Mighty Party Wiki

Kingdom, the main screen of Mighty Party, consist of different buildings. Those buildings might be non-game modes that allow you to just collect resources or buy necessary resources for your progress while they might be game modes that allow you to play and fight with the opponents in different ways just for fun or accomplishing the necessary task so that you can earn resources.

In addition, you will find some icons that are shortcut of some buildings, or icons that are permanent and takes to the offers or mini-events which grand you some advantages during the given time, or temporary icons. The temporary icons show up periodically or just one time when you reach to a certain league and requires you to complete the given tasks.

General look of Kingdom

Below, the buildings and the icons will be introduced shortly.


Game Modes

Game Modes are the buildings which you can actively battle against either AI or other players with your team. Some of the modes here are available from the beginning while others require you to reach a certain level to be unlocked. In these modes, you will be rewarded with various of resources for your success and affords you put.
Hall of Fame is the main fight mode of the game which you will battle against the other players controlled by AI with the Squad that you chose. This is the building where you can level up League and unlock different heroes and features of the game.

Dungeon of Trials.png
The Dungeon of Trials is the building granting access to three weekly rotating game modes: The Pit, Dark Tower and Raids. It becomes available at League 20.

Journey is the building which takes you to a different story mode. In this mode, you are taken to an island where you are required to defeat different bosses in return of earning great rewards.

Divine Arena is the building which comes with special combats with predefined squads every two days and you chose your side and fight with the other to earn the rewards. It becomes available at League 17.

Gold Mine is the building which rewards you with only Gold Gold for destroying the statues. The more statue you destroy, the more gold you earn.

Colosseum is a game mode that provides access to one of three rotating mini games.

Turf War is a game mode available after joining a Guild in which you fight on a map with the people of the Guild you belong to. It is a real time team fight that you can get various of rewards depending on your contribution. It becomes available at League 24.

Non-Game Mode

Non-Game Mode building are the ones that do not require any battle but collect or buy resources for the progress of your game.
Guild is the building which you fight against other Guilds on a map with the people of the Guild you belong to. It is a real time team fight that you can get various of rewards depending on your contribution. It becomes available at League 24.
Shop is the building which you can do summons by using your in-game resources like Gem Gem, and Friendship Tokens Friendship Tokens or purchase some resources either with the real-world currency, and with in-game resources like Gem Gem.

Gem Mine is the building which you can get a certain quantity of Gem Gem daily, depending on the level of the mine. It becomes available with the activation of VIP VIP.


Permanent Icons

Deals is the icon that takes you to the section where you will find various kind of Deals offered by Mighty Party. Their refreshing time is unique to each and they can be purchased with real-world currency.
Fable is the icon that takes you to the section where you will find all mini events offered by Mighty Party. These mini events last 6 to 36 hours and grands you different benefits for a limited time. New ones appear when the time is up for one.
Fight is a shortcut icon which takes you directly to the Hall of Fame.

Temporary Icons

Event Icon.png
Global Events' icon only appears during the event time. Except the First Blood Quest, it starts to appear when you reach the League 22 and takes place every second week. It takes you to the event path and you will receive good amount of event resources for completing the tasks.
Mighty Pass Icon.png
Mighty Pass is a path where you can earn resources by collecting points and the icon appears when it starts, which is at League 21 and lasts for 21 days. New Mighty Pass starts right after the current one expires.
Wish Shop Icon.png
The Wish Shop is a special event available at League 23 that occurs monthly and lasts for 3 days. Depending on your league, the wish shop allows you to choose up to 3 Legendary Heroes to include in a special summoning chest.
Hunt icon.png
Hunt is the monthly event which allows you to improve the features of the Pets. In this event, you are given several tasks to complete and rewarded with pet souls in return so that you can use these souls to level up your pet.
Honey Dew Rescue is quest chain and the icon appears when you reach League 16. It is a one time quest and grands you the chance of having the pet, Honey Dew at the end of it if you complete the quest.