Set HP Changes current HP to the specified value

– In-game description

Table of Heroes with Set HP[edit | edit source]

ID Name Image Rarity Alignment Gender Type Skills
123 Blair Blair.png
Set HP Set HP
Sets health to 5 HP to ranged enemies

Mental Shield Mental Shield
Ally appears: Gives Mental Shield to him/her

Pierce Pierce
Before ally attack: Gives him/her Pierce 5Damage
257 Butcher Butcher.png
Set HP Set HP
Sets random enemy Health to 1HP (except buildings)
256 Demon the Ripper Demon the Ripper.png
Set HP Set HP
Death: Sets health of two random enemies to 1HP (except buildings)

Buff ATK Buff ATK
End of Turn: Gets +4Atk for each wounded hero
258 Frost, the Snow Queen Frost, the Snow Queen.png
Freeze Freeze
Order ally (including herself) appears: Freezes random enemy

Set HP Set HP
End of turn: Sets random frozen enemy health to 1HP

Buff HP Buff HP
Start of turn: Gives +4HP to ally Warlord for each enemy
255 Mr. Flap Mr. Flap.png
Immunity Immunity

Set HP Set HP
Attacked: Sets attacking enemy Health to 1HP

Buff HP Buff HP
Ally Appears (except Buildings): Gives +15HP to him/her

List of Heroes in the Set HP Category[edit | edit source]

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