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All Heroes can be reborn upon reaching a certain level to increase their Atk Atk, HP HP or Skills.

Reborn is limited based on Rarity - Common Common and Rare Rare heroes can be reborn 4 times with their first reborn available at level 11. Epic Epic heroes can be reborn 5 times, and Legendary Legendary heroes 6 times with their first reborn available at level 6

Reborn Common Common Rare Rare Epic Epic Legendary Legendary
I Level 11 Level 11 Level 6 Level 6
II Level 16 Level 16 Level 11 Level 11
III Level 21 Level 21 Level 16 Level 16
IV Level 26 Level 26 Level 21 Level 21
V - - Level 26 Level 26
VI - - - Level 31

Reborning will reset the hero's level to 1, but will refund any souls used to level past the reborn level.

For example, reborning a Legendary Legendary hero for the first time at level 8 will set the hero's level to 1 and refund 140Legendary souls - those that were used to level up to level 7 (60Legendary) and level 8 (80Legendary).

The necessary Souls for each Hero level can be found on the Hero Level Table, while the effect of Reborn on Might can be found on that respective pages.