In your castle you can see a lot of information about your whole deck, current squad, info about your player in the you have an example in order to explain all the options and information you can see about you (or any other player if you click on his name ---> information).

  1. Shows your current guild
  2. Shows your nickname and allows you to change it pressing the right button.
  3. Shows the current medal you are displaying to the players that fight against you.
  4. Shows three tabs:
    1. The squad tab, in wich you can see your current selected warlord and its squad.
    2. The statistics tab, full of information about your stats in Mighty Party.
    3. The medals tab, with all your achievements. Here you can select any other achieved medal to show to the rest of the players.
  5. Shows information about your strengh in the game and your ID:
    1. The might you have is a measure of the power your squad has.
    2. The value in troops measures the total power all your deck has, used mainly in turf wars and dark tower.
    3. The ID is your identification inside the game, to invite people to be friends or being recruited/recruit to a guild in most of the cases.

If you press the fight button, you will have a PVP fight against your own deck, useful to see how AI plays with your squad and to test your weaknesses.

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