Pets are not combat units and do not occupy space in your squad or "hand"! A separate slot has been added at the warlords dialog. You will see a list of your pets and, accordingly, you can select one of them as active when you click on this slot.

Pets Selection.png

At the moment, there are three pet "families": a big cat family, a big dog family and a dinosaur family. Each of these families have a rare, epic, and legendary pet.

Adoption List[edit | edit source]

Rare Rare Epic Epic Legendary Legendary Alignment Sex
Honey Dew Shadow Ocelot Prince Gleedy Order Order Male Male
Skoln Steel Hati Sentry Fenrirus Chaos Chaos Male Male
Dino Dang Greenlight Drogun Nature Nature Male Male

Pet Adoption[edit | edit source]

You can get these pets by taking part in the Pet Hunt. To begin the Hunt, you need to achieve League 16 and then complete the Honey Dew Rescue (a special quest chain) or purchase a special offer which includes a pet.

Pet Skills[edit | edit source]

There are active and passive Pet skills. Passive skills work regardless of whether the pet is active or not, and moreover, they are summed up from ALL of the pets you have!!! Active skills work only from a pet placed in your warlord slot.

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