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This is a guide containing basic information for new players originally written on the subreddit, and later migrated to the wiki to take advantage of the wiki's features.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Start an Account on Facebook. Facebook accounts are the only way to play on both Mobile and PC. If you do not need the ability to play on mobile, then start an account on Steam as it is the most stable PC platform.
2. Avoid leveling anything unnecessary (Heroes or Warlords) until the monthly High Growth fable which gives Gems Gems for level ups. You should still level up anything that will help your League progression, as advancing a league is very worthwhile.
3. Reach League 22 to unlock Global Events which are the best method of unlocking Heroes.
4. Reach League 20 to unlock the weekly game mode in the Dungeon of Trials and the Black Market. The Black Market is the best source for focused Hero development
5. Continue advancing in League to get better soul rewards from the Black Market and Chests

What kind of game is Mighty Party?

Mighty Party is a game focused on building your collection of Heroes. However, unlike most collection-type games it is not a gacha where you spend resources chasing low drop rates. Most drop rates in Mighty Party are quite generous, meaning the game is more about resource management rather than luck. Unlike most games, the game is not designed to be immediately completable by an average player - you will get stuck at points until you get stronger by continuing to play.

Is this game P2W?

Like many other modern microtransaction games, the general model is not pay to win, meaning that unique advantages are not offered to whale players, but pay to advance faster. For example, a new player can expect to hit League 20 after around a week of playing, but buying a good $5 Legendary Legendary pack can get you there within a day as Legendary Legendary Heroes are pretty overpowered in the early leagues. In the later leagues, obtaining large quantities of Souls is a lesson in patience unless you pay money.
Pets, released in May 2019 are with one exception, only available for real money and offer a large advantage for a 1 time purchase with additional development costs using in game currency. Nonetheless development of Heroes is still the key to overall progression.

Is this game Player vs Player?

With 1 exception, all battles are Player vs. AI, with the AI using another player's Squad or specially designed squads to fight you. The exception is Turf Wars, in which you play a numbers game with other players using the Troops of your collection.

What platform should I play on?

Facebook or Steam are the best platforms. Facebook allows you to play both on mobile via iOS/Android apps and on PC via web browser or using Facebook Gameroom. Steam is the most stable platform, but does not allow native mobile play. Mobile platforms (Android and iOS) are the worst to play on as they have restrictions on the amount of chests they can have opening at one time.
  • if you have already started on Mobile and have not ever created a Facebook account, you can link the mobile account to Facebook to play on PC. There are no other ways to transfer accounts between platforms.

What is the most important thing to know as a new player?

Do not level up anything (Heroes or Warlords) without the High Growth Fable active unless absolutely necessary for League progression. The High Growth Fable rewards gems for leveling up.
The First Blood Global Event immediately begins upon reaching League 22 and will block High Growth and other Global Events while it is active. First Blood lasts for 6 days, so if planning ahead be sure it will finish before the other events begin.

What are the best things to spend my Gems or real money on?

The best purchase for real money is the Gem Fund which is a limited time purchase and provides the best long term Gem Gem to money ratio, a Legendary Pet (Sentry Fenrirus (wolf) will provide the most immediate benefit, while Drogun (raptor) is the best long term option), and finally Chest Slots if playing on a PC platform (since mobile platforms only allow one chest to open at a time). If you are looking to make occasional purchases, the Combat Packs that appear around holidays are Mighty Party's version of a sale deal.
The best purchase for Gems Gems for a new player are:
  1. The Pirate Warlord skin
  2. The Hunt to level Legendary Legendary Pets
  3. The Black Market to improve specific Heroes
  4. Summons during a 10x Demigods discount Fable, Global Events or the Hunt to complete steps
  • Global Event Heroes are doubled in summons while their Global Event is active
  1. A Festive Summon that is available during holidays that costs up to 4x as much as a Demigods summon, but only contains Event Locked Heroes. This summon is the best method to unlock many Heroes if you can afford it.
  2. The Wish Shop (but only to unlock heroes, not collect more Souls).

When spending Gems Gems, it is best to spend while a Fable. Hunt, or Global Event will reward you for spending. Long term the best way to spend gems is to complete hunts while a 10x discount fable is active.

I want to whale. What should I spend on?

Whales will generally purchase Sparks Sparks and Gem Gem in the Shop during Global Events, as they go on sale while the Global Event is active.

Promo Codes?

There are currently two promo codes which are always active:
  • mightyparty - 50Gems
  • brawlchess - 300Gems, expires September 2022

Additional codes are occasionally available for a limited time after being announced via the official Facebook and Instagram pages. A list of all codes is maintained on the Subreddit Wiki.

What Warlord skin should I purchase?

New players should always purchase the Freebooter Dave skin for Adam (aka Pirate) first. This is because the enemy AI will place their heroes on the damage Pentagrams summoned by Pirate's first skill resulting in them automatically dying the next turn.
At some point, the pentagrams will no longer be killing enemy heroes in one turn or you will just die too quickly to do anything meaningful - at this point, either the Og'ord, Crusher skin for Son of Woods (aka Ogre) or the Jimmy Rockerboy skin for Adam should be used instead of Pirate - More information can be found in the Warlord Skins section below.

Which heroes should I choose for the Wish Shop?

Select Heroes who's usefulness is not based on their level but their Skills, and have enough Gems Gems saved up to get them since the wish shop only comes once a month - keeping in mind that the first free roll will always be a Legendary Legendary. Legion, God of War is highly recommended for new players, while Blair is highly recommended for all players. More information and options are listed in the Wish Shop section below.

When should I Reborn my heroes?

You should always try to Reborn when a Fable is active which will refund souls for reborning. This is much more important for higher tiers of reborn, so if a first reborn will finish a Weekly Quest, a task in the Event Path, or help you reach a higher tier in High Growth it could still be worth it even without the Fable active. However, when Reborning make sure that you are able to relevel your heroes back to a usable level - in general, the required levels for soulbinding or the Event Path are a good benchmark. For more specific comparisons between reborns/levels, Mighty Bot's !levelup command on the Official Discord Server will display stat comparisons between potential levels/reborns.
For Soulbinds, most important are the rare/epic/legendary soulbinds, as those are required for steps in Global Events.
For Global Event Path, depending on Event Tier which is based on Maximum League:
  • Step 1.17: Level 6/8/8/12/13 Rare Rares
  • Step 2.17: Level 7/8/10/12/13 Epic Epics
  • Step 3.11: Level 8/10/12/13/14 Legendary Legendarys
  • Step 3.15: Level 10/12/14/15/16 Legendary Legendarys

Another potential time to Reborn a hero is when preparing to push Leagues in the Hall of Fame by taking advantage of Reboosting.

When should I Soulbind my heroes?

You should immediately Soulbind heroes that you actively use in your squad and as needed for Global Event steps. For other heroes, soulbinds (as well as Reborns and Level-ups) increase total might, which increases the difficulty Dungeon of Trials. However, the difficulty increase from soulbinding is negligible and not worth worrying over as the point where soulbinds would actually influence difficulty can be carried by the correct choice of warlord (Pirate). Soulbinding also increases Troops, which is beneficial for Guilds and gives more gold from deployment, so it is generally recommended to soulbind as soul dust allows (keeping in mind that a reserve of soul dust should be kept for the relevant event steps to boost heroes and to soulbind upcoming event heroes).


  • Rank - Overall measurement of account development. Ranks improve the Gold Mine. Experience is mainly gained from the Journey.
  • League - Measurement of account in relation to other accounts. Advancing in League unlocks various features.
  • Warlord - The "player character". There are currently 4 warlords and over 20 skins each with different abilities.
  • Hero - Also known as cards. 8 heroes form a Squad which the Warlord takes into battles.
  • Souls - Also known as copies. Souls are used to level up and evolve heroes.
  • Resources - Used for purchasing or enabling various features.
  • Referral System - Replaced with the Disciple System in November 2019

Creating an Account

There is a single server that everyone plays on, but different platforms can be used to log in.


There is no way to merge different platform accounts with the exception of Facebook which can be linked to a mobile platform - each platform used to log in creates a unique account with a different ID.

PC Platforms

Mobile Platforms

A Facebook account is the most versatile account type as it allows play on both PC and mobile. Otherwise a Steam account provides the best and most stable user experience, but does not allow native mobile play via apps.

PC vs Mobile

There is currently one major difference between the PC version and the Mobile version:
1. On mobile, Chests earned from the Hall of Fame must have their timer manually started and can only start if no other chest currently has a timer running. Chests earned on PC automatically begin opening and may open simultaneously. To slightly compensate for this, mobile chests have approximately 2x the contents of PC chests, but active PC users will have a large advantage.

Progression Unlocks

Various Game Modes and features unlock as you advance in League, while difficulty is based on the total Might of your entire collection. Most important is reaching League 22 to unlock Global Events as they are the main method for unlocking Heroes and League 20 to unlock the Dungeon of Trials/Black Market which is the best source for focused Hero development


The Journey is the main storyline of the game and consists of a series of battles against increasingly difficult enemies. The Journey is designed to be difficult to complete - The final chapter (Chapter 9) of the Journey is currently impossible for all but the top few players. Progression in the Journey only slightly improves the rewards from the recurrent timed Journey chest, so don't worry too much if you get stuck.
Of special note is the Gem Fund which is a limited time offer lasting 2 weeks from account creation and offers by far the best Gem Gem to real money ratio, rewarding Gem Gem for progressing in the Journey. If you are planning on spending any money at all and planning to play the game seriously, the Gem Fund is one of the better long term best purchases you can make.
Tip: Look at the enemies abilities and try to build a squad which can counter them. Remember that you will get stuck at some point and that to progress you will likely need to develop your Heroes more or obtain a key Legendary Legendary Hero. A Journey Guide with tips and tricks specific to the Journey can be found here.

League 28: Gold Mine

Use your squad in the Gold Mine to destroy statues within 7 turns to gather Gold Gold. The Philosopher Stone will spawn 1 statue on a random square each time it is hit up to a maximum of 12 statues per turn. Statue health and gold increases with Journey progression.
Tip: Use heroes with Multi-Attack to generate as many statues per turn as possible. Once you can reliably generate 12 statues per turn in the later turns, min/maxing involves generating as many statues as possible in the first few turns. The below squads are very effective in the gold mine:
Legion Gold Mine
King of the North.png

King of the North
Jimmy Rockerboy.png

Jimmy Rockerboy
Legion, God of War.png Fury, the great warrior.png Athena.png link= #
Legion, God of War Fury, the great warrior Athena
Grace of Rockfleet.png Mjolnir, Lightning God.png link= # link= #
Grace of Rockfleet Mjolnir, Lightning God  
Options: Charon, Soul Catcher, Draggara, Strik, The Fiery Heart, Mina Hellsing, The Colonist Invader, Red-haired Beast
Axe Gold Mine
Oiran the Red Moon.png

Oiran the Red Moon
Axe.png Necro, Master Lich.png Grand Ma, Reaper.png link= #
Axe Necro, Master Lich Grand Ma, Reaper
Grace of Rockfleet.png Mjolnir, Lightning God.png link= # link= #
Grace of Rockfleet Mjolnir, Lightning God  
Options: Leader Nilen, Draggara, Strik, The Fiery Heart, The Colonist Invader, Red-haired Beast
Optimal Gold Mine
Oiran the Red Moon.png

Oiran the Red Moon
Fury, the great warrior.png Grace of Rockfleet.png Legion, God of War.png link= #
Fury, the great warrior Grace of Rockfleet Legion, God of War
link= # link= # link= # link= #
Options: Other slots should be filled with Multi-Attack Multi-Attack Heroes in order to reduce the severity of bad opening hands. Optimal play is:

Turn 1: Fury, the great warrior - Spawn 4 statues
Turn 2: Archivampire + Grace of Rockfleet - Spawn 3 statues
Turn 3+: Legion, God of War - Spawn 12 statues
For a grand total of 3+67 statues, averaging 6,632Gold in Chapter 9 of the Journey

League 27: Friend Requests

Allows you to send and receive requests for Common Common or Rare Rare Souls to friends. Donating Heroes rewards Gold Gold.
Tip: These souls can be used to complete the "collect rare souls" tasks in Global Events

League 27: Brawl

Brawl is used for testing squads, but also provides minor rewards. Brawl rewards are limited to the following:

League 27: Mighty Pass

Unlocks the Mighty Pass, which is a monthly reward system similar to daily and weekly quests. The Mighty Pass has a cycle of 21 days. Rewards for the Mighty Pass are earned by completing daily and weekly Quests.
Tip: Delay opening daily/weekly reward chests until the pass is active. The chests in the Mighty Pass can be saved and used to complete event steps.

League 24: Guilds (Turf Wars)

Join a Guild and send Troops to claim territories in Turf Wars. Troop strength is based on the heroes you have and their level of development. Turf wars reset weekly, troops can be sent once daily, and there are 3 clashes per day with rewards distributed based on territories claimed at the end of the 3rd clash.
Tip: Follow your guild's targets indicated by a crosshair (target) and white flag (do not target) on tiles.

League 23: Wish Shop

Available approximately every month, the Wish Shop allows you choose up to 3 Legendary Legendary Heroes to include in a special summoning chest.
Tip: The Wish Shop is best for unlocking heroes, not getting additional Souls to level them. The first roll is a guaranteed Legendary Legendary hero, but if you have the option to choose more than one Legendary Legendary hero make sure to save up enough Gems Gems to unlock the hero you want, since the wish shop only comes once a month and selected heroes cannot be chosen again for 2 wish shops. As of September 2021, the First Blood global event will not prevent the Wish Shop from becoming active.

Generally, a Carry should be the first pick in order to begin developing them as soon as possible via summons and the Black Market. Ideally the carry would also have a fully unlocked Evolution line in order to acquire more souls. If none of the below heroes are an improvement, wishing for Gold Mine heroes or heroes to complete Soulbinds is next. See the Gold Mine section of the New Player Guide for more information.

If you are unsure of what to pick to improve your existing squad, Blair, Charon, Soul Catcher, Dead Lord, and Eostre the Dawn Glow are heroes that can fit in all squads regardless of squad composition. If you just started playing or are just starting to put together a legendary squad, Grace of Rockfleet, Legion, God of War, and Shadow Shaa-Moona are good heroes to build a squad around.

Carries are Heroes that will win the match when played and left unanswered. A carry should be leveled to comparable strength as enemy heroes in order to be effective.

+ Invulnerability to direct damage
+ Stacking Bleeding on enemy heroes
+ Win condition from Steal Attack and board control from Bleeding
- Low Health and vulnerable to indirect damage
+ Indirect Damage to clear the board
+ Buff ATK of friendly heroes
+ Win condition after 7 deaths
+ Key hero for Gold Mine squads
- Fragile and needs to be protected
+ Buff ATK and Buff HP of friendly Order heroes
+ One turn Win condition with existing Order heroes
+ Win condition from buffing friendly Order heroes
+ Key hero for Gold Mine squads
- Useless without Order allies
+ Transform threats on play
+ Counter low Health heroes
+ Win condition with buffs from Madam Agony's Crystal
+ Key hero for Journey strategies
- Can also transform friendly heroes
- Requires some setup to use effectively
- Fragile and needs to be protected
+ Puppets protect rows, reflect damage, and Cleanse friendly heroes
+ Win condition from sacrificing Puppets
- Summons are random and can block cells or not protect herself
- Too many summons can become a problem
+ Summon clones of herself that continue to get stronger
+ Very difficult to remove - all Mosuras must be neutralized or killed
+ Win condition from increasing attack over time or protecting ranged carries with continual cloning
- Clones can block other melee heroes from being used
- Vulnerable to debuffs
+ Control the enemy board by Freezing enemy heroes
+ Protects herself with a summoned Water Elemental
+ Win condition from sacrificing Water Elemental
- Fragile and needs to be protected
+ Punch Through all enemies in a column
+ One turn Win condition from Steal Attack and Multi-Attack
+ Can control an enemy board with Steal Attack if protected
- Fragile and will die quickly if not protected
+ Reborn to offset low Health
+ One turn Win condition from Buff ATK combined with clearing a row with Damage (skill)
- Must kill in order to trigger Buff ATK
- Fragile and will die quickly if not protected

Support Heroes buff or protect friendly heroes, and are usually played to set up an advantage for the future. Support heroes do not need levels in order to perform their role, but levels will improve their effectiveness.

+ Cleanses friendly heroes
+ Heals friendly heroes and Warlord
+ Silences enemy heroes
+ Protects herself with a summoned Little Life Palace
- Must be able to hit the enemy
- Does not cleanse herself
+ Reborn friendly heroes
+ Can block a lane due to Flight and high Health
+ Gets significantly better with levels
- Requires friendly heroes to already be on the field
+ An answer to enemy Ranged heroes
+ Is useful even after being played by granting Pierce and Mental Shield
- Ranged enemies are not killed, only set to 5 HP. This can be fixed by using the Guild Bonus Divine Retribution
- Fragile and needs to be protected
+ Immune to common counters such as Warlord Silence and Dead Lord
+ Creates Multi-Attack Runes to be used when needed
+ Can block a lane due to Cenotaph's bulk and Mental Shield on friendly heroes
+ Key hero for Journey strategies
+ Gets significantly better with levels
- Only gets better at milestone levels
- Low Health when not transformed
+ Immediately gives friendly heroes extra attacks
- Requires friendly heroes to already be on the field
- Not very useful after buffing friendly heroes
+ Effectively immortal while a friendly Eclipse Shard is up
+ Protects more than one lane
+ Key hero for Journey strategies
- Can block melee cells making friendly Melee heroes difficult to play

Control Heroes disable or hinder enemy heroes, and are generally played as an answer to a threat. Control heroes do not need levels to perform their role, but levels will improve their effectiveness.

+ An answer to all Melee heroes except those with Immunity or Flight
+ Transforms an enemy so stats do not matter
+ Summons zombies with poison in the column to protect other rows
+ Gets significantly better with levels
- Transformed enemy remains on the field to potentially shield enemy Ranged heroes. This can be fixed by using the Guild Bonus Blessing of Vlad
- Potentially blocks melee cells due to summons
+ An answer to all Male heroes except heroes with Immunity
+ Silence cannot be prevented as it occurs upon play
+ Can block a lane due to Flight and high Health
+ After being played, buffs allies and damages enemies every turn
- Enemies are only Silenced so they will still have their normal stats and can attack as well as potentially shield enemy Ranged heroes
+ An answer to all heroes except heroes with Immunity
+ Transforms an enemy so stats do not matter
+ Can transform Buildings
- Must be able to hit the enemy
- The transformed enemy remains on the field to potentially shield enemy Ranged heroes
- Not very useful after transforming an enemy
+ An answer to all heroes except those with Immunity
+ Freezes and reduces an enemy's Health to 1
+ Warlord healing while on the field
- Target is random and health reduction only happens if the enemy remains Frozen
- Enemy is not killed, only reduced to 1 HP
- Needs Order heroes in order to be useful for more than 1 turn
+ An answer to all heroes except those with Immunity
+ Silence cannot be prevented as it occurs upon play
+ Can silence Buildings
- Enemies are only Silenced so they will still have their normal stats and can attack as well as potentially shield enemy Ranged heroes
- Not very useful after silencing enemies
+ An answer to all heroes that Summon other heroes
+ Buff the attack of heroes within the same Column
+ Key hero for Journey strategies
- Needs Order heroes in order to be effective as more than a summoner counter
+ An answer to all heroes except those with Immunity
+ Freeze and Steal Attack of enemy heroes
+ Gets significantly better with levels
- Fragile and needs to be protected
- Friendly heroes must be able to hit the enemy warlord

League 22: Fables

Fables, also known as Events, are short boosts/tasks lasting for 6-36 hours. There are two groups of Fables - the first is unique per player, while the other is globally active for all players meeting specific requirements. All fables are randomly selected with 3 major exceptions which occur approximately every month:
1. High Growth rewards Gems Gems for leveling up heroes
2. Hot Gifts gives free Gems Gems on a daily cooldown for 3 days
3. Desired Wealth rewards Chests for spending Gems Gems.
Tip: Always try to wait to develop your heroes when there is a fable for that task - level up heroes only during high growth, Evolve/Reborn the specified types of heroes, etc.

League 22: Global Events

Global Events are the main method to unlock Heroes. Complete specific tasks and defeat special event bosses to gain Sparks Sparks which can be used to open event chests containing event heroes. Event difficulty and rewards are based on the highest reached League with 5 different tiers:
  • League 21-15
  • League 14-10
  • League 9-5
  • League 4-2
  • League 1-GM
Tip: The best method to unlock Epic Epic and Legendary Legendary Heroes. The primary goal is to unlock all 9 featured heroes, with an emphasis on Epic Epic heroes, as Epic Epic event heroes are normally limited to events while Legendary Legendary heroes can be unlocked via the Wish Shop. The secondary goal is to open as many 5k Sparks Sparks chests in Chapter 3 to obtain Legendary Legendary Souls. Note that in addition to the League tiers above, the current Chapter of the Global Event also affects the reward, with the best rewards available in Chapter 3. There are lots of tricks to getting the most out of Global Events, such as storing chests in the battle chamber to open later, saving up Pit/Dark Tower runs, requesting event heroes, etc. - most of which can be found on the Event Tips and Tricks page.
Tip: Upon reaching League 22 for the first time, the starter event First Blood will immediately begin. This Global Event is easier than normal Global Events but does not have great heroes, so do not invest too much into trying to complete the event. If First Blood is active when High Growth would normally begin, High Growth will not appear until it ends so plan accordingly.

League 20: Dungeon of Trials

The Dungeon of Trials provides access to one of 2 weekly Game Modes: Dark Tower and The Pit. Both modes have difficulty based on total collection Might and reward Copper Coins Copper Coins for use in the Black Market as well as Chests from Big Rare Chest Big Rare Chest to Legendary Chest Legendary Chest. The Black Market will be the main source of progression by purchasing relevant Legendary Legendary Hero lots.
  • Dark Tower: Use randomly selected heroes from your collection to fight against AI controlled player collections and win 16 times, with 3 Dark Tower Attempts Dark Tower Attempts that recover at 1 Dark Tower Attempts Dark Tower Attempts per 12 hours. Hero selection is based on current league, giving you a choice of 4 Common Common, 4 Rare Rare, 4 Epic Epic, or 4 Legendary Legendary heroes per turn.
Tip: Guild boosts can be used for a huge advantage. Each win will match you against a more difficult opponent, but each loss will match you against a less difficult opponent until you win - it's guaranteed to clear this mode if you purchase enough Dark Tower Attempts Dark Tower Attempts.
  • The Pit: Battle against 10 bosses of increasing difficulty using all Heroes in your collection only once, with 3 Power Sigil Power Sigil (attempts) that recover at 1 Power Sigil Power Sigil per 12 hours. Rewards are dark coins and chests from big rare to legendary. You are given a random choice of 1 Common Common, 1 Rare Rare, 1 Epic Epic, and 1 Legendary Legendary hero to play per turn, and can reshuffle up to 3 times per attempt.
Tip: Remember you can only use each hero once during the entire week. If you don't have a lot of heroes, skip turns when you're in a good position to preserve heroes for later bosses. Guild bonuses apply here as well for an advantage in the early game with low collection might.

League 19: Legendary Chests

Legendary Chest Legendary Chest begin dropping from the Hall of Fame starting from League 19.
Tip: It is best to save these chests for Global Events to pass the "open legendary chests" step at the end of Chapter 2

League 19: 10% Reborn Fables

Fables that return 10% of the Souls cost for Reborning a hero appear starting from League 19.
Tip: This is a good time to Reborn a hero, but the cost in Souls is not very high for the first few reborns so it's not extremely important. There is also a better 14% fable that unlocks at League 8.

League 18: Divine Arena

Play one of two themed squads in the Divine Arena every 48 hours. Rewards are an Epic Chest Epic Chest per squad, so 2 Epic Chest Epic Chest total. Legendary Chest Legendary Chests are available during special events.
Tip: Some matchups are extremely uneven, but it is possible to complete every Divine Arena with both squads. Since you have unlimited attempts, to save time surrender if your opening play is not to your liking and try again.

League 17: Legendary Season Chests

Legendary Chest Legendary Chest are rewarded per season and per league advancement starting at League 17.

League 17: Disciple Graduation/Teacher

Graduate from a Disciple to a Teacher, which allows you to have your own Disciples and gain rewards from teaching new players. Teachers gain 5 Gem Gem per dollar spent by their Disciples, and receive a Legendary Chest Legendary Chest for each Disciple that graduates by reaching league 17. A Teacher can have a maximum of 15 Disciples.

League 16: Pets/Hunt

Unlocks Pets and the Honey Dew Rescue quest path to earn a Honey Dew pet. Once you have a pet, you can participate in a Hunt whenever a Global Event isn't active. Hunts cost 300 (Rare Rare)/500 (Epic Epic)/800 (Legendary Legendary) Gems Gems to begin a set of 10 quests to earn extra pet Souls, with bonus souls if all 10 quests are completed.
Tip: Hunt during Desired Wealth to double up on rewards.

League 16-13: Black Market Legendary Lots

Unlocks additional Legendary Legendary lots in the Black Market, which is the best source for focused Hero development. Each League between 16 and 13 will change one Epic Epic slot into a Legendary Legendary slot.

League 10: Summon Offer Fable (10x discount Demigods)

Starting League 10, the Summon Offer fable can appear for 12 hours which provides a discounted Demigods Summon at the price of 899/799/699 Gems Gems per summon (normally 1299/1199/999 Gems Gems per summon).
Tip: This is the best use of gems outside of permanent purchases such as Warlords, especially when combined with Global Events which doubles the souls of event heroes.

League 8: 14% Reborn Fables

Fables that return 14% of the Souls cost for Reborning a hero appear starting from League 8.
Tip: This is an ideal time to Reborn a hero, especially for Level 16 Reborns and above.

Hero Development

The most important aspect of success in Mighty Party is developing your heroes by Leveling Up, Soulbinding, and Reborning your Heroes. The 8 heroes in your Squad are the most important, but all heroes need to be developed for use in The Pit, Dark Tower, and to increase troop strength for Turf Wars.

Collecting Souls

With the June 1st 2021 update, obtaining souls in order to level up heroes has become much easier. The best methods to collect souls using game Resources are as follows:
1. Black Market lots to target specific Heroes
2. Summons during a 10x discount Fable for many randomly distributed souls
3. Festive Summons which cost more but only contain event-locked Heroes
With this in mind, it is best purchase Black Market lots for useful heroes, perform discounted Demigods summons when available, and perform a Festive Summon only as a new player without a lot of unlocked heroes. To get the most out of your Gem Gem, you should always summon Demigods while Hunts or Global Events will reward you for doing so.

Leveling Up

Leveling up using Souls increases Might and troop strength, but requires increasing amounts of gold. Each level gives additional HP HP, Atk Atk, or improves Skills.
Heroes should only be leveled up in the following cases:
1. To complete a Global Event task (Chapter 1: level up heroes)
2. As necessary to complete Daily or Weekly Quests
3. Whenever High Growth is active
Tip: There is a Guild bonus and fable which reduces the amount of gold required to level up. Try to calculate how many High Growth steps you can complete so you do not waste level ups. Mighty Bot on the official discord server can do this for you.


Evolving is available at League 19, and lets you convert Heroes to a higher Heroes#Rarity.

Tip: Evolving should always be done with the Guild bonus active. Generally evolving is performed to complete Global Event steps to obtain Souls of a hero or during Fables which will double the output for specific evolutions. With high enough VIP VIP, evolving can become a very efficient way to obtain high rarity heroes.


Soulbinding is available at League 26, and grants permanent boosts to Atk Atk or HP HP. Heroes can be soulbound up to 4 times using Soul Dust, with each soulbind requiring specific levels of other heroes. Soulbinding should be immediately performed on any actively used heroes. Soulbinding unused heroes is optional - while it increases troop strength for Turf War, it also increases total might which affects difficulty within the Dungeon of Trials.
Tip: In order to unlock all soulbinds, Common Common should be leveled up to level 16, Rare Rare to level 13, Epic Epic to level 8, and Legendary Legendary to level 6.


Reborn is available at League 22, and grants permanent upgrades to attack, health, and even skills, but resets the hero's level back to 1. This will likely reduce the strength of the hero unless you are able to level it back up immediately, but also grants more level ups and thus more Gems Gems from High Growth.
Tip: Reborns should generally only be performed during a "Reborns return souls" Fable. This is much more important for higher tiers of reborn, so if a first reborn will finish a Weekly Quest or a task in the Event Path it could still be worth it even without the Fable active. However, when Reborning make sure that you are able to relevel your heroes back to a usable level - in general, the required levels for soulbinding are a good benchmark: Level 16 Common Common, Level 13 Rare Rare, Level 8 Epic Epic, and Level 6 Legendary Legendary. You can also plan ahead to Reboost a hero for a significant but temporary increase in strength to advance in Leagues

Gameplay Tips

  • Promotional codes are occasionally available. There are currently two promo codes:
  • mightyparty - 50Gems
  • brawlchess - 300Gems, expires September 2022

Additional codes are occasionally available for a limited time after being announced via the official Facebook and Instagram pages. A list of all codes is maintained on the Subreddit Wiki.

General Progression

  • Do not level up anything except what is necessary to advance. Unlock Fables at League 22 in order to level up heroes during High Growth.
  • Once you've purchased the pirate warlord, consider skipping a High Growth to reach higher tiers. The higher a tier you're able to reach, the better the ratio of gems per level-up.
  • Global Events also unlock at League 22. Check the Event path difficulty to ensure you are able to get as far into the event as possible - it is better to make it to Chapter 3 than to advance a global event tier and only make it to Chapter 2. However if you are going to be stuck in the same tier regardless (generally due to lacking soulbinds), it is better to advance.
  • Gems Gems should be saved and spent on the Pirate Skin for Adam, then on Black Market lots to improve your squad or on summons while a bonus for spending gems is active such as Desired Wealth, a Hunt, or a Global Event step.
  • High Growth and Global Events cannot occur simultaneously. This is specifically relevant for First Blood which begins immediately on reaching League 22 and lasts for 6 days, and will prevent High Growth and other global events from occurring while it is active

Premium Purchases

There are a few Premium purchases that are helpful in the long run:
  • The Gem Fund is available for a limited time and offers the best Gem to Real Money ratio.
  • Legendary Legendary Pets offer the best value per dollar and can also be considered as ending the "free trial" and "buying" the game. Pets grant a huge advantage to players compared to not having a pet, but also have recurring costs using Gems Gems to improve them in addition to the initial purchase using real money. Sentry Fenrirus (wolf) will provide the most immediate benefit, while Drogun (raptor) is the best long term option.
  • Chest Slots are the next best value, but only for PC players as having additional chest slots in the Hall of Fame is not useful when only one chest can be opened at a time. Additional slots will also allow you to "save" chests in preparation for events.
  • VIP is a recurring subscription that offers great benefits, but also requires investment in the hundreds or thousands to be worth it, so it is generally not for new players.

Warlord Skins

Purchasable Warlord skins are significant upgrades over the base warlords. This should be one of the first purchases made with Gems Gems a new player makes. Don't forget that spending Gems Gems is rewarded by the monthly Desired Wealth Fable when it is active as well as the Global Events step to spend 1k gems.

Warlord Tiers for New Players

  • Tier 1 - Pirate - Freebooter Dave is literally game changing for a new player. The enemy AI likes to place their heroes on the summoned damage runes, meaning that most of the time you are able to ignore them as they will die. The Sharks are also pretty good for creating space in a lane to place a fragile ranged character.
  • Tier 2 - Ogre, Cookie, Jimmy, Geisha, Widow - These are all decent Warlords, but will generally not be as beneficial for new players either due to their cost (Jimmy), the turn lost from setting up abilities (Geisha/Widow), or their abilities not having as much impact on lower leagues where enemy heroes can be killed by pentagrams instead of silenced and remaining on the board (Cookie/Ogre).
  • Tier 3 - Shadow, Efreet, Shaman, Nord - These Warlords have abilities which are themed around a certain mechanic. In general they require a squad to be built around these abilities so they are not good for new players who do not have a wide selection of Heroes to create a squad from.
  • Not worth it - Soccer, Fan, Cheer, Referee - these are just the base warlords with extra health, and are not even featured as a Warlord in the Event Path. Not really ever worth the purchase price.
In general, new players should always aim to purchase Pirate first. Ogre or Jimmy should be the next purchase - Ogre is more generally useful, but a "face" deck that goes directly for the warlord works great with Jimmy. The switch from Pirate is usually best done when the player is dying too quickly to be able to play anything - generally this happens once Pirate pentagrams are no longer killing enemy heroes in one turn.
Nord and Geisha are both good 3rd purchase options for a Gold Mine squad. All other warlords should be purchased only with excess Gems Gems in order to complete the Global Event task in Chapter 3 to win with that specific warlord.

Warlord Tiers for Stronger Players

So new players can plan ahead, below is a general tier list for Warlords used by stronger players - generally the switch will be made sometime around 10k-15k Squad Might:
  • Tier 1: Ogre - Due to how damage and warlord health scales, the extra health that Ogre provides at high level play is almost mandatory to survive.
  • Tier 1.5: Jimmy - Jimmy usually either wins or loses by turn 3. He's very strong when building a deck that ignores the board to go after the warlord, especially when using Legion, but if he cannot win early then Ogre will easily overpower him.
  • Tier 2: Pirate - The pentagrams do not do enough damage to one shot enemies making Pirate much less useful at high levels of play.
  • Tier 3: Geisha, Widow, Shaman - Game changing abilities but require (too much) setup to use properly.
  • Special Mention: Nord is part of one of the most efficient Gold Mine decks.