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The Wish Shop is a special event available at League 23 that occurs monthly and lasts for 3 days. The wish shop allows players to add up to 3 Legendary Legendary Heroes to the possible rewards for a spin.

The next Wish Shop is scheduled for:

Start: Friday 10AM UTC, 6 August
End: Monday 10AM UTC, 9 August
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Hero Selection[]

The number of heroes that can be selected are based on maximum League:

  • League 5+: 3 heroes
  • League 15-6: 2 heroes
  • League 16-23: 1 hero

Once a hero is selected, it cannot be selected again for 2 wish shops. You can also click on a locked hero to see when it will unlock.


You receive one free spin every 24 hours. The normal cost for a single spin is 299 Gems Gems, or 2499 Gems Gems for 10 spins at once.


Chest drops[]

Besides heroes, possible Wish Shop rewards include: Elixir Elixir, Contribution Contribution, and Gems Gems. It should be noted that the first spin during the event will always reward you with a legendary hero. After that, the chance for getting a particular reward is a constant, but how many of that reward you can get is based on maximum league as follows:

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League Legendary Legendary Heroes
Elixir Elixir
Contribution Contribution
Gems Gems
1-GM 15-40 3500-10000 2500-8000 150-400
2 15-38 3500-10000 2500-8000 150-400
3 10-36 3500-8000 2500-8000 150-400
4 10-34 3000-8000 2500-8000 150-400
5 10-32 3000-8000 2500-8000 150-400
6 9-32 3000-6000 2500-8000 150-400
7-8 9-30 2750-6000 2500-8000 150-400
9 8-28 2750-6000 2500-8000 150-400
10 8-28 2500-5000 2500-8000 150-400
11 8-26 2500-5000 2500-8000 150-400
12 7-26 2500-5000 2500-8000 150-400
13 7-24 2250-5000 2500-8000 150-400
14 7-24 2250-4000 2500-8000 150-400
15 6-24 2000-4000 2500-8000 150-400
16 6-22 2000-4000 2500-8000 150-400
17-18 5-22 1750-4000 2500-8000 150-400
19-23 4-20 1500-4000 2500-8000 150-400

Bonus Chest[]

Each chest opened, including the chest from the free daily spin, will contribute towards a bonus chest which will always contain legendary heroes. The contents and requirements per bonus chest increase with each bonus chest opened.

Bonus Chest Requirements
Bonus Chest Chests Opened Total Chests Reward multiplier
1 8 8 1x
2 23 31 1.15x
3 37 68 1.3x
4 51 119 1.45x
5 66 185 1.6x
6 80 265 1.75x
7 94 359 1.9x
n ROUND(14.33(n-1)+8.33) ROUND(8.33n+14.33(n(n-1)/2) 1+0.15(n-1)

Base Bonus Chest Rewards (increased by reward multiplier)
League Legendary Legendary Heroes
2-GM 65-300
3-5 40-115
6-8 30-105
9-14 25-100
15-23 15-90

Tips & Recommendations[]

The main purpose of the Wish Shop is not to be a large source of hero souls but to unlock the heroes that will strengthen your squad and help you to progress in the game easier. The earlier you add heroes to your collection, the earlier you can see those heroes showing up as rewards whenever you open a legendary chest. Below are some recommended heroes that should strengthen your squad depending on what you feel you should improve. After you feel confident that your squad is as strong as you could make it (with just the raw heroes), you can consider getting soulbind heroes for your squad members to make them even stronger!

Here are some heroes that are highly recommended by the Mighty Party community: Bolded heroes are highly recommended as they are able to perform well at all levels of play.

Carry - Heroes that require investment but will win the fight
Support - Heroes that strengthen or protect friendly heroes already on the board
Control - Heroes that hinder enemy heroes

Generally, a Carry should be the first pick in order to begin developing them as soon as possible via summons and the Black Market. Ideally the carry would also have a fully unlocked Evolution line in order to acquire more souls. Legion, God of War is the best option for a new player as he works with lower rarity Order Heroes as well as being a good Gold Mine Hero. Otherwise, Madam Lo'Trix is a good carry that fits well in most squads.

Shadow Shaa-Moona is a fantastic frontliner who does not rely on having levels to do her job of protecting the backline. However Shadow Shaa-Moona is not a Carry herself - she will need something to protect that will win the game for you. If you already have a carry, Blair is a good support hero that fits well in any squad. She combos nicely with the Pirate warlord to clear 2 lanes, and her abilities do not rely on her having a high level.

If none of the above heroes are an improvement, wishing for Gold Mine heroes or heroes to complete Soulbinds is next. See the Gold Mine section of the New Player Guide for more information.