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Soulbind is a function that grants permanent increases to a Hero's HP HP or Atk Atk based on the Level of other Heroes. Soulbind is unlocked at League 26 and is available from the Hero Panel.

Soulbind Tab

Soulbind Filter


Soulbinding requires specific Heroes to reach a specified level. The table below shows the number, Level, and Rarity of required heroes for each soulbind - the specific heroes required are different for each hero.

Hero Requirements for Soulbinding
Rarity Soulbind
Common Common 1x Level 6 Common Common 2x Level 11 Common Common 2x Level 16 Common Common 3x Level 11 Rare Rare
Rare Rare 1x Level 5 Rare Rare 2x Level 9 Rare Rare 2x Level 13 Rare Rare 3x Level 7 Epic Epic
Epic Epic 1x Level 3 Epic Epic 2x Level 6 Epic Epic 2x Level 8 Epic Epic 3x Level 5 Legendary Legendary
Legendary Legendary 1x Level 2 Legendary Legendary 2x Level 3 Legendary Legendary 2x Level 4 Legendary Legendary 3x Level 6 Legendary Legendary


Soulbinding consumes Soul Dust Soul Dust based on Hero Rarity and the Soulbind.

Soul Dust Soul Dust cost for Soulbinding
Rarity Soulbind
Common Common 0 50 Soul Dust 100 Soul Dust 150 Soul Dust
Rare Rare 0 75 Soul Dust 125 Soul Dust 175 Soul Dust
Epic Epic 100 Soul Dust 150 Soul Dust 200 Soul Dust 250 Soul Dust
Legendary Legendary 200 Soul Dust 250 Soul Dust 300 Soul Dust 350 Soul Dust


In addition to increasing Atk Atk and HP HP, each Soulbind will contribute additional Might or Troops.

Additional Might from Soulbind

The table below lists additional Might from Soulbinding a Hero.

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Soulbind Common Common Rare Rare Epic Epic Legendary Legendary
I +10 +15 +20 +30
II +15 +20 +30 +40
III +25 +30 +45 +55
IV +40 +45 +60 +75

Additional Troops from Soulbind

The table below lists the additional Troops from Soulbinding a Hero.

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Soulbind Common Common Rare Rare Epic Epic Legendary Legendary
I +0 +0 +10 +15
II +5 +10 +20 +25
III +10 +20 +30 +35
IV +20 +35 +45 +50

List of Hero Soulbinds

Legendary Legendary Hero Soulbinds

A spreadsheet version of this list can be found on Google Sheets

ID Name Image Soulbinds
(Req. Level 2)
(Req. Level 3)
(Req. Level 4)
(Req. Level 6)
389 Aharin Gods Will Aharin Gods Will.png
386 Airavata Heaven's Fury Airavata Heaven's Fury.png
113 Alexandria Alexandria.png
285 All, Prince of Sands All, Prince of Sands.png
337 Amaterasu, Eternal Sun Amaterasu, Eternal Sun.png
138 Anak, Princess Dragon Anak, Princess Dragon.png
226 Angelia the Lightbringer Angelia the Lightbringer.png
205 Apep, Aspect of Chaos Apep, Aspect of Chaos.png
86 Aphrodite Aphrodite.png
229 Apollo Apollo.png
364 Arioch Nemesis Weapon Arioch Nemesis Weapon.png
377 Arthur Frost Blade Arthur Frost Blade.png
37 Athena Athena.png
42 Axe Axe.png
279 Ball'Zt, the Warden Ball'Zt, the Warden.png
36 Bastet Bastet.png
123 Blair Blair.png
196 Bravi, Deadly Blade Bravi, Deadly Blade.png
328 Cabas, Wasteland Lord Cabas, Wasteland Lord.png
231 Cernun, Archdruid Cernun, Archdruid.png
297 Charon, Soul Catcher Charon, Soul Catcher.png
129 Chernomor Chernomor.png
322 Chuba Cabras Chuba Cabras.png
189 Coba, Temple Keeper Coba, Temple Keeper.png
35 Count Vlad Count Vlad.png
214 D'Arc, Iron Maiden D'Arc, Iron Maiden.png
303 Dandy Croc Dandy Croc.png
32 Dead Lord Dead Lord.png
349 Deep Maw Deep Maw.png
202 Diana, Amazonian Queen Diana, Amazonian Queen.png
225 Discordia Discordia.png
331 Dominus, the Swarm King Dominus, the Swarm King.png
122 Draggara Draggara.png
99 El Mariachi El Mariachi.png
144 Enlil, wind of change Enlil, wind of change.png
361 Eostre the Dawn Glow Eostre the Dawn Glow.png
33 Erik the Grey Erik the Grey.png
150 Evil "Santa" Evil "Santa".png
291 Freddy, Lord of Terror Freddy, Lord of Terror.png
258 Frost, the Snow Queen Frost, the Snow Queen.png
126 Fury, the great warrior Fury, the great warrior.png
179 General Zor'Ma General Zor'Ma.png
153 Ghosta Ghosta.png
38 Goliath Goliath.png
368 Grace of Rockfleet Grace of Rockfleet.png
166 Grand Ma, Reaper Grand Ma, Reaper.png
374 Gremory Night Child Gremory Night Child.png
267 Griffius, the Celestial Griffius, the Celestial.png
157 Groot, Silent Guardian Groot, Silent Guardian.png
211 Hanako Lady Banshee Hanako Lady Banshee.png
112 Hanzo Sama Hanzo Sama.png
175 High Tinker Gear High Tinker Gear.png
192 Hoodoo Hoodoo.png
147 Iceberg Iceberg.png
249 Jaxy, the Thunderfist Jaxy, the Thunderfist.png
325 Justia, Law Goddess Justia, Law Goddess.png
334 Jörmun Grand Jörmun Grand.png
105 King Taurus King Taurus.png
288 Kong, Monkey King Kong, Monkey King.png
135 Koschei the Immortal Koschei the Immortal.png
264 Kung Fucius Kung Fucius.png
234 Lady Medusa Lady Medusa.png
132 Leader Nilen Leader Nilen.png
306 Legion, God of War Legion, God of War.png
40 Life Palace Life Palace.png
160 Loath, Spore Loser Loath, Spore Loser.png
261 Madam Agony Madam Agony.png
313 Madam Lo'Trix Madam Lo'Trix.png
103 Maeve Maeve.png
102 Marquis de Sat Marquis de Sat.png
141 Matriarch Eona Matriarch Eona.png
230 Melia, Forest's Daughter Melia, Forest's Daughter.png
163 Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox Mi the Ten-Tailed Fox.png
276 Mina Hellsing Mina Hellsing.png
95 Miss Lapin Miss Lapin.png
216 Mizu, the Sea Foam Mizu, the Sea Foam.png
199 Mjolnir, Lightning God Mjolnir, Lightning God.png
219 Morgan, the Sea Tusk Morgan, the Sea Tusk.png
346 Morgen Von Stern Morgen Von Stern.png
371 Mosura Wind Breath Mosura Wind Breath.png
22 Mother Owl Mother Owl.png
20 Mr. Devil Mr. Devil.png
255 Mr. Flap Mr. Flap.png
352 Myrddin Caer Myrddin Caer.png
246 Necro, Master Lich Necro, Master Lich.png
270 Ogrok, the Leader Ogrok, the Leader.png
355 Onmoraki Onmoraki.png
241 Poison Flos Poison Flos.png
21 Prince Prince.png
39 Prince Nod Prince Nod.png
108 Queen Ananta Queen Ananta.png
120 Red Woman Red Woman.png
104 Regardus Diplius Regardus Diplius.png
294 Scrap, the King of Garbage Scrap, the King of Garbage.png
309 Serket Sen Scorp Serket Sen Scorp.png
300 Shadow Shaa-Moona Shadow Shaa-Moona.png
238 Shao Lin Shao Lin.png
319 Sheer-Shah Sheer-Shah.png
34 Sir Lancelot Sir Lancelot.png
252 Snake, the Lizard Prince Snake, the Lizard Prince.png
115 Stormrage Stormrage.png
172 Strik, The Fiery Heart Strik, The Fiery Heart.png
169 Super Mary Super Mary.png
176 TNT, Crazy Demolitionist TNT, Crazy Demolitionist.png
340 Taeral Kelhorn Taeral Kelhorn.png
383 Tai Ling Dragon Dance Tai Ling Dragon Dance.png
186 Tani Windrunner Tani Windrunner.png
156 Tengu, Ravencrest Tengu, Ravencrest.png
118 Tesla X Tesla X.png
114 Titania Titania.png
282 Tortulus, the Wise One Tortulus, the Wise One.png
343 Toxic Mantas Toxic Mantas.png
222 Triton, The Bottom Herald Triton, The Bottom Herald.png
273 Tsukumogami Tsukumogami.png
41 Vanakauri Vanakauri.png
380 Villano Mad Genius Villano Mad Genius.png
358 Vixen, The Storm Lord Vixen, The Storm Lord.png
62 Void Jewel Void Jewel.png
208 Yorik, the Risen One Yorik, the Risen One.png
182 Ysh'Tmala, The Old God Ysh'Tmala, The Old God.png
316 Yuri, Shadow Dagger Yuri, Shadow Dagger.png

Epic Epic Hero Soulbinds

A spreadsheet version of this list can be found on Google Sheets

ID Name Image Soulbinds
(Req. Level 3)
(Req. Level 6)
(Req. Level 8)
(Req. Level 5)
124 Adherent Adherent.png
295 Angler Vole Angler Vole.png
289 Ape Warlord Ape Warlord.png
381 Apothecary Apothecary.png
50 Archwitch Archwitch.png
63 Argios Argios.png
59 Ayfe the Arrow Ayfe the Arrow.png
265 Bamboo Master Bamboo Master.png
23 Bard Bard.png
215 Battle Angel Battle Angel.png
280 Beholder Beholder.png
45 Blood Lord Blood Lord.png
206 Bone Dragon Bone Dragon.png
136 Bone Warrior Bone Warrior.png
44 Caesar's Head Caesar's Head.png
375 Caster of Shadows Caster of Shadows.png
250 Champion of the Arena Champion of the Arena.png
195 Chieftain Orc Chieftain Orc.png
197 Crazy Harlequin Crazy Harlequin.png
127 Cruel Gladiator Cruel Gladiator.png
47 Cursed Oak Cursed Oak.png
193 Cursed Shaman Cursed Shaman.png
154 Dark Huntress Dark Huntress.png
130 Dark Knight Dark Knight.png
90 Dark Mage Dark Mage.png
209 Dead Bowman Dead Bowman.png
203 Defender of Tribe Defender of Tribe.png
256 Demon the Ripper Demon the Ripper.png
356 Demonic Shadow Demonic Shadow.png
329 Desert Sentry Desert Sentry.png
292 Doctor Fear Doctor Fear.png
239 Drunk Master Drunk Master.png
100 El Cactus El Cactus.png
341 Elwin Fierce Elwin Fierce.png
133 Embalmed Priest Embalmed Priest.png
142 Emerald Dragon Emerald Dragon.png
53 Engineer Engineer.png
277 Evil Slayer Evil Slayer.png
151 Evil's Helper Evil's Helper.png
320 Fierce Rakshesh Fierce Rakshesh.png
173 Flame Juggler Flame Juggler.png
262 Flamy Helly Flamy Helly.png
323 Flesh Eater Flesh Eater.png
378 Formidable Conqueror Formidable Conqueror.png
387 Formidable Giant Formidable Giant.png
286 Free-folk Leader Free-folk Leader.png
56 Gargantos Gargantos.png
274 Gnoll, the Blade Master Gnoll, the Blade Master.png
298 Grim Warden Grim Warden.png
301 Half Moon Priestess Half Moon Priestess.png
167 Harbinger of Death Harbinger of Death.png
307 Harbringer of War Harbringer of War.png
98 Hell Gate Hell Gate.png
109 High Naga High Naga.png
335 Ice Big Ice Big.png
148 Ice Clod Ice Clod.png
372 Imago Imago.png
235 Insidious Gorgon Insidious Gorgon.png
390 Iron Herald Iron Herald.png
326 Justice Inquisitor Justice Inquisitor.png
344 Kamacuras Kamacuras.png
24 Karas Karas.png
200 Keeper of Storm Keeper of Storm.png
232 Keeper of the Grove Keeper of the Grove.png
237 Knight Knight.png
317 Kunai Master Kunai Master.png
43 Lady Clair Lady Clair.png
170 Lady Curl Lady Curl.png
259 Lady Snow Lady Snow.png
46 Lady Wild Lady Wild.png
217 Lake Pixy Lake Pixy.png
119 Living Dead Living Dead.png
164 Lolli Pop Lolli Pop.png
347 Lord Punisher Lord Punisher.png
52 Lord Toad Lord Toad.png
353 Lord of the Forest Lord of the Forest.png
247 Lord of the Undead Lord of the Undead.png
87 Love Goddess Love Goddess.png
51 Luck Idol Luck Idol.png
96 Lucky Rabbit Lucky Rabbit.png
106 Minotaur Minotaur.png
212 Moody Ghost Moody Ghost.png
177 Mr. Boom Mr. Boom.png
350 Muddy Trog Muddy Trog.png
242 Ogre Plant Ogre Plant.png
57 Olaf the Red Olaf the Red.png
180 Old god's servant Old god's servant.png
271 One-Eyed Ogre One-Eyed Ogre.png
94 Predator Predator.png
369 Red-haired Beast Red-haired Beast.png
54 Ronin Ronin.png
365 Ruthless Executioner Ruthless Executioner.png
338 Sayuki Sayuki.png
58 Scarlet Warrior Scarlet Warrior.png
314 Shadow Manipulator Shadow Manipulator.png
220 Sharp Fin Sharp Fin.png
245 Song of Forest Song of Forest.png
28 Soul Hunter Soul Hunter.png
48 Soul Monger Soul Monger.png
161 Sporelok Sporelok.png
190 Stone Guardian Stone Guardian.png
362 Sunrise Maiden Sunrise Maiden.png
49 Swordmaster Swordmaster.png
60 Tent of Life Tent of Life.png
183 Terror From Below Terror From Below.png
27 Tesla Tower Tesla Tower.png
332 The Colonist Invader The Colonist Invader.png
253 The Killer Serpent The Killer Serpent.png
310 The Scorpion Queen The Scorpion Queen.png
304 Thug Hunter Thug Hunter.png
158 Treebeard Treebeard.png
223 Trident Master Trident Master.png
283 Turtle Teacher Turtle Teacher.png
25 Void Juggler Void Juggler.png
61 Void Rock Void Rock.png
359 Warden of the North Warden of the North.png
26 Wild Tamer Wild Tamer.png
145 Wind Warrior Wind Warrior.png
187 Windsong Windsong.png
227 Winged Knight Winged Knight.png
268 Winged Protector Winged Protector.png
55 Wise Owl Wise Owl.png
384 Wu Dan Wu Dan.png
139 Wyvern Wyvern.png

Rare Rare Hero Soulbinds

A spreadsheet version of this list can be found on Google Sheets

ID Name Image Soulbinds
(Req. Level 5)
(Req. Level 9)
(Req. Level 13)
(Req. Level 7)
382 Alchemist Alchemist.png
311 Ancient Scorpid Ancient Scorpid.png
91 Angry Imp Angry Imp.png
165 Baby rattle Baby rattle.png
128 Berserk Berserk.png
84 Bone Hunter Bone Hunter.png
85 Bowmaster Bowmaster.png
107 Bully Bully.png
97 Bunny Bunny.png
257 Butcher Butcher.png
101 Cactusito Cactusito.png
228 Celestial Maiden Celestial Maiden.png
18 Child of Chaos Child of Chaos.png
15 Chiropteran Chiropteran.png
236 Clever Viper Clever Viper.png
81 Crafter Crafter.png
348 Crusader Crusader.png
194 Cultist Cultist.png
272 Cyclop Cyclop.png
312 Dark Acolyte Dark Acolyte.png
77 Dark Tree Dark Tree.png
131 Dark Warrior Dark Warrior.png
73 Dark Witch Dark Witch.png
207 Death Whelpling Death Whelpling.png
278 Demon Huntress Demon Huntress.png
281 Demon Orb Demon Orb.png
152 Ding Viesel Ding Viesel.png
143 Dream Whelpling Dream Whelpling.png
155 Drow Drow.png
233 Druid Druid.png
388 Elephant Elephant.png
342 Elf Slayer Elf Slayer.png
181 Faceless Faceless.png
339 Fan Dancer Fan Dancer.png
178 Fireworker Fireworker.png
30 First Aid First Aid.png
184 Flesh Spawn Flesh Spawn.png
125 Follower Follower.png
76 Forest Mage Forest Mage.png
213 Friendly Spirit Friendly Spirit.png
360 Frozen Moor Guard Frozen Moor Guard.png
321 Furious Sabertooth Furious Sabertooth.png
14 Gargoyle Gargoyle.png
299 Gravekeeper Gravekeeper.png
357 Grim Harvester Grim Harvester.png
146 Harpy Harpy.png
363 Herald of Spring Herald of Spring.png
263 Igneous Girl Igneous Girl.png
308 Immortal Warrior Immortal Warrior.png
324 Insatiable Beast Insatiable Beast.png
198 Jester-Killer Jester-Killer.png
296 Junk Rat Junk Rat.png
336 Jötunn Jötunn.png
318 Kunoichi Kunoichi.png
121 Lady of the Warriors Lady of the Warriors.png
66 Leaf Child Leaf Child.png
254 Lizardman Lizardman.png
88 Love Mage Love Mage.png
345 Mantis Mantis.png
80 Minstrel Minstrel.png
240 Monk Monk.png
302 Moon Child Moon Child.png
351 Mor Lock Mor Lock.png
373 Moth Moth.png
8 Mr. Toad Mr. Toad.png
134 Mummy Mummy.png
110 Naga Naga.png
248 Necromancer Necromancer.png
391 Nephilim Nephilim.png
287 Nomad Nomad.png
385 Novice Novice.png
168 Old bones Old bones.png
78 Orc Master Orc Master.png
367 Owl Owl.png
379 Paladin Paladin.png
266 Panda Warrior Panda Warrior.png
67 Pharaon Pharaon.png
149 Piece of Ice Piece of Ice.png
370 Pirate Pirate.png
243 Planty Planty.png
6 Priestess Priestess.png
327 Priestess of Equilibrium Priestess of Equilibrium.png
3 Prophet Prophet.png
315 Puppet Mistress Puppet Mistress.png
174 Pyromancer Pyromancer.png
191 Rock Rock.png
284 Sage Disciple Sage Disciple.png
275 Samurai Dog Samurai Dog.png
70 Satyr Satyr.png
293 Scarecrow Scarecrow.png
244 Scratchy Scratchy.png
224 Sea Guardian Sea Guardian.png
221 Shark Shark.png
162 Shroomkin Shroomkin.png
137 Skeleton Skeleton.png
260 Snow Maiden Snow Maiden.png
79 Soulblade Soulblade.png
366 Splintered Soul Splintered Soul.png
111 Squire Squire.png
210 Talking Skull Talking Skull.png
218 The Aqua Spirit The Aqua Spirit.png
251 The Undisputed The Undisputed.png
201 Thunder Thunder.png
305 Toothy Thuggie Toothy Thuggie.png
9 Totem Totem.png
159 Treant Treant.png
17 Undead Undead.png
92 Untouchable Untouchable.png
185 Valkyrie Valkyrie.png
11 Viking Viking.png
333 Visitor Visitor.png
69 Void Stone Void Stone.png
117 Voltage Tower Voltage Tower.png
376 Warlock Warlock.png
204 Wild Huntress Wild Huntress.png
330 Wild Stalker Wild Stalker.png
140 Wind Snake Wind Snake.png
171 Wonder Girl Wonder Girl.png
188 Wood Elf Wood Elf.png
12 Wood Spirit Wood Spirit.png
354 Woodland Hermit Woodland Hermit.png
269 Young Griffin Young Griffin.png
290 Young Primate Young Primate.png

Common Common Hero Soulbinds

A spreadsheet version of this list can be found on Google Sheets

ID Name Image Soulbinds
(Req. Level 6)
(Req. Level 11)
(Req. Level 16)
(Req. Level 11)
93 Apprentice Apprentice.png
7 Archer Archer.png
64 Big Toad Big Toad.png
19 Blood Cult Adept Blood Cult Adept.png
10 Cat Lady Cat Lady.png
13 Dryad Dryad.png
65 Gnome Gnome.png
29 Idol Idol.png
89 Love Lady Love Lady.png
82 Lumberjack Lumberjack.png
71 Pilgrim Pilgrim.png
74 Raven Raven.png
16 Red Orc Red Orc.png
2 Servant Servant.png
72 Shaman Shaman.png
5 Shinobi Shinobi.png
116 Singer Singer.png
31 Tree Tree.png
68 Vampire Vampire.png
75 Warrior Warrior.png
4 Warrioress Warrioress.png
83 Witch Witch.png