What is VIP?[edit | edit source]

When you buy Gem.png Gems in the shop, you become a VIP.png VIP player in Mighty Party. The VIP.png VIP status expires, so you have to maintain it by buying gems regularly if you dont want to lose your VIP.png VIP status.

If you are or you have been a VIP.png VIP player, you will have the possibility to select a medal with your VIP.png VIP level in your Castle.

Depending on the Gem.png Gems you buy in the Shop you will have a certain VIP.png VIP level, that allows you to unlock more benefits or to improve the benefits you have already unlocked.

List of benefits[edit | edit source]

Being VIP.png VIP has a lot of advantages in the game:

  • Unlock the Gem Mine, that allows you to extract Gem.png Gems every day.
  • Soul Dust.png Soul Dust everyday.
  • You can refresh the Journey Shop more times, so it will be easier to buy the heroes you need.
  • You will have a % Gold.png Gold bonus in every fight you win in PVP.
  • Boost heroes cost will be reduced too.
  • You can refresh the Dark Tower Shop more times, so it will be easier to buy the heroes you need.
  • Auto-fight button in every fight mode.
  • More lifes in Dark Tower.
  • Summon gods.
  • Reduced Gold.png Gold cost to level up heroes.
  • Time to open chests reduced too.
  • When you reborn a unit, it will give you more souls.
  • Evolve cost reduced.
  • More Journey Key.png Journey Keys.
  • More life HP.png to your Warlord.
  • More daily bonuses.
  • Finally....different emojis to use in game chats!!!!!

Detailed benefits[edit | edit source]

To see what benefits are you going to have and how many Gem.png Gems do you need to buy in the Shop, you can check it from the Main Screen --> Shop --> Benefits button (upper left), and clicking the arrows to see the detailed benefits (and gems needed to buy) for every VIP.png VIP level, like shown below:

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