Mighty Party Wiki

Heroes in Mighty Party have many skills with a variety of effects. Below is a list of all skills currently possessed by heroes:

Icon Skill Description
Accuracy.png Accuracy Hits an enemy with evasion. Hero with Accuracy cannot receive Miss.
Bleed.png Bleeding Bleeding Hero receives damage while attacking
Block.png Block Reduces damage dealt to hero by the indicated Block value
BuffAtk.png Buff ATK Increases Attack
BuffHp.png Buff HP Increases HP (can exceed maximum HP)
Charge.png Charge Charges enhance related abilities
Regeneration.png Cleanse Removes negative effects from allies (except Silence)
Counter Attack.png Counter attack Performs one retaliatory attack if has been attacked
Curse.png Curse A cursed hero takes damage when their allies are attacked
Damage.png Damage Deals damage to target.
DebuffAtk.png Debuff ATK Decrease Attack
Evasion.png Evasion Evades Ranged Attacks. Can't be applied to Buildings
Flight.png Flight Flying heroes evade the attacks of Melee Non-flying heroes. Can't be applied to Buildings
Freeze.png Freeze Freezes enemies, making them unable to attack
Regeneration.png Heal Heal replenishes HP (cannot exceed maximum HP)
Block.png Immunity Immune heroes can't be affected by any skills, neither from enemies or allies.
Damage.png Instant Kill Instantly kills target
Block.png Invulnerability Blocks all damage from enemy attack.
Mental Shield.png Mental Shield Once defends against attack, skill, or kill
Miss.png Miss Misses while attacks
Multi-Attack.png Multi-Attack Hero performs several attacks in a row
Phantom Attack.png Phantom Attack Deals an attack which does not activate heroes' abilities
Pierce.png Pierce Hero damages all enemies in the same line as the target
Poison.png Poisoning Every turn poisoned enemy takes damage
Pierce.png Punch Through When attacks, deals damage to all enemies in the line
RebornSkill.png Reborn After death, the hero appears on the same cell with basic characteristics
Regeneration.png Regeneration Hero with Regeneration replenishes own HP each turn (cannot exceed maximum HP)
Block.png Resistance Reduces any damage taken
DebuffAtk.png Set ATK Changes current Attack to the specified value
Hp.png Set HP Changes current HP to the specified value
Silence.png Silence Removes all (or certain) skills and buffs from enemies
Spikes.png Spikes When a hero with Spikes is attacked, the attacker is damaged in return
Splash.png Splash Hero damages all enemies around the target
Melee filter.png Steal Attack Heroes decreases Attack of the target and increases own Attack by the same amount.
Summon.png Summon Summons heroes or runes onto the battlefield
BuffHp.png Swaps HP and ATK Replaces current HP status with current ATK status and vice versa
Toxin.png Toxin Attacks: Losses a certain amount of Attack. Toxins cannot be combined.
Summon.png Transform Transforms target into different creature
Vampiric.png Vampirism Hero with Vampirism deals additional damage to enemies they hit after the attack and restores that much HP to self