Gold Gold[edit | edit source]

What is it good for?
To upgrade your Heroes and purchase some chest packages (which gives you Hero Souls) in the Shop. In essence, you need to pay two forms of currency to upgrade your Heroes. First, you need to collect sufficient souls, then you can pay gold to convert those souls into a Hero of a higher level.
Where do you get it?

Soul Dust Soul Dust[edit | edit source]

What is it good for?
Soul Dust Soul Dust is the main resource for both Boost and Soulbind.
  • Boost is the feature which uses only Soul Dust Soul Dust as a resource and gives a short term (24 hours) advantage to any hero in your deck by levelling the level of the hero by 1. The cost for the next use though raises substantially each time and resets when the effects of the previous use(s) wears off. For more information about Boost, click here.
  • Soulbind, on the other hand, is a feature which also uses only Soul Dust Soul Dust as a resource but gives a permanent advantage to any hero in your deck. You can do Soulbind 4 times for each hero and the cost of Soul Dust Soul Dust increases respectively depending on both rarity and the level of Soulbind. For more information about Soulbind, click here.
Where do you get it?
There are many ways you can get Soul Dust:
  • You can receive by playing Brawl
  • You can receive by destroying enemy castle in Raids
  • You can buy from Black Market (Picture 1)
  • You can earn from the chest in Hall of Fame (Picture 2)
  • You can earn from Turf Wars
  • You can earn by sacrificing your heroes in Boost feature (Picture 3 - No:3)
  • You can earn from Fables
  • You can earn daily by activating VIP (20Soul Dust - 310Soul Dust) (Picture 4)
  • You can buy from the Deals section
  • Black Market.png
    Picture 1: Souldust in Black Market
  • Open common chest.png
    Picture 2: The Chest in Hall of Fame
  • Boost Tab 2.png
    Picture 3: Soul Dust for sacrificing heroes
  • Maximum VIP.png
    Picture 4: Soul Dust from VIP (top-right)
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