List of Legendary Heroes Edit

List of Legendary Heroes (outdated)Edit

Rarity Name Image Skills Min-Max Atk Min-Max HP Avail.
Legendary All, Prince of SandsAll, Prince of Sands

Miss Attacks: Gives Miss to 2 random enemies for 1 turn

Buff ATK Death any (except for order ones): Gets +(X)Atk

Debuff ATK Death: -(X)Atk to enemies

14-19512-182 Event
Legendary Griffius, the CelestialGriffius, the Celestial

Block Gives Block (X)Block to Ally Warlord for 2 turns

Buff ATK Ally Warlord Attacked: Gives +(X)Atk to allies in line

Flight Flight

4-24- Event
Legendary Jaxy, The ThunderfistJaxy, The Thunderfist

Multi-Attack Extra attack

Block Gets Block (X) for each hero around herself

Evasion Evasion

7-12- Event
Legendary Shao LinShao Lin

Block Order ally appears: gets Immune for 1 turn

Buff ATK Attack: gives +(X)Atk to allies

Damage Attacked: kills random Chaos Chaos enemy

7-22- Event
Legendary Angelia the LightbringerAngelia The Lightbringer

Mental Shield Enemy appears: Give Mental Shield Mental Shield to ally Warlord

Buff ATK Attacked: Gives +(X)Atk to allies

Flight Flight

9-11424-321 Event
Legendary D'Arc, Iron MaidenD'Arc, Iron Maiden

Mental Shield Mental Shield

Block Immunity

Buff HP Enemies start of attack: Gives +(X)HP to allies

8-10819-292 GM
Legendary Diana, Amazonian QueenDiana, Amazonian Queen

Buff ATK Ally's Pierce Pierce triggered: +(X)Atk to herself

Damage Counter attack

Buff HP End of Turn: gets Bonus HP equals to her Atk

6-9720-264 Event
Legendary Bravi, Deadly BladeBravi, Deadly Blade

Buff HP Swap stats of enemies in this line

Damage Enemy Warlord attacked: Deals (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

Block Kill: Gets Block Block (X)

14-17011-146 Event
Legendary Super MarySuper Mary

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to herself for each male on the battlefield

Mental Shield Attacked: gets Mental Shield Mental Shield

Pierce Pierce (X)

13-16611-146 Event
Legendary IcebergIceberg

Freeze Attacked: Freeze Freeze enemy for 1 turn

Buff ATK Every Turn: +(X)Atk himself for each Hero in line

Block Block (X)

7-9629-220 Event
Legendary Fury, the Great WarriorFury, the Great Warrior

Multi-Attack 3 extra attacks

Buff ATK Kill: +(X)Atk to himself

4-5812-112 Event
Legendary TitaniaTitania

Evasion Evasion

Mental Shield Mental Shield

Buff ATK End of Turn: +(X)Atk to allied women

7-10720-293 League 10
Legendary Hanzo SamaHanzo sama

Mental Shield Kill: Gets Mental Shield Mental Shield

Damage Counter attack

Buff ATK End of Turn: Gets +(X)Atk for each hero with Mental Shield Mental Shield

15-18312-149 League 8
Legendary High Tinker GearHigh Tinker Gear

Regeneration Attacked: Heals friendly Warlord for +(X)HP

Damage Attack: (X)Damage to Nature Nature enemies

Summon Summons Mini Tesla X X/X on random ranged cell

6-9534-322 League 2
Legendary Sir LancelotSir Lancelot

Block Gives Block Block (X) to Melee filter Melee allies

Block Block (X)

Buff ATK Order ally appears: +(X)Atk to himself

6-9625-183 League 26
Legendary PrincePrince

Summon Summons 2 Archers X/X behind himself

Summon Start of Turn: summons 2 Archers X/X behind self

Block Block (X)

6-9122-266 League 29
Legendary Mina HellsingMina Hellsing

Multi-Attack Attack Enemy Warlord: Gets extra attack

Damage Ally (including Warlord) attacked: Deals (X-Y)Damage to Enemy Warlord

Accuracy Accuracy

8-14- Event
Legendary Frost, The Snow QueenFrost, The Snow Queen

Freeze Ally with Regeneration Heal appears: freezes random enemy

Buff HP Enemy appears: cleanses negative effects of allies around herself

Buff HP Start of turn: gives +(X)HP to ally warlord for each enemy

9-24- Event
Legendary ApolloApollo

Mental Shield Gives Mental Shield Mental Shield to Melee filter Melee allies

Buff ATK Canceled Mental Shield Mental Shield from any hero on battlefield: gives +(X)Atk to allies

Evasion End of turn: gives Evasion Evasion to a random ally(except flying units)

12-18- Event
Legendary Mjolnir, Lightning GodMjolnir, Lightning God

Damage Gets "Deal (X)Damage to non-Order hero that appears on the battlefield" for each unit on the battlefield

Damage Ally's Block Block triggered: deals (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

Evasion Death: Gives "Evasion" to Ranged Filter Ranged allies

10-14015-123 Event
Legendary Strik, the Fiery HeartStrik, the Fiery Heart

Buff ATK Attack: Gives +(X)Atk to allies for 1 turn

Damage Gets "(X)Damage to all enemies around target in radius 2" for each unit on the battlefield

Splash End of Turn: Gives Splash Splash (X) to a random ally

14-1349-114 Event
Legendary GhostaGhosta

Damage Warlord Attacked: Kill random enemy

Buff HP Set (X)HP to Ranged Filter Ranged around herself

Block Death: Give Block Block(X) to allies around herself

12-1478-62 Event
Legendary Evil "Santa"Evil Santa

Summon Attack: Transform enemy into Reward box X/X

Regeneration Warlord Attacked: Heals all Order Order allies for +(X)HP

Block Block (X)

10-14015-123 Event
Legendary BlairBlair

Debuff ATK Set (X)HP to Ranged Filter Ranged enemies

Mental Shield Give Mental Shield Mental Shield to ally entering the battlefield

Pierce Start of Turn: Gives Pierce Pierce (X) to random ally

13-1499-97 Event
Legendary AlexandriaAlexandria

Summon Summons Lower Life Palace X/X in front of itself

Buff HP End of turn: Removes negative impact from allies (except Silence)

Silence Attack: Silence Silence enemy

14-19118-132 League 4
Legendary AthenaAthena

Summon Kill: summons Archers X/X around self

Buff ATK Ally Death: +(X)Atk to herself

Buff ATK End of turn: Gives +(X)Atk to allies for each ally with Mental Shield Mental Shield

11-12123-207 League 1
Legendary AphroditeAphrodite

Damage End of Turn: Deals Damage to enemy Warlord equal to a random ally HP

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals a random ally to MAXHP

Summon Summon (n) pentagram(s) of +(X)HP

12-1859-149 League 5
Legendary Miss LapinMiss Lapin

Pierce Gives Pierce Pierce(X) to Ranged Filter Ranged allies

Freeze Attack: Freeze Freeze all enemies in line for 1 turn

Pierce Pierce (X)

11-14812-100 League 9
Legendary Life PalaceLife Palace

Regeneration Heals your Warlord for +(X)HP for each ally

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals all allies for +(X)HP

Regeneration Start of turn: Heal +(X)HP allied Warlord

- 40-382 League 5
Legendary Tesla XTesla X

Damage Any death: (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

Buff ATK Start of Turn: +(X)Atk to Allies

- 41-384 League 13
Legendary TsukumogamiTsukumogami

Buff ATK Any hero +Atk triggered(except Tsukumogami): gets +(X) Atk ;

Evasion Evasion;

Buff HP Before ally attack: Gets +(X)HP to himself;

13-16- Event
Legendary Kung FuciusKung Fucius

Buff ATK Death Any: gets +(X) Atk

Block Gives to Nature Nature allies (including Himself) Immunity to Summon Transform;

Damage Gives to Enimies (except Buildings Buildings: "Death: Leaves Rune of damage (X)

Damage in his place";

6-25- Event
Legendary Snake, The Lizard PrinceSnake, The Lizard Prince

Block Gets Invulnerability to physical attacks for this turn;

Steal Attack Start of turn: steals (X) Atk from enemies (except Nature Nature);

Damage Death: summons (X) Instant Kill Runes on random enemy cells;

15-11- Event
Legendary Cernun, ArchdruidCernun, Archdruid

Steal Attack Steals +(X)Atk from enemies (except Nature Nature)

Summon Death: Summons Totem X/X in his place

Buff ATK Start of Turn: gets +(X)Atk for each Nature Nature ally

14-18214-195 Event
Legendary Triton, the Bottom HeraldTriton, the Bottom Herald

Silence Attacked: Silence Silence the attacking hero

Buff HP End of turn: Gives +(X)HP to ally Warlord

Regeneration Regeneration (X)

4-8239-298 Event
Legendary Morgan, the Sea TuskMorgan, the Sea Tusk

Debuff ATK Set enemies in line Attack to 1 Atk for 1 turn

Buff ATK Before enemy attack: Gets +(X)Atk to himself

Counter Attack Counter attack

14-19912-185 Event
Legendary Coba, Temple KeeperCoba, Temple Keeper

Poison Places (n) Rune(s) of Poison Poison

Regeneration Enemy got Poison Poison: heals ally Warlord for +(X)HP

Summon Death: Summon Summon Stone Golem X/X

8-9930-257 Event
Legendary Mi, Ten-Tailed FoxMi, Ten-Tailed Fox

Regeneration End of Turn: gets Regeneration Regeneration (X)

Regeneration Ally death: heals Warlord for +(X)HP

Buff ATK Male appears: gets +(X)Atk

7-8732-250 Event
Legendary Groot, Silent GuardianGroot, Silent Guardian

Silence Silence enemies in line except Building

Regeneration Regeneration (X)

Block Block (X)

5-8443-350 Event
Legendary Loath, Spore LoserLoath, Spore Loser

Damage Give all enemies: Death: (X)Damage to adjacent heroes

Regeneration Attacked: Heals adjacent allies for +(X)HP

Damage Start of Turn: (X)Damage to all enemies

6-9033-244 Event
Legendary Matriarch EonaMatriarh Iona

Buff ATK Ally's Spikes Spikes triggered: +(X)Atk to herself and neighbours

Splash Attack: (X)Damage to all enemies around target in radius 2

Flight Flight

11-10025-227 League 6
Legendary Enlil, Wind of ChangeEnlil, Wind of Change

Buff ATK When enemy Warlord is attacked: +(X)Atk to herself

Spikes Give Spikes Spikes (X) to herself when enemy appears

Flight Flight

18-17713-144 League 4
Legendary Queen AnantaQueen Ananta

Poison Poison (X) all enemies

Buff HP Every Turn: +(X)HP herself for each Poison Poison

Poison Death: Poison Poison (X) attacked enemy

14-16914-182 League 14
Legendary Marquis de SatMarquis De Sat

Poison Enemy who attacked gets Poison Poison (X)

Buff HP Ally's Spikes Spikes triggered: Gives +(X)HP to allies around

Regeneration Death: heals your Warlord for +(X)HP

6-10440-347 League 7
Legendary El MariachiEl Mariachi

Summon Nature Nature ally appears: Transform random enemy into Cactus 0/1 with Spikes Spikes

Buff HP Ally's Spikes Spikes triggered: +(X)HP to himself

Splash Attacked: (X)Damage to enemies around himself in radius of 2 cells

10-10424-241 Event
Legendary Prince NodPrince Nod

Spikes Spikes (X)

Buff HP Nature Nature ally appears: +(X)HP to himself

Damage Death: (X)Damage to all enemies

6-9032-238 League 23
Legendary BastetBastet

Damage (X)Damage to ALL units

Regeneration Death: heals allies to full HP

13-20713-191 League 27
Legendary Erik the GreyErik the Grey

Buff ATK Ally Attacked: +(X)Atk to himself

Block Attacked: Gets Block Invulnerability to Physical attacks for this turn

Set HP Death: Sets HP of enemy Melee filter Melee heroes to 1

9-9324-355 League 6
Legendary King TaurusKing Taurus

Regeneration Enemy Warlord attacked: Heals allied Warlord to damage recieved by the enemy Warlord

Buff ATK Ally Attacked: +(X)Atk to himself

Spikes Spikes (X)

8-9328-252 League 8
Legendary Tortulus, the Wise Oneauto

Regeneration Allly (including Warlord) attacked : Heals Ally Warlord for +(X)-(Y)HP

Buff ATK Nature ally's Death: Gets +(X)Atk

Flight Flight

7-30- Event
Legendary Poison FlosPoison Flos

Summon Melee filter Melee ally appears: gives him/her ability to summon (X) Echinops in random Ranged cells after death

Poison Attack: poisons (X)Damage all enemies

Buff HP End of turn: gets +(X)HP to himself

7-30- Event
Legendary Melia, Forest’s DaughterMelia, Forest’s Daughter

Damage Poison triggered: Deals (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

Buff HP Ally's Spikes triggered: Gives +(X)HP to allies

Poison End of turn: Poison Poison (X) 2 random enemies

15-13710-182 League 1
Legendary Mizu, the Sea FoamMizu, the Sea Foam

Summon End of turn: Summon Water Elemental X/X in front

Freeze Start of turn: Freezes random enemy

Buff ATK Start of turn: kill Water Elemental in front and get AttackAtk equal his HealthHP

12-15710-115 Event
Legendary HoodooHoodoo

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals Melee filter Melee allies for +(X)HP

Summon Ranged ally appear: Gives skill: Attack: Summon Summon Wood Spike on forward

Summon Summons Totem X/X on forward

13-14312-163 Event
Legendary Tani WindrunnerTani Windrunner

Buff HP Every turn swap his stats

Buff HP Warlord attacked: +(X)HP to himself

Buff ATK Kill: +(X)Atk to himself for each Nature Nature ally

15-1504-51 Event
Legendary Tengu, RavencrestTengu, Raven Crest

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to Nature Nature allies

Buff ATK Ally's Regeneration Regeneration triggered: +(X)Atk himself

Debuff ATK Enemy Appear: Set enemy Atk to 1 for 1 turn

11-12711-135 GM
Legendary DraggaraDraggara

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to herself for each hero

Spikes Spikes End of Turn: Gives Spikes Spikes (X) to ally Warlord

Spikes Spikes (X)

7-9614-183 Event
Legendary Anak, Princess DragonAnak, Princess Dragon

Buff HP End of Turn: +(X)HP to allies

Poison Attack: Poison Poison (X) enemies in line

Flight Flight

15-15610-143 League 12
Legendary MaeveMaeve

Regeneration Give Regeneration Regeneration (X) to Melee filter Melee allies

Buff ATK Start of Turn: +(X)Atk to adjacent allies

Regeneration Kill: heals your Warlord for +(X)HP

12-14111-179 League 11
Legendary Mother OwlMother Owl

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to all allies

Debuff ATK -(X)Atk to all enemies

11-9612-147 League 29
Legendary VanakauriVanakauri

Counter Attack Attacked: returns all taken damage to enemy Warlord

Buff ATK Warlord Healed: +(X)Atk to all allies

Regeneration Ally Death: Heals allies for +(X)HP

- 39-411 GM
Legendary Ball'Zt, The WardenBall'Zt, the Warden

Summon Before the attack: Summons Ball'Zt the Warder (X)/(Y) (with Splash) in column

Splash Attacks: Deals (X)Damage to enemies around the enemy attacked (in radius 2), then dies

Flight Flight

10-108 14-198 Event
Legendary Ogrok, the LeaderOgrok, the Leader


10-108 14-198 Event
Legendary Mr. FlapMr. Flap

Block Immunity

Set HP Attacked: sets attacking enemy health to 1 HP

Damage Ally death: deals (X)Damage to Ranged Filter Ranged enemies

4- 34- Event
Legendary Apep, Aspect of ChaosApep, Aspect of Chaos

RebornSkill Start turn: gives RebornSkill Reborn to random Chaos Chaos ally

Buff ATK Get +(X)Atk for each ally's death

Flight Flight

10-8728-277 Event
Legendary Ysh'Tmala, The Old GodYsh'Tmala, The Old God

Freeze Attacked: Freeze Freeze Ranged Filter Ranged enemy heroes for 1 turn

Block Immunity

Buff HP Start of Turn: +(X)HP to allies

10-11826-187 Event
Legendary General Zor'MaGeneral Zor'Ma

Summon Attacked: Summon Summon a weak copy of himself on a random cell in column

Buff ATK Start of turn: +(X)Atk to Ranged Filter Ranged allies

Damage Attack: Gets Skill: "Attack: (X)Damage to enemy Warlord"

5-8033-215 Event
Legendary ChernomorChernomor

Block Immunity

Regeneration Attack: Heals your Warlord for +(X)HP

Mental Shield Attacked: Give Mental Shield Mental Shield to your Warlord

8-11027-190 Event
Legendary Koschei the ImmortalKoschei the Immortal

Debuff ATK -(X)Atk to all enemies for 1 turn

Buff HP Enemy appears: Gets +(X)HP

Buff ATK Start of turn: gets +Atk equals to his HP

13-19513-182 Event
Legendary AxeAxe

Buff ATK Gets +(X)Atk for each Chaos Chaos ally

Damage Any hero appearing on the battlefield gets (X)Damage

Multi-Attack Chaos Chaos hero appears: gets Multi-Attack Multi-Attack

9-6219-227 League 1
Legendary GoliathGoliath

Damage Ally appears: Deals (X)Damage to enemies

Steal Attack Attacked: Steals +(X)Atk from all enemies

Regeneration Death: Leaves pentagram +(X)HP in his place

7-10029-207 League 2
Legendary Count VladCount Vlad

Vampiric Attack: Vampiric Vampiric +(X)HP

Multi-Attack Multi-Attack

6-4420-278 League 20
Legendary StormrageStormrage

Buff ATK +(X)Atk every turn

Damage Death: Kills enemies in line

Damage End of turn: (X)Damage to enemies in a row

15-1738-171 League 4
Legendary Dead LordDead Lord

Summon Summons Zombies X/X in line

Summon Attacked: Summon Summon Zombie X/X in line

Buff ATK End of Turn: +(X)Atk to himself for each ally Zombie

8-9326-351 League 3
Legendary DeathDeath

Damage (X)Damage to ALL units

Damage Attack: (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

14-16710-192 League 27
Legendary Madam AgonyMadam Agony

Summon Transform ALL Wounded units (except buildings) into Madam Agony's Crystals 0/(X) with ability: "Start of turn: Increases AttackAtk of Madam Agony

Damage End of turn: Deals (X)Damage to random enemy for each Madam Agony's Crystal on the field

Damage Death: Deals (X)Damage to Enemy Warlord for each Madam Agony's Crystal on the field

15-8- Event
Legendary Necro, Master LichNecro, Master Lich

Summon Ally death (except Chaos Chaos): Summon (X) Skeletons (X/Y) (Ranged Filter Ranged and Melee filter Melee) (with Steal Attack Steal Attack) on random ally cell

RebornSkill Death: Gives RebornSkill Reborn to all allies

Buff ATK Chaos Chaos ally death: Gives +(X)Damage to Chaos Chaos allies

8-27- Event
Legendary Lady MedusaLady Medusa

Freeze Enemy in line appears: freezes him for 1 turn

Steal Attack End of Turn: steals (X)Atk from frozen enemies

Freeze Death: summons (X) Freeze Rune on random free enemy cell

22-13- Event
Legendary DiscordiaDiscordia

Multi-Attack Give Multi-Attack Multi-Attack to 2 random allies

Buff ATK End of turn: Gives +(X)Atk to Chaos Chaos allies

Damage Death: (X)Damage to Melee filter Melee enemies

15-1658-100 League 2
Legendary Hanako, Lady BansheeHanako, Lady Banshee

Buff ATK End of turn: Gets +(X)Atk for each frozen enemies

Summon Enemy (except Chaos) death: Summon the ghost X/X with Freeze in the first column

Flight Flight

6-7533-291 Event
Legendary Yorik, the Risen OneYorik, the Risen One

Buff ATK Kills allies in the line and takes their Atk and HP

Vampiric Attacked: Give Vampiric Vampiric (X) to a random ally

Buff ATK Kill: +(X)Atk to adjacent allies

15-1658-100 Event
Legendary TNT, Crazy DemolitionistTNT, Crazy Demolitionist

Summon End of turn: Summon Summon (n) Instant Kill Rune(s) on a random enemy cell(s)

Damage Enemy hero Appears: Get Skill "Death: (X)Damage to enemies"

Splash Splash (X)

14-1649-101 Event
Legendary Grand Ma, ReaperGrand Ma, Reaper

Flight Flight

Summon Kill: Summon Summon Death of Rates with ability Death: damageDamage to all enemies

Buff ATK Start of Turn: gets +(X)Atk for each Chaos Chaos ally

14-1518-81 Event
Legendary Red WomanRed Woman

Buff ATK End of Turn: +(X)Atk to Melee filter Melee allies

Damage (X)Damage to enemy Warlord for each ally with Vampiric Vampiric

Vampiric Death: Give Vampiric Vampiric (X) to Chaos Chaos allies

11-15910-98 League 17
Legendary Regardus DipliusRegardus Diplius

Silence Attack: Silence Silence enemy

Vampiric Start of Turn: Give Vampiric Vampiric (X) to random ally

Regeneration Ally Death: Heals himself to Full HP

12-1618-93 League 4
Legendary Leader NilenLeader Nilen

Poison Poison (X) the enemy entering the battlefield

Freeze Freezes all melee enemies for 1 turn

Summon Enemy (except Chaos) Death: Summon Summon Mummy X/X with Poison Poison

11-14211-116 Event
Legendary Void JewelVoid Jewel

Damage Start of Turn: (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

Damage Start of Turn: (X)Damage to all units except buildings

- 38-380 League 7
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