Mighty Party Wiki

This page lists game updates. Because this list is maintained by players, it may not include all changes. For changes to Heroes, see Heroes Updates.

April 27, 2022

Referral Program

  • The current teacher and disciple system has been completely replaced with a new referral program;
  • Invite your friends to Mighty Party — they will receive a small gift, and you can earn rewards as they progress through the game;
  • You can receive rewards for up to 3 invited friends — when all of them reach League 16, you will receive a legendary hero!

General changes

  • The Event Shop received a complete overhaul. It is now replaced with the Place of Power, where you can use your event runes to activate Obelisks and try your luck opening the Mystical Box;
  • Updated the UI on the main screen. Events have found their home in the former Shop building, and Hall of Fame became the Hall of Summoning
  • Updated victory and defeat screens with a new and stunning look;
  • Changed Engineer's first skill to "Gets +X ATK for each ally";
  • Removed rewards for losing in Dark Tower.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error that led to a loss of quest progress in Single-Hero Events;
  • Hints that appear when you click on chests in daily quests now disappear properly;
  • The AI now tries to avoid placing heroes on pentagrams that deal damage;
  • Mr. Boom's second skill now works properly;
  • Fixed several visual bugs;
  • Fixed errors in texts and translations.

April 12, 2022

Undocumented Change - confirmed to be intentional

  • Updated matchmaking in the Dark Tower to select opponents closer to the player's strength
  • AI behavior updated to avoid Damage Damage Pentagrams

April 4, 2022

March 23, 2022

Single-Hero Events

  • New type of Global Events that will feature one legendary hero instead of three;
  • Luck Sphere will allow you to spend a new resource, unique to this Event — Crystals. You can get many different rewards, including a guaranteed legendary hero;
  • New quests, which can be completed in parallel to each other;
  • First Single-Hero Event will happen on April 1st (no, really, not a joke).

General changes

  • Added an ability to shuffle heroes in hand to Dark Tower;
  • New battlefield summon VFX for heroes of Order, Nature and Chaos;
  • Prepared new, bright and colourful decorations for Easter.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements:

  • Fixed a bug that in some cases led to UI rendering incorrectly on the main screen;
  • Optimised loading times for some UI elements, which caused stutter on weaker devices;
  • Fixed several visual bugs;
  • Fixed errors in texts and translations.

Undocumented Changes:

March 1, 2022

  • Hall of Fame chests have been updated to open concurrently on all platforms, with Mobile Chest souls, gold, and drop rates and PC chest Event Runes.

February 24, 2022

General changes:

  • New addition to the Shop — Miracle Summon, which will guarantee that you receive heroes of a specific faction;
  • Added gold to all rank up rewards;
  • Removed timeout period for Journey’s Trophies, so you can take your time and be guaranteed receive rewards;
  • Rearranged positions of icons on the main screen and added a new one that will lead you directly to the Shop;
  • Adjusted difficulty of the Firing Line mini-game;
  • Updated look for Apprentice, Lumberjack and Viking, as well as icons for Elixir and Soul Dust.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements:

  • Fixed suggested moves in Tower of Fortitude mini-game potentially leading to a losing path;
  • Fixed rounding errors in chest, summon progress and summon rewards;
  • Fixed an error that in rare cases could lead to overlapping of Boss and Roadmap windows in Events.
  • Fixed incorrect visuals and texts in certain Gallery entries;
  • Fixed issues in texts and translations.

February 10, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with guilds not receiving influence when players were completing Event chapters;
  • Fixed an issue with the History window not appearing properly after chapters are completed;
  • Fixed an issue that caused all quests in the chapter to appear completed.

January 24, 2022

General changes:

  • New game mode — Colosseum. Take a break from regular routine and play one of three rotating mini-games to get quick rewards on the side that will accelerate your progression;
  • With Colosseum, we are sunsetting the Brawl game mode. It has been almost identical to the Hall of Fame and didn’t bring much to the table. With it, Training is gone too, however you can still challenge friends or players from the leaderboard to a fight without worrying about your Fame;
  • Updated Daily Bonus: whether you're just starting your journey or coming back after a long break, we are ready to give you a new warm welcome, in style!
  • Added new Wish Shops with Epic and Rare heroes;
  • New animated effects and decorations for the Lunar Festival, including new Event loading animation and a new guest, the mighty dragon, on the main screen.

Bug fixes and minor enhancements:

  • Fixes for many minor visual glitches;
  • Fixed a bug that caused no gain of Fame after victory in rare circumstances;
  • Fixed History window in Events not showing up properly;
  • Fixed a rare issue with UI disappearing on the main screen after network loss and consequent game restart;
  • Fixes for “Investment in Bonds” and for looping Events;
  • Fixed issues in texts and translations.

January 14, 2022

  • Fixed an issue with guilds not receiving influence for players completing global event chapters.

January 1, 2022

  • Fixed an issue with players not receiving Global Event chapter completion rewards.

December 23, 2021

  • Fixed an issue with guilds not receiving influence for players completing global event chapters.

December 14, 2021

Gameplay Improvements:

  • Improved game performance. It will now be easier for old devices to run Mighty Party and more players will be able to enjoy the new Events!
  • Impressive New Year's decorations have been added.
  • Reduced the cost of the God summon.
    • 1x summon reduced from 4999 to 4499. 10x from 44999 to 44990.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed errors with Dark Tower rewards. Previously, some players received rewards for the current league, rather than the maximum achieved. Now all players will definitely get the rewards they deserve.
  • Fixed a bug with attempts disappearing in the Dark Tower.
  • Fixed errors with rewards for completing an Event Chapter.
  • Now if you complete 2 quests at the fork in the Event at the same time, you will receive rewards for both quests.

November 29, 2021

  • Adjusted Hall of Fame matchmaking to select less difficult opponents
    • Changes were actually made starting late during the prior week, but announced/completed on the 29th

November 22, 2021

  • Added 7 new Divine Arenas inspired by the community
  • Added new Battlegrounds

November 16, 2021

  • Improved readability in Daily, Weekly and Epic quests
  • Fixed visual glitches in battles - healing effects now act a little more tame
  • Fixed a visual bug with event boss attempts
  • Fixed a bug that led to "Server Error 702" appearing for players returning to the game after a long break
  • Fixed a bug with victories not giving Fame
  • Fixed issues in texts and translations.
  • Undocumented Gold Mine - Damage Damage Skills no longer spawn statues (Gremory Night Child, Red Woman)
  • Undocumented VIP - nerfed rewards from obtaining VIP levels

October 14, 2021

General changes:

  • New Halloween holiday decorations
  • Added new window announcing the event
  • Added new "Happy Halloween!" event, which will begin on October 22
  • Added new visual effects.

Bug fixes and gameplay improvements:

  • Fixed bugs on iPhone 13
  • Fixed cache cleanup issues when updating web versions of the game
  • Fixed bugs during tutorials
  • Fixed visual issues in the Shop
  • Fixed visual issues during combat
  • Other minor visual issues have been fixed
  • Localization issues have been fixed.

September 23, 2021

General changes:

  • The Shop window has been completely changed! Here you will find brisk trade, many new tempting offers, and truly legendary heroes!
  • A new epic quest to join Discord has been added
  • Added new visuals for events — each event will now feature its own unique design and Runes
  • Added new effects for heroes during battles. The battles will become even more exciting and memorable!
  • Small visual improvements have been made to the icons in the squad, event, and the main screen

Bug fixes and gameplay improvements:

  • Fixed a bug with disappearing attempts in the Dark Tower
  • Minor visual bug fixes
  • Localization bugs fixed

September 13, 2021

  • Added Levels 27-31 to Legendary, Epic, and Rare heroes.

September 10, 2021

  • Starting with this event, events will use an updated event UI, which includes additional rewards for completing chapters
  • Starting with this event, events will now last 7 days instead of 6 - Chapters will be available until Thursday 10AM UTC, and event sparks will expire Friday 10AM UTC.

September 2, 2021

General changes:

  • Completely updated the event window, taking into account the feedback from players! This is very important for us. We made huge changes in visual presentation of events, so you can fully enjoy the gameplay and catch every detail of the plot!
  • Removed the ability to subscribe in the game. All active subscriptions will not be affected and their owners will receive their rewards on time. Terms and conditions of automatic renewal of active subscriptions remain unchanged. But don't despair, there will be something new to replace subscriptions!
  • Added a new event "Horn of Plenty" that will start September 10
  • Added new epic quests, asking you to subscribe to our social - networks. Stay tuned and get rewarded
  • Changed home and loading screen designs for the Harvest Festival.

Bug fixes and gameplay improvements:

  • Fixed the incorrect work of the first skill for Grace of Rockfleet
  • Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the first purchase reward
  • Fixed errors related to the completion of the Mighty Pass
  • Fixed issues occurring in the Guild window and during Turf Wars
  • Fixed visual bugs in Special Offers and Deals
  • Fixed timer bugs in Deals
  • Fixed bugs in the Daily Rewards window.

August 10, 2021

  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of a reward of 99 chests. You can't have too many chests, except when they are closed.
  • Fixed a bug with getting an incorrect number of Battle Pass points from daily chests.
  • Minor localization fixes.
  • Minor visual bug fixes.

August 5, 2021

July 20, 2021

  • Changed the balance of the "High Growth" fable
  • Updated the design of the quest window

Bugs Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of captured cell owner in Turf War
  • Fixed a bug with missing progress
  • Fixed incorrect display of the number of souls received from the Journey Chest
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of offers with sparks after the end of the Event
  • Fixed a bug with counting Battle Pass chests in Event quests
  • Fixed other minor and visual bugs

July 17, 2020

  • The quest for opening legendary chests in Chapter 2 of the event has been changed.
    • For 1st and GM leagues, now you need to open 3 chests.
    • Other leagues, the changes were not affected and they need to open 2 chests.

June 30, 2021

  • Added additional Legendary hero lots in the Black Market:
    • League 16, 2 lots
    • League 15, 3 lots
    • League 14, 4 lots
    • League 13, 5 lots
  • Adjusted Soul quantities in the Black Market
  • Updated notification system
  • Updated window design
  • Added Scrolls for selected players to test
  • Updated Premium Content#Deals for selected players to test

June 1, 2021

Detailed patch notes can be found on reddit.

  • Rewards are increased in all summons. There is only one guaranteed legendary card in the Demigods x10 summon, but the total value of the summon will be much greater
  • Only legendary cards in the summon of Gods
  • Significantly increased rewards in the Battle Pass, added legendary cards to the Free Access (to see changes, wait until the start of the new Battle Pass)
  • Trophy rewards increased
  • The quest requirements of the High Growth fable have been adapted to increase the card drop. Players will be able to increase the level of cards more often, so the number of Gems for completing these quests will not decrease
  • Starting with League 20, the minimum reward for winning in the - - Hall of Fame will be a rare chest
  • The drop chance of the legendary chests has been significantly increased, and you can now get them in the League 19
  • Starting with League 20, the time to open chests has been significantly reduced (up to 66% faster)
  • Now, starting with League 20, the victory chest will become rare instead of common
  • Rewards for League promotion have been increased. Starting with - League 17, you will be able to get legendary chests
  • End-of-season rewards have been increased. Legendary chests will also be available starting with League 17
  • Significantly increased rewards in game sets from the "Deals" menu
  • You can buy cards of legendary and epic heroes the moment the Black Market updates at 18:00 UTC or the moment an update with the help of VIP takes place
  • Increased the maximum level available for heroes in Leagues
  • The amount of soul dust obtained by sacrificing heroes is adapted to the increased drop of cards
  • You can get epic chests as a reward in the Divine Arena, and on major holidays you can get legendary ones
  • Increased rewards for daily and weekly quests
  • Gems are added to rewards for weekly quests
  • Significantly increased the reward in the legendary chest for disciples who reach League 17
  • Changed the balance of issuing Copper Coins in the Pit
  • Buying Copper Coins for Gems has become much more profitable.

Veteran Compensation

  • With the release of the update an ALL heroes Reborn fables will be launched, which will be active for 36 hours.
  • Players who created account before April 15, 2021 and were active after March 1, 2021 - will receive a decent compensation in the form of 5000 Gems, soul boosters, and 3 days VIP time!
  • Players who created account before April 15, 2021 and were active after March 1, 2021 at least once and reached league 16 will receive 50 souls of a random epic pet, which is not in the collection. If you already have all the epic pets, then you will receive the souls of a random epic pet from the collection.
  • From June 1 to June 4, a Discount Festive Summon will be waiting for you.
  • Special questline will be added from June 1 to June 7, for players who installed the game before May 10, 2021. It will temporarily replace the Honey Dew Rescue questline. But don't worry, because your quest progress in Honey Dew Rescue won't be lost!

May 18, 2021

General changes:

  • Added a festive decoration
  • Updated the Gems Mine window
  • Updated the window to speed up the opening of chests
  • Now chests given at the end of the season are counted in event quests.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with counting number of attempts in modes when VIP status is active
  • Fixed animation bug of receiving a reward for purchasing an extra slot
  • Fixed a bug with authorization via Facebook on IOS
  • Fixed the disappearance of quests during the hunt.

April 16, 2021

  • Adjusted distribution of Copper Coins in the Pit

April 7, 2021

  • Fixed bug with the game freezing when exiting to the main screen
  • Fixed visual display of stages on the Hero's Path
  • Fixed bug with resetting progress in events
  • Fixed errors with the distribution of rewards for the Hunt
  • Fixed bugs with incorrect number of rewards after league promotion
  • Fixed minor visual and localization bugs

April 6, 2021

  • Increased Copper Coins earned from the Pit

March 18, 2021

  • Easter cannot do without festive decoration, so we have updated the main and loading screens
  • Added a new medal for completing the Easter event
  • In the next event you can add a new hero to your squad
  • Now, when you first install the application on the device, the language of your system will be selected! You can manually change the language through the settings menu or directly on the boot screen
  • The settings window has been transformed and received a new design, and a new convenient menu has appeared on the loading screen

Bug Fixes:

  • We have changed the matchmaking in the Dark Tower
  • In addition, we have worked on the selection of opponents in Rating Matches
  • Fixed incorrect accrual of experience in Journey
  • Fixed visual bugs in the Dark Tower
  • Fixed a bug with the background disappearance in events
  • Tamed the “jumping” event icon on the main screen
  • Fixed all the problems related to the chest in Journey
  • Returned the gallery to the players who lost it
  • Fixed notification for epic quests.

March 9, 2021

  • Global Event bug fixes

March 1, 2021

  • Fixed stalling of enemy turns
  • Payment system bug fixes

February 26, 2021

  • Updated Global Event attempt timer from 6 hours to 2 hours and removed attempt refill when ranking up
  • Removed Raids

February 18, 2021

General changes:

  • Improved optimization and loading speed of the game
  • Removed the cooldown between the end of a Mighty Pass and the start of a new one
  • Changed rank progression
  • Reduced time for updating attempts in an event from 6 to 2 hours
  • Changed gaining experience from the Journey chest
  • Added a feature that allows to gain experience for completing Journey stages
  • Added indication for trophies in the Journey mode, a chest with rewards, and the Gems Fund
  • Added indication for Pit and Dark Tower to the main screen
  • Changed the graphical display of attempts in the Pit and Dark Tower in the VIP section
  • Fixed localization errors
  • Removed New Year's decoration.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the game freezing when opening the list of guild members
  • Fixed a bug with displaying resources on the main screen
  • Fixed a bug with multiple pressing of the "collect" and "x2" buttons near the Journey chest
  • Fixed a bug with lack of animation for buttons.

December 23, 2020

Bug fixes:

  • Removed global chat notification
  • Fixed display of daily reward
  • Fixed bug with receiving daily rewards
  • Fixed display of portraits
  • Fixed bugs with scrolling through lots in the Shop
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

December 21, 2020

General changes:

  • Completely changed main screen design
  • Added New Year's decoration
  • Improved game optimization.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug with incorrect display of the number of boss attempts in events
  • Fixed bug with displaying purchase of Gems Fund in the guild chat
  • Fixed bug with notification about restoration of attempts in Journey
  • Changed display of the price of the Gems Fund
  • Fixed display of the "block" skill in Journey
  • Fixed bugs when buying a subscription
  • Fixed localization bugs.

December 9, 2020

  • Added Jimmy Rockerboy

December 2, 2020

General changes:

  • Changed weekly offers in the store
  • The difficulty of some Journey bosses has been changed from Chapter 4 to Chapter 8.
  • Added Gems Fund

The Gems Fund is a temporary offer that will expire when the timer expires (14 days). After purchasing the Gems Fund, you can get additional gems for unlimited time for completing bosses in Journey

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the number of daily and weekly rewards
  • Now rewards from trophies are counted in event nodes
  • Fixed a bug with doubling the heroes of the event when receiving them from the Chest with gifts
  • Event sparks have been added to the Devine Arena
  • Fixed display of friends on the Journey map
  • Fixed bugs when buying a subscription
  • Fixed display of awards in the Pit
  • Fixed incorrect work of rewards for disciples purchases
  • Fixed incorrect operation of purchasing premium trophies when completing a sector
  • Fixed a bug with repeating the ""First Blood"" event
  • Fixed incorrect display of fonts
  • Fixed localization bugs
  • Fixed a bug with displaying cards requested by friends.

November 9, 2020

  • Added new Journey battlegrounds
  • Updated key characters' art
  • Introduced new game mechanics with puzzles, which will appeal to all strategists and help diversify the battles in the world of Pangea!
  • Changed rewards in Dark Tower, The Pit and Raids
    • Changed the cost of lots in the "Black Market"
    • Changed all quests concerning "Ancient coins" with regard to the new currency "Copper coins"
    • "Ancient coins" will be converted into gems
  • Added rewards for the time spent in the game
    • Rewards will be generated daily
    • Quantity of rewards depends on the current League

Journey Mode:

  • At the time of the update, 3 islands divided into 9 sectors will be available, but in the future we plan to add even more new locations!
  • On the sector map you'll be able to see the progress of your friends, get ready for a boss fight, of course open the treasure chest and get the Trophies!
  • Each sector will contain at least 30 levels with rewards for completion
    • Every 5 levels you will face a boss that is essential to the story on your way

Before the battle, the player will be able to see the enemy squad and the rewards received in order to change his squad depending on the situation.

  • Levels, Bosses, Sectors and Islands as a whole cannot be completed again
    • For the battle, you no longer need the attempts, so you can try to complete the levels an unlimited number of times, but you will not be able to replay the level or get rewards several times
    • Attempts will be required to complete event bosses
    • A reward chest that will be gradually filled with special rewards will be added to Journey
  • The chest will fill up to its maximum in 12 hours.
  • The rewards of the chest increase after completion of every 5 levels


  • Each sector will offer additional rewards in the form of Trophies
    • You can get them if you manage to complete the levels within a certain time
    • You can get even more rewards by activating Premium
    • When moving to a new sector, you will not be able to receive Trophies from the previous one. So hurry up to get them on time!
    • The trophies of each sector have a timer, after which, the trophies that you did not manage to open will not be available (including Premium trophies).
    • The number of trophies increases with each subsequent sector.
    • If you didn't manage to get the trophies on time, then you can activate Premium and get those trophies that you managed to open during the timer.

Reworking Journey would impossible without revealing the story of Adam and his companions, so in the mode you'll find:

  • New arts of Adam, Lilith, Agasfer, and Minstrel
    • Reworked main plot
    • Updated dialog window
    • New heroes to the story.

August 19, 2020

  • The player will always go first in the Pit
  • Changed the balance of the first 5 bosses
  • Fixed bugs with freezing

July 20, 2020

General changes:

  • Now the modes "Dark Tower", "The Pit" and "Raids" alternate
  • Modes cycle: Dark Tower -> The Pit -> Raids
    • Each mode is available for 1 week. After this period, a new mode opens, and access to the previous one disappears.
    • “Dark Tower”, “The Pit” and “Raids” open simultaneously when you reach league 20.
    • The complexity and rewards of “The Pit” and “Dark Tower” depend on the total amount of the player’s might at the time of entering the current mode.
  • Medals for passing Dark Tower and the Pit - changed.
    • The maximum medal for completing the Dark Tower is 20.
    • The maximum medal for completing the Pit is 15.
    • Previous medal progress will be saved.
  • On the main screen, under the name of each of the modes, you will see timer showing the time remaining until the start of the next session.
  • Coins from the “The Pit” and “Dark Tower” replaced with one common currency.
    • Now, in “Raids” mode, you will receive сopper coins for sending troops to attack or defense.
    • Old coins from the “The Pit” and “Dark Tower” are automatically converted to the Copper coins (the maximum number of Copper coins is 30,000, 6% of the current number of mode coins will be converted)
  • The shops of Dark Tower ”, “The Pit” and “Raids” are combined into black market that will delight all our players!
    • Also, "Black Market" will be available in "Raids" mode which uses a copper coins.
    • Black Market e in the “Dark Tower”, “The Pit” and “Raids” refreshes every 24 hours.
    • The number of store refreshes depends on the VIP level.
  • Gold has been removed from the summon and only hero cards will drop out.
  • A restriction on receiving gifts from friends has been introduced (you can receive as many gifts as you send yourself). This is done to exclude farming of friendship coins. Regular players will not be affected
  • Fables with the reward in Pit and Dark Tower coins deleted and replaced by 1 Fable, giving an increase of 100% of received coins. Bonus for receiving coins in “Raids” was added to this Fable
  • Added quests for receiving and spending coins from the modes
    • Daily, weekly and epic quests - changed (new ones introduced and some old ones changed)
    • Added new epic quests:
      • New quest to kill heroes
      • New quest to summon heroes
      • New quest to win in PVP
      • New quest to increase the rank
      • New quest to increase the level of the hero
    • Reward for daily quests in which you received gems - increased
    • Redistributed the points of weekly and daily quests.
    • Some daily quests will change periodically.
    • Some rewards for daily, weekly and epic quests have been increased.
    • There is a chance to get in the final reward of weekly quests, a card that is not in your collection (up to 500 cards of 1 hero)
    • Questlines have been simplified for starter leagues
  • Weekly fables deleted. Old ones will remain in place.
    • Reduced the amount of power received after reborn legendary heroes
    • Requirements for Soulbind will change (the 2nd,3rd, and 4th soulbind will unlock simultaneously with the 1st soulbind but will also require heroes and souldust)
    • The following timers have been moved to 18:00 (UTC):
      • Opening modes
      • Updating stores
      • Quest update
      • Updating the Divine Arena
      • Updating of the Gems mine
    • The Battle Chamber window became more informative
  • Soul dust removed from arena chests
    • In "Dark Tower" - guaranteed drops soul dust
    • Battle Pass bugs fixed
    • Bugs in the friends system fixed
    • Bugs with quests updating fixed
    • Rewards for ending the season increased starting from League 25
    • Minor bugs and errors fixed
    • Minor visual changes
    • Game chat updated

The Pit Changes:

  • The number of bosses has increased to 10. The complexity and number of rewards grows with each subsequent boss.
  • The complexity of the bosses and reward will depend on the total might of the player’s collection at the time of entering the mode, the complexity does not change until the current mode is completed.
    • Every day 2 bosses will be opened (Maximum can be 10 bosses per week)
    • 1 Key update - 12 hours

Dark Tower Changes:

  • Entring the dark tower is now free
    • The game will add a parameter of fatigue. If you lose, you will spend attempts (skulls), but over time they will recover. You can wait for their recovery, or recovery them for gems.
  • Wasted attempt in the dark tower restored 12 hours
    • The strength and rewards of opponents increases as you progress through
    • Now for the full passage of the “Dark Tower” is required to defeat 16 opponents
    • The reward for the epic quest for the full passage of the “Dark Tower” increased
    • The victory quest in PVP counted in the “Dark Tower”
    • Rewards given for every victory. A small consolation bonus in the form of copper coins will be issued for the defeat)

Raid Changes:

  • Now, when attacking and defending, a copper coins will be issued that can be spent in the modes store
    • At the same time, active game and attacking the castles of other players will give you more coins
    • The more troops you send, the more coins you can get.
    • Selection of opponents and rewards depend on the total might of the player’s collection. We will be glad to receive feedback from you to further improve the system of selection of opponents.
    • Visually changed the progress bar and receive awards

July 7, 2020

The Mighty Pass will be changed today:

  • The purchase of Mighty Points for the Mighty Pass is now available 14 days before the end of the Pass (previously, the purchase of points was available 3 days before the end of the Pass)
  • Now the interval between activation of the Mighty Pass is 3 days (instead of 7)
  • Gold received from Mighty Pass - reduced

May 28, 2020

  • Divine arena now last 2 days and will be updated at 18:00 (UTC)

April 7, 2020

Stay at home Play at home #PlayApartTogether special event:

  • Added weekly fables

March 31, 2020

  • Fixed boss levels in The Pit and Journey

March 30, 2020

Bugs were fixed with the update:

  • Visual improvements;
  • Animation improvements;
  • Buddhist calendar bug fixed;
  • Freeze bug on opponent's turn has been fixed;
  • Max Rank has been increased to 2000;
  • Soul Dust cannot be found in Win Chests any longer;
  • Fixed bug with double boost heroes;
  • Fixed a bug with the number of friends;
  • Now the maximum number of friends depends on the league, not on the rank;
  • Attack and HP of heroes has been changed:

March 27, 2020

  • Reduced requirements to increase the level of the hero
  • Reduced requirements for quests where a hero of a certain level is needed
  • Changing soul quests
  • The rebalance of getting sparks for completing quests in the roadmap
  • Increased Roulette Drop

March 26, 2020

  • Added Humanity vs Pandemic Divine Arena

March 13, 2020

  • Changed balance of global event difficulty and rewards

March 6, 2020

Bugs were fixed with the update:

  • Fixed visual bug in defeat in the raid
  • Fixed a visual bug with a proposal to start a new run in the Dark Tower.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the overlay of the castle image on the player’s name
  • Fixed a visual bug with pinned messages in the list of guild members
  • Fixed visual bug with font color change in chat raid
  • Fixed visual bug with the position of chat tips
  • Fixed a visual bug with the position of the shield in the sabotage menu
  • Fixed a visual bug with incorrect hints in the raid menu
  • Fixed visual bug with empty raid history
  • Fixed a visual bug where heroes appeared on the field with dead models
  • Fixed a visual bug in which the incorrect number of remaining cards was displayed in the "pit" mode
  • Fixed a visual bug with incorrect display of the guild icon in the "Attacks" window.
  • Fixed a bug in which the requested heroes were not displayed
  • Fixed a bug with text out from the chat
  • Fixed a bug with opening chests in the battle chamber
  • Fixed bug with decreasing font size in general chat
  • Fixed bug with decreasing warlord model
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the chance of riot in the guild war
  • Fixed bug with rating display
  • Fixed bug with displaying attack in raid
  • Fixed a bug with opening the castle menu in the raid
  • Fixed bug with decreasing font size in guild information
  • Fixed a bug in which more than 1 key was spent, when you repeatedly click "battle"
  • Hieroglyphic fonts were fixed

February 26, 2020

  • Updated to new Unity engine
  • Optimization improvements
  • Various stability issues on iPhone 11 were fixed
  • Major visual improvements in every game aspect
  • Anti-cheat system update
  • Matchmaking changes
  • Miscellaneous visual bugs were fixed
  • Christmas theme was removed

December 27, 2019

  • Heroes' Might value after Reborn will be increased (at the same level).
  • Summoned creatures (for example, Athena's archers) will have a higher number of value for HP and Attack after Reborn (at the same level). The MAX value of them could be increased after each Reborn. These changes won't affect the next heroes:

Charon, Soul Catcher; Freddy, Lord of Terror; Ball'zt, The Warden.

  • Due to the fact that the Max value of heroes' Might will be increased, the Warlods' Max Level will be increased to 120.
  • The Max value of Warlords' summoned creatures' HP and Attack will be increased as well.

December 19, 2019

  • Premium Access purchase bug in the Mighty Pass is fixed.
  • The Reward for Dedication bug is fixed;
  • Wrong offer content bug is fixed;
  • Visual bugs are fixed.

December 16, 2019

  • Visual improvements for the Shop.
  • Fixed an error with purchasing Premium at the Battle Pass
  • We've fixed our medal delivery system for completing a Battle Pass
  • We've fixed an error in Prince Gleedy's 3rd Skill
  • Fixed a send-an-receive issue regarding Friendship Coins
  • Small visual bugs were fixed
  • Added christmas theme

New changes regarding the Autofight:

  • From now on, there will be no Autofight in Divine Arena and Brawl game modes
  • Autofight is ON by default in Battle Chamber, Journey and Gold Mine game modes
  • Autofight is OFF by default In Dark Tower and the Pit game modes
  • Watch out! The "on/off" Autofight button state is saved independently in each game mode!
  • Although, from now on, you can go to the Settings menu and just turn the Autofight off manually in all the game modes. Still, you'll be able to turn it back on during your next battle

December 13, 2019

  • Fixed Pit Boss Angelia the Lightbringer being healed by some heroes

December 6, 2019

We've decided to revise the Season End Rewards. These changes will be introduced for Grand Master League:

  • 4-50 places: instead of 3 legendary chests with 35 cards in each => 3 legendary chests with 40 cards in each
  • 50-100 places: instead of 3 legendary chests with 30 cards in each => 3 legendary chests with 25 cards in each

And also for League 1:

  • 1 place: instead of 3 legendary chests with 25 cards in each => 3 legendary chests with 40 cards in each
  • 2 place: instead of 3 legendary chests with 22 cards in each => 3 legendary chests with 35 cards in each
  • 3 place: instead of 3 legendary chests with 20 cards in each => 3 legendary chests with 25 cards in each

December 5, 2019

First of all, we're glad to inform you that from now on autofight is available to anyone, regardless of their Level or VIP! At the same time, we are introducing a few changes regarding the gold digging:

  • The Gold Mine consists of 7 turns, regardless of players' Rank.
  • Golden statues' HP was decreased.
  • The total amount of gold in each golden statue was increased.
  • We've significantly reduced the amount of gold you can get at the Brawl mode.

Besides, we've added some new fighting visual effects. We very much hope you'll like them! :) Also we've fixed a bug, regarding incorrect displaying of the rewards in the Event Ranking window. And yes, we've made some visual improvements for the Monster Window!

November 21, 2019

As a part of our long "fixing events" plan (we've mentioned it before), we decided to divide all of our players into two different groups according to their Max League. We also changed the difficulty of some quest chains. This split-up is as follows:

  • Group 1 - Leagues 21 to 15;
  • Group 2 - Leagues 14 to 3;
  • Group 3 - Leagues 2 to GM.

We did it in order to make it easier for the lower league players to complete our Event quest chains. We hope this will help most of our players to complete our bi-weekly events.

As the players travel from one League to another, they realize that from now on they get even more cards from the Event Shop's Roulette.

Trying to achieve some balance between the lower league players and the higher league ones, we decided to change the difficulty for certain groups.

The Event Sparks were also affected by the difficulty changes. The total amount of the sparks you can get for completing the event tasks was decreased (-75 Event Sparks). The biggest amount of the sparks can be obtained by completing the Event's 3rd Chapter!

The amount of sparks in our 100$ offer was decreased from 40.000 sparks to 35.000 sparks.

The last (but not least) change affects the sparks you get for defeating the event bosses. The max amount of the sparks was increased by 375 (sparks). The biggest amount of the sparks can be obtained for defeating the bosses of 3rd chapter!

These were not our last event changes. That's why we'd love to receive some feedback from you. You can always give us your advise via our 💡suggestions special channel.

And tomorrow at 10:00 UTC check offer menu. We've prepared a small compensation for all League 21+ players due to our recent changes.

Good luck, warriors! See you on the battlefield!

November 20, 2019

  • "Send a gift to the friends" quest bug is fixed.
  • Friends window bugs are fixed.
  • iPhone 11 crashes are fixed.
  • Gallery visual bugs are fixed.

November 19, 2019

We're introducting the Battle Pass for the players who reached League 27.

The Battle Pass rewards will be increased for the League 1 players and the Grand Master players.

Each Battle Pass lasts three weeks, then a week-off begins.

Good luck in your upcoming battles!

November 14, 2019

Friendship system revised:

  • From now on, your friends are displayed in a new, more compact format. Each player can have 32 friends max. If you had more, the number has reduced to the limit (the most active friends have remained).
  • There is a button "Find" in your Friend List. If you click on it, you’ll see a list of your possible friends, those recommended to you.
  • Friend Shop was dissolved. Now you can send Friend Coins directly from one to another.
  • A gift counter was added. Now you can check how many presents you can give to your friends daily. There are Friend Coins inside these presents.
  • A new button was added. With one single click you can send presents to all of your friends and collect presents sent to you.

Teacher/Disciple system revised:

  • From now on, every player who reached League 28 automatically becomes a disciple of some more experienced player. If you are not happy with the choice, you may change your teacher.
  • List of the disciples is now displayed on a separate tab. You may become a teacher once you reach League 15. If you haven’t reached this League but you became a teacher anyway, all of your disciples will remain intact.
  • Each teacher can have 15 disciples max. If you want to take an extra one, one of your disciples will perish. Only the last 15 disciples will remain intact.
  • Teachers receive 5 Gems for each dollar of their disciples spent on the in-game offers.

Other changes:

  • Visual improvements for a window of your friends’ card requests.
  • "Rookies" summon was replaced with the "Friends" summon, which can be activated by spending Friend Coins. The amount of Friend Coins you had until the present update will be automatically converted to Gems.
  • "Sudden Death" warlord skill was fixed. From now on it always deals the same damage.
  • Fixed an error with the game freezing after an extra summon.
  • A new quick-win opportunity in the Events (if your difficulty mode is "Easy").
  • Visual fixes.

October 24, 2019

  • Added Halloween theme
  • Facebook Authorization fix;
  • iPhone 11 visual bugs fix.

October 23, 2019

  • Recommended Might for some Leagues will be decreased;
  • The amount of Fame points required for getting certain Leagues will be decreased. Therefore, you may enter a new League instantly after the update.
  • PvP chest rewards will be considerably decreased;
  • Battle chest you receive every three battles will be substituted by a Victory chest which you can obtain after three victories.
  • Total amount of cards you receive due to Summon will be decreased.
  • From now on, you'll be able to buy a chest for 5000 sparks at the Event Shop.

October 7, 2019

  • Og’Ord, the Crusher’s «Sudden Death» skill was fixed. Now it appears properly at Turn 10.
  • Fixed an error involving an incorrect implementation of «Moment of Glory» bonus for some players.
  • Fixed an error involving an excessive number of Common Chest Drops. Some players may have experienced this strange bug.
  • Fixed Daily Quest errors.
  • Fixed Victory chest error.
  • Fixed an error which did not allow some players to fight in Brawl mode.
  • Speaking of the Brawl… We are reintroducing our Event Sparks, but their number will be limited.

Visual improvements:

  • New visual improvements at Event Shop's Roulette.
  • Skill icons in the squad search filter menu were replaced with the proper ones.
  • Now the process of getting rewards for «Honey Dew Rescue» quest chain is displayed correctly.
  • And yes, we’ve added a new optimization package and improved our Anti-Cheat system.