In Mighty Party, there are many unique skills but most of them are similar to those found below.

Accuracy Accuracy - Hits enemies with Evasion Evasion

Block Block - Hero with block takes reduced damage equal to block value

Buff ATK Buff ATK - Hero gets an additional bonus to attack stat

Buff HP Buff HP - Hero gets an additional bonus to health stat

Counter Attack Counter attack - Performs one retaliatory attack when attacked

Damage Damage - Deal an amount of damage to HP of specified targets, usually with a trigger condition

Debuff ATK Debuff ATK - Hero loses an amount of attack stat

Evasion Evasion - Hero is immune to attacks from Ranged heroes

Flight Flight - Hero will take damage only from Ranged heroes or other heroes with flight

Freeze Freeze - When a hero is frozen it is unable to attack for a set number of turns

Regeneration Heal - Increases HP of hero, up to the total health stat

Block Immunity - Immune heroes cannot be affected by any skills, neither from enemies nor allies

Damage Instant Kill - Instantly kills target

Block Invulnerability - fully Block Block physical damage

Mental Shield Mental Shield - Hero takes no damage from the next source, after which mental shield is lost

Miss Miss - Misses while attacks

Multi-Attack Multi-Attack - Hero attacks an extra time for each multi-attack

Pierce Pierce - When a hero with pierce attacks, all enemies in the line behind the target take damage equal to pierce value

Poison Poison - Hero applies poison to the enemy, which causes them to take an amount of damage at the start of its turn equal to poison value

RebornSkill Reborn - Hero will be re-summoned when it dies

Regeneration Regeneration - Increases the HP of the hero at the start of its turn equal to regeneration value

Set HP Set HP - Change the target's health to the specified value

Debuff ATK Set ATK - Changes the target's attack to the specified value

Silence Silence - Removes all buffs and debuffs on the target and it loses all skills

Spikes Spikes - When a hero with spikes is attacked, the attacker also takes damage equal to spikes value in return

Splash Splash - Heroes around a target attacked by this hero take additional damage equal to the splash value

Summon Summon - Summons heroes, runes, or pentagrams onto the battlefield

Steal Attack Steal Attack - Lowers the attack of the target, and the hero increases its attacks stat by an equal amount

Buff HP Swap HP and ATK - switches current values of HP and Atk

Summon Transform - Transforms target into different creature

Vampiric Vampiric - Hero with Vampiric steals HP from the target after the normal attack

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