arc, Iron Maiden Shao Lin

Heroes with the ability to damage the enemy Warlord (Ghosta, Melia, Forest's Daughter, Red Woman, High Tinker Gear, Mina Hellsing, ...): These heroes can bypass enemy cards and deal a lot of Damage Damage to the enemy Warlord over time. They are great against bosses with Fly and you should try to hide them behind tanks like Shadow Shaa-Moona, Apep, Aspect of Chaos or Ysh'Tmala, The Old God. Tinker summons a Tesla which deals damage any hero on the field dies so he can be placed on the front line.
Ghosta.png Melia, Forest's Daughter.png Red Woman.png High Tinker Gear.png Mina Hellsing.png
Ghosta Melia,
Forest's Daughter
Red Woman High Tinker Gear Mina Hellsing

Heroes with Transform (Evil "Santa", Dead Lord, Madam Agony): This ability instantly transforms the enemy something else (can be an object or extremely weak card) regardless how strong the enemy is and occupies the enemy cell, which means the enemy can’t place anything on that cell. On later bosses, it’s wise to bring one of these 3 with you depending on the boss’ skills and cards.
Evil "Santa".png Dead Lord.png Madam Agony.png
Evil "Santa" Dead Lord Madam Agony

Discordia grants double attack to 2 allies when she is played. This is nice but it doesn’t help much when your attack power is low but otherwise she can give a good advantage and could be a game changer. In addition, AI has trouble countering her.

Summoners (Poison Flos, Necro, Master Lich, Leader Nilen, Hanako Lady Banshee, General Zor'Ma): These are decent for stalling if you lack Madam Lo'Trix or just need to buy some time. Later on they are mediocre at best but most of these are devastating on the earlier bosses.
Poison Flos.png Necro, Master Lich.png Leader Nilen.png Hanako Lady Banshee.png General Zor'Ma.png
Poison Flos Necro, Master Lich Leader Nilen Hanako Lady Banshee General Zor'Ma
Fury, the Great Warrior + Legion, God of War: These are 2 heroes that can generate a ton of attacks and attack power when combined. The hard part is getting the combo to go off and if it does, Legion, thanks to Fury’s bonus attacks, will usually guarantee the win or at least, cause a great damage to enemy Warlord.
Fury, the Great Warrior.png Legion, God of War.png
Fury, the Great Warrior Legion, God of War

Heroes with reflect (Hoodoo, Vanakauri, Cernun, Archdruid): Reflect skill is one of the greatest power in Journey. If you have all three of these and some other decent cards, you can deal easily with a lot of bosses.
Reflect deals damage to the enemy Warlord equal to the damage received. These cards are vital on some bosses as you will see in Recommended Decks below. If the enemy hits you with 500 attack power, for instance, it’ll go right back at his Warlord. It is super useful to have at least 1 of these, but preferably all of them, in your inventory if you want to make it far.
Hoodoo.png Vanakauri.png Cernun, Archdruid.png
Hoodoo Vanakauri Cernun,

Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox.png
Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox deals damage to the enemy cards when played. The damage is based on a percentage of the HP HP of a randomly chosen enemy card. She is a complete gamble hero as she can deal 1 damage but also deal 1000 damage. It totally depends on luck and you may not like it most of the time, however you only need her to work her magic once to punch through as you have unlimited attempts. The stronger the boss gets, the better she becomes, especially against the bosses boosting the HP HP of their own cards.
Blair can also provide Mental Shield Mental Shield for your every hero when entering the field and she is amazing at killing ranged heroes. She sets them to 5 HP HP when only placed to the field and then provides her allies Pierce Pierce before attack and the ranged heroes with 5 HP that stands in the same row with the attacking hero of yours die either with direct attack or with pierce. She is great utility hero when especially used with Reflect or Summoner heroes.

In addition to the cards above, there are fairly solid but not essential ones. Some of these work quite well on some bosses, therefore it is good not to dismiss them.

  • Angelia the Lightbringer (Gives shield to your boss every time enemy appears, so useful against bosses dealing Damage Damage to your Warlord.
  • Life Palace (Heals your Warlord and grants Mental Shield Mental Shield to 2 of your cards per turn.
  • Chuba Cabras (Excellent versus all type of bosses that play Order cards.
  • Ogrok, the Leader (Decent blocker/healer)
  • Cabas, Wasteland Lord (Excellent tank early on)
  • Tsukumogami, Titania, Jaxy, the Thunderfist, Tani Windrunner (Great against ranged-heavy bosses and when you don’t have Ysh'Tmala, The Old God
  • Morgan, the Sea Tusk, Tengu, Ravencrest, Iceberg, Hanzo Sama (All of these can stall a little bit. They’re not that great but can buy you a few turns).
  • Mizu, the Sea Foam (Good option for freezing and ramping up attack)
  • Diana, Amazonian Queen, Koschei the Immortal are both have huge stats so work well with Discordia (see above) and can kill an enemy Warlord if the AI decides to ignore them. Not very reliable but if you’re stuck, it’s worth using one of these with double attack to try and kill the Warlord.
  • Any hero with Flight (Ignores melee damage so great against melee-heavy bosses)
  • Draggara (can get a large amount of attack power, great when she is given double attack. Not recommended on later bosses but early on she can one-shot most bosses).
  • Stormrage (is a fire magnet. He can deal huge damage in line but only when he dies. Great for clearing a lane to finish off a boss but as he kills himself, he’s rather bad overall. The notable exception is when you use Apep, Aspect of Chaos to give him reborn. Later on he won’t have enough damage output).
  • King Taurus (if you don’t have the Og'ord, Crusher and need to keep your Warlord alive, he’s the right one for the job. Make sure to hide him behind something to keep him alive and you can keep on going).
  • Erik the Grey (can hand out double attack to your ranged and grows his HP HP pretty quickly. Devastating on early bosses when paired with Poison Flos)
  • Mr. Devil, Freddy, Lord of Terror (both of these deal large amounts of damage but also hurt your own units. They are quite useful to clear a board full of heroes or anything that’s already present on the battlefieldon your first turn before the fight begins).

Epics and Rares

Epics and Rares are overall pretty bad in Journey, except for the earlier bosses. Some of them, however, are very good against certain cards such as a certain faction, type of card, or gender. Below you will find a list of them with brief explanation of ability that stands out and it is worth to check if there is anything great against the particular boss you are struggling with.



  • Frozen Moor Guard (freezing 2 non-nature is again pretty damn useful)
  • Grim Harvester, Gravekeeper (a cheap source of double attack)
  • Priestess of Equilibrium (makes an entire line miss for 1 turn so excellent if the AI decides to stack up in 1 line)
  • Scarecrow (if you leveled him, he’s pretty damn great against order bosses)
  • Nomad (can buy you a turn with his Miss ability)
  • Demon Huntress (good anti-chaos)
  • Butcher (set hp to 1 is nice with Pirate pentagrams or other abilities like Splash or Pierce)
  • Clever Viper (good anti-order)
  • Celestial Maiden (Fly + Mental Shield makes her great against melee-heavy bosses)
  • The Aqua Spirit (freezing 2 again)
  • Death Whelpling (Fly + Reborn makes him great against melee-heavy bosses)
  • Cultist (if you levelled him, the bush has some pretty high hp)
  • Flesh Spawn (freezing a lane + warlord damage, that’s not bad at all)
  • Drow (high damage but it’s random)
  • Ding Viesel (great way to take out a nasty ranged, especially when you have cards with Pierce)
  • Piece of Ice (good blocker/staller)
  • Dark Warrior (good stats and a Mental Shield to the warlord upon death, pretty good)
  • Voltage Tower (excellent way to damage the enemy Warlord)
  • Orc Master (really good way to get some double attack in if you have a high attack card)
  • Dark Tree (can be nasty with chaos allies to surprise the AI)
  • Void Stone (pretty good against bosses that summon a lot)
  • First Aid (decent healer)
  • Totem (some decent damage every turn, deadly with Blair)


The first few sectors can be cleared using pretty much any warlord skin, though recommended skills will be listed when it comes to it.

When you start reaching sectors 4-5, you should have at least 2 of the paid skins, preferably Pirate and Ogre but Jimmy/Geisha/Cookie are also decent.

After sector 7-8, YOU MUST HAVE OGRE, or the enemy cards will just kill your warlord quickly. Ogre is just better even though the other skins still work.

Ogre is the king from there so if you have him, always use him on every boss. Otherwise, you should try to get him or have a hero like Frost, the Snow Queen/Alexandria to keep your warlord alive. Ogre reduces the need for a healer, freeing up a card slot for something else. His silence ability helps a lot and he can summon his Rocks which are great at blocking and healing faster than the other warlords using their third skill.


This section will be rather short. Honey Dew is the only pet you can get for free. The HP HP is okay but later on, it will not do much.

When it comes to legendaries, Sentry Fenrirus will be really helpful early on. Drogun with his ability to damage to warlord, however, is the real king later on.

To read more about Pets, please click here.

Recommended Decks

In this section, there will be list of 3 sample decks that works really well and if you can build all 3, you can get through 90% of the journey. It also should be noted that the heroes should be levelled up a little bit to make their magic work.

At least, one of three works against every boss up until Encounter 25 on the final sector.

Deck 1: Control

Og'ord Crusher.png
Madam Lo'Trix.png Justia, Law Goddess.png All, Prince of Sands.png TNT, Crazy Demolitionist.png Apep, Aspect of Chaos.png
Shadow Shaa-Moona.png Groot, Silent Guardian.png Evil "Santa".png Ysh'Tmala, The Old God.png

Warlord: Og'ord Crusher (Healing / silence / The rocks for Buff HP Buff HP and block)
Core: Madam Lo'Trix, Justia, Law Goddess, All, Prince of Sands , TNT, Crazy Demolitionist, Apep, Aspect of Chaos, Shadow Shaa-Moona, Groot, Silent Guardian or Evil "Santa", Ysh'Tmala, The Old God (respectively)

This is the most versatile of all. The idea is to start with Lo'Trix or Justia and to hide them behind whatever is on the battlefield to keep them safe.

Once both ladies are in play, All joins the party to provide some extra Miss. Shaa/Apep can be deployed first if you can’t hide the ladies.

Groot/Santa and Ysh’t are to eliminate/neutralize the nastiest enemy cards and buy some time.

TNT comes in when you have control of the situation, slowly filling the enemy board with death runes.

What this results into is that the enemy can only attack your tanks (Apep has fly and good HP HP; Shaa is hard to remove and so is Ysh’t) or a summoned Puppet from Lo’Trix. The ladies are crucial so make sure they survive at all costs.

Justia will go on A1/B1 and Lo’Trix below her, usually D1. Apep goes A3, Shaa B3 so that Apep always gets reborn off while Shaa can only deploy crystals on C3 or D3, thereby making her much more survivable.

If Apep goes down, put Ysh’t/All in his place or use those first if you don’t get Apep early.

Meanwhile Lo’Trix should pump up attack with the puppet kill skill and Justia’s bonus.

Lastly TNT comes in to fill the board, also benefiting from Justia if he can.

Slowly but surely the board will fill with runes until the AI can’t play cards anymore and Lo’Trix will kill the enemy Warlord.

It’s a very slow tactic but as long as Lo’Trix survives (preferably Justia too) you will win against 95% of the bosses with this deck. It takes 10-30 turns at most on later bosses but it’s extremely effective.

Deck 2: Shielded Reflect

White Shaman.png Og'ord Crusher.png Jimmy Rockerboy.png
Vanakauri.png Hoodoo.png Cernun, Archdruid.png Charon, Soul Catcher.png Apollo.png

Warlord: White Shaman. Ogre for keeping you alive the first few turns and Jimmy with block runes for your cards with reflect are decent alternatives.

Core: Vanakauri, Hoodoo, Cernun, Archdruid, Charon, Soul Catcher, Apollo (respectively)

This is a great deck against bosses that use high attack cards and luckily there are a lot of those and gives you 5 totems to work with (Shaman summons 2, Vanakauri, Hoodoo and Cernun when he dies). If you see Koschei the Immortal, Diana, Amazonian Queen or Deep Maw in the enemy deck, then shielded reflect will make that boss super easy.

You also get 1 Mental Shield per enemy card played if Apollo is on the field and another when an enemy card is attacking if Charon is on the field.

The strategy is very simple, shield the 5 totems as much as you can so that they don’t take damage. Then let the enemy ramp up power on purpose, feeding their cards until they have enough attack. Place another Totem across the high-attack card and make the enemy kill himself through the reflect.

The core is only 5 cards so the last 3 can be anything.

Good options are things that heal your warlord (Frost, the Snow Queen and Life Palace), things that give more Mental Shield (Life Palace, Blair or Caesar's Head), summoners to feed the enemy and stall (Necro, Master Lich or Poison Flos, Dead Lord can work too but put a zombie across the high attack cards) or additional warlord damage (Melia, Forest's Daughter, Ghosta, ...).

Deck 3: Flank (Aka snipe the commander; aka Legion abuse)

Jimmy Rockerboy.png
Justia, Law Goddess.png Legion, God of War.png Fury, the Great Warrior.png

Warlord: Jimmy Rockerboy
Core: Justia, Law Goddess, Legion, God of War, Fury, the Great Warrior (respectively)

This is a very simple and effective strategy but it requires a lot of luck with the AI and all 3 cards levelled up pretty high.

It’s very easy to play. You play Justia on A2 or B2, Fury is just beneath her and Legion is below Fury.

If all 3 survive, Fury and Legion will get the bonus attack from Justia and Legion will get at least 6 attacks to hopefully 1-shot kill the enemy warlord.

The AI tends to go for Justia or Fury so it’s random but if it works, it can deal with nasty bosses.

The 5 other cards should be almost all Order heroes. Charon, Soul Catcher/Apollo help for survivability while Prince/Athena/Jaxy, the Thunderfist/Mina Hellsing can buff Legion even more. All, Prince of Sands is also a good option for stalling while Shao Lin is great against enemy silence. A tanky card to put in front of Justia is not a bad idea either.

Deck 4: Anticipation.

Terror From Below.png Tengu, Ravencrest.png Justia, Law Goddess.png Blair.pngFrost, the Snow Queen.png

Warlord:: Pirate

Core: Terror From Below (against non-chaos) or Tengu, Ravencrest, Justia, Law Goddess, Blair, Frost, the Snow Queen

The aim of this deck is to, well, anticipate your opponent's moves and use the pirate's pentagrams to destroy them before they can do damage.

TURN 1. Tengu Ravencrest will lower your opponent's attack to 1 as soon as he is placed, for one turn. It should be the card you lead with and protect. In other circumstances - when opponents are all non-chaos - Terror from Beneath can fill the same role. It freezes order and nature enemies as soon as they are placed. Unfortunately, it also freezes order and nature allies as soon as they are placed. In either case, it is for 1 turn.

TURN 2. So you reduced the attack of the opponent to 1 or froze them. Great! Now, it is the turn of Frost to freeze and reduce health to 1. Don't worry if Frost herself is frozen by Terror from Beneath: the aim is to keep the opponents clear and, hopefully, keep them dead, which is what they will be if they are on a Pirate's pentagram. If Frost is not available, Blair will work against ranged units too.

TURN 3. You then play Justia to also give people miss. But by now you have a big advantage (3 vs 0 plus you can place the Pirate's sharks) and can defend your warlord and attack.

Depending on enemies, you may want to pick different cards for the other 4 spots. If you go with Terror, you obviously want to have a few Chaos allies - Shadow Shaa'Moona, Madam Lotrix or Apep, Aspect of Chaos. If you go with Tengu, Poison Flos is great for filling up the board, and Charon will give the plants double attack nicely. Groot is invaluable for silencing difficult enemies - reflection totems, poisonous mushrooms and Melias most of all. Reflection totems are good (see Deck 2). It usually takes a few tries to adjust to opponents and see what choices you want to include.

Deck 5. Desperation.

Adam.png King of the North.png
Madam Agony.png Eostre the Dawn Glow.png Frost, the Snow Queen.png Shadow Shaa-Moona.png

Warlord:: Any warlord would work, but Adam/Nord might work better.

Core: Madam Agony, Eostre the Dawn Glow, Frost, the Snow Queen, Shadow Shaa-Moona

So you've tried everything and you just aren't strong enough. No matter what you do, you just get killed. Is it a Sheer Shah that comes on to obliterate all your units? Or a massive Yshtm'ala to boost your opponents' health meaning you can't break through? In any case, you have one last long-shot.

If you can (i) hold out until the opponent fills the board and (ii) damage all his units at the start of your turn (something Eostre would do for you, but the Adam/Nord special skill would do better), Madam Agony will turn them all to crystals. What's more, she will turn your own units into crystals too. Your aim then is to ensure that you don't kill your opponent's crystals. Because if they are there, they can't place any units, right?

It is easier said than done - you will at least have agony with high attack on the board. However, some nasty skills by the other warlord - poison, damage to ranged or buffs to allies - may come to your rescue. Then, just 'skip turn' for about 100 turns and destroy your opponent using the 'sudden death' skill. It feels hacky, but it works.

Boss Guide

In this section, the bosses will be discussed and some strategies/tricks will be given to make it easier to defeat the encounter you are facing with. It is better to remind again that these strategies and card combinations for the deck come from players like you and you can always change cards and try to find out the way that serves you better.

The encounters will be given under the sector they belong to and those who share the same strategy/deck option will be gathered and given together. To make it easier to search, you can search directly by encounter name or Encounter X-Y, where X stands for the sector and Y for level. For instance, Encounter 3-20 is the encounter at Sector 3, Level 20. If your search doesn't show up, that means the encounter does not require any specific strategy.

Pastoral Island

Sector 1: Goldenwood Village

These are the starter bosses and all of them have commons or weak rares. You shouldn’t be struggling here as they are ridiculously easy. Adalind has a skill that gives +1 Atk Atk to her cards when they enter the field but it doesn’t matter much.

Any Epic Epic or Legendary Legendary or any level 4+ card will destroy these with ease. If you are new, you should just get Pirate warlord skin and Shaa from the Wish Shop. Shaa is literally unkillable (even at level 1) if you place her on A3.

Helsie is the first encounter with a power increase, the cards jump from an average level of 1 to 5. Still, this is a very easy encounter.

When you’re facing her, you will probably have limited options but again, most of the epics/legendaries you have will do just like with the first 8.

She is an order so anti-order heroes help. The heroes obtained from First Blood event should punch through easily. Another easily accessible option is Mr. Devil. Playing him first destroys most things on the battlefield and his high attack can take out at least half of the encounter’s HP HP.

For warlord skin, almost any skin will do well but Adam is the most useful.

Levels go down but he gets 2 rares and a bonus HP HP skill.

Using your best heroes as in highest rarity and/or Atk Atk/HP HP will do the job.

If you are struggling with the extra HP HP, try using the Void Spirit warlord skin or if you have the gems, Pirate. Void can summon a powerful demon on turn 3 and guarantee you the win if it is protected with a melee hero. Pirate’s pentagrams and shark summons will win the fight on their own most likely.

Low level heroes means you can punch through easily. Again, Mr. Devil will clear the board to prevent her from using her skill and if you need it, get Shaa from the Wish Shop and she’ll walk right through Celestine.

The Warrioress has summon so she can be annoying if you don’t have epics/legendaries yet. Adam can kill the summoned heroes with his skill so it is better to use him.

Other than that, it’s the same as the previous encounter.

The Squire’s Block Block can be annoying so you could use Son of Woods (the bear) to counter him. As always, Shaa is the solution if you need it.

This guy is the first real power spike and if you started journey early probably the first encounter you may have trouble with. He has stronger cards than the previous ones, both in level and in rarity. The Block Block + healing from First Aid can be a difficult combo.

Buffy Hatter is a dangerous encounter for new players due to the Bowmaster behind the 2 Block Block cards (Squire and Untouchable).

Son of Woods can remove the Block Block but Trixy with Count Vlad or other vampires (vampire bypasses Block Block for the most part) is the key here. If you have Red Woman already, combo her with Vlad for an easy win. If not, try and get Pirate and/or Shaa, either one will do the job.

This encounter is the first one with a real twist. He is heavy on spikes so the key is to prevent that damage or ignore his heroes. Most of his heroes have low attack so ignoring them is a good option.

Another good tactic is to use heroes with Mental Shield Mental Shield (Hanzo Sama if you got him from the First Blood event) or Buff HP Buff HP.

Vampirism also works well to counter the spikes.

Finally you can attempt to go directly for the warlord if you have heroes that deal damage to the warlord.

This one is weaker than the previous bosses so just scroll up if you need help with this one. Shouldn’t be a problem to win.

Average level goes up by 1 so that’s the biggest thing to worry here. Other than that it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Again, Wish Shop is your best friend (Shaa or other good legendaries).

This is the introduction of a new encounter skill. 1 damage isn’t much so you shouldn’t have much problems with it.

Giving his cards +5 HP HP with a further boost from the viking is a nasty combo. If you happen to have High Tinker Gear then he will win it easily but otherwise it can be pretty mean. Idol is a building so it has quite a bit of hp. Shaa/Pirate help a lot or using Son of Woods to remove the Buff HP Buff HP.

Trixy with vampires or Devil to use her kill skill are a cheap alternative.

A very weak encounter compared to the previous ones, no strategy needed.

The first chaos encounter so anti-chaos cards work well (look in my rares/epics list :) ).

Level 5 cards is pretty annoying but it shouldn't be too hard. Same strategies as before, just a bunch of different heroes.

Another weak encounter.

A bunch of toads but now +2 attack per turn. That can get pretty big. Mental Shield Mental Shield, Fly and Silence all help a lot. Trixy kill skill is great as well.

This one weakens your attack every turn. The Idol (common order building) can help to get it back up. Trixy and Adam also have attack buff skills to counter it.

Attack buff is also on a lot of cards so you can use some of those.

A tanky nature deck with hp gain from the encounter. Again, Trixy’s kill or silence can bypass all the buffs.

This one is pretty mean for a sector 1 encounter. First Aid or Engineer is highly recommended to keep your heroes alive. If you don’t have those, as always Shaa via Wish Shop is the answer (her shield prevents the encounter’s skill from damaging her). Heroes with skills that trigger when they die are also an option. Alexandria/Lo’Trix to counter the poison help too.

Weak encounter which adds Block Block. If you made it past 27 then this should be easy. See earlier bosses with Block Block for strategies if needed.

The Crusader has some high stats but other than that it’s nothing new.

There are 2 painful things on this encounter. First is his skill, see Encounter 27 on how to counter that.

Second is that he is packing an epic, Olaf the Red. He can be dangerous as he has high HP HP and can gain quite a bit of attack. Fly helps against him but the easiest way to keep him under control is to spread out your heroes and play mostly male heroes.

Sector 2: Wilhelm's Deep

Another block boss and he has a new card, Crafter. He gains a lot of HP HP if he has ranged heroes on the board so try to kill as much ranged heroes as you can or just ignore his cards and attack his warlord instead. Trixy with kill skill helps if you’re struggling (Count Vlad/Mr. Devil can be used to benefit from her skill.).

Another new card, Follower. She’s not dangerous but the cards are now level 6. Silence or Splash help a lot against this one.

The skills of the encounter can be a problem, so add a healer to your deck. Cards are similar to the previous one but now level 7.

2 new cards, Valkyrie and Soulblade. Valkyrie is annoying if he has 2 units in 1 lane while Soulblade summons an archer. Silence helps again.

Cards are only level 2 but he has a mean skill. Son of Woods works if you can tank the damage and then silence.

If you have an area clear ability like Count Vlad, Mr. Devil, Goliath or Scrap, the King of Garbage, then this will be easy.

Watch out if he has more than 1 card with block on the field as the Swordmaster will hurt if that happens.

First Aid and his warlord skill can make fights long and difficult. It is better to try to go for a quick kill.

Even though the deck is weak, the focus should be on killing his heroes. Otherwise the warlord skill will go out of control.

Heroes with regeneration are helpful on this one, especially Faceless.

This encounter can seem fun and easy one as he only has 1 card at level 10. However skills of card and the warlord can result in a lot of attack quickly.

Attack steal, Mental Shield and Fly are your best friends. If you have some of the dragons of the First Blood event, then this is easy.

If you have 4 cards with Fly placed all in front, he can’t hit you so you only need to tank the early damage to get all 4 cards in play (use Son of Woods or Void Spirit).

Another encounter which decreases your attack. Watch out for the Totem as if it is placed behind a melee, it will hurt. A card (not warlord) with Silence helps a lot. Pierce is also very helpful.

The enemy deck is rather weak aside from the Totem.

This boss is tough. Block Block 3 on play and Swordmaster in his deck means he can do a lot of damage. Silence/Kill/Mental Shield are highly recommended. Watch out for The Undisputed as well (if you already used silence, make sure you have something to stop her as she grows quickly).

The first boss to have 2 skills. His deck is really weak but his skills are mean. The best option is to directly damage the enemy warlord (Red Woman if you have her, and quite a few rare/epic buildings have skills like that).

Pirate can deal with the hp gain rather well.

A defensive enemy deck with lots of heals, use Trixy Kill or high attack cards to punch through. Pirate is excellent here. Multi-attackers like Orc Master also work really well. Finally you can use anti-order cards (see my list earlier in the guide).

This boss is a big step-up. Cruel Gladiator’s random damage can be mitigated by using Mental Shield or lots of summons (and hope it hits a summoned unit). Love Goddess is also annoying so take her out quickly or don’t spread out your damage by stacking your cards in 1 lane. Luckily his cards are low level.

Similar to the last one. Drow is annoying as she will probably kill one of your wounded heroes instantly. Mental Shield protects against kill so even if a hero is wounded, if it has a shield the shield will absorb the kill ability.

The boss has block but it’s only 1 block so not bad. The biggest problem is 4 epics in his deck and those aren’t easy to take out. Trixy recommended to kill them.

Another healer boss. Celestial Maiden is very annoying so try to use silence or a bunch of ranged.

If you have them, Evil "Santa"/Groot, Silent Guardian are really good to get rid of her.

What a surprise, another block boss. No Swordmaster this time so this is easy.

A pretty standard boss but he’s packing Ronin. So make sure to kill off as many cards as you can or the Ronin will hit hard (he gains attack/hp for every order ally on his side of the board).

Weak deck, but the first boss to summon runes. Heroes that can summon repeatedly are helpful (aka Poison Flos or his epic version, Hell Gate, Regardus Diplius, …). If you have Evil Slayer, she can clear the runes. Another Ronin here as well.

You’ve faced one of these before. Just don’t let him have too many heroes on the board and you’ll be fine.

Drunk Master is new. He’s pretty tanky but the deck is super weak so shouldn’t be hard. Bring Count Vlad or high attack heroes if you’re struggling.

Introduces Scarlet Warrior which is pretty strong. Try Adam to kill the summons, Pierce, Attack Steal or Splash to counter her.

This boss is really strong compared to what you have faced for now. Lots of new cards, and he brings a ton of extra attacks. Attack steal is great, freeze is even better. If you can’t beat him, wish for Shadow Shaa-Moona and bring something (Idol, Tesla, Alexandria, Madam Lo'Trix,...) to keep her attack above zero.

Again a bunch of new cards. This one is a mix of things. The Dark Knight should be silenced/transformed if you can. Fly is also very helpful here.

Yet more new chaos cards, this time with a summoning boss. Same as the previous summoner bosses. Watch out for Dark Mage.

A nasty boss skill. Attack Steal (no attack means no vampire triggering) and Freeze are great against this one.

This boss is really mean due to the self-heal. His cards are weak but they’re almost all epics and they gain attack every turn.

Poison Flos is great here and so is Pirate. You will need some form of attack gain to kill the boss. Prepare for a long fight.

Sample strategy #3 (Justia/Fury/Legion) works really well here. Justia is the key to gain more buffs, but Shao Lin is another option. Third possibility is level 11 TNT, Crazy Demolitionist to prevent him from playing cards.

This boss has flight so most melee heroes will be useless.

If you bring a melee, it should have Flight or be tanky (so it can protect your ranged) or have a passive skill like Goliath/Marquis de Sat. Focus on high-powered ranged heroes or directly damaging the enemy warlord (Ghosta, Melia, Red Woman, Tesla’s, …)

Only 2 different cards but cleanse is highly recommended. If you don’t have that, bring something with Fly to stop the Living Dead’s.

Charon is really great as he’s mostly immune to the poison and will quickly eliminate the mummies.

It’s pretty obvious what you need to do here, bring chaos cards (and Trixy/Widow/Geisha as warlord). If you have Apep you can bring non-chaos cards too. If you don’t have good chaos, try using cards with on-play or on-death effects.

You should spread your cards out to avoid the splash damage and watch out for Hell Gate as it can be difficult to eliminate. Silence/Transform/Pierce help to kill it.

He only has an average level of 1 but don’t let it fool you. He’s the chapter’s final boss for a reason as those skills are very annoying. Focus on melee heroes with flight or use Shaa. For ranged heroes, try Yuri, Shadow Dagger (high attack), Justia, Law Goddess (boosts ally attack) or other cards that can keep their attack up. Alternatively, you can use ranged heroes that don’t care about attacking such as Melia.

Sector 3: Valley of Faith

You’ll see 2 new enemy cards but they’re not dangerous. The biggest issue is the poison every turn so cleanse is really good here. It is at this point that Madam Lo'Trix or Alexandria will become extremely useful.

If you don’t have them (remember, Wish Shop can be used to unlock them), try go for a quick kill with multi-attackers or attack buffs.

Giving spikes is annoying. Use Mental Shield or silence or, if you have it, reborn (Apep or his lower rarities).

Another healer boss with order cards, you’ve faced this before. Just watch out for the Ronin + Scarlett Warrior combo.

Obviously, don’t use Nature cards too much. Pierce makes the Adherent the most dangerous card so it is vital to kill her as soon as possibe.

More offensive version of the previous encounter. He has Ayfe the Arrow which gets attack power when the block is triggered and can grow quickly. Best to bring some silence to get rid of the block. Satyr can remove block too but he will not help you much unless you have him at high level.

This encounter introduces several new cards. Lady Curl and Young Griffin have pretty high stats so make sure to freeze or kill them. Mr. Flap or Frost, the Snow Queen can set them to 1 HP HP and Pirate guarantees the quick kill.

Another boss with lots of splash. Spread your cards out and this’ll be easy.

This one is difficult. Maximum healing and strong anti-order means you need to play either an order buff deck (Ronin, Bard, …) or go with legendaries like Shaa. Heroes with kill abilities or high attack also help.

A nasty boss skill. Attack Steal (no attack means no vampire triggering) and Freeze are great against this one.

This boss has flight, same tactics as the last boss with Flight apply.

Another double attack fanatic. This one gains attack too so attack steal isn’t that great. Use Freeze and Fly.

Sayuki is new and it’s best to silence/transform her, the rest is easy.

An encounter with a lot of Heal Heal. Most annoying cards are Engineer and Tent of Life. If you have Alexandria/Regardus Diplius/Evil "Santa"/Groot, Silent Guardian, they are great against the Tent. Otherwise, try to focus on ramping up the attack of your heroes or use Trixy’s kill skill.

Another envounter with healer but this one seems a bit easier than the last one. You should have something to deal with the Engineer.

The skills of this encounter might be annoying. You should either try to either focus on killing the warlord or use skills that remove the shields like Splash/Pierce/Counter-Attack...

Pretty obvious what to do here. Flamy Helly is best countered by silencing or freezing her. Need some luck with where her crystals appear. If it’s in front of her, then it’s gonna be a tough fight.

Avoid playing Order cards or the Shadow Manipulator will ruin your day. Flamy Helly again. The rest is easy.

This is the first encounter to pack Legendary Legendary cards and he’s bringing 2 at once, [[Regardus Diplius[[ and Mr. Devil.

He also summons and has some good ways to pump out extra damage.

Shaa helps a lot here and so does Madam Lo'Trix. Try to silence the Mr. Devil and use Pierce against Regardus Diplius.

Another good way to win this fight is to bring your own summoners (preferably Necro, Master Lich, Poison Flos and Dead Lord), some Tesla’s (all variants) and Caesar's Head. Just keep Caesar’s alive and away from the enemy Regardus Diplius and it’ll kill the enemy warlord quickly.

The first encounter to bring cards that have been reborned so don’t let the level 2 fool you. He has a lot of melee so it is better to use Fly units to avoid from their attacks and ignore the boss’ skill. Shaa is also amazing as her counter-attack counter-attacks the enemy counter-attack (you still following?).

you will face with 3 legendaries this time, which one of them has Immunity. You might want to avoid to use order units except for D'Arc, Iron Maiden as bringing cards with hp buffs is great. Just bring tanky cards. To deal with the Chernomor, use high attack and/or counter-attack (Shaa and Diana destroy him easily).

Mr. Devil + Discordia + extra attacks = big pain. Ogre warlord skin is a great help. Otherwise bring Frost, the Snow Queen, Alexandria or others that heal your warlord (Dark Knight is also pretty great).

Hands out Mental Shields which you have faced before. Bring Silence/Transform for the Goliath as if he steals attack and then gets an extra attack it’s probably game over. The rest is pretty standard.

Another summoner boss. Watch out for Koschei the Immortal and use the Reflect strategy in Recommended Decks against him. Using units with Fly can be considered as an alternative. You know what to do against summon by now so if you can deal with Koschei then you’ll be fine.

Another Flight boss but with 4 legendaries. This one is very easy with the reflect strategy in Recommended Decks. If you use that, it’s actually a good idea to attack Goliath. Just let Koschei the Immortal/Goliath attack your totems and this one will be over quickly. If you don’t have Reflect, use Fly against Koschei and Silence/Transform on Goliath while focusing on his warlord.

There are two threats on this boss. One is the bleeding effect so it’s highly recommended to bring a card with cleanse (Madam Lo'Trix/Alexandria or the Nature epic).

If you don’t have Cleanse, try using Mr. Flap, D'Arc, Iron Maiden or Ysh'Tmala, The Old God to just gain more HP HP than he can take off.

The second threat is Void Jewel. The warlord Damage is manageable but it has high HP HP and hands out extra attacks like crazy. Silence/kill it asap.

There was a similar encounter earlier in the journey. 8 x the same card and lots of extra attacks. Use 4 fliers and some warlord heals and this is super easy.

Prince and Athena means her board will be filled extremely quick. Goliath is excellent here as long as you can keep him away from enemy Alexandria. If you have a medium-sized Scrap, the King of Garbage, he will have a field day. If you have neither, try to use Caesar’s Head and Tesla’s while bringing your own summoners.

That first skill is nasty. Heroes with Immunity help a lot. You can also use Mental Shield to prevent the damage. Her deck is alright so it’s mostly a race against the vampire effect. High attack heroes or multi-attackers help a lot.

Dactyl Island

Sector 4: Periphery

Bring a healer like Frost, the Snow Queen or use Ogre if you are having trouble with the second skill. He has 2 legendaries but Mother Owl is the worst legendary that exists. The biggest issue is Erik the Grey as he can grant double attack to his ranged allies. You should have at least one source of silence/transform by now so use that for Erik and this boss will go down quickly.

(Thanks to Ryder and Tima)

Even though this encounter looks rough, it is actually really easy. It starts with a full board of bushes and it can summon even more. The tactic to win this one is basically to play nothing.

That’s right, absolutely nothing. If you don’t play anything and skip the turns, you won’t kill the bushes, which means he can’t play any cards. From turn 10 onwards, you will get ‘sudden death’ to damage his warlord. The damage of sudden death will increase in time as they are stacked and then just use them to kill the boss. It’s a very boring and long method, but it’s 100% win rate for no effort. If you want to speed it up, play a building that damages his warlord but avoid using the epic Tesla as it’ll kill the bushes.

If you think this is too cheesy, you can roll with the Flank deck or use Freddy, Lord of Terror/Mr. Devil/High Tinker Gear clear to kill all the bushes at once.

But really, just take the easy way out, you deserve it.

Looks like a fairly easy boss on paper but don’t be fooled. He damages cards every turn so enemy Sheer-Shah will gain a lot of attack kills. Spread your units out so he can’t chain-kill them and then it’s not that hard. Group them together and Sheer will wipe your board.

It is a similar deck to 4-2 but with some twists. The boss skills aren’t new so you know what to do. Don’t use summoners too much and try to bring cleanse (removes the first skill’s effect). Make sure to have something that can take out Turtle Teacher and kill/silence/transform him as soon as possible.

This one hurts Order badly so avoid using (a lot of) Order cards. He has one really dangerous combo and that is Erik the Grey + Draggara. Both of these together will quickly grow in attack power. Groot, Silent Guardian is great at neutralizing them. Otherwise, try to go with Madam Agony or Madam Lo'Trix. Reflect strategy with Totems also works pretty well.

Make sure to bring a healer or your warlord will die quickly. If you have Ogre, use him instead. High Tinker Gear is again excellent or using summoners + Tesla/Caesar’s, as long as you take out Maeve quickly. Deal with Myrddin Caer by focusing on him first and ignoring his spawns. Cernun, Archdruid can be dealt with by using the usual silence/transform but bringing a single source of reflect is not a bad idea either (don’t go full reflect).

This is a rough one with Flight, summoning cards with flight and having 2 legendaries with flight as well as Tengu, Ravencrest and other cards to mess with your stats. Bring a lot of ranged units, cards with flight (Apep if you have him) and spread your cards out as there’s quite a bit of splash damage. Cleanse is also highly recommended.

He somehow has a chaos card in a full nature deck but oh well. Just ignore the doctor and use high powered cards or reflect against Enlil, wind of change/Tengu, Ravencrest. Don’t let him summon and this should be over quickly.

Have cards with high attack or a way to boost your attack. Otherwise his skills will become a nightmare. Poison Flos again and Toxic Mantas as well which will steal attack and trigger the boss skill. Turtle Teacher is back again. Matriarch Eona or other nature cards with Fly help a lot as they’re mostly immune to Poison Flos and Mantas can’t hit them. He has some decent attack so Reflect works as well.

He has a lot of attack steal and poison + Erik and Scrap, the King of Garbage. If you don’t know Scrap, the King of Garbage, this card hurts, A LOT. Scrap, the King of Garbage is extremely dangerous and will put the hurt on you. Reflect is very good due to high attack cards but try not to put too many cards behind each other as Scrap, the King of Garbage/Angler Vole have Pierce. He has weak ranged so Eona or other cards with Fly help too.

Another suggestion is to use Cabas, Wasteland Lord. He can tank damage and throw it back at the enemy. Chuba Cabras can do the same though slightly less effective.

Another summon-heavy boss but this time it’s Maeve again and now with Melia. These two has to be dealt with as sson as possible. Cleanse and silence are absolutely needed.

The first boss to go with a freeze team. You can use reflect as buildings can’t be frozen and Jörmun Grand/Mizu, the Sea Foam have or get high attack. Cleanse is again a must to defrost your allies if you’re not using reflect.

Spikes on his warlord hurts and he is packing King Taurus which can heal his warlord a lot. Reflect works wonders again as he has high attack cards and if you use a lot of summoners (Dead Lord and Necro, Master Lich especially) then you can prevent him from attacking your warlord (no heals for Taurus) and don’t need to attack his spikes.

Another boss with high attack cards and anti-order. Like the last few, Reflect is excellent but this time you will need some shields on your totems or Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox will kill them quickly. Don’t use a lot of cards that have high hp or that buff your team’s hp. Scrap, the King of Garbage is here again so make sure to spread out and kill/silence/transform him quickly or use Cabas/Chuba.

Another flight boss but with a weak deck. Again, reflect is great. To prevent the spikes, go with summon and Caesar’s or Mental Shield on your cards.

For Milano Howling Wind, reflect is even better now due to Kong, Monkey King. Cards are reborned once.

Anti-ranged skills and counter-attack on Kong, Monkey King is deadly. Scrap, the King of Garbage, Kong, Draggara is an open invitation to reflect. Just watch out for Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox so bring some Mental Shield. Reborn is also very helpful to keep your ranged cards alive. Shaa helps to kill Kong/Scrap, the King of Garbage.

His skills combined with Kung Fucius results in a lot of attack gain. Reflect!!! If you don’t have that, try Fly as all his power lies in his melee cards.

Poisoning Poisoning + Toxin Toxin hurts so have at least 1, preferably 2, cards with Cleanse. Aside from Scrap, the King of Garbage and Myrddin Caer, it’s a weak deck.

Another encounter with summon. He has a lot of area damage so spread out, don’t play too many cards side by side, especially avoid using summoners. It shouldn’t be a trouble as you’ve faced all of this before. Remember that cleanse removes some of Loath, Spore Loser’s damage effects.

This is a nasty one. Chuba Cabras destroys order units so avoid using a lot of order cards. High attack means reflect works well. Otherwise use silence/transform a lot.

Evasion Evasion and Spikes Spikes means Shaa is a goddess on this boss, she doesn’t care about those. Reflect is ok as Tsukumogami and Erik the Grey gain attack quickly. Bring either melee or summoners/buildings.

See Encounter (4-9). This time Tortulus, the Wise One is present so either use buildings or take him out quickly, Groot, Silent Guardian is best option as he can silence him no matter what.

The opponent starts out with Poison_Flos which multiplies very quickly, so you need to kill this boss even quicker. One approach is to use the Void Spirit warlord and place a powerful ranged unit in the top row far left on your first turn. The AI will usually attack the barriers protecting this unit as a response. Place a very strong defensive melee in the rightmost position on that top row. On turn 3, use both the Void Spirit cards to freeze the large numbers of enemies and spawn a Void Demon (Void Spirit). You then place a Moody Ghost in the center spot in the top row. This gives your melee unit and ranged unit huge power. With luck and a little repetition this damage should be enough to kill the boss on turn 4.

This one is difficult due to the boss’ skills. Reflect and buildings are great along with a bunch of summoners. Buildings don’t attack so they can’t trigger the first skill. Marquis de Sat or Goliath hiding on the second line also work really well (that way they can’t attack but they can still do damage through their skills).

Sector 5: Old York

You’ve faced something like this on 4-4. Cleanse is really good here as it removes the on-death skill coming from the boss. Loath, Spore Loser and El Mariachi can give some hard times.So add some silence transform (Groot, Silent Guardian is especially good as most of his cards have low attack and passive effects) or healer units to your deck if you are not using Ogre as your warlord.

This is a rough one with Flight, summoning cards with flight and having 2 legendaries with flight as well as Tengu, Ravencrest and other cards to mess with your stats. Bring a lot of ranged units, cards with flight (Apep if you have him) and spread your cards out as there’s quite a bit of splash damage. Cleanse is also highly recommended.

Cards that damage the enemy warlord directly (again, Ghosta, Melia, Red Woman, Tesla’s, Caesar's Head, ...) are extremely useful here due to several reasons.

1) The first skill of the boss (don’t attack the boss, don’t trigger the skill) 2) Cabas, Wasteland Lord granting block to enemy warlord (does nothing against these kind of cards) 3) Myrddin Caer packs silence but if you just kill him or attack the enemy melee, you won’t have to face with his silence. Melia/Ghosta can kill his summons randomly so need to watch out for that.

Reflect is also an option with Scrap, the King of Garbage/Tsukumogami. Maeve can be an advantage actually as you can make her grow the attack of other cards.

This one is similar to several bosses you’ve beaten by now. The biggest issue is Groot, Silent Guardian. He silences the whole line (incluuding buildings) and not much to do about that.

Best options are bringing a hero with Immunity or spreading your cards out.

If you can handle Groot, Silent Guardian, this should be easy.

Cards are reborn 1 again so much better stats.

These skills are new compared to what you have faced before. Draggara makes reflect interesting but use shields against Bastet/Matriarch Eona. For ranged, use Justia, Law Goddessa if you have her to boost other ranged units’ attacks. The biggest threat is Erik the Grey + Draggara combo so either reflect it or make sure to have silence/transform ready.

Another spikes boss but his legendaries are quite annoying if you don’t have silence/transform. Serket Sen Scorp is very tanky if left unchecked and toxin + Tengu will mean you have low attack while Melia will kill you. Cleanse is extremely important and having Groot, Silent Guardian is again very helpful. If you can take out Melia, just going for his warlord while blocking his cards also works.

Introducing Morgan, the Sea Tusk which will set your cards’ attack to 1. Kung Fucius means enemy cards will have a lot of Attack Attack. You know what that means, REFLECT!

I know you may be reading this and are probably tired of me screaming reflect every few fights but if you made it this far, you should have at least 1 totem and Madam Lo'Trix so why not use it?

If you want to do it the classical way, Shaa helps against his melee legendaries, silence/transform also works or just freeze/poison them, which Kung Fucius will not be effected. You can deal with him via counter-attack or high attack cards like Koschei the Immortal. Ignoring him and focusing on the enemy warlord is also an option.

This is something completely new. Mental Shield Mental Shield is super important as it absorbs the kill skill. If you don’t have a lot of those, try using summoners to increase the chances of it hitting a random zombie/rotter/puppet. Caesar's Head is extremely good here and so is Madam Lo'Trix to keep Marquis de Sat from poisoning your entire board. Bring Alexandria as well if you have her to silence the Hoodoo totem. Dead Lord is recommended for Morgan/Marquis/King Taurus but Shaa also works. This one will probably take a lot of attempts if you don’t have the above cards.

Compared to the earlier encounters, this one is ridiculously easy. Tsukumogami is the only problem but Shaa/Dead Lord or silence/Madam Lo'Trix can handle him.

The second skill hurts a lot so Ogre is absolutely needed or you will need to bring Frost, the Snow Queen just to survive. Luckily, he has five legendaries with a lot of attack so if you have reflect, this fight is won in 5-6 turns maximum. Without reflect, you will need a lot of heals/silence/transform and some fly as most of the power is in melee.

A variant on the isle 4 bosses, nothing new. Just watch out for the warlord damage (Ogre solves this) and silence Tortulus, the Wise One as soon as possible. Groot, Silent Guardian is great again.

Tani Windrunner is new and she hands out a lot of evasion. This is very annoying as the boss has flight, meaning both melee and ranged are useless. Reflect is your best bet with Kong, Monkey King, Tani and Enlil, wind of change growing in power quickly. Summoners + Caesar’s Head or Tesla’s are also great.

He somehow has a chaos card in a full nature deck but oh well. Just ignore the doctor and use high powered cards or reflect against Enlil/Tengu. Don’t let him summon and this should be over quickly.

Another tricky boss. You faced a Totem-summoner boss before, but by now the Totems are much stronger and it will hurt. Adding Maeve (healing his warlord), Myrddin Caer (silence) and Mizu, the Sea Foam (freezing) is just mean. Best strategy is to use a mix of summon (ignores freeze runes and the Totems, Reflect (for Mizu/Cernun) and silence (Maeve first but Myrddin/Mizu if it is needed).

This boss copies Snake's skill a little and on Sheer-Shah with double attack coming from Discordia makes him extremely deadly. It only triggers when something of yours dies and it’s random but if it hits Sheer, then you’re in trouble.

In case you don’t know what the skill does, direct attacks don’t do any damage for 1 turn.

Ability damage still works normally (even things like Tinker’s damage to Nature or reflect from puppets) and you can still silence or transform cards.

Sheer is again an invitation to reflect but make sure to spread out the Totems and keep them shielded or his chain-ability/double attack will mess you up. Draggara is also easily countered by reflect.

Other than that, rely on ability based cards instead of stats.

Freeze also works wonders on this one and so does silence/transform.

Another summoner with similarity to earlier bosses but this mix is much more dangerous. Loath, Spore Loser will wreck summoners, Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox will wreck high HP HP and him summoning blocks a lot of attacks. Silence/transform heavy is the way to go imo. Direct damage to warlord (Ghosta etc.) also helps a lot.

Another option is to go with High attack pierce cards and mental shields. Blair + Charon, Soul Catcher (double attack runes)/Discordia with cards like Scrap, the King of Garbage or Yorik.

Finally the best option is to use sample strategy #3. It requires some luck but Justia into Fury into Legion will faceroll this boss as long as Mi and Mariachi don’t show up early.

Another summoner but this one is much easier than the last one. Reflect works but not that well due to Groot, Silent Guardian and Melia. It’s best to go with the same tactics as the previous boss, but this one is easier imo.

If you have no silencers, you need to kill the boss in 3 turns. This can be done by using Void Spirit as your Warlord and placing Bastet or Mr. Devil on the spikes on the 2nd row on Turn 1. You then place a strong Ranged unit just to the left of it that grants an extra turn, like Onmoraki. On Turn 3, you use both of the special use cards to freeze all opponents and summon the ranged demon. You then put Moody Ghost next to the other two units where it can hit the boss. If you get very lucky, the combined damage for the 5 shots will be enough to kill the boss.

Aside from the Groot, Silent Guardian, this is a walk in the park. Just make sure to have cleanse or attack buffs. Otherwise you will have zero attack quickly. Use abilities or go directly for his warlord.

This one is weird. That first skill makes no sense at all but hey, let’s deal with it.

Taurus is a threat and he constantly heals so either use reflect on Draggara (with shields this time bc of Eona) or silence/transform as much as you can. The Control deck from Recommended Decks also deals with this boss very well, it’s slow but it will win this one easily if played correctly.

Nothing special here. Cleanse for Serket Sen Scorp, silence (Groot, Silent Guardian if you have him) for Melia and Cernun. Lo’Trix is top tier against this one.

A lot of area damage again ( Bastet, Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox and the skill) so Sheer will grow quickly. Shielded reflect is again excellent or use the control deck in Recommended Decks. Cleanse needed for Serket Sen Scorp. Note that if you go with high HP HP Mi will hurt. If you don’t, you will have a lot of damaged cards and Sheer-Shah will hurt. I prefer dealing with Mi as you have unlimited attempts and she is random so bound to fail once.

3 skills revolving around Poisoning Poisoning but luckily only Anak, Princess Dragon for actual poison in the deck and Anak is rather bad. The cards are also high level but luckily she doesn’t have any dangerous cards aside from Taurus’ healing. Best option here is to use the Legion deck (Justia, Fury, Legion) with Ogre (silence) and some extra silence to ground the fliers if the AI attempts to use those to block your multi-attackers. Bring Alexandria or Madam Lo'Trix as otherwise the poison will eat you alive. Another option is to go with both Eostre the Dawn Glow and D'Arc, Iron Maiden and just buff your hp to infinity with those 2, Legion and other Order cards or hp buff cards like Flap/Ysh’tMala.

Nothing new here in terms of skills. The new card is Dandy Croc which kills any of your cards below 25% of their starting hp. This can be really annoying as he also steals attack and Lolli Pop + Taurus means the boss has a lot of hp. Again, Justia/Fury/Legion works, control goes as well and reflect is also an option.

Tani Windrunner is back and now also Vanakauri which has reflect. Same tactics as last time you faced Tani work (reflect or mass summon with buildings to damage his warlord) as Tani/Cernun/Olaf have a lot of attack power. Bring Ogre as Warlord to counter the skill or a healer. Ogre is much better as most healers (except Ogrok and Taurus) are ranged and are pretty useless with all the Evasion. Control deck with Shaa, Ysh’t and Apep as melees is also great.

Yet another flight boss and 4 cards that gain attack so anything with reflect will do well. Like all flight bosses, bring a lot of ranged and buildings, use Shaa or cards with Fly for melee units.

Kill the Turtle Teacher quickly to cancel his healing if you’re not going with buildings. Overall, this one isn’t too hard compared to what you have faced before.

This one is similar to 5-24, same tactics work but it’s easier as Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox is gone. Reflect works wonders.

Cleanse is a must for all the Poisoning Poisoning. Other than it’s the usual mix of enemies and a new skill but you can deal with this by now.

Once again, nothing new. Melia is back to watch out for her. She’s the only danger together with Tsukumogami.

Another boss where using ability-damage or reflect works great as these ignore both his skills. Either bring cleanse or use the summon + buildings tactic to get rid of Serket Sen Scorp. Cleanse is the best option with all the poison and toxin in his deck.

Mimi's deck deals out very high damage very quickly. Use the Void Spirit warlord and use the Moody Ghost method. Place a high-damage ranged unit on the leftmost column of the top two rows. I used Blair and Mother Owl. I added Sheer-Shah to the Melee column of Row 2 on turn 3. I then used both the Void Spirit's abilities to freeze Mimi's entire side and dropped Moody Ghost onto the top row middle square. This gave all my units a huge boost in damage. You might need to drop a unit onto row 3 or 4 to block Draggara, as she could kill you in a single turn by turn 4 or 5.

There are 3 dangers here. Matriarch Eona and Anak, Princess Dragon are the obvious ones due to the boss’ skills as it means double splash or double poison. Wind Warrior is the less obvious one but it also has flight and hits hard. Control deck handles this one nicely and so does heavy use of silence or transform.

If you don't have silence or transform cards, you can use Trixy and open with Ruthless Executioner on an open row. This reduces the high damage units in Kali's deck. On your second turn, play the Rage card to increase the Executioner's damage and place Mother Owl in the same row. It increases your damage and further reduces Kali's units. Place any other high damage card in a convenient row to counter or clear, and when you feel the time is right, use the Devastation card to clear out most of Kali's side. Drop in one last high-damage unit on an open row to win.

Similar to 5-24. With reflect/totem spam you don’t need cleanse but shields and spreading out are needed for Sheer-Shah and Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox.

A stronger version of 5-3 and 5-22 with 10% extra. If you spam Totems you don’t need to attack his warlord so it makes no difference. In fact, his stronger cards actually make this one easier.

This one is new and mean. Lvl 7 reborn 1 cards is strong for this level and Toxin hurts. Cleanse is an obvious choice here. Reflect works rather well as if you don’t attack Tortulus, the Wise One can’t trigger. Control deck from Recommended Decks performs well on this one.

Summon heavy and damaging the warlord directly also works, but need to take out Tortulus for that last one.

Final boss of the sector and it’s a stronger version of 5-25. There are a number of differences though. First, her first skill means you will get poisoned a lot, especially with Queen Ananta, Marquis de Sat and Anak, Princess Dragon in the mix. Second, with her damage dealing and healing + Taurus's healing your warlord will take a lot of damage while her stuff will heal a lot. Third, her cards are a whopping level 9 reborn 1, two levels higher than what you have faced before.

The best way to take her down is the Control deck from Recommended Decks, simple as that. Another option is to use the flank deck with Justia/Fury/Legion as she only has Anak’s flight to stop that.

If you have neither (how did you get this far lol) then use cleanse and a ton of silence/transform/Mental Shield/damage to warlord

Sector 6: Last Egos

This one is new and mean. Lvl 7 reborn 1 cards is strong for this level and Toxin hurts. Cleanse is an obvious choice here. Reflect works rather well as if you don’t attack Tortulus can’t trigger. Control deck from Recommended Decks performs well on this one.

Summon heavy and damaging the warlord directly also works, but need to take out Tortulus for that last one.

This boss is packing some new skills and as you can see he is packing 2 silence cards as well on top of Melia and Loath. That is quite the combo. Despite Loath, heavy summon and Apep (reborn) if you have him are the way to go. Summon decks don’t deal much damage so you will not trigger the first boss skill often. Buildings are also very effective as they only need to fear Groot, Silent Guardian, and to a lesser extent Melia.

A mix of summon cards with Caesar’s, Tesla’s and some Totems (reflect) should do the trick.

Control deck also does well (as always) but the random silence means you need to have some luck to make it past this one.

A boss with a lot of freeze, despite his name. Coba is new and he will heal his warlord but the key to countering Coba is to either play your melee on the second row (no poison and thus no heal) or to use cards with Immunity. Mr. Flap is rather good here due to the large hp or hp gain on most of his cards. D’Arc is also a decent option here. Wouldn’t use Ysh’tmala as he doesn’t have many ranged.

Letting Mizu grow attack or allowing Maeve to build attack on the others opens up options for reflect again, just watch out for Jörmun’s area of effect skill.

Another one using Toxin. Nothing new here, just the usual Scrap, the King of Garbage and Melia combo to keep an eye on. Use Cleanse (preferably Lo’Trix as she can cleanse very turn). Without cleanse Melia will hurt so silence her asap if you don’t have Cleanse. Bring Ogre for added silence and to heal back Scrap, the King of Garbage/Melia damage. If you don’t have Ogre, bring another healer like Frost or Life Palace.

The control deck is the best option on this one. Poison Flos + his poison damage combined with inherent healing and Erik to hand out double attack to Poison Flos and his spawns, that hurts.

Ysh’tMala is really good here as if he plays Poison Flos then you can freeze ⅔ of his board.

Cleanse is a must and Justia + Yuri is also a great combo here. For melee, it’s best to have Ysh’t on A3, Apep below him (B3) and Scrap, the King of Garbage/Tinker/Groot, Silent Guardian as other options. Having Alexandria and Lo’Trix helps a lot and use Justia or another card that boosts your attack to get past the 40 heals/turn.

See Encounter 4-2.

See Encounter 5-8. Aside from Morgan he doesn’t have many dangerous cards. Make sure to silence Marquis asap.

See Encounter 4-2

Reflect works again if you can keep the Lolli Pop from healing him. Heavy summon + damaging the warlord via abilities are also options. With summon, silence Myrddin and silence/transform Erik.

Ogre is very helpful here. Vanakauri means you’ll be taking even more warlord damage. The boss is a mix of things so you can beat this one in many ways. Reflect against Draggara, Ysh’t against Poison Flos, Control deck, Flank deck, ...

Melia and Poison Flos is a deadly combo so bring silence and cleanse if you have it. If you have a lot of silence and transform with some cleanse this shouldn’t be too hard. If you are struggling with the block and don’t have silence, try using cards like Lo’Trix, Tinker and Cabas, those don’t care about how much block the enemy has.

See Encounter 4-7.

Massive amounts of Evasion means ranged allies are pretty useless. You can bypass this using either a lot of silence (melee cards mostly, Triton is actually very good on this boss), Reflect or summoning with ability damage to the enemy warlord.

Other than the Evasion and Poison Flos this shouldn’t be too hard.

If you’re struggling, bring Ysh’tMala as well. Ysh’t freezes all enemy ranged allowing you to fight more or less on equal grounds. Aside from the Olaf and possibly Cernun the boss doesn’t have much in terms of high melee attack so Ysh’t can live for quite some time. He is especially great when placed across the enemy Groot, Silent Guardian as Groot, Silent Guardian has low attack and doesn’t die quickly by Ysh’t (thereby no other cards can be placed that can attack Ysh’t).

See Encounter 5-19.

A new type of boss and the skills hurt. Luckily it’s a rather passive deck relying mostly on poison and attack gain, all of which can be stopped using freeze. Ysh’t and Vixen do well on this boss when coupled with other sources of freeze. Bring some cleanse in case you do get poisoned.

The biggest issue is the 2 boss skills. The answers to that are Mental Shield and Immunity, preferably both. This should keep your cards well above 35 hp and therefore no healing for the boss and if you can ignore the skills this way, you only have a standard deck.

Shielded reflect works too if you use it against Enlil and Draggara.

Difficult due to the damage resistance granted by Cabas, Wasteland Lord. Plus, every time you hit the warlord Ankh, you take damage. The only saving grace I found was by starting with Chernomor on the second row with Trixy as my warlord. Chernomor does little damage, but with each turn, he gains another hit which heals your warlord. Keep the AI's next spawns in play by blocking with melee fodder until Cabas is played by the AI (hopefully early). I countered Cabas with Ruthless Executioner simply to wound Cabas and the AI's next spawn. Once you have Cabas wounded, play the Rage card and Destruction card to clear their side out and kill off Cabas.

Once Cabas dies, the Warlord Ankh will still not take damage for 3 turns, so hit the bushes on the bottom 2 rows to avoid reflection damage. I got Mother Owl on row 3 and Prince on Row 4. These two compliment each other well and boost up the attack and HP on your side. If you can play the last card to add 4 witches to your side, you should have all 12 spots full and you have a decent chance of killing Ankh.

A boss with a serious amount of healing due to the Stone Golems (heal the warlord whenever poison triggers), Maeve and Coba. Don’t place too much on the front row, or try to put immune heroes across Coba (Ysh’t and D’Arc are great as Coba has low attack). This prevents his poison and therefore his healing. Ysh’t is great in general due to his melee cells quickly filling with Golems which don’t do anything if there is no poison. Against the kill skill, use Mental Shield again or if you don’t have a lot of that, try using Apep (reborn) or lots of summons in hopes of the skill hitting a summoned card. If you can keep the poison away this shouldn’t be too hard.

Shielded Reflect also works well due to Maeve powering up his cards and Kong.

Ok, this one is rough, despite the rather weak deck (except for Poison Flos and Draggara). Again, immune cards that buff your team are great as even when cards are silenced you can reapply the buffs. I suggest using a lot of ability-based damage on ranged heroes (Ghosta, Mina, Melia, Red Woman, …) to bypass the block and burn down his warlord. For melee, you’ll want the immune heroes, Shaa (even when silenced she’s a formidable roadblock, especially with the hp buffs from others) and Apep (reborn).

Another boss summoning Doctor Fear. It’s almost the same as the previous versions, just watch out for Tani. Cntrl + F the guide for the word ‘Doctor’ if you need help, but key is to just ignore the Doc.

Silence Tsuku and/or Croc if they give you trouble, use freeze to keep the poison under control. Boss skills are weak (and same as some older bosses) so a combo of freeze and silence should make this rather easy.

Ouch. Healing for every attack, Scrap, the King of Garbage, Cernun and Mantas with Maeve and Draggara to buff them. This boss packs a serious punch and healing herself in the process hurts. Luckily Reflect works really well against all this firepower. The 11 healing won’t matter if you are dealing 50+ every turn to her face. Lots of nasty males in the front row so Eostre with her silence males + flight is also an excellent choice here. Freeze is also rather good (don’t use Ysh’t here, way too much attack on the enemy side. As usual, heavy use of silence and transform can punch through as well.

See Encounter 5-38. Same type of boss but now 80%. Again, Immunity or Reflect both help immensely.

Another boss (ab)using silence but this time it’s when his cards die. Not a lot of high attack power either so Reflect isn’t that great.

Best option is to use the control deck or to use Reflect on Mantas. But you just said not to use Reflect.

That’s right, but instead of just blocking him with Totems like crazy, here you have to feed the Mantas. Place weak cards across Mantas and let it kill them. This powers it up quickly. When Mantas is above 132 attack it will kill his warlord in 2 turns so place 1-2 Totems across the Mantas and it’s done. Note that sometimes the AI will use Groot, Silent Guardian sometimes behind Mantas to silence your totems. Just stall or retry if that happens. Feeding tactics don’t always work first time.

A Tengu effect is annoying as it makes dealing with his rather nasty deck very difficult. Luckily there are a lot of high powered cards and you know what that means. Throw it back in his face with reflect and this is over quickly. Building spam with summon is also rather good but then you need to watch out for Sheer as he will wipe your entire board.

You can rely on a freeze/silence/transform combo (Eostre is great here as a lot of males).

Nothing new here, use ability-based damage to hit his warlord. Silence Tortulus or just ignore him by using buildings.

See Encounter 4-2.

This looks like a standard deck and skills but there is a catch. The cards are pretty strong in terms of level. Standard tactics apply, it’s just much harder. Freeze is very helpful if he plays Poison Flos, lots of silence/transform and cleanse needed. The control deck handles this rather well and Flank deck is also pretty good here unless he plays Serket or Mariachi. If you play Flank deck, consider bringing Trident Master (epic Triton), unlike Alexandria and Lo’Trix his cleanse is instant so you can use him to remove the Toxin from your Fury/Legion.

Here we have low level cards and a mean deck (really, this deck hurts). Reflect is a good option due to Mantas, Kong and Draggara. Cleanse is handy to keep the attack steal away (Lo’Trix recommended as she can cleanse herself). Other than that it’s nothing you haven’t faced before.

The final chapter boss and you probably noticed the second skill. Yep, that’s right, on turn 5 you are dead.

Scrap, the King of Garbage, Groot, Silent Guardian and Poison Flos to mess with you and Eona for stalling, this isn’t easy.

It’s pretty obvious what you need to do, kill him fast.

You will need a high powered attack hero. Best options are Flank deck/Legion, Koschei, Diana and Draggara. Dominus is also an option as well as Scrap, the King of Garbage. Extra attacks via Charon, Discordia and/or Void Juggler are needed as well.

Side note: Mental Shield prevents kill, so if you use Angelia or Dark Knight (epic) you can grant a shield to your warlord.

Rondo Island

Sector 7: Fort of Quiet Waves

A whole host of new units. Ysh’tMala with his immunity and freeze, Madam Lo’Trix, Dominus, Goliath, Hanako and Discordia, all of those hurt. Only Ballz’t is easy to deal with. And then he summons a card that kills wounded cards.

The second skill is no big deal so don’t worry about that.

Luckily there are multiple strategies to deal with. You can start with Apep (reborn) and some freeze of your own.

Heavy silence/transform is an option.

You can use reflect but in that case it’s best to bring a summoner as well. Let Lo’Trix power up naturally but to get some more reflect damage let him freeze your summons. This will power up Hanako and Medusa. Attack Goliath on purpose and then he’ll also quickly kill himself. Only thing to watch out for is Dominus, use fly/silence/transform to get rid of him. Reflect is the best option imo.

Ignore the summons, they will fill his board and don’t do anything if you don’t attack them.

Back to nature again but aside from Triton and Mizu it’s nothing to worry about. Cleanse is highly recommended to get rid of the poison and freeze. Some silence/transform is handy to remove Triton. Other than that it’s just punching through using the usual methods, this one is relatively easy if you made it this far.

A lot of Pierce on this one. To protect your ranged units, either use Mental Shield (Charon and Apollo really help as they can reapply lost shields) or try buffing hp with Ysh’t, D’Arc and Eostre. Lots of hard-hitting cards so reflect works well.

A boss named Mofo? His first ability is mean. The rest you have seen before.

Apep is a star here, place him on A3 so he gets to attack first and triggers reborn.

Next option is the Control Deck. It doesn’t care much about the Miss.

Third option is Reflect (Morgan, Mizu, Snake).

Last option is using ability-based damage. Just try attacking his cards and let Red Woman, Ghosta, Melia and co kill his warlord. Again, Apep helps a lot with this strategy.

Similar to the last boss. Different set of skills but the tactics are the same.

Cleanse is a must on this one again due to the poison. Make sure you have something for Ananta or she will hurt a lot. If you can keep the poison under control this should be easy.

A hp boosting boss, but any of the usual tactics work here. Silence counters the hp buffs if you need it. Lots of juicy males to silence for Eostre. Reflect is also excellent.

This boss has a very weak skill and also a rather weak deck. HOWEVER, he starts with 4 sharks already deployed and they will set attack to 1 anytime you deploy anything.

This makes the fight a whole lot more difficult.

The best option is to use Void skin (default or Harbinger) to Freeze them or set their attack to 1 as well. You can then use Shaa on B3 to wipe them out or block them with your crystals.

Freddy is also very helpful to wipe out the sharks and so is High Tinker Gear.

If you don’t have those, try stalling with other means like Necro, Poison Flos, ...

Wiping out the sharks is the biggest obstacle on this one.

All your cards below half hp die and some serious attack steal. Healing is an obvious counter but even better is to use Shielded Reflect. The Mental Shields both prevent damage and if your cards do end up with less than half their hp the shields can prevent them being killed.

Control deck can handle this one too or using Flank deck (will need some tries as Triton and Scrap, the King of Garbage will ruin your day a lot).

Those skills hurt. Luckily buildings can’t attack and Tsuku + Draggara + Sheer makes shielded reflect excellent again. Reborn (Apep) and Immunity + hp buffs also work well for a more conventional tactic.

Every time you play a card, something gets silenced (incl. buildings). This hurts, A LOT.

Best trick is to use Control deck as he has a lot of nasty heroes. Another option is to try and feed Koschei and Reflect-kill the warlord. Avoid using cards with summon, use Apep for reborn.

This boss requires a lot of luck with where the silence lands. Some immune heroes or hp buffers like Eostre can help. Note that using cards with Immune means an increased chance of the silence hitting the non-immune heroes.

Introducing Necro, Hanako is back and we get 2 Immune units now (ouch) along with the usual Chaos heavy hitters. Reflect is the best option here on Deep Maw. He grows quickly if you fill your own board and then it’s over in a few turns, just need the AI to play Maw. Second option is to use Ysh’tMala across the Horo-Horo’s. He will freeze all enemy ranged and the Horo-Horo’s don’t do much.

Control deck or Reflect are the way to go, along with summon deck + ability based damage.

A lot of attack gain with poison. Zor’Ma hurts your warlord a lot. Heavy silence and transform is a good option. Despite the attack gain skill I wouldn’t recommend Reflect unless you can bait Hanako into powering up. Control deck is really the best option by far on this one, nothing else comes close I think.

High block on the boss, with a lot of defensive cards. Stalling with Ysh’tMala is great here as you only need to watch out for the Croc’s. Best way to kill him is using Ghosta, Mina, Melia, Red Woman and some summon with buildings like Caesar’s Head again. Attacking him directly is a bad idea so focus on neutralizing his cards rather than killing them.

We’re back on the freeze team so bring cleanse. Control deck handles this one well again. It’s a rather low attack team so you can actually use heavy summon (Tesla’s work great if you keep Regardus’ Hell Gate alive and kill the zombies/witches) or ability-based damage, Shaa is excellent here to get rid of the melee cards except for Apep. Other high attack cards like Koschei or Diana also work if Regardus doesn’t show up.

Another hp boost boss, nothing new. Reflect handles this one pretty well.

The final chapter boss and now we have something different. As you can see, he only has 1 ranged card (Draggara) so that makes Fly a really good option here. Shaa also wrecks this one pretty easily as only Eona can stop her a little.

Use lots of cards with Fly and a few high-powered cards and this shouldn’t be too hard.

Sector 8: Heart of the Sea

We’re starting the sector off with a generic poison boss. Cleanse is highly recommended but this shouldn’t give you any trouble anymore.

Another copy from earlier encounters.

Yet another copy, watch out for the attack steal on this one. In fact, if you are using ability-based damage it’s actually better to not cleanse the attack steal. If your cards are at zero attack then Scrap, the King of Garbage can’t steal it

This one doubles up on the Toxin (use cleanse) and is also bringing a ton of nasty melee. Apep is really good against this one and Eostre also shines. Bring some cleanse to keep the Toxin away. Attack steal/freeze/transform are also great against this boss. Attack steal /freeze prevents most of his cards from doing much as their power is mostly in their abilities.

Transform will clog up his melee cells and as he has a lot of melee.

Cleanse is a must on this boss if you are not using buildings/reflect spam. The poison is now at 17 and unlike most of the previous versions of this boss that will eat away at your hp a lot (and relying on D’Arc or Eostre isn’t that useful anymore).

If you can keep the poison from killing your cards this shouldn’t be too hard.

Freeze is back again but this time he is rocking Chuba Cabras and Leader Nilen. Cleanse is a must again or Nilen will poison your board and fill up his. You can use Scrap, the King of Garbage to counter Nilen and leave him with a board of mostly zero attack cards. I recommend going with a chaos deck to counter both Nilen and Chuba. Lo’Trix is insanely good on this boss. For melee, go with Shaa and Apep + a 3rd chaos melee (Goliath isn’t bad).

Ranged Lo’Trix, Madam Agony, Discordia and whatever else you have at your disposal. Some silence/transform isn’t bad either.

Introducing Necro, Hanako is back and we get 2 Immune units now (ouch) along with the usual Chaos heavy hitters. Reflect is the best option here on Deep Maw. He grows quickly if you fill your own board and then it’s over in a few turns, just need the AI to play Maw. Second option is to use Ysh’tMala across the Horo-Horo’s. He will freeze all enemy ranged and the Horo-Horo’s don’t do much.

Control deck or Reflect are the way to go, along with summon deck + ability based damage.

A whole host of new units. Ysh’tMala with his immunity and freeze, Madam Lo’Trix, Dominus, Goliath, Hanako and Discordia, all of those hurt. Only Ballz’t is easy to deal with. And then he summons a card that kills wounded cards.

The second skill is no big deal so don’t worry about that.

Luckily there are multiple strategies to deal with. You can start with Apep (reborn) and some freeze of your own.

Heavy silence/transform is an option.

You can use reflect but in that case it’s best to bring a summoner as well. Let Lo’Trix power up naturally but to get some more reflect damage let him freeze your summons. This will power up Hanako and Medusa. Attack Goliath on purpose and then he’ll also quickly kill himself. Only thing to watch out for is Dominus, use fly/silence/transform to get rid of him. Reflect is the best option imo.

Ignore the summons, they will fill his board and don’t do anything if you don’t attack them.

This one summons a hell (pun intended) of a lot of stuff, two summon skills, Lo’Trix and Hell Gate means a whole tide of chaos units. Tesla’s are excellent at keeping the flood of units under control while quickly draining the boss of hp. Anything that relies on mass units on the board also works well: Scrap, the King of Garbage, Loath, Goliath, Legion (getting kills lets him put a ton of buffs on your team), Eostre, …

You can also try Reflect on Deep Maw or Goliath (attack him so he powers up).

The first boss to pack a mix of chaos and nature. Chuba makes order cards difficult but Charon is actually pretty good with his anti-chaos ability. Lots of juicy targets for reflect so that is the best option here as it also negates the first boss skill. Mental Shield is recommended or the Splash will hurt.

If you want to do it the conventional way, then Fly is handy as there are 5 melee. Control deck handles this one well and you can also use Flank deck (bring Groot, Silent Guardian to silence Chuba) or a double-attacking Koschei.

This is a new type of boss. Red Woman + the summons and Zor’Ma can mean a lot of warlord damage if you’re not careful. Bring Ogre if you have him. The random damage is best mitigated by using Mental Shield, heavy summon of your own or Apep for reborn.

Apep is again pretty good.

Reflect works against Lo’Trix or Deep Maw.

I favoured the control deck as unlike most chaos bosses this one has no cards with Immunity. Charon with a double-attacking Strik or Mina Hellsing can also work.

Another miss boss. The second skill is easily avoided if you don’t play melee enemies in the front row. Lots of juicy targets for reflect again. Apep helps against the Miss effect (again, put him top right).

Copy-paste flight boss.

Another miss boss with a ton of hp buffs. Reflect spam works wonders on this one or ability-based damage and stalling with melees. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Heavy poison again so bring cleanse. Some attack steal as well. Reflect or Control deck beat this one easily.

Attack gain on Dominus and Zor’Ma hurt, while poison value is going up quickly.

Reflect is the best option here as long as you delete Dominus. Bring Ogre instead of White Shaman so you can use Silence on Dominus/Zor’Ma. Bring some summoners as well to power up Medusa/Hanako and let them easily kill his warlord.

Yorik is new and he has 2 immunity cards as well as Apep. Looks like a really nasty boss but it’s not so bad. If you play melee, just use immune heroes or disposable melee (Dead Lord as he only needs to transform and zombies are worthless).

Easiest option is to feed Koschei and then play a Totem or 2 and Koschei will kill her in no time. Yorik is the only surprise here as if your Totems aren’t strong enough he will kill them and then Koschei hits your warlord. Either keep trying or shield your totems to absorb the hit from Yorik.

That second skill is mean. Not a lot of high attack cards in there so Reflect isn’t that great. It’s best to stall (summon, Shaa, Apep, …) and use cards with ability-based damage. Freeze like Ysh’tMala, Vixen and co are great on this boss. Some silence and transform are also helpful.

Another flight + heal combo.

Nothing new, just watch out for the Scrap, the King of Garbage (he’s stronger now).

Miss again so bring Apep and/or a bunch of buildings to ignore the miss. Other than that it’s the usual for this type of bosses.

Finally an order boss and it seems like they waited a long time to prepare. Those skills are downright nasty and will tear you up if you come unprepared. Luckily his deck is rather weak. Charon is very annoying so bring silence/transform for him. If you have Yorik you can bring him to counter Ghosta and/or Fury.

The biggest issue is Fury with his 4 x attack and possible Mental Shield. Flight is pretty good here along with Groot, Silent Guardian or tanky melee. You can also use immunity to stop him as well as attack steal. Note: don’t use Immunity before Fury appears as he quickly rips them apart.

You can use Reflect on Athena and Fury.

It’s best to use mass summon like Necro, Poison Flos, Lo’Trix and some buildings like Caesar’s Head and Tesla’s. This way you don’t care about the Mental Shields, you should be killing very little of his cards (ignoring the first skill) and if you bring your own Mental Shields he can’t use it when it does trigger.

Control deck can do it and so does Flank deck, but both require some luck as this is a very tough boss.

If you’re not going with mass summon and actually try to kill him the conventional way, I would bring Blair to keep your cards shielded. Apollo/Charon are also really nice.

Another pierce boss but this time with a lot more damage so I’ll add a short bit of info. If you bring Ogre you can handle this one like the previous Pierce bosses. If not, you will need some Immunity or spread your cards out.

Ok, I think that was supposed to be a typo on the Horo’s but 168 attack/121 hp when attacked is just painful. So the strategy is very simple, do not attack the boss directly, always attack her cards.

Reflect is the easiest way by letting Deep Maw power up.

Azrael turned to chaos real quick. He has a much nastier ability but this one is actually easier than boss 35. One reason, Koschei. Feed Koschei with cards, then feed him a Totem and he’ll be dead quickly. Again, watch out for the Yorik so either wait until he has been played or shield your Totems. Mental Shields are great as well to counter the skill. Some silence/transform can help.

Sector 9: Pearl of the Sea

Note: sector 9 has insane bosses and is nothing like the previous 8. Most bosses pack crazy stats and abilities and finishing this as a non-spender is pretty much impossible. Generally Flank deck can’t keep up with the stats but Control and Reflect still work well. You will need a lot of specific heroes/decks for this one, unlike the other 8 sectors where a non-optimized deck can still do quite well. First 10 bosses are ok but then it starts getting crazy.

A work in progress supplement for Dita the Traitor (Boss 25) can be found on Google Docs.

We’re starting off pretty easily, a hp buff boss with nothing special really. Necro is annoying at blocking but Reflecting Deep Maw is the easiest way to beat this one. Even with other tactics this isn’t much different from the previous incarnations aside from the much higher boss hp.

Another poison boss, cleanse is a must as poison 35 deals a ton of damage. You can handle this one just like 8-24.

Another healer but at this point the heals will outweigh most ability-based damage so it’s actually better to swap to control deck and power up your own Lo’Trix with Justia. Spam the board with TNT runes and then let Lo’Trix grow and this should be over quickly. Use Apep and Shaa for melee (Shaa won’t do much but block but that’s good enough).

Again, Mental Shield will save the day along with cleanse. No more Scrap, the King of Garbage on this type of boss is a blessing. Easiest option here is to use Reflect on Draggara. Ysh’tMala is pretty damn good as only Morgan has high attack for his melee. Freeze is also great in general to deal with the double attack. Bring at least 1 card with Silence or Transform for Charon. If you’re using Ogre, try and silence Triton and/or Poison Flos with his skill.

A snake-like skill coupled with 940hp means Flank deck is not recommended. Attack steal is no issue if you have Lo’Trix. The high level Yorik is the biggest issue here. Still, Reflect is again the best option, preferably with shields. Deep Maw and Snake grow in attack quickly. Reflect ignores the invulnerability as it’s not physical damage. Ability-based damage works too but 940hp means it takes some time so you will need to stall a lot.

This one is similar to the previous versions. Control deck is decent here but again Yorik makes it difficult for any strategy. Dead Lord takes out Shaa or your best melees easily and Lo’Trix is hard if left unchecked. Reflect works but it’s best to use control deck or heavy summon with buildings like Caesar’s Head and Tesla’s. This way you don’t need to worry about the Dead Lord and Lo’Trix too much as you can just block them off with summoned units.

Ok, I think that was supposed to be a typo on the Horo’s but 168 attack/121 hp when attacked is just painful. So the strategy is very simple, do not attack the boss directly, always attack her cards.

Reflect is the easiest way by letting Deep Maw power up.

Another pierce boss. Somehow the second skill is half of the previous version so that helps. Problem here is that Scrap, the King of Garbage and Mi will mess up your strategy a lot. The boss itself is nothing special but try to bring Apep (Scrap, the King of Garbage can’t hit him and his reborn helps Mi-tigate the fox). Control deck does well against this one, bring some extra Mental Shields and/or extra silence to neutralize Tortulus and Myrddin.

Another poison boss, but only Poison Flos/Melia to worry about really. Groot, Silent Guardian is annoying but just retry if he messes things up. Easiest option is to let Mantas kill your units and then feed him a Totem or two which will kill his warlord easily. If you’re not using Reflect, bring Cleanse and units with Immunity to handle the poison. Coba must be killed/silenced asap or he will heal the boss non-stop.

Don’t forget, do not attack the boss directly. This ignores both his skills. The deck is pretty easy to handle except for High Tinker Gear. Tinker himself is no threat unless you’re using mostly Nature. The real menace is the Tesla he summons, kill that thing or silence it asap as it will deal a ton of damage, especially if the AI decides to protect it with Marquis or Taurus. Groot, Silent Guardian is extremely useful for the Tesla removal (it’s actually best to wait with Groot, Silent Guardian until you can silence both the melee and the Tesla together).

Control deck counters this one pretty hard as once the board is full of runes he can’t do anything anymore.

This one is rough. The Miss skill is annoying enough already but on a 1400hp boss it’s especially painful. Apep on A3 (top right corner) is extremely important here so that he always triggers reborn. You’ll want to mix Control deck with some Reflect for Draggara and Snake. Try to play Miss a lot and try to play your units so that Lo’Trix puppets don’t come across Snake/Draggara and kill them. Mental Shields are helpful against Scrap, the King of Garbage and bring Santa for enemy Groot, Silent Guardian. Reflect is by far the easiest option if mixed with the control deck but even then it’s hard.

This one has 3 skills but is actually super easy. You need 2 things, silence/transform for Ogrok, the Leader and 1 or 2 Totems.

The strategy is very simple, feed Koschei the Immortal a turn or 2 and block everything else off with summon. Then give Koschei a Totem and this boss is dead in no time. Might need an attempt or 2 but with Reflect on Koschei and you’ll get this one in a matter of minutes.

A highly defensive deck but 1600hp and flight with 200 heals is nothing to sneeze at. This boss is actually not that hard as he has low offensive power, just tanks a lot of damage. Control deck is excellent against this one as it basically ignores all his units if you use Lo’Trix and the melees well. As long as you have Lo’Trix and can keep her safe from enemy Alexandria this is rather easy, just a very long fight.

Always keep at least 1 card (puppet or a melee) in front of Lo’Trix/Justia/TNT. Let TNT fill the board while keeping Alex away from those ranged. Silence/Transform Morgen and Cernun, ignore Taurus and Tortulus (he heals for 200 per turn anyway). Slowly but surely you will wipe out more and more cards with your ranged units while TNT will prevent him from placing new cards. When the board is full, it’ll take another 5-10 turns for your ranged to get enough power from Justia but you will finish him eventually as he can’t do anything anymore so just need to wait until you out-dps the heals.

Cleanse is a must here, without it you’re dead very quickly. Ideal to bring both Alexandria and Lo’Trix. A lot of silence and transform is needed, especially for Zor’Ma.

Option 1 is to go with reflect used on Medusa/Hanako but Ball’Zt, Dominus, Regardus make this tricky.

Option 2 is to use control deck but with All (more Miss) and Apep (place across Dominus). Biggest issue with this strategy is Ysh’tMala so if you can handle him then you will win.

It’s a great idea to use Madam Agony on this one (thank you Mr. Underscore for the tip) as if you can transform his entire board using Goliath/Eostre his Ysh’t will boost the Crystals on his side while your Eostre can buff your own. This results in a massive stall but as you have sudden death you will get him eventually. If you have an open spot you can use something like Ghosta/Red Woman or the rare Tesla to speed things up. Save your sudden deaths as each turn you don’t use them they grow in power. This works really well as all you need to do is have him play Ysh’t and keep your Goliath/Eostre alive for 1 turn until Agony comes in.

Obviously, don’t attack him or you will take heavy poison damage. The swords are harmless so let them fill his board. Reflect is best used on this one as it ignores the poison/Tortulus and Mizu/Morgan/Snake all gain a ton of attack.

Much like the last boss Reflect is great but this time you will need Mental Shields for your Totems as double attack hurts and Eona/Loath will tear through the Totems otherwise when combined with the first boss skill (silence/transform these 2 asap or make sure you have both All and Justia if it’s just Eona on the board). Let Draggara/Morgan attack your Totems.

Another option (as except for Loath and Triton all his units rely on attacking to do stuff) is to spam the board with runes, either death runes using control strategy or freeze runes using Mizu and other freeze cards.

Another boss with 3 skills and he heals for a whopping 1000 hp while also ignoring negative effects and hitting your warlord with a ton of hits. Lastly, he has a high level Scrap, the King of Garbage/Morgan/Medusa with potentially double attack if you leave them alive for more than 1 turn (so kill/freeze/neutralize these 3 asap). Ogre is a must on this boss.

Control deck is pretty good against this one as it doesn’t care about the 1k heals. Swap All and Ysh’t out as they’re useless here). Keep Justia as her Miss is after the start of the turn so it still works. In return, add a warlord healer like Frost, Triton or preferably Life Palace to your deck. These 3 counter the third skill and can counter Scrap, the King of Garbage a little.

Same Control strategy applies. Silence/transform/kill what you can (the 3 listed above especially, but Triton and Anak as well) and try to keep your warlord hp up. Ignore Tortulus (he heals for 1k so what Tortulus does is irrelevant, Discordia (killing her will only result in melees taking damage so just block her with anything) and Tengu (Control deck doesn’t care about that).

Get TNT out asap so he can fill the board. Once that’s done the boss can’t touch you anymore so it’s just skipping turns until your ranged are strong enough to get past the 1k heals/turn.

See Encounter 9-8. The second skill is now doubled so need a little more focus on healing but tactics are the same. Biggest issues are again Scrap, the King of Garbage and Mi.

A heavy freeze deck, high level enemy Shaa and Sheer as well.

But, Koschei is back so a big thank you for that. Shields are necessary or Sheer will tear through your totems like a hot knife through butter and Shaa’s Splash damage hurts. This will take a few tries but if you can get the AI to place Koschei in the front while silencing/transforming/freezing everything else Koschei will do the job for you.

Mizu is also a pretty good target for reflect.

Trying this the normal way means Control deck and putting your Apep across enemy Ysh’t. You could try Madam Agony to transform the whole board and grind her down with Sudden Death.

But with 2300hp and starting at 10 damage you better have at least 30 min. to spare and have to pray your game/computer/internet is perfect as if it crashes …

You can also win this one with a ton of Mental Shields on both warlord and units (Shaa, Angelia, Charon, …).

Poison 80 + reborn 5 Melia and Coba means Control deck with Lo’Trix on D1 (bottom left corner) is pretty much the only option here. You could feed the Mantas and then reflect him but the poison is just too much so Control is the best option. Need to start with Lo’Trix in the bottom left corner and have a puppet get killed each turn or poison will eliminate your Justia quickly. Then get TNT out to start pumping out death runes. All isn’t that useful here (no real heavy hitters aside from Mantas) so it’s best to bring some extra silence/transform to eliminate Coba, Melia and Ananta. Ignore Mantas, Anak, Tengu, puppets will kill them over time. Ysh’t is a good choice as well to deal with the Poison Flos. If you’re bringing 4 melee, you can use Alexandria as your 4th ranged (3 others are Lo’Trix, Justia, TNT) for heals and a second source of cleanse. For melee I brought Ysh’t, Apep, Groot, Silent Guardian and Dead Lord. Shaa can replace one of those if needed but I liked the freeze/reborn/silence/transform combo more than Shaa’s stalling abilities.

I needed about 200 attempts on this boss as it’s very hard to get Lo’Trix up and running, Justia not dying of poison and the enemy Groot, Silent Guardian not messing everything up.

Just keep trying and the stars will eventually align.

Note: I am currently stuck on this boss so tactics from now on are based on what heavy spenders told me or based on their screenshots.

I call this boss the f2p (free to play)-killer. Whomever designed this one should be banished to hell for eternity. This boss will make you kill yourself, literally.

You take 300!!! damage for every unit you play. You play Hoodoo and his Totem, you take 600 damage. Play Dead Lord and 3 zombies, that’s 1200 damage in your warlord's face.

If you somehow manage to tank that damage, you will face a 183 attack, 427 hp Seahorse every turn which spawns 4 freeze runes (aka in 3 turns your entire board is covered in runes).

If that’s not bad enough, she also has one of the meanest decks in the entire journey. Flap can’t be given Miss or frozen, Scrap, the King of Garbage just hits your warlord no matter what. Morgan kills your melee. Groot, Silent Guardian to counter Reflect tactics, Poison Flos to just spam the board...

If your Ogre has less than 800 hp base (without guild bonuses), just accept that you won’t beat this one. It is literally impossible. You need at least 800 hp base (900 with guild bonuses) so that you can just survive. Ideally 1500 hp to start getting a decent chance.

So, how does one tackle this monstrosity? Assuming you have enough hp (1300+ or so) you can try and go for a quick kill using a high attack card (Koschei, Diana) with double attack or the Flank deck. Both decks require high level cards and a lot of luck (the enemy Flap likes to ruin these strategies a lot). A Vanakauri/Cernun for the finishing touch can help as well.

I’ve gotten pretty far myself using Angelia and Dark Knight (epic) as both of them keep giving shields to your warlords. This way I got her down to half hp after 7 turns. It’s not close to winning but it’s a f2p-start so if someone finds a better trick, please let me know.

If you somehow managed to get past Dita, pat yourself on the back, buy the largest pie or cake you can find and if you did it without maxed out heroes, make sure to brag everywhere and show me how you did it.

This boss is a copy of 9-14, just a lot more hp and higher levels. After Dita this should be easy.

See Encounter 9-6, again just a much stronger version. The Yorik and Flap will really hurt here.

Blair is a great option to hand out Mental Shield to protect against Yorik and also eliminate the enemy Lo’Trix.

There are 2 big issues here, poison 200 is the obvious one. The less obvious one is the Snake handing out 4-5 (check his level) insta-kill runes when he dies. Therefore you must silence/transform the Snake or face the consequences. Reflect doesn’t work well anymore due to 2900 hp to chew through so Control deck is your best option here. Try and build up attack with Lo’Trix to deal big hits on the enemy warlord, rather than chip damage.

A freeze deck and to top it off you’ve got a full board of freeze runes to start and he summons more every turn and if he kills one of your frozen cards you eat 500 damage. Epic Mina is highly useful here as she’s the only card that can remove the runes. If you can tank the hits, you can use Reflect on Deep Maw. Use a lot of buildings and kill the Nilen and Void Jewel asap as they can break through the stall. Need Lo’Trix/Alexandria for cleanse.

Summoning makes you eat that 500 damage but if you’re here your warlord should be able to tank that. Buildings don’t count as frozen I think.

Maxed out Shaa, Koschei, Sheer and Mizu hurts. Shielded Reflect would be my suggested strategy as a lot of heroes that ramp up quickly.

This boss looks like a copy of 9-20 but there are 2 differences.

He can actually go over his starting hp
He silences a random card every turn

Due to this, this boss is considered one of, if not the hardest boss in the journey. Maxed our Scrap, the King of Garbage and Triton also hurt a lot.

You will need reflect, a ton of silence, a lot of shields, a lot of cannon fodder, cleanse, … basically everything.

And you need the staying power to get past his healing in the end, as the boss will easily go over 10k hp.

A deck that can beat him is: Ogre, Blair, Alexandria, Lo’Trix, Eostre, Nilen, Dead Lord, Koschei (to kill the boss) and Snake.

Need a lot of luck with the random silence.

Another option is Order deck with Legion, Aphrodite and Shao Lin. Shao can make your cards immune to silence so 1 less thing to worry about while Legion buffs your deck and Aphrodite hits the boss with her skill.

Need heavy silence on this one as your melees are pretty useless on 3.7k hp, healing for 1500 and Flight.

Control deck + a ton of silence clears this one (use literally all Legendaries with Silence)

Another pierce boss but this time with way more warlord damage so you need a lot of extra healing. Pierce 100 means you need to look at some beefy ranged. The ones from Control deck go well but Mina Hellsing is also a great option. Again, lots of silence is needed.

Another copy-paste boss, compared to what you’ve faced before this is rather easy. Cleanse the poison and just wear him down with the control deck. A high level multi-attacking Scrap, the King of Garbage (Charon extra attack rune) can also deal some serious damage to him.

Final boss and it’s a mean one. Obviously avoid the Elementals as much as you can or Transform them (Madam Agony + something like Goliath or Eostre can work). A lot of Mental Shield helps to counter the kill skill. Heavy silence/stalling is needed obviously.

Other than that it’s the usual assortment of silence/cleanse/freeze/…

Again, high-level Scrap, the King of Garbage with triple attack (2 base + 1 from Charon) is a great option.