You can enter the shop by clicking the building in your kingdom or the down-left button (Summon) in the main screen of the game:


In the shop you have two different parts: The summon packs for heroes and the resources you can buy.

Heroes packsEdit

You can summon heroes from a rookie pack, a demigods pack or a special pack...and you have the chance to get some Gold Gold from these packs as well.

Rookie packsEdit


Rookies pack

In a rookie pack, you have a small chance to get Epic Epic heroes, a high probability of getting Rare Rare heroes and the rest will be Common Common heroes. 

You can get a free rookie pack every three days, and the cost of the packs are slightly decreased if you buy several of them in a row.

Rookie pack prices vary depending on your maximum league attained, so does the amount of heroes you get from them.

Here you have the cost of rookie packs depending on the maximum league you have been.

30 300 300 300
29 500 500 500
28 600 500 400
27 700 600 500
26 800 700 600
25 900 800 700
24 1000 900 800
23 1100 1000 900
22 1200 1100 1000
21 1400 1300 1200
20 1600 1500 1400
19 1800 1700 1600
18 2000 1900 1800
17 2500 2250 2000
16 3000 2750 2500
15 3500 3250 3000
14 4000 3750 2500
13 4500 4250 4000
12 5000 4750 4500
11 5500 5250 5000
10 6000 5750 5500
9 7000 6500 6000
8 8000 7500 7000
7 9000 8500 8000
6 10000 9500 9000
5 11000 10500 10000
4 12000 11500 11000
3 13000 12500 12000
2 14000 13500 13000
1 15000 14500 14000

Demigods packsEdit


Demigods pack

Demigods packs is one of the most common ways to obtain Legendary Legendary cards. The cost of a pack is 149 Gem gems, and if you continue buying, you will get the second pack for 139 Gem gems and the third one for 129 Gem gems.

Demigods packs have a small chance to get a Legendary Legendary hero (1 out of 8 or 10 times more or less), a reasonable chance to get Epic Epic heroes and, in the worst case, you will get Rare Rare heroes.

You can buy a x10 pack for 1299 Gem gems (if you do so, you save some Gem gems depending on the way you buy these kinds of packs) with a guaranteed chance to obtain a Legendary Legendary card. The cost of another x10 pack is also reduced like when buying single packs.

Also, you get a free demigods pack every seven days.

PROTIP: If you plan to buy rookie or demigods packs, its useful to wait to open the first one gifted, and continue buying in a row, so you get the optimum discount.

Gods of war packsEdit

Gods of war

Gods of war pack

Gods of war packs are only available for VIP 7 players or above. They have more and better cards (only Epic Epic and Legendary Legendary).

They cost 4999 Gem Gems, 2nd 4749 Gem Gems, 3rd 4499 Gem Gems.

Cards will increase with your max reached League. There will be 5 Cards (epic or better) and some Gold. There will be at least 2 Legendary Cards. If you are lucky, there are more legendary cards..

Goddess league 1 lucky

Lucky Goddess Pull from a League 1 Player

Special packsEdit

Sometimes there are special offers, similar to Demigods packs as they have the same price and options to buy x10 with the same discount, but focused on a certain topic. If at least one x10 packs are bought in a row you are guaranteed a Legendary Legendary. Currently the following packs have been offered:

  • Order packs, only with Order Order heroes
  • Nature packs, only with Nature Nature heroes
  • Chaos packs, only with Chaos Chaos heroes
  • Heroes packs, only with Male Male heroes
  • Valkyries packs, only with Female Female heroes
  • Ranged packs, with Ranged Filter Ranged heroes only
  • Fighters packs, with Melee filter Melee heroes only


You also can buy resources or even

ER 8 ER 6 Er 7 ER 5 Event resources on the right side of the Shop:

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