Gold Gold Edit

What is it good for?
To upgrade your Heroes and purchase some chest packages (which gives you Hero Souls) in the Shop. In essence, you need to pay two forms of currency to upgrade your Heroes. First, you need to collect sufficient souls, then you can pay gold to convert those souls into a Hero of a higher level.
Where do you get it?
You receive it periodically from the Gold Mine. You can also buy it in the shop using gems, receive it as a daily Friend gift, win it in Brawls, win it in Battle Chamber fights. It is sometimes offered as one of the choices in the other shops spread through the game (Dark Shop, Journey Shop, etc.). It can also be won in Turf Wars.

Gem Gems Edit

Gems are arguably the most important resource in the game.
What are they good for?
They are used in the Shop (the tall building with the sparkling chest in front). You can use them to buy specialized chests of Heroes/Hero Souls of all rarities up to and including legendaries. You can also spend them to obtain Elixir Elixir and/or Gold Gold.
Where do you get them?
You can purchase them using real money (or the currency used in your gaming platform such as Kreds on Kongregate). They are also received: periodically from the Gem Mine; as one of the Daily Bonus rewards; for accomplishing various Daily Quests or Epic Quests; or as an award for completing a Path of Hero stage. They can also be won in Guild Turf Wars.
Gems can be used when the player doesn't have enough of another resource using the following conversion rates.
Resource Gem Cost
100Gold Gold 1Gem Gems
2Ancient Coin Ancient Coins 1Gem Gems
2Dark Coin Dark Coins 1Gem Gems
2Friend Coin Friend Coins 1Gem Gems
1Pal Point Pal Points 4Gem Gems
1Journey Key Journey Keys 40Gem Gems
2Gold Dust Gold Dust 1Gem Gems
2Elixir Elixir 1Gem Gems
4Contribution Contribution 1Gem Gems
3ER 8ER 6Er 7ER 5Sparks Sparks 1Gem Gems
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