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Mighty Party, having created its own resources that can be earned and spent within the game, also has Premium Content that can be obtained by real-world currency. These contents appear in several ways, and when or what they offer, including the amount of the content and the price, may change according to your league and regularity of your purchase.
You will find various kinds of offers below, which will help you to accelerate your progress within the game.


Shop is one of the buildings in your Kingdom where different kind of offers for summons, Gem Gem, Gold Gold, VIP Points VIP Points, and VIP Time VIP Time can be found. In addition, the offers for Event Rune Event Rune also appears during the Global Events here.
It is also advised to check the announcements in Fables section daily, which you may get better deals that double the amount of resources such as gems or gold with the same amount of payment, for example, or that offers special summons options.
For more information about Shop, click here.


This is the section where most of the paid contents are. When the Deals icon is clicked, you will find various kinds of offers coming as Starter Packs, Unique Offers, Pets Shop, Monthly, Weekly, Daily and occasionally Combat Packs, and Event Packs. Except for Pet Shop and Treasury, all offers stand for limited time, with the prices changing every each time depending on amounts of cards, its Rarity and the combination of other resources such as Gem Gem, Gold Gold, Soul Dust Soul Dust, and VIP Points VIP Points. Therefore, it is better to watch out for new deals.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly offers are renewed daily, weekly, and monthly as it is understood by their names. It should be noted that each section offers a free deal once per cycle. So, do not forget to claim these. Unlike most deals, weekly and monthly deals can be purchased more than once per cycle (twice and thrice, respectively).
  • Starter Packs are the deals for the new players, which aims to give them some advantage against their opponents at the beginning of the game.
  • Unique Offers are the deals which are uniquely generated for every player. Some will be generated based on player progress.
  • Combat Packs are the deals which appear monthly. It offers all rarity versions of one card. The rare version can be bought with Gold Gold, the epic version with Gem Gem, and the legendary version with real-world currency. Purchasing all three will reset the offers up to two times with higher costs, but also proportionally higher rewards.
  • Rune Shop is another occasional deal which appears during the Global Events. The deals within the shop includes Event Rune Event Rune, VIP Points VIP Points, Gem Gem, and guild chest in different amounts. The prices differs as the amounts increase.
  • Treasury is a new slot offer for Hall of Fame. Given 4 slots in the beginning of the game, it is possible to buy another 4 extra slots for 4.99$, 9.99$, 19.99$, and 49.99$, respectively with extra rewards such as hero souls in different rarity, VIP Points VIP Points, Soul Dust Soul Dust, Gold Gold, and guild chest.
  • Pet Shop is the shop which has deals for you to add powerful Pets to your collection. You can buy rare, epic, and legendary Pets with 4.99$, 19.99$, and 49.99$, respectively.

Pet Shop

Pet Shop.png
Pet Shop is a shop where you can buy and add powerful Pets to your collection. The shop can be reached by clicking Deals icon on your main screen. The purchase of Pets comes with extra gifts for you like Gold Gold and Gem Gem, and for your guild like Influence Influence, and Elixir Elixir.
Currently, the prices of Pets are 4.99$ for Rare Rare, 19.99$ for Epic Epic, and 49.99$ for Legendary Legendary. The offers of Pet Shop are as in shown below:


VIP is a status that provides you various of privileges in the game. These privileges differ based on your VIP level and as your level increases, either the privilege you have gets improved or the new one unlocks or both. Currently, the maximum VIP level is 20 and VIP points are the key to reach the next level. The VIP points can be collected by doing purchase either Gem Gem from Shop or offers in Deals.
Another important thing about VIP is that it needs activation to have the privileges. There are two ways of activation:
  • Buying Gem Gem from the store, which comes in different amounts and VIP offers such as points and activation time based on the amount.
  • Buying VIP Time VIP Time for activation, which becomes available after the first VIP activation.
For more information about VIP, click here.

Chest Slot

You will see that you will be already given 4 chest slots and 4 extra chest slots as an offer when the Hall of Fame building is clicked on your map. As you should be familiar with so far, the empty slots are where you store the chests you win at Hall of Fame, and the Hall of Fame is the best fight mode to earn any kind of chests and the only way to league up. However, once all slots are occupied, you have to either wait until the countdown is over or speed up the timer by spending Gem Gem if you want to store more chests. If you do not do one of these, then that means you have to either claim your chests by spending Gem Gem right after the win or skip it, and it is for sure that you do not want to miss any resource on the way up or slow down your progress.
On that point, Mighty Party offers you 4 extra chest slots for 4.99$, 9.99$, 19.99$, and 49.99$, respectively with extra rewards such as hero souls in different rarity, VIP Points VIP Points, Soul Dust Soul Dust, Gold Gold, and guild chest. This offer can be accessed clicking either offer chest from Hall of Fame or Treasury from Deals. The more slots you have, the more resources you will get, and as a result, the faster you will advance in the game. It should be noted that the chests earned in Hall of Fame are also great way to get Event Rune Event Rune during the Global Events.

Mighty Pass

Mighty Pass Icon.png
Mighty Pass is a path where you can earn resources by collecting points, and these points can be earned by completing Daily Quests and Weekly Quests. The Mighty Pass starts at League 27 and lasts for 21 days. The new Mighty Pass starts as soon as the current one expires, however if it is completed before its expiration time, then you still need to wait until its original time, 21 days, ends for the new one to start. The total points you need to collect to complete the Mighty Pass is 15000.
Mighty Pass has two access for you, which are Free Access and Premium Access. You can claim the resources of Free Access any time you want when the required points are collected, while the Premium Access requires a payment to claim its resources. You can pay and claim the premium resources any time you want before the Mighty Pass ends.
Additionally, you will receive a medal if you complete the Mighty Pass, which is The Sole Survivor for Free Access and Real Hero for Premium Access.

How can I collect points?

You can collect the Mighty Pass points by completing Daily Quests and Weekly Quests. The points from Daily Quests are 50, 50, 100, 100, 200 respectively while the points from Weekly Quests are 250, 250, 250, 250, 500 respectively. For more information about quests, please click here.
Besides the quests, the points can be bought in return for Gem Gem if you are lacking them.


Journey Trophy icon.png
Trophies are rewards that can be earned by completing levels in the Journey. At the end of every sector, the current trophy rewards will end, and a new one will start at the beginning of the new sector. As the sectors increase in difficulty, the value of trophies also increases.
Journey Trophies.png

Journey Trophies
As in the Mighty Pass, Trophies are split into Premium Trophies and Free Trophies. Free Trophies can be claimed at any time before starting a new sector once the required level is complete, while Premium Trophies requires payment to claim. Purchasing Premium Trophies will only unlock the premium trophies for the current sector.

Gem Fund

Gem Fund Icon.png
Gem Fund is the one time offer that appears when you first enter the adventure of Journey and it lasts 14 days. Once the purchase is done, the offer will stay with you forever, otherwise you will not get a chance to receive this offer again. The Gem fund currently costs 19,99$.
Gem Fund.png
Gem Fund
Gem Fund rewards you with Gem Gem for completing each level and once you complete the sector, you can claim the Gem Gem at once. Considering that Journey currently has 9 sectors, the amount of gems for each sector is 1300, 1300, 1300, 2000, 2000, 2000, 2600, 2600, and 2600, respectively, which makes 19000Gem in total.