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Introducing the Mighty Party Wiki Bounty Initiative! This initiative is a player-run project supported by Panoramik to improve the wiki and keep it up to date. By completing various bounties and tasks ranging from simply finding incorrect information to creating entirely new pages, you can earn Gems Gems for helping maintain the MP Wiki. If you aren't interested in compensation and just want to help, various projects, tasks, and new ideas for the wiki are listed here as well.



Bounties are specific tasks on the wiki that will reward a predetermined amount of Gems Gems on completion. To claim a bounty, complete the specified task and mention @Wiki-editors in the #wiki-editors Discord channel with details of your contribution. If approved, your completed bounty will be added to the contributions for that month below. Bounties are removed as they are completed and new ones added in their stead.

  • 20Gem - Locate incorrect or outdated information on a wiki page and report it to @Wiki-editors. Bounties for information reported this way can only be claimed once even if it has not yet been corrected. Information that has already been reported but not corrected will be listed below in the Tasks section.
  • 50Gem - In addition to above, also providing corrected information
  • 100Gem - In addition to above, updating the wiki page with the correct information
  • 150Gem - Add game updates to the Updates and Updates/Heroes Updates pages


In addition to the above bounties, you can claim a Gem Gem reward at the discretion of @Wiki-editors for any relevant work on the wiki, such as creating Special:WantedPages or improving an existing page. Contributions must be accurate, clear, coherent, relevant to the topic, and improve the article subject to a @Wiki-editors' review. If approved, your task and reward will be added to the list of contributions for that month below.

Contributions can be either small or large, however to claim a reward making a few minor punctuation alterations is not enough. Below is a list of tasks on the Wiki's todo list, but your contribution does not have to come from this list:


Reward: Reports are ineligible for bounty rewards within 2 weeks of an update or if already listed below. Updating the wiki with changes from an update are eligible for up to 2x normal rewards depending on how quickly the change was made after the update


Reward: Varies depending on complexity, but ranges from 25Gem for fixing minor typos and simple edits to 100+Gem for writing new content.


Reward: 50+Gem per properly uploaded image, depending on image complexity

  • update images from new building placements (events is now building, shop is now icon, summon is now building, hall of fame is now icon)
  • Update Heroes card images with new backgrounds (from news announcements) (images must be trimmed with proper transparency)
  • Add missing Heroes gallery images
  • Add missing Global Events medals, in game notices, and social media announcement images. See Demon Hunting for an example.
    • Medals must be named [medalname] medal.png. Example:
Pride of Jezelbach medal.png
    • In game notices must be named [Event Name].png. Example:
Demon Hunting.png
    • Social media announcements must be named [Event Name] announcement.png. Example:
Demon Hunting announcement.png
    • Updated images should replace existing images in the same file namespace. Do not upload to a new file namespace
    • If the image does not automatically appear after uploading it, check that the image name is defined in Module:Events/data
      • Example:
["medal"] = "Pride of Jezelbach",
["gameimage"] = "Demon Hunting.png",
["socialimage"] = "Demon Hunting announcement.png",

  • Add images for Kai the Fiery Soul's entire line
  • Upload and add concept art to pages for various heroes


Reward: 100+Gem per task, depending on complexity.


Reward: 1000+Gem per task, depending on complexity


A Gem Gem bonus can be claimed for referrals - that is, introducing other contributors to the wiki. Both contributors will receive a bonus upon a successful referral. To claim a referral bonus: 1. Both contributors must have fully verified both their Discord and Fandom account per the listed Requirements 2. The Referred notifies @wiki-editors on Discord that they are a referral by mentioning their @Referrer and @wiki-editors 3. Once the Referred has accumulated a total of 400Gem worth of contributions to the wiki, the Referrer will receive a 200Gem bonus and the Referred will receive a 100Gem bonus


Below is a list of contributions to the wiki for each month. Note that to be added to this list (and thus receive rewards), @wiki-editors on Discord must be notified of the change - changes without a notification in Discord will not be eligible for rewards. At the end of each month or upon request, rewards for contributions will be reported to Panoramik for distribution to all contributors. Older contributions are archived here.

July 2023

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
User:GrabMP grab3639 RKGIXW 300Gem Updates/1.34, Updates/1.35

100Gem Updated Lucky Hand and Event Center#Lucky Hand (no more quests). Uploaded File:Lucky hand example.png, File:Lucky hand bad mark.png, File:Lucky hand.png

500Gem Uploaded File:Lucky charm.png, File:Amethyst clover.png, File:Sapphire clover.png, updated Module:Icon/data, Lucky Hand, Event Center, Currency

350Gem Uploaded File:Artwork taurus.png, File:Artwork nod.png, File:Artwork villano.png, File:Artwork bravi.png, File:Artwork shaa.png, File:Artwork bastet.png, File:Artwork aharin.png and updated their corresponding pages

350Gem Uploaded File:Phoenix_sprite.png, File:Phoenix.png, File:Herald_of_Fire_sprite.png, File:Herald_of_Fire.png, File:Kai_the_Fiery_Soul_sprite.png, File:Kai_the_Fiery_Soul.png, File:Cradle of Fire sprite.png and updated their corresponding pages

8750Gem Pit module rework


May-June 2023

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
User:GrabMP Grab#3639 RKGIXW 100Gem Added a few words about Lucky Hand in Event Center and the quest table

450Gem Populated (outdated) Pit boss data and migrated the respective pages: Clotho the Weaver, HERR KOSHMAR, Dalma the Mystic
450Gem Populated data and introduced: Barrog, Chaos Fang, Chaos Familiar
150Gem Added Updates/1.33
50Gem Removed multiple evolution in Module:Hero/data
400Gem Uploaded File:Artwork sentry.png, File:Artwork hachi.png, File:Artwork skoln.png, File:Artwork oculus.png, File:Artwork drogun.png, File:Artwork gleedy.png, File:Artwork dino.png, File:Artwork greenlight.png

2500Gem Pet soulbinds:

- Kether#3999 GJSIWD 20Gem Incorrect toxin reborn values for Arachne 20Gem
- absolute.donut SYCLXB 20Gem Mentioned outdated common card evolution 20Gem
- didi_brz#5707 LMQLDV 50Gem Error in skill description for Apollo's third skill
300Gem Created a table for Legendary Draft rewards, based on amount of wins, showing reward ranges and chances
20Gems wrong skill icon for Triton
- TangEng#3060 YMXVYK 20Gem Rewards and chances in Global Events are outdated 20Gem
User:Cankn Cankn#1039 CESXPO 100Gem Updated Airavata Heaven's Fury
100Gem Updated Myrddin Caer
100Gem Updated Cernun, Archdruid
100Gem Updated Summon/Mad Totem
100Gem Updated Queen Ananta
100Gem Updated Hoodoo
100Gem Updated Miss Lapin
100Gem Updated Vixen, The Storm Lord
100Gem Updated Super Mary
100Gem Updated Gremory Night Child
100Gem Updated Grand Ma, Reaper
100Gem Updated Loath, Spore Loser
100Gem Updated Summon/Morel
100Gem Updated Dandy Croc
100Gem Updated Sheer-Shah
100Gem Updated Regardus Diplius
150Gem Added Summon/Zombie (Regardus Diplius)
100Gem Updated Titania
100Gem Updated Triton, The Bottom Herald
100Gem Updated Mjolnir, Lightning God
100Gem Updated Axe
100Gem Updated Hanzo Sama
100Gem Updated Blair
100Gem Updated Yuri, Shadow Dagger
100Gem Updated Melia, Forest's Daughter
100Gem Updated Dominus, the Swarm King
100Gem Updated Griffius, the Celestial
100Gem Updated Jaxy, the Thunderfist
100Gem Updated Taeral Kelhorn
100Gem Updated Stormrage
100Gem Updated Yorik, the Risen One
100Gem Updated Morgen Von Stern
100Gem Updated Justia, Law Goddess
100Gem Updated Tani Windrunner
100Gem Updated Serket Sen Scorp
100Gem Updated Tortulus, the Wise One
100Gem Updated Summon/Mushu
50Gem Uploaded File:Dhorin sprite.png
50Gem Uploaded File:Mountain guard sprite.png
50Gem Uploaded File:Dwarf Berserker sprite.png
150Gem Added Kai the Fiery Soul
150Gem Added Summon/Cradle of Fire
150Gem Added Summon/Firewing
150Gem Added Herald of Fire
150Gem Added Phoenix
200Gem Created Lucky Hand including chances of various rewards
100Gem Updated Wish Shop with chances for regular spins and mystery box
150Gem Added data for Dark Reaper Morgoth for all levels
50Gem Updated schedules for warlords and pets in Event Center
50Gem Updated Lucky Hand with new chances for black marks
100Gem Updated Chuba Cabras
100Gem Updated Kung Fucius
100Gem Updated Tortulus, the Wise One
100Gem Updated Freddy, Lord of Terror
100Gem Corrected Grand Ma, Reaper
100Gem Corrected Chuba Cabras
100Gem Corrected Apprentice
100Gem Corrected Beholder
100Gem Corrected Bone Dragon
100Gem Corrected Child of Chaos
100Gem Corrected Death Whelpling
100Gem Corrected Goliath
100Gem Corrected High Naga
100Gem Corrected Insidious Gorgon
100Gem Corrected Leader Nilen
100Gem Corrected Life Palace
100Gem Corrected Lord Toad
100Gem Corrected Love Mage
100Gem Corrected Matriarch Eona
100Gem Corrected Prophet
100Gem Corrected Priestess
100Gem Corrected Swordmaster
100Gem Corrected Shaman
100Gem Corrected Orc Master
100Gem Corrected Predator
100Gem Corrected Soulblade
100Gem Corrected Red Woman
100Gem Corrected Sporelok
100Gem Corrected Morgan, the Sea Tusk
100Gem Corrected The Undisputed
100Gem Corrected Young Primate
100Gem Corrected Scrap, the King of Garbage
100Gem Corrected The Scorpion Queen
100Gem Corrected Muddy Trog
100Gem Corrected Weaver
100Gem Corrected Terror of the Jungle
1000Gem Wrote LUA code for Heroes with Debuffs, allowing to spot wiki mistakes and wrongly set hero stats
100Gem Moved Wish Shop to Wish Trove and corrected several mentions of Wish Shop
100Gem Added the new turf war Champions
100GemCorrected info about leveling behavior of Champions starting at level 1000
1000Gem Updated LUA code for Champion Level Table
100Gem Updated Erik the Grey
100Gem Updated Strik, The Fiery Heart
100Gem Updated High Tinker Gear

April 2023

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
User:GrabMP Grab#3639 RKGIXW 1650Gem Populated (probably outdated) Pit boss data and migrated the respective pages: Totem of Fate, Kenshi Dragon Sword, Mantis the Scoundrel, Flint the Black Fin, Headstrong Moury, ALANDRA THE AGILE, Marius Orm, Misty Overwatch, Fenghuang Pyrotechnic, Song Lan the Vain, ENORA,_GODDESS_OF_PURITY

150Gem Added Updates/1.32

- Sath#6318 ZOFELX 50Gem War Spoils Level Table off by 1 50Gem
- RobertD#3916 WDWVTE 50Gem Turf War guild change restrictions 50Gem
- sNOOBy_TH (云伟强 เอก Ake)#3801 KCFLCU 50Gem Recent changes to heroes aren't being updated in the wiki (heroes that need updating have been added to Tasks above) 50Gem

March 2023

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
User:Meep1759 a_certain_human#7613 TTLQMJ 150GemAdded 6/3/2023 Updates

150GemAdded 13/3/2023 Balance Changes

User:GrabMP Grab#3639 RKGIXW

Pit template->Lua migration

1000GemDesigned and introduced data modules (Module:Pit/data, Module:Pit/getData)
3000GemLua rendering: Module:Pit.field, Module:Pit.tiers
100GemTemplates: Template:Pit Boss Field, Template:Pit Boss Tiers
300GemPopulated data and migrated to new templates: Defender Annie, Asterius_Snow_Storm

450Gem Populated data (Module:Pet/data) and migrated to Lua-driven template Sylvan, Nature's Spark, Willow Firefly
300Gem Uploaded pet images and updated data module (Oculus, Order Wisp, Light Essence, Sylvan, Nature's Spark, Willow Firefly)
150Gem Populated data (Module:Warlord/data) for Anna the Abyss Queen
50Gem Updated all football skins with a note that they are no longer obtainable
50Gem Added Event Center#Hero Fair
300GemHero updates: Mar 20, Apr 6
150GemAdded Updates/1.31
50Gems Corrected quest requirements in Ch 1 and 2 of GE for Tier 3


February 2023

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
User:Meep1759 a_certain_human#7613 TTLQMJ 150GemAdded 17/2/2023 Updates

600GemCreated pages for Oculus,Order Wisp,Light Essence,Sylvan,Nature's Spark,Willow Firefly

User:Cankn Cankn#1039 CESXPO 100Gem moved the Mysterious Call page to Chosen Hero Events and updated the description

1000Gem completely reworked Hunt, including quests and soul rewards for all levels and rarities
2500Gem wrote a python code added to Hunt showing amount of hunts needed for remaining levels
50Gem added info to Pet Of The Week in Event Center
50Gem added Loyal Companion section to Event Center

User:GrabMP Grab#3639 RKGIXW

Template->Lua migration for Pets

4000Gem Module:Pet, Module:Pet/getData
500Gem Template:Pet Infobox, Template:Pet Stats
1800Gem Populated data (Module:Pet/data) and migrated Prince Gleedy, Shadow Ocelot, Honey Dew, Sentry Fenrirus, Steel Hati, Skoln, Drogun, Greenlight, Dino Dang, Oculus, Order Wisp, Light Essence

1000Gem introduced WL skill availability field and updated all WL's data and the templates to recognize the field
150Gem Updates/1.30
50Gem Updates/Heroes Updates -- Apep's update from 1.30
100Gem Event Center#Loyal_Companion -- updated, added quests
50Gem Event Center#Pet_Schedule -- added Sylvan
50Gem Fixed incorrect rendering of hero skills at reborn 6 in Template:Hero

- qwerties#7649 QVGNSV 20GemReported incorrect rendering for Hero Skills table at Reborn 6 tab 20Gem

January 2023

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
User:Meep1759 a_certain_human#7613 TTLQMJ 100GemUpdated Card Guide 100Gem
User:GrabMP Grab#3639 RKGIXW Warlord Infobox Migration:

Warlord Skill Table Migration:

100Gem Unarchived Brawl, updated its rewards section
50Gem Uploaded File:Brawl_screen.png
300Gem Added Event_Center#Pet_of_the_Week and Event_Center#Sapphire's_Missive
25Gem Updated info about gold in Squad Resources

- WilhelmScream#3819 DZDENA 20Gem Pointed out outdated information about Gold 20Gem
User:Cankn Cankn#1039 CESXPO 50Gem Added event data for Sly the Forest Guard

50Gem Added event data for Terror of the Jungle
50Gem Added event data for Scout
50Gem Added event data for Holda
50Gem Added event data for Winter Queen
50Gem Added event data for Iceborn