Mighty Party Wiki

Introducing the Mighty Party Wiki Bounty Initiative! This initiative is a player-run project supported by Panoramik to improve the wiki and keep it up to date. By completing various bounties and tasks ranging from simply finding incorrect information to creating entirely new pages, you can earn Gems Gems for helping maintain the MP Wiki. If you aren't interested in compensation and just want to help, various projects, tasks, and new ideas for the wiki are listed here as well.



Bounties are specific tasks on the wiki that will reward a predetermined amount of Gems Gems on completion. To claim a bounty, complete the specified task and mention @Wiki-editors in the #wiki-editors Discord channel with details of your contribution. If approved, your completed bounty will be added to the contributions for that month below. Limited bounties are removed as they are completed and new ones added in their stead.

  • 5Gem (unlimited) - Locate incorrect or outdated information on a wiki page and report it to @Wiki-editors. Bounties for information reported this way can only be claimed once even if it has not yet been corrected. Information that has already been reported but not corrected will be listed below in the Tasks section.
  • 10Gem (unlimited) - In addition to above, also providing corrected information
  • 15Gem (unlimited) - In addition to above, updating the wiki page with the correct information
  • 25Gem (limit 1) - Update the File:Pilgrim.png image with the new art. The image should have proper transparency around the edges.
  • 25Gem (limit 1) - Add the File:Morel.png missing image.
  • 25Gem (limit 1) - Add the missing Chernomor#Gallery image. The image should have the new Event UI look and be uploaded to File:Chernomor_gallery.png. See Hanzo Sama#Gallery for an example.
  • 25Gem (limit 1 per event) - Add medal information to each Global Events. The image should have proper transparency around the edges, and the filename should be in the format [medal_name]_Medal.png. An example can be found on the Christmas Miracle! page.
  • 50Gem (limit 1 per boss) - Add all missing information on any Category:Stub Pages Festive Pit Boss page using information from MightyBot's !boss command. An example can be found on the Nala, Sharp Claws boss page.


In addition to the above bounties, you can claim a Gem Gem reward at the discretion of @Wiki-editors for any relevant work on the wiki, such as creating Special:WantedPages or improving an existing page. Contributions must be accurate, clear, coherent, relevant to the topic, and improve the article subject to a @Wiki-editors' review. If approved, your task and reward will be added to the list of contributions for that month below.

Contributions can be either small or large, however to claim a reward making a few minor punctuation alterations is not enough. Below is a list of tasks on the Wiki's todo list, but your contribution does not have to come from this list:

  • update event shop with new values from 4/27 update
  • update Disciples with the referral program
  • update dark tower coin rewards from 4/27 update (10 base for winning and losing gone)
  • update images from new building placements (events is now building, shop is now icon, summon is now building, hall of fame is now icon)
  • Update Mysterious Calls with new drop rates/values
  • Add missing dialog for Global Events
  • Create pages for Global Events bosses
  • Update Heroes card images with new backgrounds (from news announcements) (images must be trimmed with proper transparency)
  • Add missing Heroes gallery images
  • Add Hero Trivia (inspiration, lore, etc.)
  • Replace Global Events images with medals
  • Add Epic Quests tiers/rewards
  • Add chest amounts to Daily and Weekly Quests
  • Add number of soulbinds per hero to the Soulbind page
  • Optimization of Template wikicode into LUA modules
  • Standardize Pets pages
    • Create/Update Pet Template and Module
  • Standardize Warlord pages
    • Create/Update Warlord Template and Module
  • Create/Update pages for Field entities
  • Create pages for Divine Arena Teams
  • Update Fables page (low priority, Fable rework to occur soon (TM))
  • Update Premium Content#Deals section
  • Expand Premium_Content#Mighty_Pass section
  • Update all mentions of "alignment" and "race" to "faction"
  • Categorize heroes by race (human, elf, demon, etc.)
  • Special:WantedPages, Special:WantedFiles, and Category:Pages with Outdated Content
  • General Proofreading

For most of the above, @Wiki-editors have the information required and are just lacking the time to put it on the wiki. If you want to contribute but have questions or need the information so you can edit the wiki yourself, mention @Wiki-editors on Discord.


Below is a list of contributions to the wiki for each month. Note that to be added to this list (and thus receive rewards), @wiki-editors on the Discord must be notified of the change - changes without a notification in Discord will not be eligible for rewards. At the end of each month or upon request, rewards for contributions will be reported to Panoramik for distribution to all contributors.

May 2022

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
- DoNt-PaNiC#5357 RVEZDN 5Gem Typo on Wish Shop Legendary Chest Contents 5Gem
- DrunkFox#2331 ZOAQUX 5Gem Max loop error from Fandom global setting 5Gem
- Saber65#0516 CMIMUA 5Gem wrong skill for Toxic Mantas 5th reborn 5Gem

April 2022

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
- Coconnutt#9877 DXRMSV 5Gem Broken overview level selector for Evil "Santa" 5Gem
- Erich#2276 NOFPTY 10Gem Wrong reborn bonus for Formidable Giant
10Gem Wrong headers on Mysterious Calls#Difficulty
- Grab#3639 RKGIXW 10Gem Wrong Wish Shop minimum league requirement 10Gem
User:Nseindiaonline BabyWolf#9548 UKULEI 15Gem Fixed broken Android link on About The Game 15Gem

March 2022

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
- 47#0476 BUAEAJ 10Gem Wrong evolve for Visitor 10Gem
- Coconnutt#9877 DXRMSV 10Gem Wrong chest description for Daily Quests 10Gem
User:Nseindiaonline BabyWolf#9548 UKULEI 15Gem Clarification on scouting in Turf War 15Gem
- Grab#3639 RKGIXW 10Gem Missing ] in First Blood roadmap 10Gem
- thedino27#2121 ELNMJY 10Gem Bugged ability for Ronwid of the Big Morass 10Gem

February 2022

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
- amoTa#9206 JYSPLG 25Gem Turf War tier formula 25Gem
- Yanis#0840 NXIYLB 5Gem Wrong refresh times for Gold Mine 5Gem
- Corras#5452 GPPHWY 10Gem Autofight enabled on Lans Dorn 10Gem
- Grab#3639 RKGIXW 5Gem Discrepancy of whether Friends requests give XP 5Gem
- Kraggas#8989 PPFAOC 5Gem Missing Reborn 5 information for Mr. Flap 5Gem
- Cankn#1039 CESXPO 5Gem Incorrect Level 24 information for Mr. Flap 5Gem
- Erlaed#5921 KMGKBP 10Gem Incorrect Might bonus for Legendary Reborn 2 (350 -> 400) 10Gem
- thedino27#2121 ELNMJY 5Gem Invalid 4th skill on Grace of Rockfleet 5Gem
User:LiliactheBat LiliactheBat#2922 HVOOFH 30Gem Fixed soulbinds of Flesh Eater and Harbinger of Death
30Gem Fixed soulbinds of Clever Viper and Void Jewel
5Gem Fixed invalid 4th skill on Grace of Rockfleet
- Erich#2276 NOFPTY 5Gem Name change of The Longest Night to The Darkest Night 5Gem
- qwerties#7649 QVGNSV 5Gem Confirmed name change of The Longest Night to The Darkest Night 5Gem

January 2022

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
- Grab#3639 RKGIXW 10Gem Incorrect soulbind 2 for Igneous Girl (Wind Snake -> Harpy)
10Gem verification of rounded values of Event Rune Event Rune from Colosseum
- Coconnutt#9877 DXRMSV 10Gem Incorrect restore time for Retiarius Seal Retiarius Seal (20->24)
5Gem incorrect drop rate for Event Rune Event Rune from Colosseum
- qwerties#7649 QVGNSV 5Gem Typo on Enlil, wind of change skill (attak -> attack) 5Gem
- thedino27#2121 ELNMJY 5Gem Incorrect Mother Owl summon (Archer -> Owl) 5Gem
- read this = dumb#9342 APBQFN 5Gem Broken Tooltips for Evil "Santa" 5Gem

December 2021

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
- kuroxander#0816 WVMCZZ 10Gem Gem cost for opening Epic Mobile Chests
10Gem Gem cost for opening Rare Mobile Chests
10Gem Gem cost for opening Big Rare Mobile Chests
- thedino27#2121 ELNMJY 5Gem Wrong Hippocampus the Fast sprite
10Gem Priestess does not evolve into Scarlet Warrior
User:LiliactheBat LiliactheBat#2922 HVOOFH 5Gem Fixed sprite of Hippocampus the Fast 5Gem
User:Fenrir121 Fenrir#3127 ATSIDM 25Gem Cleanup of the Global Events page
25Gem Added global mini events to Events page
30Gem Updated Global Events Christmas Miracle! and Year of the Fire Demon!
150Gem Basic info for 10 Festive The Pit Bosses Rotation 23
- Derokalypse#9278 WWHCLP 10Gem Incorrect required rare level on Global Events Path 1.17 T3 (8 -> 10) 10Gem

November 2021

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
- Notwena#5906 RWGFGC 10Gem Wrong Soul Dust rewards from Brawl 10Gem
User:RuskiDis many#3047 AISSYZ 5Gem Add Win Streak information to Hall of Fame
15Gem Added undocumented Nov 16 2021 Updates
10Gem Added Boost section to Turf War
User:InvoAngelus InvoAngelus#1687 CESFCK 25Gem Uploaded File:Rune Splash.png 25Gem
User:LiliactheBat LiliactheBat#2922 HVOOFH 25Gem Uploaded File:Rune Damage.png
25Gem Corrected Gnome Soulbind I (Vampire -> Dryad)
25Gem Gnome Soulbind II (Dryad -> Vampire)
25Gem Olaf the Red Soulbind III (Predator -> Argios)
150Gem Added NECROTSAR Pit Boss
150Gem Added MAGMA OPIUS Pit Boss
150Gem Added THORN, THE WISE Pit Boss
150Gem Added HERR KOSHMAR Pit Boss
150Gem Added NOIR, HEAVENCLAW Pit Boss
150Gem Added CALAMITY JANE Pit Boss
150Gem Added LADY MOONLIGHT Pit Boss
150Gem Added TEMPUS FUGIT Pit Boss
50Gem Added First Aid Tent Summon
50Gem Added Bogey Summon
50Gem Added Veteran Summon
50Gem Added Nightfall Summon
50Gem Added Electric Tower Summon
50Gem Added Electric Tower (900) Summon
- Αλέξανδρος#0564 QZJAXS 5Gem Outdated Elixir quest on the Hunt Tips and Tricks guide
10Gem Incorrect League Unlock for Wind Snake (9 -> 15)
10Gem Incorrect Souls for DT Victory 11 at League 14 (15 -> 10)
- Xenopredator#2789 RJSWEC 5Gem Incorrect information about Encounter (9-15) in Journey Guide 5Gem
User:Fenrir121 Fenrir#3127 ATSIDM 5Gem Minor clarification on Brawl opponents
10GemClarification on War score calculation on Guilds page
100GemAdded War Score formula to Turf War
- Rikki Tikki#8688 AYCPBB 5 Gem Outdated numbers of hero soul for sacrificing on the Boost section. 5 Gem

October 2021

Fandom User ID Discord User ID Mighty Party ID Contribution Total Reward
- qwerties#7649 QVGNSV 5Gem Outdated soul dust conversion screenshots on Squad Resources
5Gem Outdated reference to Sparks on the Shop page
User:RuskiDis many#3047 AISSYZ 25Gem Uploaded Owl (Mother Owl) image
150Gem Added Totem of Fate Pit Boss
150Gem Added Miss Lapin (The Pit) Pit Boss
25Gem Updated the Matriarch Eona#Gallery image
150Gem Added Impy Celyn Pit Boss
10Gem Updated old Journey page images
150Gem Added Sigurd, Invincible Pit Boss
150Gem Added Flambert Furious Pit Boss
150Gem Added Jerry the Buffoon Pit Boss
150Gem Added Mr. Souvenir Pit Boss
150Gem Added Misty Overwatch Pit Boss
150Gem Added Killing Smile Pit Boss
10Gem Wrong rare chest icon in The Pit#Rewards
25Gem Corrected league 12 The Pit#Rewards
- Ciiies#9343 ZCYSYU 5Gem Outdated Friend Coins icon (Friendship Tokens)
10Gem Incorrect Power Sigil Power Sigil gem cost on the Currency page (50->40)
10Gem Incorrect League requirement for Divine Arena on the New Player Guide (17->18)
5Gem Add Reborn Fable Requirements to the New Player Guide
- Erich#2276 NOFPTY 10Gem Outdated First Blood Event Step 2.7 Open Epic Event Chests (2->3)
10Gem Outdated Global Event#Event Path Event Step 3.5 Collect Legendary Souls (Tier Based->League Based)
- Sath#6318 ZOFELX 10Gem Incorrect Soulbind 2 on Junk Rat (Life Palace->First Aid) 10Gem
- thedino27#2121 ELNMJY 10Gem Satyr no longer removes Invulnerability 10Gem