League is the status that shows your level in the game and that is determined with the Fame Fame points earned with the battles only made in Hall of Fame. In the beginning, you start your journey from League 30 as a disciple and then you become a teacher at League 15. At the end, you reach the highest status, Grand Master, and become one of the masters in Grand Master League (GM League) as you proceed in the game.

How does it work?[edit | edit source]

Every battle made in Hall of Fame rewards you with Gold Gold and Fame Fame points if it is a win, or deducts some point from your fame if it is a loss. You move to higher league when the fame bar on the top of the screen is fulfilled, however you drop to lower league when the bar drops below zero.

What is it good for?[edit | edit source]

League changes have great impact to your game. As you proceed to higher leagues,
  • You will unlock different game modes in the game.
  • You will unlock new heroes and have a chance to get them from the chests.
  • You will unlock new Warlords.
  • The rewards earned from the chests will get better and better.
  • You will have more friend spot.
  • You will receive predetermined Season Reward based on your league.
  • You will earn more cards from the Global Events. It should be reminded that the difficulty of Global events also is based on your League. Therefore, it is advised to check how the difficulty of steps changes before going higher Leagues. For more information about the event path, click here.

League Level Table[edit | edit source]

Given the table below, you can see the changes in your game per league.
  • More friends means you get one more slot on your friend's list.
  • Chest Upgrade means more souls in chests.
  • Might is only recommended.
  • Fame determines your league.
Note: To enter in GM League, you need to finish in the top 150 players at the end of a season.
League Fame Fame Recommended Might Heroes Unlocked Gameplay Unlocked
Common Common Rare Rare Epic Epic Legendary Legendary
29 20 650 Witch
Wise Owl Prince More Friends
28 50 850 Warrioress
Love Lady
Child of Chaos
Song of Forest - Quests
Chest Upgrade
New Squad Slot
More Friends
27 110 1000 Idol Gargoyle
Bone Hunter
Minotaur Mr. Devil
More Friends
Soul Request
Chest Upgrade
Rare Chest Rare Chest
26 185 1100 Gnome Pharaon
Angry Imp
Ayfe the Arrow Sir Lancelot More Friends
Chest Upgrade
New Squad Slot
25 260 1200 Cat Lady Minstrel
Knight - More Friends
Warlord Son of Woods
Chest Upgrade
24 380 1400 Shinobi
Red Orc
Orc Master Void Juggler - More Frieds
Chest Upgrade
Warlord Trixy
23 500 1700 Big Toad
Mr. Toad
- Prince Nod More Friends
Chest Upgrade
22 650 2100 Blood Cult Adept
Dark Acolyte
Archwitch - More Friends
New Squad Slot
Chest Upgrade
Global Events
21 800 2500 Raven Leaf Child
Dark Witch
Blood Lord
Lord Toad
- More Friends
Chest Upgrade
20 1000 3000 - Prophet
First Aid
Count Vlad More Friends
Chest Upgrade
Warlord Void Spirit
Epic Chest Epic Chest
Dark Tower
The Pit
Guild Bonuses
19 1200 3500 Tree Forest Mage
Karas - More Friends
Chest Upgrade
18 1400 4200 - Satyr
Dark Tree
Soul Monger
Lady Wild
- More Friends
Chest Upgrade
17 1650 4900 - Undead
Tesla Tower Red Woman More Friends
Chest Upgrade
Divine Arena
16 1900 6000 - Love Mage
Voltage Tower
High Naga
Tent of Life
- More Friends
Chest Upgrade
15 2150 7500 - Wind Snake
Dream Whelpling
Cursed Oak
Living Dead
- More Friends
Chest Upgrade
14 2350 9500 - Bunny Olaf the Red
Hell Gate
Queen Ananta More Friends
Chest Upgrade
13 2600 11500 - Void Stone Battle Angel
Love Goddess
Tesla X More Friends
Chest Upgrade
12 2900 13000 - Harpy Luck Idol
Anak, Princess Dragon More Friends
Chest Upgrade
11 3200 14000 - - Void Rock
Lucky Rabbit
Maeve More Friends
Chest Upgrade
10 3600 15000 - - Dark Mage
Scarlet Warrior
Wind Warrior
Titania More Friends
Chest Upgrade
Legendary Chest Legendary Chest
9 4000 17000 - - Caesar's Head
Miss Lapin More Friends
Chest Upgrade
8 4500 19000 - - Soul Hunter King Taurus
Hanzo Sama
More Friends
Chest Upgrade
7 5000 22000 - - Gargantos Void Jewel
Marquis de Sat
More Friends
Chest Upgrade
6 5750 24500 - - Chieftain Orc Matriarch Eona
Erik the Grey
More Friends
Chest Upgrade
5 6500 27000 - - Emerald Dragon Aphrodite
Life Palace
More Friends
Chest Upgrade
4 7250 28500 - - - Stormrage
Enlil, Wind of Change
More Friends
Chest Upgrade
3 8000 31200 - - - Apollo
Regardus Diplius
Dead Lord
More Friends
Chest Upgrade
2 9000 38000 - - - Goliath
High Tinker Gear
More Friends
Chest Upgrade
1 11000 39000 - - - Axe
Melia, Forest’s Daughter
More Friends
Chest Upgrade
GM 15000 42500 - - - Vanakauri
D'Arc, Iron Maiden
Tengu, Ravencrest
More Friends
Chest Upgrade
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