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Pets are purchasable Warlord companions available at League 16 that provide various bonuses. Like Heroes, Pets can be leveled by obtaining Souls. However, Pet Souls are only available from the Hunt.

There are currently 15 Pets - with the exception of the Honey Dew which is available from a quest, all others must be purchased with real money.

Adoption List[]

Rare Rare Epic Epic Legendary Legendary Faction Sex
Honey Dew Shadow Ocelot Prince Gleedy Order Order Male Male
Skoln Steel Hati Sentry Fenrirus Chaos Chaos Male Male
Dino Dang Greenlight Drogun Nature Nature Male Male
Light Essence Order Wisp Oculus Order Order Male Male
Willow Firefly Nature's Spark Sylvan Nature Nature Male Male
Chaos Familiar Chaos Fang Barrog Chaos Chaos Male Male

The Hunt[]

Additional Souls for leveling can only be obtained from the Hunt. The hunt is available starting at League 16 after obtaining a pet, either by purchasing a pet or completing the Honey Dew Rescue.

Pet Skills[]

Pets have an active and passive skill.

  • Passive skills apply to all Warlords regardless of whether the pet is equipped on the Warlord.
  • Active skills apply to the Warlord that the pet is equipped on.