Squad is the current Warlord that you use, and 8 player-chosen Heroes that go into the fighting team. There is a variety of options, that you can use to improve it, most of which are below.


Warlords[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are 4 Warlords. Each one has different skins. Each Warlord has 3 unique abilities and granted that you have them already unlocked, they become available to use after a certain number of turns have passed. The first ability is available from the start of the game, the second ability from your 3rd turn and the last ability is usable from turn 7. Some skins change Warlords ability. Some changes only appearance.

You can level up your Warlords. To do this, you need to reach a certain maximum power of your Squad according to the table.

<tabview> Adam|Knight King of the North|Nord Adam Soccer|Soccer Freebooter Dave|Pirate </tabview>
<tabview> Son of Woods|Bear White Shaman|Shaman Bear, Soccer Fan|Fan Sir Biscuit|Cookie Og'ord, Crusher|Ogre </tabview>
<tabview> Trixy|Succubus Spider Queen|Widow Trixy, Cheerleader|Cheer Oiran, Red Moon|Geisha </tabview>
<tabview> Void Spirit|Void Harbringer of Darkness|Shadow Void, Soccer Referee|Referee Rajan, Flaming|Efreet </tabview>

To level up your Warlord, your Squad has to reach certain Might, the required Might is shown by clicking on:


You can see it in the top-left portion of the Squad screen, and your current Might is at the top-right corner of the Squad screen.

Hero levels[edit | edit source]

Every Hero starts at level 1, and to level them up, you must have enough cards and gold. Hero rarity affects the gold cost of leveling up. For more information about how many cards you need, go to Level Costs.

Each level grants the Hero additional stats, like HP or ATK, and at levels 3 (only Legendaries), 6, 11, 16, 21 and 26 they get an improvement to their skills.

Leveling up Heroes also gives you experience to your rank level::

  • Common gives 10 rank exp
  • Rare gives 15 rank exp
  • Epic gives 20 rank exp
  • Legendary gives 30 rank exp

Here's a Rank Table.

Evolve[edit | edit source]


On League 18 you unlock Evolve option for your Heroes. Evolving your troops upgrades the rarity of the cards for a certain cost. By default you exchange:

These values might differ, when you have an activated VIP or a Guild Bonuses

Soulbind[edit | edit source]


On Rank 10 you unlock Soulbinding option for your Heroes, which increases their ATK and/or HP. You can Soulbind a Hero, up to 4 times, to another Heroes, when they have reached the appropriate level. You use Soul Dust to Soulbind a card once it meets the requirements.

Once a card is soulbound it can't be unbound. Rebirthing it won't unbind it.

Event quests that require soulbinding of specific units usually count the soulbinding retroactively, meaning that if the unit is already bound the quest will still count this binding as valid for its completion.

Soulbinding prices in Soul Dust.png Soul Dust are as follows:[edit | edit source]

Rarity Soulbind I Soulbind II Soulbind III Soulbind IV
Common.png Common 0 50 100 150
Rare.png Rare 0 75 125 175
Epic.png Epic 100 150 200 250
Legendary.png Legendary 200 250 300 350

Note: Soulbind currency was changed to Soul Dust.png Soul Dust from Pal Point.png Pal Points. Soul Dust.png Soul Dust is used for Boost too. (May 06 2019)

Soulbinding contribution to player troops (used in turf wars and raids):[edit | edit source]

Rarity Soulbind I Soulbind II Soulbind III Soulbind IV
Common.png Common 0 0 10 20
Rare.png Rare 0 10 20 35
Epic.png Epic 10 20 30 45
Legendary.png Legendary 15 25 35 50

In order to souldbind first clic on the hero you want to improve and choose the soulbind tab.

The number in red says the amount of soulbinds you can improve.



You will see different information:

  1. The Soul Dust.png Soul Dust needed to bind.
  2. The bonus Atk.png ATK or HP.png HP given.
  3. The hero needed at certain level to do the soulbind.
  4. The number of SOULBIND you are working on (remember you have 4 of them).


Sometimes you will realise you have the soulbind heroes but you cannot bind them because they do not have enough level.

Reborn[edit | edit source]


On Rank 15 you unlock Reborn, which boosts your Heroes' stats like ATK and HP, and sometimes even skills, but at the cost of reverting that Hero to level 1. To reborn a Hero, it has to be level 6 (only Epic.png Epic and Legendary.png Legendary), 11, 16 or 21. You can reborn your Hero up to 4 times (3 for Common.png Common and Rare.png Rare), 1 time on each possible level, and each Reborn gives higher stats.

It's a risky feature, that when used wrong, might actually make your Hero worse than it was before, so you should think before using it. It's advised to reborn a Hero, when you have amassed a larger amount of cards, so you can level him back up to the level he had before the Reborn.

If you want to use a Reborn, but your Hero already exceeded that exact level, do not worry, when you reborn him, you will get back the cards used to level up after the level required for Reborn, for example, if your Hero has level 7, and you use level 6 Reborn, you will get back the cards used to level it up from Level 6 to 7.

Boost[edit | edit source]


Boost is a function that allows you to use Soul Dust to get a time-limited bonus for your Heroes that increases their level by 1 for each activation. Based on the rarity, the cost of Boosting differs. Additionally, each subsequent activation for the same Hero costs significantly more. The Boost cost and strength increases for each five levels.

Boost base prices, in Soul Dust.png Soul Dust, for each card level and rarity:

Rarity Lvl 1-5 Lvl 6-10 Lvl 11-15 Lvl 16-20 Lvl 21-26
Common.png Common 6 10 14 37
Rare.png Rare 10 17 37 78
Epic.png Epic 30 40 75 115
Legendary.png Legendary 100 110 138
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