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Squad is your main team that goes into fighting (Picture 1), which is the combination of the chosen Warlord, 8 chosen heroes from your collection (Picture 2), and a pet to support if you have any. Even though you have limited options in the beginning, you will unlock different heroes and Warlords as you league up. Additionally, heroes can also be unlocked by both playing Global Events or purchasing from deals, meaning they can be earned from any chests in the game or summoning in the Shop once they are unlocked. At the end, you will see that there are variety of options of Warlord and hero combinations to create your current squad which meets with your strategy within the game.

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    Picture 1: Squad
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    Picture 2: Collection

You can always change your squad whenever you want by clicking Squad icon within the game. As you reach higher Leagues, the different game modes will be unlocked such as Journey, and Global Events apart from Hall of Fame. This game modes make you fight with different bosses whose Alignment, Type, and Rarity differ from each other and your current squad may not be the proper one to face with these bosses. Therefore, all you have to do is to advance your team accordingly. A shortcut icon for Squad is also available in Hall of Fame.

As you proceed in the game, of course, you will see that having a good squad won't be enough on its own so that some improvements will be needed to be done to get a full benefit of your heroes and to have some extra advantages while fighting with the opponents. These improvements will also impact your your Total Might (written between Warlords and the chosen heroes).
You will find some of the improvements that can be done below.


Warlord is your main hero in your squad, who should be protected during the fight and should survive until you kill the opponent's Warlord to win the battle. Currently, there are 4 kinds of Warlords, which each one has different type of skins. Each owns 3 unique abilities, and granted that you have them already unlocked as you have the Warlord. You may choose the most convenient Warlord and its skin type that fits to your Squad. For more information about Warlords, click here.
Warlords can be levelled up when certain amount of might is reached, which improves the HP HP as well as the abilities of Warlord. To learn about warlord levels, click here.


Might indicates the total strength of your chosen Squad while Troop shows the total strength of your whole deck you have. These parameters can be improved with each level-up, reborn, and soulbind done. Might is the determining parameter for the battles of Hall of Fame since the match-making is based on the might and the key to reach higher leagues. In addition, the bosses in Global Events whose might is lower than yours are marked as easy so that you can use Instant Win option on them. For more information about might, click here.

Hero levels:[]

Every Hero starts at level 1, and you must have enough cards and Gold Gold to level them up. Of course, the amount of required cards and Gold Gold depend on the rarity of the hero. Levelling-up the heroes will increase their Atk Atk and HP HP and also improve their Skills. For more information about hero levelling-up, click here.
Levelling up Heroes also gives you experience to your rank level:
For more information about rank levels, click here.


Evolve option for your Heroes unlocks at League 18. Basically, this is where you make your heroes evolve to the higher rarity version of them for a certain cost so that you can level up those cards. By default you exchange:
These values might differ, when you have an activated VIP or Guild Bonuses or some certain evolve fables are on-going. For more information about Evolve, click here.


Soulbind is a feature that is unlocked at Rank 10 and that gives permanent boost to heroes' stats like Atk Atk and HP HP simply just by binding them with other heroes. Soulbind can be performed up to 4 times for each hero when the requirements are fulfilled by other heroes.
Once the Soulbind is performed, it can not be unbound even if the card is reborn.
The currency for Soulbind is the Soul Dust Soul Dust and the cost of soulbind differs by Rarity and the level of soulbind. As the rarity and level of soulbind increase, the cost of soulbind increases as well, even though first soulbinds of Common Common and Rare Rare heroes is for free (Table 1).

Table 1: The cost of Soul Dust Soul Dust for Soulbind
Rarity The Level of Soulbind
Soulbind I Soulbind II Soulbind III Soulbind IV
Common Common 0 50 Soul Dust 100 Soul Dust 150 Soul Dust
Rare Rare 0 75 Soul Dust 125 Soul Dust 175 Soul Dust
Epic Epic 100 Soul Dust 150 Soul Dust 200 Soul Dust 250 Soul Dust
Legendary Legendary 200 Soul Dust 250 Soul Dust 300 Soul Dust 350 Soul Dust

For more information about Soulbind, click here.


Reborn is a feature that you will unlock on Rank 15, which increases your heroes' stats like Atk Atk, HP HP and sometimes even their Skills while reverting the Hero to level 1. That is why the conditions that you will do reborn have utmost importance since there is no turning back once you do it! Even though having extra stats for your hero sounds perfectly cool, you might end up with a weaker hero at Level 1 than the hero at the level that you perform reborn. Therefore, it is advised to have enough souls left after reborn so that the hero can be taken to the level that it used to be, which then the effect reborn can be seen clearly.
You can perform reborn 4 times for Common Common and Rare Rare heroes (Level 11, 16, 21, and 26) while it is 5 for Epic Epic and Legendary Legendary heroes (Level 6, 11, 16, 21, and 26). It can be seen that each reborn will give better stats from the previous once.
For more information about Reborn, click here.


Boost is a feature that can be found by clicking the hero and that allows you to get a time-limited bonus (24 hours) for your Heroes by spending Soul Dust Soul Dust, which increases their level by 1 for each activation. Based on the rarity, the cost of Boosting differs and additionally, each subsequent activation for the same Hero costs significantly more. Therefore, you are free to boost your heroes as long as you have enough Soul Dust Soul Dust.
For more information about the Boost, click here.