Rarity Name Image Skills Min-Max Atk Min-Max HP Avail.
Rare NomadNomad

Miss Puts a spell of Miss on 1 random enemy

Block Block (X)(available from level 6)

6-915-86 Event
Rare Young GriffinYoung Griffin

Flight Flight

Block Block (X)(available from level 6)

6-656-102 Event
Rare The UndisputedThe Undisputed

Buff ATK While attacking on enemy warlord: gets Bonus attack Atk equal to her Health HP

Block Block (X)(available from level 6)

4-368-94 Event
Rare MonkMonk

Silence Removes Fly from enemies in line

Block Block (X) (available from level 6)

6-1025-89 Event
Rare Celestial MaidenCelestial Maiden

Flight Flight

Mental Shield Mental Shield

7-942-41 Event
Rare ProphetProphet

Pierce Pierce (X)

Damage (X)Damage to all Ranged Filter Ranged enemies

4-678-111 League 30
Rare Wild HuntressWild Huntress

Buff ATK Ally's Pierce Pierce triggered: Gives +(X)Atk to allies in line

Block Block (X)

3-4511-105 Event
Rare Jester-killerJester-killer

Buff HP Swap stats of a random enemy

5-987-93 Event
Rare ValkyrieValkyrie

Buff HP +(X)Atk to allies in line

4-4610-104 League 23
Rare Wonder-girlWonder Girl

Pierce Pierce (X)

Mental Shield Mental Shield

5-587-60 Event
Rare Piece of IcePiece of Ice

Freeze Freezes random enemy in line

Block Block (X)

3-3915-97 Event
Rare BerserkBerserk

Buff ATK Kill: +(X)Atk a random ally

5-507-107 Event
Rare SquireSquire

Block Block (X)

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to all allies with Block Block

3-2710-105 League 24
Rare UntouchableUntouchable

Block Block (X)

Mental Shield Mental Shield

6-934-44 League 18
Rare CrafterCrafter

Buff HP +(X)HP to himself for each Ranged Filter Ranged ally

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals allies in line for +(X)HP

3-5916-116 League 19
Rare SoulbladeSoulblade

Summon Summons Archer X/X behind self

Block Block (X)

2-2512-134 League 26
Rare Demon HuntressDemon Huntress

Damage Kills random Chaos Chaos enemy

Pierce Pierce (X-Y) Damage (available from level 6)

5-5- Event
Rare Snow MaidenSnow Maiden

Freeze Start of turn: freezes random enemy in line

Pierce Pierce (X) Damage (available from level 6)

2-17- Event
Rare ThunderThunder

Damage End of Turn: deals (X) Damage to 2 random enemies

5-579-52 Event
Rare PyromancerPyromancer

Splash Splash (X)

Death: Gives Splash Splash (X) to allies

7-592-43 Event
Rare BunnyBunny

Pierce Gives Pierce Pierce (X) to random ally

Pierce Pierce (X)

5-734-89 League 19
Rare DrowDrow

Damage Kill Damage random wounded enemy

6-624-26 Event
Rare Ding VieselDing Viesel

Summon Death: Transform random Ranged Wounded enemy into Reward Box 0/7

Regeneration Attack: Heals random ally for +(X)HP (available from level 6)

5-578-49 Event
Rare FollowerFollower

Damage Ally's Pierce Pierce used: (X)Damage to random Ranged Filter Ranged enemy

6-712-59 Event
Rare Love MageLove mage

Regeneration Ally hero's Death: Heals a random ally to MAXHP

4-824-102 League 11
Rare BowmasterBowmaster

Regeneration Warlord attacked: Heals all allies for +(X)HP

Regeneration Heals your Warlord for +(X)HP

5-663-84 League 28
Rare MenestrelMenestrel

Buff ATK Ally's Heal triggered: +(X)Atk to all allies

5-754-84 League 22
Rare PriestessPriestess

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to random ally

Buff HP +(X)HP to random ally

5-694-62 League 29
Rare First AidFirst aid

Regeneration Heals all allies for +(X)HP

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals all allies for +(X)HP

- 17-183 League 12
Rare PharaonPharaon

Block End of Turn: Give Block Block (X) to Melee filter Melee allies

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals all units with Block Block for +(X)HP

- 19-189 League 21
Rare Voltage TowerVoltage Tower

Damage (X)Damage to enemy Warlord every turn

- 17-184 League 9
Rare Samurai DogSamurai Dog

Damage Before attack: Deal (X)Damage to random enemies 3 times

Buff ATK Start of Turn: Gets +(X)Atk (available from level 6)

4-7- Event
Rare Panda WarriorPanda warrior

Buff HP Attack: +(X)HP to himself

Spikes Spikes (X)Damage (available from level 6)

6-6- Event
Rare LizardfolkLizardfolk

Damage Summons (X) Instant Kill Rune on the first enemy cell in line

Poison Attack: poisons (X)Damage enemy (available from level 6)

6-5- Event
Rare ScratchyScratchy

Buff HP Attacked: gives +(X)HP to ally Warlord

Regeneration Regeneration: gets +(X)HP each turn (available from level 6)

4-10- Event
Rare DruidDruid

Steal Attack Steals +(X)Atk from random enemy

7-1045-74 Event
Rare Sea GuardianSea Guardian

Buff HP Enemy Warlord attacked: Get +(X)HP to himself

Regeneration Regeneration (X)

7-995-72 Event
Rare SharkShark

Debuff ATK Set a random enemy Attack to 1 Atk for 1 turn

Buff HP Start of turn: Gets +(X)HP for each wounded enemy (except Buildings)

6-956-83 Event
Rare RockRock

Poison Poisons (X) random enemy in line

Block Block (X)

3-3915-94 Event
Rare Baby RattleBaby Rattle

Regeneration Male appears: heals herself for +(X)HP

2-2818-121 Event
Rare ShroomkinShroomkin

Regeneration Gives random ally: Death: Heals adjacent heroes for +(X)HP

2-2517-118 Event
Rare TreantTreant

Block Attacked: Gives Block Block (X) to himself

Regeneration Regeneration (X)

1-2420-122 Event
Rare HarpyHarpy

Spikes Spikes (X)

Flight Flight

7-677-92 League 13
Rare Dream WhelplingDream Whelping

Splash Splash (X)

Flight Flight

6-3912-100 League 15
Rare NagaNaga

Poison Attack: Poison Poison (X) enemy

Buff HP +(X)HP to Nature Nature allies for each Poison Poison triggering

5-659-98 League 22
Rare BullyBully

Buff ATK Attack: +(X)Atk to himself

3-5616-138 League 14
Rare CactusitoCactusito

Splash Splash (X)

Regeneration Regeneration (X)

4-3714-93 Event
Rare VikingViking

Buff ATK Death: +(X)Atk to all allies

Buff HP Death: +(X)HP to all allies

6-995-65 League 30
Rare Mr. ToadMr. Toad

Spikes Spikes (X)

Block Give Block Block (X) to random ally

1-2716-111 League 23
Rare SatyrSatyr

Silence Attack: Removes Block Block

Regeneration Death: heals your Warlord for +(X)HP

4-5414-143 League 16
Rare Sage Discipleauto

Buff ATK Heal Triggered: Gets +(X)Atk

Flight Flight

6-5- Event
Rare PlantyPlanty

Damage Attack: (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

Spikes Spikes give (X)Damage (available from level 6)

6-5- Event
Rare The Aqua SpiritThe Aqua Spirit

Freeze Freezes 2 random Ranged Filter Ranged enemies

7-782-52 Event
Rare CultistCultist

Summon Summons Bush X/X on forward

Spikes Gives Spikes Spikes (X) to random ally

5-578-49 Event
Rare Wood ElfWood Elf

Buff HP Swap stats of random ally

Buff HP Gives +(X)HP to Melee filter Melee allies

6-644-27 Event
Rare Wind SnakeWind Snake

Buff HP +(X)HP to Nature Nature allies

Flight Flight

7-884-52 League 14
Rare RepresserRepresser

Buff ATK +(x)Atk to herself for each Nature Nature ally

5-636-73 Event
Rare Forest MageForest Mage

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals Nature Nature allies for +(X)HP

Regeneration Death: Give Regeneration Regeneration (X) to all allies

4-749-73 League 18
Rare Leaf ChildLeaf Child

Regeneration Start of Turn: Heals allies in line for +(X)HP

Poison Death: Give Poison Poison (X) to random ally

5-864-62 League 23
Rare Wood SpiritWood Spirit

Buff HP Start of Turn: +(X)HP to allies

6-853-56 League 29
Rare TotemTotem

Damage End of Turn: (X)Damage to all enemies

Spikes Give Spikes Spikes (X) to random Nature Nature ally

- 18-185 League 17
Rare Demon OrbDemon Orb

Damage Gives to random enemy: "Death: 5-6 (X)Damage to all the allies around himself"

Flight Flight

6-764-58 Event
Rare CyclopCyclop

Buff ATK Enemy Warlord attacked: Gets +(X)Atk

Regeneration Regeneration +(X)HP

1-1823-136 Event
Rare ButcherButcher

Set HP Sets random enemy health to 1HP

3-3812-117 Event
Rare Death WhelplingDeath Whelpling

RebornSkill Reborn

Flight Flight

6-7533-291 Event
Rare Flesh SpawnFlesh Spawn

Freeze Freezes enemies in a row for 1 turn

Damage Start of Turn: (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

4-5615-99 Event
Rare FacelessFaceless

Buff HP +(X)HP to himself for each ally

Regeneration Regeneration +(X)HP

2-3417-117 Event
Rare SkeletonSkeleton

Vampiric Attacked: Deals (X)Damage to enemy Warlord and gets +(X)HP

6-746-70 Event
Rare Dark WarriorDark Warrior

Mental Shield Death: gives Mental Shield Mental Shield to your Warlord

Vampiric Attack: Vampiric Vampiric +(X)HP

3-3315-123 Event
Rare SummonerSummoner

Summon Summons Zombies X/X in line

Vampiric Attack: Vampiric Vampiric +(X)HP

4-639-123 League 28
Rare Bone HunterBone Hunter

Damage Death: (X)Damage to enemies in line

Buff ATK Death: +(X)Atk to Chaos Chaos allies

5-995-62 League 24
Rare Orc MasterOrc Master

Multi-Attack Multi-Attack

Multi-Attack Death: Give Multi-Attack Multi-Attack to random Chaos Chaos ally

3-419-102 League 24
Rare UndeadUndead

Steal Attack Attack: steals +(X)Atk

Poison Attacked: Poison Poison (X) enemy

4-5110-108 League 13
Rare ChiropteranChiropteran

Vampiric Attack: Vampiric Vampiric +(X)HP

Steal Attack Attack: steals +(X)Atk

2-1711-99 League 20
Rare GargoyleGargoyle

Damage Attacked: Deals (X)Damage to a random enemy

Damage (X)Damage to all enemies

2-4015-98 League 22
Rare Igneous GirlIgneous Girl

Splash Gives Splash +(X)Damage to all Chaos allies

Damage Death: Deals (X)Damage to Enemy Warlord (available from level 6)

7-814-56 Event
Rare NecromancerNecromancer

Summon Summons the skeleton (X/Y) (with Steal Attack Steal Attack) in front of itself

Buff ATK End of Turn: Gets +(X)Atk for each ally around himself (available from level 6)

6-2- Event
Rare Clever ViperClever Viper

Damage Kill random Order Order enemy

13-3- Event
Rare Friendly SpiritFriendly Spirit

Flight Flight

Freeze Death: freezes random enemy on the field

5-1223-41 Event
Rare Talking SkullTalking Skull

Vampiric Attack: gives Vampiric Vampiric (X) to random Melee filter Melee ally

8-664-45 Event
Rare FireworkerFireworker

Damage End of turn: (X)Damage to enemies in row

Splash Splash (X)

8-664-45 Event
Rare Old BonesOld Bones

Flight Flight

Buff ATK Kill: +(X)Atk to himself

5-833-41 Event
Rare MummyMummy

Poison Attack: Poison Poison (X) enemy

5-733-78 Event
Rare Dark WitchDark Witch

Damage (X)Damage to all units except Chaos Chaos

Vampiric Attack: Vampiric Vampiric +(X)HP

6-883-56 League 22
Rare Child of ChaosChild of Chaos

Summon End of Turn: Summon Summon Tree X/X in front of itself

Buff ATK Start of Turn: +(X)Atk to random Chaos Chaos ally

6-883-57 League 17
Rare Dark TreeDark Tree

Buff ATK +(X)Atk to Chaos Chaos allies

Damage End of Turn: (X)Damage to all enemies

- 16-179 League 25
Rare Void StoneVoid Stone

Damage (X)Damage to enemy entering the battlefield

Damage Start of Turn: (X)Damage to enemy Warlord

- 16-181 League 16
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