KINGDOM[edit | edit source]

In your Kingdom you can see several buildings, some of them related to your properties in the game, and others related to the different Fight Modes available.

Owned buildings[edit | edit source]

The buildings you have unlocked give you some resources and information in the game:

  • Castle gives you information about your power in the game, your squad...and allows you to change your nick and medal.
  • Shop allows you to buy heroes and different resources like Gold.png Gold, Gem.png Gems and Elixir.png Elixir.
  • Gold mine offers you a minigame where you fight statues for Gold.png Gold for a few turns, depending on the level of the mine.
  • Gem mine offers you a certain quantity of Gem.png Gems daily, depending on the level of the mine.

Other buildings: Fight modes[edit | edit source]

The rest of the buildings you have in your kingdom are some (not all) of the different fight modes the game has:

  • Brawl, to fight against similar squads for small rewards.
  • Dark Tower, using your whole deck against the whole deck of players being in your current league.
  • Divine Arena, with special combats with predefined squads every two days.
  • Journey, with increasing challenges using your squad against predefined squads.
  • Raids, fight against each other, steal whatever you want from the enemy Castle and defend you own Castle.
  • The Pit, with tough bosses to fight for great rewards.

You also have the button "Fight" down-right that displays the main fight mode, in which you gain "leagues" that unlock new heroes you can summon or get in chests, and the button "Summon" down-left, that take you to the shop.

Finally, you can see in your kingdom another building: The guild in which you are enroled. 

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